Universal Medicine Makes You Sick

UniMed’s most persuasive advertisement…


A picture tells a thousand words doesn’t it? Universal Medicine’s healing properties are so ‘esoteric’ even the glorious messiah shows no detectable health benefits.

Not only has he not benefitted, I think we can all agree he looks worse. The upper portrait is the image currently in use on UniMed’s many websites, and is how Serge Benhayon looked at the time of my brief and unpleasant foray with UM in 2004-5. The lower image was taken this year.

Having not laid eyes on Serge for the past seven years, I’ll say I was shocked when I found that photo in the Sydney Morning Herald on August 25th and beheld something resembling a vertical corpse. I’d often wondered what became of this odd little fellow and his exorcistic cottage industry.
Oh dear.But hey, at least the accounts are healthy.Or are they?

My next posts cover Universal Medicine’s official esoteric diet. It’s so esoteric, in fact, it’s likely to take you out of this world.

16 thoughts on “Universal Medicine Makes You Sick

  1. Apologies for the image resolution here everyone. I'm currently wearing a number of hats: cult buster, web designer, IT consultant, spiritual adviser, accounts officer, galley slave and dunny scrubber. And I have a day job. And Serge thinks HE's the messiah. Perhaps we should insert a paypal button on the homepage and start our own cult.

  2. He has definitely been subjecting himself to the crazy diet he dreamed up on one of his visits to the 5th dimension. I can't help getting the impression it is a form of self flagellation as an atonement for…..something. And maybe to prove he IS special. I think one of the points of the diet, like other restrictions, is to give him and the students sacrifices to make them feel like they are achieving something- they all talk about weight loss as a marker for how 'the work' is real- but alas, as you point out, the result is a less the vibrant pallor. It is however one way of spotting a committed student in a crowd and avoiding the inevitable "I'm amazing…."

  3. If you really want a comparison get two photos taken by the same photographer. The second photo was taken for the SMH and was deliberately taken to make him look bad. This photo was also taken Alistar after a recent eye surgery, hence the darkness around his eye. If you want a comparison, go and see the man for yourself and stop making accusations on a false basis.

  4. Care to elaborate? I'm not sure what your lol-ing about.Everything I said here is true, this article is written on a false basis, which is undeniable, so what's so funny. Do you not make mistakes? This is the one thing that really bugs me about the media these days, the fact that people don't care if the story they are telling is true, as long as the story is interesting. Look at the end of the day you can and will write what you want and I think your entitled to your opinion, but this is more than just voicing an opinion, this is just making assumptions and accusations with a lack of evidence or proof. Please ignore the typo in the above post.

  5. Here here Anonymous. He had just had eye surgery in the second one and as is the game in the media industry a bad phot is used when you want someone to look bad. Please look past all this defamatory information on this site. Venus can only get away with this because she is anonymous. If she weren't then the defamation proceedings would have already started as she well knows.

  6. Just curious, since Serge claims to know the root cause of all illness and disease, what was the 'energetic' root cause of the condition that led to him requiring eye surgery? Also, being a master healer and knowing the answers to all the mysteries of the universe, how come he couldn't avoid this ailment?

  7. How can you suggest the article is written on a 'false basis'? Benhayon was interviewed consensually, as were his supporters. The quotes that make him appear so ridiculous came from his own mouth or from his writings. The article is thoroughly researched and written by an award winning journalist of 30 years experience who has nothing to gain by not exploring the story fully. Your derision of the media is reliant on the basis that it is not representing the views you wish it to.

  8. BTW, Serge also looked utterly emaciated in the Today Tonight and A Current Affair interviews. Were they 'deliberately filmed to make him look bad', or is it possible that the long term effects of Serge's insane dietary regime are taking their toll?

  9. I'd say if there's a party who 'doesn't care if the story they're telling us true, as long as it's interesting', it's Serge Benhayon and his mind-controlled minions. Serge continually makes utterly rudiculous, absolutely baseless assertions about himself and his supernatural knowlege, and the UM adherents lap it up without question. Yet the minute the media start accurately reporting his claims, the 'students' all fall in line screaming that 'it's all lies', while completely whitewashing the occult belief system at the core of UM teaching.

  10. W.Harper, my views on the media are not only about this particular case, it is just how the media industry works. I have had friends who have been interviewed for news and have spoken to people who have been interviewed for magazines etc. not one of them can say that their views were represented how they had presented it. It is always manipulated to sell a story or create a villain. The point I wanted to make is that no-one in the media today cares if all that they are saying is true (not just about Serge), and you are very naive if you think that because someone has had 30 years in the industry means they will have more integrity. It's not about what they have to lose, its about the fact that they really don't care enough to tell the whole truth. (not all, but the vast majority)

  11. But your continued belief that Serge has unquestionable integrity, based on his 13 years of peddling ridiculous claims backed by zero evidence (several of which he has publicly recanted or have otherwise been proven demonstrably false) is not naive?

  12. Anon,My experience with the media is very different to yours. I agree there are sensationalists out there, and certain newspapers are to be avoid for their tabloid content, but I have met many journalists of absolute integrity. And they are the ones that tend to have long careers. You and I are are not going to agree on this issue, so there's little point continuing the conversation, but I do suggest you get in contact with Mr Leser. His email address is listed on his blog. If you are really seeking the truth, put to him what you have written about his article here, and you may emerge with a different opinion of both the article and him as a journalist. W.Harper

  13. Anon, how can you claim something is 'false' when you patently haven't looked at the facts? I don't have to test that because as someone who knows them in detail, I know for a fact if you were aware of them, you would know that the article was actually extraordinarily fair and I would claim, too balanced given what is really known. David alludes to things and hopes you have the intelligence to work out what they are pointing out for yourself. He is a professional journalist and as such has cross-checked every fact before hand. I am also in possession of material that confirms everything David alludes to and much much more. This was not hard to get with some simple sleuthing- and a desire for the truth- and I am not in your country ( most of the time) I am positive if you and others in your cult were aware of it you would be shocked out your cult minds.On that basis we know that Serge will never go after anyone on any front as he has far too much too lose. That is why he retracted earlier rash court actions. Even he is not deluded enough to think he will succeed and Pandora's box must be kept firmly locked.For you personally there is something you need to do, which is to start using your cognitive mind and start separating what you want things to be from how they are. Ask yourself this simple question: What do you actually know first hand? Not what has been told to you. Not what you have heard or been 'presented' and not how things 'appear' to be. You also have to discount your impressions as they are filtered through predilections and resonance lenses. ( eg, how many people were friends with Bernie Madoff up to the last dollar) – Write those First hand, unadulterated facts down. Now ask yourself: What if we actually have FIRST HAND INFORMATION and a full story board of events, documents, first hand accounts, recordings, interviews, contact with key people. Who is better placed to KNOW the full story? That's right it is us. As David Leser ends his article with: "the truth will set you free"

  14. The apologist anonymii are exhibiting a couple of cult follower phenomena here: 1. Cult goggles: the inability to see anything beyond the worship of their cult leader idol, including the bleeding obvious staring them straight in the face. LOOK at the photos, dears. I'm sure I'll be outed soon enough, and hell I'll be happy to stand up in court to say Serge not only looks like crap but behaves like it as well. The onus will then be on him to prove otherwise, and then when he loses the case, he'll have the privilege of paying our legal costs as well. 2. Whiny obfuscation: The best these apologists can do is whine that we're being mean to Serge by pointing out his ghoulish, emaciated appearance, and O NOES DON'T PICK ON OUR ILLNESS INDUCING DIET. As well as, DON'T BE MEAN TO ALL THOSE PROFITEERING MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS AND TRY HARD UNQUALIFIED HEALERS.Again, Anonymiii, how about you read the posts, and I dare you to defend Serge's slimy treatment room behaviour, as well as the serious ethical transgressions of these practitioners. Take a look at our Mission Page and hop to!

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