My Call To Action

My personal experience of Universal Medicine and why we’re calling them to account

Around seven years ago I had a brief involvement, with the ‘Esoteric Healing’ group, Universal Medicine, in Goonellabah NSW. After receiving several treatment sessions from its founder Serge Benhayon, I was subject to an unpleasant and intrusive ‘ovarian reading’, which alerted me to his highly questionable practices. Having attended a yoga ‘study’ meeting and a weekend ‘Sacred Esoteric Healing Workshop’ I concluded Universal Medicine had the makings of a harmful cult. At that point I severed my association.

I didn’t lodge a complaint at the time because there was no authority in NSW (or anywhere in Australia for that matter) to deal with complaints about unregistered health practitioners.  (NSW now has a Code of Conduct for Unregistered Health Practitioners and has powers to prohibit practitioners found guilty of misconduct.) Otherwise, Universal Medicine’s ‘Esoteric Healers’ are not under the regulation of any professional associations and are therefore not subject to formal therapeutic standards. In addition, nothing I’d witnessed, however distressing and harmful, appeared to constitute actual criminality, which meant there was no point in making a complaint to police.

Residing in another part of Australia, I lost touch with Universal Medicine and was unaware the group had expanded to recruit an estimated 2000 students in Australia, the UK, Europe and North America. Over the years I’d do the odd google search on Benhayon and UM looking for any signs of scandal or cracks in the organization, but was confounded by page upon page of links to Universal Medicine’s own sanitized websites. I regret I didn’t recognize this as a sign of trouble. However, a couple of years ago I discovered UM was promoting ‘Esoteric Breast Massage’, which confirmed to me Serge Benhayon’s therapeutic activities had become more brazen. Still, I found no evidence on the internet of complaints from patients traumatized by his dubious practices.

On August 25, 2012, I chanced upon David Leser’s article in the Sydney Morning Herald Good Weekend; The Da Vinci Mode, where I learned Serge was grandiosely claiming he was the reincarnation of Leonardo Da Vinci and Pythagoras. As I read on, I was horrified to find my worst fears regarding Universal Medicine had eventuated on a scale I could never have predicted. The group is wreaking havoc on relationships, families, health, dignity and finances in a large Northern NSW community, and the damage was spreading internationally. Yet, the article made no mention of the very concerning practices I’d experienced in Serge’s treatment room and at his ‘healing’ workshops.

Again I scoured google to find less than a handful of live sites where people affected by Universal Medicine were attempting to comprehend and expose the harm. A concerned husband of a Universal Medicine student had established a forum thread on the Rick Ross Cult Education website, there was a blog featuring links to media investigations of UM, and another set up by more families of UM students. To my alarm, these anxious loved ones had little first hand detail of UM practices, particularly and crucially from women, who form the majority of UM’s students. These family, friends and partners were confounded as to how intelligent women were falling for Serge’s nebulous doctrines.

Recognizing that first hand accounts of the workings of UM are imperative to understanding how this group and its leader are establishing their hold on followers, I submitted an account of my involvement to the Rick Ross forum and received immediate feedback from grateful loved ones that my detailed descriptions answered at least some of their questions.

In the time since, in seeking as much information as possible, my fears about the extent of harm done by this group, and the potential for it to continue its spread have escalated. I have read and heard sickening anecdotes of extreme ethical transgressions by Benhayon and his bankrolled coterie of medical and therapeutic professionals. Unable to tolerate this harm done in the name of healing, my concerned associates and I am compelled to expose  Universal Medicine’s malign practices and call its affiliated therapists to account.

In subsequent posts I will republish my account of my experiences with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, as well as any further factual reports I can gather, with the aim of analysing and exposing the destructive nature of this group and the characteristics which define it as a harmful cult.

Beware Universal Medicine Therapists, your ‘clients’ (who, unless they are in robust good mental and physical health, should be referred to as patients), as well as the general public are calling you to account. We’ll be looking specifically at whether there are grounds for official complaints of misconduct among those of you who are registered professionals.

If you are a student/client/patient of Universal Medicine and you are feeling adverse affects from your experience with this group, feel free to talk about it in the comments area. Your comment is welcome no matter how detailed or brief. You may post anonymously or using your own blog name. If you’re concerned for your privacy, use one that doesn’t reveal your identity.

You may also contact me via the form on the Contact page tabbed above, and I will receive your message in my private Inbox, which no one else has access to. I will never post accounts or testimonials or pass on any information to authorities without explicit permission.

We are not taking action here because we are enemies of Universal Medicine or its leader, but because we are enemies of harm. We recognize that many adversely affected by this group have insufficient sources of support for overcoming their experience. We are endeavouring to improve this situation and to minimize harm done in the future.

This site is moderated to maintain a safe space for survivors and loved ones to speak freely, without being ‘love bombed’ by UM devotees. Anyone wishing to investigate UM’s teachings and read the numerous testimonials of students endorsing UM’s positive effects is welcome to seek out any of UM’s many websites and assess their moderated propaganda for themselves.

Note: This site is not a referral service. Advertising of services or business promotions is prohibited. Any links posted should not be done for the purpose of promoting any product, ideology or service. While we welcome ex students and their loved ones to vent and air their experiences and grievances, comments will not be posted if deemed inappropriate, unhelpful, irrelevant, derailing or abusive.

No one will be allowed to profit through this site, nor to exploit the trauma of Universal Medicine followers and their families.

3 thoughts on “My Call To Action

  1. If you are going to take on the very serious task of publicly naming people you believe are up to no good, then why do you not have the integrity to come forward and say who you are – as a vote of confidence to us the readers. It makes people think you have something to hide which will work against you and the message you are trying to get out.Andrew

  2. Which people think I have something to hide, dear?All named practitioners are searchable through a simple google search and all of them are advertising their UniMed affiliations and their 'Esoteric' services. You might want to read through the articles on this site stating the clear harm this organization is doing. The only people who would want to halt us from naming practitioners and calling them to account for participating in this toxicity would be those with vested interests in doing so. Tell me what I'm doing that's more harmful than that. And I'm happy to come out. I'm sure I'll receive all kinds of offers if I do. And hell, I could use a bit more income and a few more friends. I might even get an offer of marriage. Oh yeah. But then I'll have the trolls accusing me of attempting to profit from this mess, and recruit people to MY cause. I'll be answerable to your 'people' as soon as I do something that's actually wrong, dear.

  3. I might confess I'd rather like to start my own cult. I too could drive a $100K Audi and have attractive people scurrying to and fro at my command. Although I'd settle for someone offering to do the dishes or to make me some tea and cinnamon toast. Anyway, dear, I might add, with regards to my anonymity here on this site, when I make enquiries with the relevant regulatory authorities and agencies, I promise, they know who I am.

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