The Mission of Universal Medicine Accountability – Where to begin

As more facts come to hand about the highly profitable ‘Esoteric Healing’ outfit, Universal Medicine, we face the challenge of deciding which of its numerous dubious practices and harmful characteristics to expose and dismantle first.

I must say I’m stunned at the scale of transgressions by UM and it’s practitioners. The only reason we’re not running a more comprehensive expose at this point, is there aren’t enough of us or enough hours in the day to cover all of it, particularly with trying to maintain our livelihoods and (sigh) lives. So while we’re short of manpower and time, UM is definitely not short of points to attack. The more we look at it, the more we realize the whole organization is a house of cards, set to come down. 

In the meantime, we at Universal Medicine Accountability are prepared to name names and initiate complaints to the appropriate authorities until we succeed in halting its destructive affects. We are equally dedicated to educating UM students and members of the public on why Universal Medicine satisfies every definition of a harmful cult, and why it and it’s affiliated practitioners should be studiously avoided.
We’re also awaiting with interest the reaction of Universal Medicine’s superannuated apologists to the steady revelation of facts regarding its indefensible activities. Until now, the department of propaganda at Serge Central has rolled out regularly in love bombing force, populating it’s own moderated blogs and inundating the facebook page of the Sydney Morning Herald Good Weekend Magazine (scroll to Aug 25, 2012) for example, with long winded, puritanically indignant posts over the terrible ‘bias’ of articles which did nothing but reveal superficial facts.
Well, we have more facts and are steadily collecting more. Yes, yes, UM students, we know you’ve found your way to connect lovingly and amazingly to your bodies and the love that is yourselves through Serge’s all encompassing ancient wisdom and great light which is the hallmark of the ‘true’ ascended master. Fart, sneeze, snore. You’ve persisted in regurgitating those tired mantras enough.
So, the next time you group hug via your blog, how about you post some fearless and frank responses to the facts? How did YOU feel when Uncle Serge was poking around your ovaries? Trust me, I know I wasn’t the only one to be granted that grotesque privilege, and I know he’s at least attempted to take it further with others. Was it an honour to tell him all about your painful past with men, and to have it revisited at every EDG and workshop and Esoteric Breast Massage session since, when he and his minions compulsively return to his pet obsession with male sexual violence?

How did you feel when he reneged on his claims to be Leonardo Pythagoras Bailey Da Vinci Churchill reincarnated? Or when he was ‘presented’ or should I say ‘impressed’ with evidence of his prior bankruptcy and shady financial past? How do you feel when he talks about his toilet epiphany and continues to crap out and sell more and more volumes of his nonsensical doctrine?
How do you feel about the eating disorders and health problems you’ve developed trying to adhere to his ludicrous, ever changing diet? How do you feel about the money you’ve thrown into the vortex of endless ‘healing’ workshops where the only goal you ever reach is to become more expert at regurgitating his manufactured jargon? How do you feel about frightening the stuffing out of yourselves and your children with paranoid notions that you, your environment and everyone you once loved are permeated with evil and predatory entities?
How do you feel realizing the only evil and predatory entity is ‘The One’ who has inspired you to turn your back on your families and friends, sling away your savings and trash your own health?
How do you feel knowing if you openly question any of this, you’ll be persecuted and ultimately shunned by this ‘loving’ group?

We await your responses.
In the meantime, go ahead and believe what you want. One of the great things about this country is its pluralism and religious and political freedoms. You can donate to Serge’s Church of the Ascended Rectum for all we care. 

However, when this divisiveness, this smashing of families and relationships, this wearing away of personalities, this atrophy of healthy minds, this erosion of wellbeing, this fleecing of hard earned funds, this enmity to all outside your group, this ruthless infliction on innocent and healthy children – when this is done in the name of healing and called ‘medicine’, powerful people are going to call for it to halt. This blog is just the beginning.
In the coming weeks and months, years if that’s what it takes, expect posts that critique every atom of Universal Medicine’s catalogue of harms, and expect them to keep coming, continuing to dissect and dismantle every sickening aspect of your beloved medical cartel until the harm and madness stops and you clean up your acts. 
Upcoming posts will examine:
  • The restrictive and nutritionally inadequate diet advocated by Serge Benhayon and UniMed which is generating neurosis and making students sick.
  • The ethics of medical doctors, including specialists, publicly endorsing an unqualified, self appointed healer and an untested modality.
  • The ethics of UniMed practitioners’ cartel like system of internal referrals, where monetary and group benefit precede patient care.
  • Substantive claims that UniMed practitioners regularly operate outside their realm of expertise, delivering improper advice and treatment, while failing to refer patients for appropriate medical attention.
  • The practice of UniMed practitioners actively recruiting their patients to Serge Benhayon’s exorcism workshop industry.
  • UM’s cult dynamics and the wide-ranging use of thought reform techniques to keep students spending on endless workshops, therapies and products. Specifically Serge Benhayon’s retinue of techniques for aggrandizing and ingratiating himself to unwary followers.
  • Esoteric Breast Massage as a form of therapeutic abuse.
  • Serge Benhayon’s profound sexism and how it demeans both sexes and cleaves relationships.
  • The mental health consequences of Benhayon’s relentlessly negative world view. Particularly the affects of such teachings on children.
  • Questions about Universal Medicine’s business practices.

And a warning to Universal Medicine apologists: don’t underestimate our supporters. You are about to experience scrutiny on a scale you’ve never known before.You can no longer hide.

Bear in mind also, that we are not your enemies. We’re enemies of the poisonous indoctrination that has colonized your minds. When the struggle between the doctrine and grim reality becomes too much for you, which it inevitably will, it’ll be the likes of us and our ‘Surviving Universal Medicine’ resources pages you’ll turn to when you want out. 

3 thoughts on “The Mission of Universal Medicine Accountability – Where to begin

  1. Very well written. I look forward to reading about all of those topics, the diet in particular. I see people trying to follow it every day and their health is only deteriorating, not improving. Of course they have a hundred ready-made justifications for it. Not treating themselves properly in the past etc.

  2. Thank you for all the information you have posted here. It's very important that the truth about Universal Medicine is spread as far and as wide as possible.

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