And now a word from one of our trolls

Deep in the bowels of the comments on the Naming Names page, the interested reader will find a little flurry of outrage from UM’s second rung apologists, about how cruel we are to name the medical cartel and how those impoverished and beleaguered medical professionals are the real victims.

Never mind their patients/recruits.
From Mark Twist: Richard you travel far and wide on the web to make your point heard about Universal Medicine. You have called my remake about heroes foolish, given that DV states that what you all do makes you the heroes then that must mean I’m the evil one wrong about choices I’m making. What makes you god like to question what I do, where do you get off ripping into people just because you don’t agree with what they present. Get off the high horse Richard, man up and face the fact your a bully who hides behind the internet. Your a TROLL Richard along with your mates Eric Dobbs, DV or VD and the many nameless who you say have been hurt by UniMed. What I’d like to finish up presenting to you all is this you have made it very clear on this and other sites that certain peoples relationships have come to an end because one of them has become involved with Universal Medicine and that they are brainwashed and in a cult what a load of crap.If it’s a women and she has left the relationship, do her the honor and stop listening to the blokes story about how it’s everyone else’s fault and maybe start to ask him what was he doing to make her feel so scared of him. In our society isn’t it about time that we stood up to domestic abuse in all it’s forms and as men say enough is enough, call these men out for what there’ve done not let them hide behind false stories because it makes them feel ok and the blame is moved onto another. I’m part of Universal Medicine and I didn’t break up anyones relationship or family and if you continue to say I did then I’ll continue to write love stories to you all.
So, Mark, this is you showing us your ‘lovingness’? By the way I deleted the threatening remarks you made to another of our commenters, a man whose family came close to collapse and whose wife is in recovery.
Is that the best you can do? Come here and accuse us of being bullying, abusive and loveless men? 

For readers unfamiliar with UniMed propaganda, that is their standard response to anyone who questions Serge Benhayon or Universal Medicine’s integrity.
That tired old trope has run its course.
I should point out to you, Mark, you’re commenting on a site administered by a woman and primarily written by a woman. To come on here, with that old line, and pretend I don’t exist and nor does my account of Serge Benhayon’s seriously sleazy misconduct strikes me as sexist.
For the record, I don’t associate with abusive men. In fact, I’ve stood up to a few, and won.  I utterly reject your inference that I would associate with such men, and that the men and women contributing here, are any less than decent, caring people doing what they can to save their relationships and families, and prevent further harm. Did it ever occur to you that pseudonyms are used because our contributors have relationships and families at stake?
You must have missed the post where we defined our mission, and called on UniMed apologists to come forward and frankly and fearlessly address the facts. We’re still waiting.
So seeing we have your attention and you’re all steamed up, how about you shake off your overwrought denial and address some of the issues we’ve raised? How do you feel about Serge Benhayon groping at ovaries and rummaging around in the private lives of the women you know? And you can’t call me a liar when you know he’s tried the same on most of the women he’s treated. How does it feel knowing one of the reasons he’s done it is to look for dirt on you? How does it feel knowing the only reason your family hasn’t been hacked apart is because you’ve played into his manipulations and toed his line? 
Tell us why you’re taking our concerns so personally when no one has accused you of anything? Or are you and the rest of the apologists really that inseparable from Serge? 
How do you deal with your doubts, Mark? And don’t tell me you don’t have them. Does Serge bring you around every time with private man to man chats and offers of free treatments or massage?
If your faculties are up to it and you can keep your temper under control, how about you work through the list we’ve compiled of Universal Medicine’s transgressions and address each one, rather than coming here with nothing to contribute but hollow accusations, threats and passive aggressive sexism.
Any further evasive denial riddled ‘love stories’ like the one ‘presented’ above will be moderated out. 


10 thoughts on “And now a word from one of our trolls

  1. Ho Hum Mark, please give me something original. This is straight off page one of the UM playbook on 'how to respond to facts' but with your own special twist. Pun intended.Mark I have a maxim which is 'don't reason with the unreasonable' but I will give it a shot in any case. Your argument is what is known as ad hominen, which is to discredit the arguer, not the argument itself, and it is a very basic and weak tactic. Notwithstanding, your jump to the sweeping conclusion that all of these 'men' (there are in fact many women in the form of wives, sisters, mothers, the primary author of this blog, etc) are abusive, is for want of a better word, and at the risk of committing the same error as yourself-stupid. Why would one assume that all of these 'women' are scared of their partners and why would one assume it is related to domestic abuse, per se? You can't, and of course- it isn't.The fact is Mark, that unlike you I have conversed with scores of shattered families. They all share a similar story characterized by a few things.- The UM partner was not the victim of any physical, mental or emotional abuse. In fact, the dissenting partner was fully supportive by nature allowing them to explore this alternative. No UM partner has actually ever had an order taken out against their partner nor have they overtly accused them of violence. They have none the less accused them of being "angry and aggressive" almost always at the same point, which is:- When the dissenting partner questions their involvement with UM and voices ( in their own truth) their concerns they are denied a dialogue and/or counter attacked with arguments that it transpires are used by most UM students almost word for word in the same situation. (catchphrases, the sign of a cult I am afraid)- The UM devotee then refuses to engage in any discussion on the matter. A very unusual posture as one would expect in any mature relationship if one member had an issue that an open and frank conversation would occur. In fact, that is what is required to make a relationship function. The very fact that UM becomes a taboo topic creates a fracture in the relationship and becomes a glaring cause for concern.- Any attempt to speak of the UM subject is met with forceful denials and flippant counter attacks based on UM precepts such as "you're not in regard for yourself" "that is not self loving for me" and the peice-de-resitance, "You are jealous of Serge and the group" and other scintillating and well considered objections.What’s more Mark, if you as a devotee and as a ‘manned-up man you clearly must be’ have read his books and ramblings you would have noticed that Serge spends quite a lot of time denigrating men if ever so subtly. You don’t have to be above average intelligence to figure out that the object of this is to dissolve the trust that is required in a relationship between the love partners. If a woman ( or man, perhaps yourself?) can no longer trust their partners thinking or feelings, then you have a real problem. Add to the bonfire Serge preaching recently about leaving ‘pranic’ relationships and ‘stepping up’ and you have a powder keg waiting to go off… ( cont. next response)

  2. In addition to interviewing over 47 families which includes husbands, wives, partners, siblings, friends, all supporting each other’s version of events which unfold in mirror precision, and writing extensive notes, I have also read emails sent by Serge to families whereby there is less than subtle suggestions as to how to deal with the pranic partner ( often described as such)Something that emerged from these interviews is a constant theme that tells me the real abuse lays with the UM member and not with the so called dissenter. In most, if not all cases, the true amount of family money spent was hidden (dishonest), the ‘real nature and doctrine’ of UM was not discussed (obfuscation) Lifestyle ‘choices’ were imposed on the other partner without discussion (unreasonable) Discussion was not brooked ( childish) Objections were not tolerated ( sociopathic) Partnerships were not honoured or respected (selfish) – And that’s the short form.I would ask any UM member that has split with a partner to list their sins and while they may have some I am sure ( yet I am yet to hear of a verified ‘abuser’ of the type you allude to) I am confident that they would not be a multitudinous as those listed above, all in the name of UM.I would therefore respectively suggest Mark that you are talking through your esoteric backside and don’t have a clue what you are ranting about, except that it was something you have heard said by other members of your cult, which you freely admit you are a member of, and that is serves you to take that view.Have you even considered the nose-on-your -face question of why the accusation would even exist where it not without some basis? Relationships do break up and people move on. However people don’t easily move on when they have not been able to resolve the reason for the breakdown, which as is amply evidenced by your like-minded denial, does not occur when a rational open and mature conversation is not forthcoming.No one is suggesting that relationships don’t implode of their own accord. We are however suggesting that Universal Medicine is most definitely an agent that will contribute, not heal, should a fracture exist. That they do in any relationship is evident. A good relationship is where you have two people committed to working on those issues. But alas I ask, how can one when a partner is defined as ‘pranic’ and the other, such as yourself, as “fiery”- I am certain that my effort to reason is in vain. While you were reading you had a dozen catchphrases jump to mind and your fingers are twitching to get them out. But Mark I assure you it is futile. I know the nature of the group, as do many others, and I have facts on my side. Conversely you must have a belief that Serge is a messianic messenger from another dimension and that anyone that speaks out is angry, and it seems a [pranic] TROLL. None the less, I hope you have the courage to be truthful to yourself this one time. If we don’t hear from you, which I pray is the case because I am sure your next argument will be as equally persuasive, I will give you the benefit of the doubt that this has happened. Fingers crossed.BTW Mark, I am glad you have noticed my web travels. I do try to chip away at times against the avalanche of ill-considered apologists such as yourself. It might not affect you but I pray we save other people and families the pain of what we know many have gone and are going through.

  3. I wonder if it was Mark Twist who threatened Richard with violence over at the 'Words From The Families' blog?If you're reading this Mark, your propensity for reaction illustrates that you don't quite have the whole 'observe, don't absorb' schtick down just yet.If you think that what is written in this blog and others like it is hogwash, then click the 'x', close the page and be on your way. If you feel the need to criticize, then perhaps it has touched a part of you that you didn't want touched

  4. I might add I will talk more about Serge's polarization of the masculine and feminine in upcoming posts. Basically he portrays women as gentle, passive and good, and men as aggressive, violent and bad. A molecule of common sense tells us we are all more complex than that. However, he uses this to subdue the women and alienate the men in their lives who might have misgivings about this rot. This insulting divisiveness is all done in the name of 'healing'.Words of the Families of UniMed students has written more about this and UniMed as a Paternalistic cult: the real world of healing relationships, couples look to the things they have in common, rather than their points of difference, and use their common interests and attractions as a foundation to negotiate better relations.

  5. What can I say…I'm a bad boy and you must smack me. DV or VD, many a time people have posed on the net as a mamber of the opposite sex how do I know that your a women just because you say you are has no realness. RJM what the hell are you talking about mate/lady, what's word for the families and why was I on there? have no idea what your talking about. Interesting that you bring my emotions into this as you have stated here and other places that as a UniMed follower I have none. I love how you make me out to be the big bad wolf while you all are the scared and fragile men and women. I really love writting to you all and the wonderful way that you all have with words how you can make anything that I write about and turn it around so that I'm the bad person the one who is wrong how I don't care about anyone except UniMed. I don't really know you and you don't really know me but I know that the 3 people above who have attacked me in words will continue to re-interpert everthing I write until I write no more maybe that's what they want makes it easier if the person that your abusing remains slient.

  6. Oh dear. You're more far gone than I thought. Again, the best you can do is question my gender and accuse us of being better writers?Read the posts and address the issues, Mark.

  7. I'll add that I won't be posting any more from Mark unless he puts forth some reasonable defences for UniMed's many transgressions. And when is Serge going to do his own bidding?Apologist or not, I'm not comfortable with allowing someone to humiliate themselves repeatedly on this forum. UniMed has their own forum for that. I'll hear out any objections to this stance though. I sense a reasonable mind struggling to break free beneath all of that empty apologism. Keep reading Mark, engage your critical mind. We are here for you if you want out.

  8. Mark, no one is abusing you. It is interesting that you use that word though when confronted with cogent arguments. It is exactly what I had documented when speaking with the 47 ( now 48) families of UM members who were also accused of abuse when voicing their concerns.You do again make the error of attacking the people and not the arguments presented. I did go to quite some effort to lay facts out before you in the, albeit vain hope, that you might ruminate thoughtfully upon them and counter with a persuasive set of arguments that gave me pause to perhaps reconsider.It appears not unfortunately. It does strike me as odd that you can't or choose not to understand what RJM Is quite clearly expressing- I think the latter because I sense it might be true given your need to respond.I didn't address one line in your post above- "What makes you god like to question what I do, where do you get off ripping into people just because you don't agree with what they present"- which is extraordinarily interesting as this line describes the master Serge to a tee. It even employs the same verbiage. I will let it speak for itself. Ciao.

  9. Mark obviously is not from UM or has briefly lost his beliefs books. Under Serges teachings he simply would not react in such a way, lol.Look Mark, if you think that all the relationships ended due to abuse you are a fool. I am a male and I ended my relationship. This was due to all the same patterns of change others have posted. The beautiful person I knew had progressively changed over a few years to a point where we became dysfunctional as a family due to one person's beliefs. Abuse has many forms and I can truly inform you first hand the change to our great family was abuse initiated by one due to new beliefs. Putting symbols under my children's pillows to remove bad energy etc was just weird, not required and just did not work. The children were asking what the cards were…how do you explain this shit to an innocent child?! Anyway I asked her to leave so the rest of us could get back to our life that was balanced, fun and loving. 2 years on we are doing very well. My children are great little human beings and a pleasure to be around. My ex lives practically sheltered, wrapped in cotton wool. Cannot do lots of things or go out as this may expose her to "bad" energy etc etc blah blah.Please note I post only what is 100% true accounts of my experiences.

  10. Thanks Winston for your posts.Please continue to post stories from your experience as i am with a member of UM and not too sure if my relationship can continue with their involvement with the group. Like you every where i look they have placed symbol cards under pillows / beds / computers, they restrict the diets of all of us along with the UM beliefs and generally they are so dependant on UM attending the monthly meetings, retreats, audios and practitioner meetings they cannot go without some form of therapy from them. I think i will be number 48 on the list of known marriages that have failed because of their partners involvement in UM.Like you i think i would be better off with the kids and start a fresh life without UM hanging over my head.Cult or no cult i know life without them will be beneficial for my kids and myself.

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