Recent Hogwash from the UM Propaganda Machine: How Negative Press Endorses Universal Medicine

Mainstream medicos and Universal Medicine— September 20, 2012 by Victoria Lister, MBus(Philanthropy&NpSt), Brisbane, Australia

I find it curious that the Courier Mail has chosen to highlight the relationships Universal Medicine enjoys with the many respected medical practitioners who refer their clients to Universal Medicine practitioners for complementary health services (New age ‘medicine’ of Serge Benhayon leaves trail of broken families, 8 Sept, 2012).

Elsewhere in the media – in the press, online and on TV ­– an array of journalists have strongly inferred, if not overtly stated, that the services the organisation and its practitioners deliver are nothing short of quackery; sound bites from well-known medical commentators have been used to bolster these claims.
Yet here, the fact that increasing numbers of mainstream medicos are actually choosing to refer clients to Universal Medicine is clearly stated: ‘Universal Medicine… is drawing a growing number of clients to its Brisbane clinic via referrals from eye and lung surgeons, rheumatologists and GPs’. ­And earlier: Universal Medicine is ‘…expanding its… enterprise with the help of Brisbane’s medical mainstream’.
We can infer from these statements that a growing number of doctors actually see merit in the modalities Universal Medicine offers: endorsements that are stunning counterpoints to the portrayals mentioned above. So which is it to be? Universal Medicine practitioners as new-age quacks; or a Universal Medicine that offers something so significant that doctors and surgeons are now directing their clients its services?
It seems the Courier Mail, in its haste to deliver a sensationalist piece of weekend news, has been clumsy in its attempt to malign the organisation. It has instead endorsed it.

(From Words On Serge Benhayon by Universal Medicine Students blog)
Thanks for that Victoria, or can we call you Tricky Vicky?

So how about you publish a list of the names of mainstream medicos who are ‘choosing’ to refer clients to UM? Post them on the UM sites.
I’m sure the good doctors will be happy to publicly endorse UniMed’s impeccable integrity and professionalism. Better still, how about some testimonials from these wise doctors on all of the postive results they’ve seen from ‘Esoteric Healing’ – all of the symptoms and ailments that have been resolved, and the returns to robust good health they’ve seen in their patients. Hm?

Or are they profiting from their association with your poisonous organization? If not, they must be genuinely unaware that when they refer a patient for physiotherapy for example, for back pain, for example, the poor soul is going to have their mystical craniosacral pulse read, followed by a lot of tut tutting, and a recommendation for six more sessions, followed by a referral to a cult affiliated counsellor who will tell them they’re not living in truth & lovingness (sic) and ‘since you’re such a mess you’d better sign up for a workshop’…Only to find, after all of that, they still have back pain, but now they also feel inadequate and miserable and are hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars out of pocket?
How many doctors are referring to UniMed exactly? Or as you say, Vicky, doctors AND surgeons. Post the number and their names. As one of our readers commented, 6 hardly constitutes the mainstream. Or even 12 or 20 or 50. But it’s not that many is it? And those numbers are plummeting as UniMed’s name turns deservedly to mud.

By the way, Vicky, how’s that graduate degree in Philanthropy and Non Profit Studies working for you? Nice to see you’re overseeing the Serge Benhayon Semi-starved Millionaire Hallucination and Breast Fetish Distress Fund. You go girl!

Have you done anything for poor people lately, Victoria? You know, the ones who are sending themselves and their families broke by funneling their hard earned $$$$ into the workshop mouse wheel vortex of unreality, toxicity and profits called Universal Medicine?

As if that wasn’t bad enough, here’s a comment to the above post from another of Serge’s Lieutenants of Apologism:

Victoria Carter September 20, 2012 at 9:47 am
Thank-you Victoria. You present the simple truth so very beautifully. There is indeed great ‘merit’ in the modalities offered by Universal Medicine, and it is inspirational to be a part of the communication and interaction between mainstream medicine and esoteric medicine, which occurs simply due to practitioners and physicians who truly care about one thing – people.
And which people would those be, Tricky Vicky Mach II? The partners, families and friends abandoned by students because they’re too lowly and ‘pranic’ to warrant their care?

Or when you mention people, do you mean Serge and his closed circuit of blindfolded apologists?

Name the doctors Vicky.

2 thoughts on “Recent Hogwash from the UM Propaganda Machine: How Negative Press Endorses Universal Medicine

  1. For the requested Testimonials from doctors and other health professionals please see the below blog.As you can see they are not hiding behind pseudonyms

  2. Thanks for that belove, or is it beSerge?As you can see, I edited out the link in your post. I figure if you won’t be linking to us, you don’t deserve the dignity of us linking to you. For anyone wanting a dose of Medico endorsed UM testimonials/propaganda, google 'Medicine and Serge Benhayon', and if you can stomach it, you’ll find a handful of doctors making tenuous links between Esoteric Healing modalities and clinical results. You wouldn't call it evidenced based. As for Tricky Vicky’s assertion that ‘increasing numbers of mainstream medicos are actually choosing to refer clients to Universal Medicine’, the same five doctors recycling their testimonies hardly constitutes an increasing number, or the mainstream. Trust me, I’m looking into the AMA and College of Surgeon’s policies on their members and fellows endorsing unproven modalities.The Famous Five tireless apologists: Eunice J Minford, surgeonHoward Chilton, neonatologistDr Samuel Kim, Cardio-Thoracic surgeonDr Anne Malatt, Eye SurgeonDr Maxine Szramka, RheumatologistFor the record, I lifted all the names off beloved’s cited propaganda site, and added a few details that seemed to have been omitted. There was a whole five doctors, one naturopathic doctor, a dentist, two physiotherapists, a clinical psychologist, and two nurses. OMG, HOW MAINSTREAM! Just one of my local suburban medical centres has more medical professionals than that, and there are six medical centres within a 2 km radius of me. Yes, I know there’s more UM affiliated medicons. I’ve reserved a special tabbed page for them on the blog. Coming soon, the 'Universal Medicine Cartel Members', where we will be naming every medical professional or therapist affiliated with UM. You’d save me a lot of time beSerged, or Vicky I or II, if you just sent me the whole list. And I’ll be looking at any doctor or therapist of any modality who’s ever referred patients to your practitioners, or ever been involved in your cartel.Also, anonymous or not, I'm not the one profitting from the vulnerable patients duped into patronizing UM.

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