Naming Names: October 2012 Update

For a more recent update on our Naming Names progress with an additional update on complaint processes, look for the December 4th post.

October 2012

First, a warning that the abandoned Esoteric Practitioners Association Site is demonically possessed. If you’re searching, don’t click on the EPA site link or you computer will be hijacked by pranic entities and will need to sign up for regular Esoteric Healing Workshops for its next thousand incarnations.
Bangalow Dental has removed its wackjobbery resources page (links to UniMed practitioners and products). Gee, and after all those prior assertions of integrity and professionalism. Also, I don’t know how any of you feel, but I reckon visiting the dentist is bad enough without copping an Esoteric indoctrination with someone’s latex fingers in your mouth. 
Several Esoteric ‘healers’ appear to have closed or removed their webpages.  I wonder why.
A number of acupuncturists who appear to have completed accredited courses have not registered with AHPRA but continue to practice Esoteric Chakra Puncture. If I were them, I’d be moving my tail to get registered, otherwise when UM collapses in the near future they’ll have no livelihood.
A number of ‘healers’ with zero formal qualifications are advertising and performing Esoteric Chakra Puncture. One of them is Serge Benhayon, caught on camera by Channel 7 inserting acupuncture needles into some poor patient. 
We feel AHPRA needs to be doing something about Esoteric Chakra Puncture, and soon. AHPRA recently made a massive song and dance about requiring all of Australia’s Chinese Medicine practitioners to join the national register by July 1st of this year. I know of practitioners who had completed government accredited courses and been in practice up to 30 years who were required to ‘prove their competence’ and made to pay around $900 to AHPRA for the privilege. They are then required (as they always have been) to undertake continuing professional education and renew their registration annually. All in the interest of public safety. 
But Serge and his dimwitted students are allowed to poke people with sharp metal objects with no apparent training and get away with it because they’re not calling themselves acupuncturists. As a reader remarked, it’s like appointing yourself as a midwife by calling yourself a ‘midlife’, and then being exempt from government regulation. It’s not good enough.
We’ll be submitting a formal complaint on this issue and if AHPRA doesn’t take some action on it in the near future we’ll be posting an open letter to them on this site, in the media and to the Federal Minister for Health, Tanya Plibersek, and the Federal Attorney General, Nicola Roxon. Thx.
By the way, this site’s readership is growing by the day. We are regularly getting 800 hits per day. 
In the meantime, Eunice the Esoteric Surgeon is probably writing her seven million word manifesto, oblivious.

3 thoughts on “Naming Names: October 2012 Update

  1. …In the meantime, Eunice the Esoteric Surgeon is probably writing her seven million word manifesto, oblivious.Venus, that is so true I can't stop laughing. (It's actually more of an involuntary bemused guffawing but you get the picture)The number of times the word 'integrity' is used I have discovered is inversely proportional to the number of deceptions employed by a factor of ten. Eunice is a one-woman obfuscating machine. [inside Eunice's head during recent operation on hapless pranic patient: " I know that damned Hypxthalmus gland is here somewhere! Serge said it was. I want to be the first to discover it..cut deeper Eunice, deeper….hahahahahaha]

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