Diet or Eating Disorder Part 2 A Level Headed Nutritional Analysis & Diet As A Tool For Instilling Malleability

I think I’m getting the hang of Esoteric Medicine. As long as prescribed remedies make you weak, sick, neurotic, wooly headed, and kill off your sex drive, you’re well on your way to Esoteric bliss. 

Or is that Shamballa (sic) or an aspirational return to constellated Akasha or Sanat Kumara the 12th degree initiate?

Or Operating Thetan Level 4 Thousand.

Oops, wrong cult.

Yet, while you’re on the way to a state of Esoteric ecstasy any non UniMed aligned doctor would classify as an illness, Serge Benhayon is on his way to the bank, whilst simultaneously satisfying his fetish for grinding down and humiliating every human being in his life, including members of his own family.

In my last post I had a mind bending time describing Serge’s hysterical classification of pretty much all foods as PRANIC, except for a very short and nutritionally inadequate list of FIERY items one is permitted to eat. Already I was concerned his recommended diet cuts out two entire food groups out of five recommended by sensible dietitians; dairy and grains. That alone was setting a challenge for students to compensate for deficiencies in minerals including calcium, B group vitamins and the fat soluble vitamins, A, D & E.

In addition, the messiah of malnutrition frowns upon most protein sources as PRANIC. One may eat fish, chicken, lamb, eggs and legumes but only in combination with prana free FIERY foods. Factoring in the dire lack of nutrient diversity in this narrow list, it would require an unusually concentrated and conscious effort to meet the most basic nutritional needs.

As we’re learning though, Serge loves to set challenges. He and his stupefied followers call it ‘doing the work’. I call it the UniMed mouse wheel, where students scurry and scamper trying to keep up with their enlightened leader’s fickle demands. Yet while mice on a mouse wheel eventually expire from exhaustion having gotten nowhere, those on the UniMed mouse wheel die a slow demoralizing death via the corrosion of finances, relationships personality and health. They don’t just go nowhere, they get to go backwards as well.

To be fair, one could survive on Serge’s erratic list of foods with diligent supervision. Thriving is another matter. What prompted me to examine this with some urgency were reports that followers were becoming ill. Hell, the guru himself looks like a failed cryogenics experiment. I heard reports UniMed students were visibly identifiable in the Lismore Byron Bay region by their appearance of pallor, lassitude and weakness, while I had several other reports of students barely eating at all. It prompted me to ask:

How are UniMed students following the diet?

So I began to ask questions and was passed the EVIL PRANIC FIERY table, which in itself didn’t explain what I was seeing and hearing, so I began to ask specific questions. I did not approach recovering ex students because I felt they’d been probed and pressured enough by UM, and we are not in the business of retraumatizing (unlike Universal Medicine where retraumatization is an actual industry). However, I’m also putting the questions publicly here again, and please, we very much welcome responses from any UniMed students and their loved ones who are willing to share, either on this page in the comments area below or if you’d like to post a detailed account, via the tabbed contact page above. The more discussion and exchange of info we can get, the better picture we will have.

Are followers fasting, skipping meals, following weird rituals or eating meals consisting of only vegetables or only fruit or juices?

Have they lost weight?

Has their health suffered, as in do they fall ill more easily, catching colds or flu recurrently, getting belly aches, headaches, dizziness, changes to the menstrual cycle, mood swings, anxiety, jitters, depressed moods, sleep disturbance, palpitations, memory loss, difficulty thinking straight, hair loss, changes to nails, teeth, skin or gums?

What I was looking for were signs of malnutrition and resultant neurological, immune system and connective tissue degeneration, as well as signs of food neurosis or overt eating disorders. The responses varied. It appears more peripheral, less committed students were adhering to the diet less. Still, when I looked at what they were eating I felt they could have been eating a little more, and perhaps more often to maintain their blood sugar levels.

A mother has posted her menu plan for her family in the comments area of the previous post and while she is making a heroic effort to make the most of a narrow range of foods, her children appear to be eating much better than she is, and I hope for her sake she is joining them in having some substantial snacks. She writes she’s having fruit with crushed nuts and coconut cream for breakfast,  a handful of almonds at morning tea, pea and basil soup for lunch with a small tin of tuna, and fish and salad for dinner. This may have borderline nutritional value for someone living in an ashram and meditating on their posterior all day, but for a working person or busy parent, it’s simply inadequate. Unless this is an attempt at a weight loss diet, I would call it Lite & Unnecessary.

It appears the more committed students who spend large amounts of time engaged in UniMed activities and significant portions of their day listening to podcasts, reading Benhayon’s books and materials and obsessing over pranic clearing rituals (candles, healing symbols on cards), the more likely they are to be strict with the diet.

I have reports of students sustaining themselves primarily on vegetable soups, such as the aforementioned pea and basil, the $40 a jar UniMed herbal mixture ‘and not a lot else’. One husband told me, apart from vegetable soups, his wife has eggs every second morning and a meal of chicken and veges every third day. She snacks on apple and nuts. The committed students are sticking to the no dairy, no grains/gluten, no caffeine, no alcohol and no cane sugar. Also fruit is now more limited, as in bananas and mangoes are out. As are olives, I believe. More recently, however, chilli tuna has earned a rare stamp of divine approval from His Nibs. Perhaps he realized the severe lack of protein was going to kill off his students too quickly for him to get to all their money.

We would appreciate updates, thanks.

Another partner told me Serge regularly announces more foods to drop from the already limited menu due to shifts in the earth’s energy that suddenly infuses innocent foodstuffs with dreaded pranic energy. The partner was annoyed because that food might have been acceptable the day before, but once it was dropped the student would say they’d been feeling its ‘energy wasn’t right’ for a while. The partner found this difficult to believe.

As far as weird rituals go, a partner told me students are advised to place their grocery receipts on a healing symbol to clear the toxic pranic energy of everyone involved in the growing, processing, packing the food. In other words Serge also has it out for farmers, factory workers and anyone on earth attempting to eke a living.

We can’t all be professional messiahs, Serge.

Students are also told to stir anti-clockwise when cooking to clear the prana from the meal. Serge reckons our souls rotate anti-clockwise, and he’d know seeing he’s extricated so many from what were once perfectly sound bodies.

I have reports of increasing health problems among the strict adherents. Unsurprisingly, I’ve heard of a couple of cases where thyroid disorders have been exacerbated, and not only that, the students were advised to go off their thyroid medication by at least one of the UniMed therapists, who is NOT a doctor. (Do I need to point out how dangerous and unethical it is to advise anyone to quit any medication, let alone thyroxine, unless you are a trained medical doctor? I also want such practitioners named.) Weight loss is common, as is loss of libido, digestive complaints and strong fatigue.

Nutritional Analysis

To be more specific, the vege soup, nut, apple, egg and bit of chicken every other day diet is too low in protein. Protein has to be replaced daily through diet or the protein component of the body, including muscles/organs begin to waste. You’d need to eat a lot of nuts to meet protein requirements, even in combination with eggs, and nuts are notoriously difficult to digest. (Next post will be on rehabilitation and I’ll provide links to information resources.) That regime is also deficient in B vitamins, fat soluble vitamins, essential fatty acids, vitamin C and minerals, including calcium, and on that plan it’s frankly impossible to sustain acceptable blood sugar levels. In short, it’s not a sustainable diet, it’s a form of slow starvation, which is clearly inducing and exacerbating health problems.

To list just a few of the expected effects of the diet as followed above, they are pretty much as I listed in my questions. This is such comprehensive malnutrition, adherents can expect nothing but a decline and deterioration in their health. First, they will experience physical changes of weight loss, muscle loss, possible water retention, hair loss and deterioration in connective tissue, resulting in poor skin tone, receding gums, weak nails etc. The immune system will show signs of failure with chronic infections. Neurologically, there will be degeneration in brain and nerve function resulting in difficulty thinking straight, poor memory, anxiety, mood swings, dizziness and depression as well as neuropathies and paraesthesias such as numb sensations, tingling and loss of sensation. And finally, the adherent will be dog tired, listless and disinterested in sex.

If children are put on the vege soup and limited protein diet they will experience growth retardation and a slowing of brain development at a crucial juncture in their lives. I might repeat none of Serge’s invented dietary recommendations are suitable for children. They will do them harm.

At this point I’d like to stop and weep.

THIS behaviour, this rigid adherence to the dietary whims of a Class A jackass is being called ‘healing’ and done in the name of ‘medicine’ and under the watch of medical professionals, aka Serge’s professional enablers. Pull your heads out of your ‘innermost lovingness’ Dr Eunice Minford, Dr Samuel Kim, Dr Anne Malatt, Dr Howard Chilton, Dr Maxine Szramka, Dr Elizabeth Skinner and Dr Jane Barker, and stop endorsing this crap.

I’d include mystic dentist and amateur marriage counsellor Rachel Hall, but I doubt even Serge takes her seriously. I’m sure if she works herself up for the next round of windy apologism, she’ll be touting there’s nothing wrong with the diet and if UM’s patients are falling sick, it’s their own fault they’re too stupid to equip themselves with a dietetics degree.

Universal ‘Medicine’?

Or an elaborate and expensive concentration camp?

The Psychology of Dietary Control

So far I’ve only listed the physical effects of Serge’s pathogenic plan for controlled starvation, but this diet is also a direct assault on students’ humanity. The above reports are indicative of neurotic disordered eating with students obsessing over food selection and preparation, all the while instilled with anxiety that food is less a source of nourishment than an agent for pollution by dastardly pranic entities. As if eating disorders weren’t enough of a problem in our society,  the more fragile followers will continue to struggle with the notion food is an enemy to be approached with apprehension and dread, long after their guru has hit the skids. This demonization of our most vital source of sustenance is just one of Serge’s atrocious subversions – his insistence on interpreting all that is enjoyable, healthy and life sustaining as malevolently PRANIC.

Why does he do it?

Nothing in a narcissist’s methodology is incidental. Serge persists in regularly shifting the game, eliminating more foods and recreating rules so his students remain fixated on food and jumping through the ever changing dietary hoops. In combination with a retinue of thought reform techniques to be delineated in an upcoming post, his weakened, fatigued, submissive and mentally compromised students are distracted from ever making a critical evaluation of what is being done to them. In that state they’re less resistant to the programming and indoctrination that continues to bring in recruits, turn UM profits and boost Serge’s prestige. In addition, the elimination of students’ sex drives is one of the devices used to estrange them from UM resistant partners or spouses, promoting further dependence on the idol and the ‘loving’ group. All with the express purpose of ensuring continuing financial commitment.

The deadly UniMed mousewheel. Presided over by doctors.

In my next diet post, I’ll look at rehabilitative measures to help UniMed students re-establish a healthy relationship with food, and sustainable and health giving dietary habits.

In the meantime, please, we are looking for as much information as possible to expose this dire harm-doing and very much encourage comments regarding your own experiences and observations of the affects of the UniMed diet, whether you’re a current student, ex student or loved one. We’ll be moderating comments and while I may allow UM trolls to direct their anaemic whining at me, they won’t be permitted to derail others.

Also, we’d like to hear from anyone who was advised to go off any medication by any UniMed practitioner who isn’t a medical doctor. Please name them in the comments or use the contact tab at the top of the page.

It’s important all of this is bought out into public discussion. Many of you reading are living or have lived the arduous UniMed life, but for those of us who are not, and for those who might be considering trying the UniMed lifestyle, all we have to go on are the sanitized Universal Medicine and Praise Be To Serge Benhayon sites full of apologist propaganda and group think. It’s difficult for outsiders and even the regulatory authorities to comprehend the suffering that’s occurring unless we receive more of your accounts.

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Diet or Eating Disorder Part 3: Surviving and Thriving

The Esoteric Diet – more lethal than ever

2 thoughts on “Diet or Eating Disorder Part 2 A Level Headed Nutritional Analysis & Diet As A Tool For Instilling Malleability

  1. I just wanted to write you some things about the UniMed group in my country and my experiences in it. English is my second language, but I´m trying my best. All my fellow students are skinny and not doing sport. I myself lost at least 5 Kilos, mostly muscles. My parents did not know what to do and my doctor was shocked and did a blood test. The results were: I had deficiency symptoms that were not common in our country (his words)…I rather stop here. I got difficulties sorting it all out at the moment.

  2. Thanks for your comment, and I hope you're recovering and have some good sources of support. I'm so glad you went to your doctor. What you're telling us is exactly what I was worried about and I'm so sorry it's spread to wherever you're living.

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