The Universal Medicine Propaganda Machine Sputters to a Standstill

During the last months, Universal Medicine’s formidable propaganda machine rolled out with a tsunami of apologism at the first glimmerings of negative press. Yet, in the last few weeks, it’s been gasping out nothing but tired ‘Esoteric’ platitudes. What has changed?

To witness Universal Medicine’s professional apologists in their full glory visit David Leser’s blog and read the comments on his rather moderate article The Da Vinci Mode.  Or if you have the stomach, google any one of Universal Medicine’s blogs and behold the voluminous tripe in response to media coverage. (Note that the comments have been removed from the SMH Good Weekend Magazine Facebook page, probably because Eunice Minford’s missive alone took up 2 GB of webspace.)

Oh, the indignation!
For a sample of earlier media targeted love bombing, look to the prolific offerings of Apologiste Extraordinaire and wannabe guru, Eunice Minford, the famous surgeon:
Your article does not convey the truth about Serge or the esoteric teachings that he presents whilst it may contain facts, pieces of information, quotes etc. It appears to me that you came at this piece with a pre-determined agenda and selectively chose quotes and stories to fit that agenda – rather than coming from a blank sheet with a true openness and inquisitive heart and mind to get to the heart of the story re Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. The truth of the message that Serge presents is simple and easy to comprehend, even if we don’t find it so easy to live at times, yet you chose to ignore this aspect and focus on the areas that are easy to sensationalise like reincarnation….
It goes on for paragraphs like that. Honestly, Eunice, you missed your calling. You could have specialized in drug free anaesthesia.
Then zing:
I work as a general surgeon in a busy general hospital and so I am very aware of the levels of suffering, illness and disease and I am very aware that modern medicine does not have all the answers to man’s ills…
Trust me Eunice, EVERYONE knows you’re a famous surgeon. Humble citizens in the most far flung backwaters of the earth roll their eyes at the mention of your name. You won’t let us forget.
She persists: Thus the esoteric can press buttons in people…..and many of us have had our buttons pressed by it – but beneath all of that human stuff, there is for me a deeper truth that is all encompassing and that has the purity of love as its foundation.
Such profound altruism. So altruistic it’s subhuman. How much are you charging again, Eunice?
Ending with: I feel your article deliberately set out to discredit a man, whose depth of love and care for humanity is unsurpassed in my experience and who has so much to offer humanity in terms of understanding the true wisdom of love and how to live and apply that in one’s life.
I was planning to quote more such worthy comments, but they really are all the same, from the same roll call of a dozen or so names every time, on every site, in response to anything remotely factual written about this pestilence and it’s self appointed, self bankrupted omniscient being.
But in the last couple of weeks we’ve seen no such indignation; no attempts to post such glowing testimony on this site or anywhere else in response to our posts, which mind you are receiving a minimum of 700 hits a day – and the site’s only been up a week – and none on the UM blogs. Just a slow feed of rehashed insipidness designed to lull us all to sleep.
The latest from the main propaganda site, authored by P.F.:

Consistent throughout Serge’s books and presentations are principles that are simple, practical and easy to understand. These principles include how we cannot be truly loving unless we first love ourselves, and that everything we do has an effect on all around us. For over seven years I have observed how Serge and his family embrace these principles in practical and simple ways in their daily lives. Over this time I have been inspired by them to choose for myself to make changes in my life. I now go to bed earlier, I am more conscious of what foods and drink I put into my body, I am generally more caring of myself and more aware of how I interact with others. I have found that by making these simple changes my life has been enriched in so many ways, and most significantly I feel more connected to others than I ever have, both in my personal relationships and the world at large.
Zzzzz, what? Oh yeah, bully for you, dear…zzzzzz
In the interim, I’ve posted my account of the squalid and unethical activities of Serge Benhayon’s exorcism roadshow. For readers new to this site, I wrote about what it was like to have Serge, the self styled ‘healer’ ‘read’ my ovaries, without my explicit consent and pressure me to make personal disclosures on my history with the men in my life. I also wrote about the sordid induced hysteria that goes on at his Esoteric Healing Workshops. I have since united with a small group of concerned parties to create this blog in the interests of exposing the abhorrent behaviour of this proven liar and to call on his Professional enablers to stop endorsing, participating in and recruiting their patients to Serge’s industry of harm.
But the propaganda machine has wound down to a whimper. Why aren’t they booming forth with all the rehearsed outrage they unleashed on the news media? Why aren’t they responding to our call to address the issues we’ve raised?
Could it be the lot of them have feet of clay?
All we’ve received is a bit of whining in the comments on the Naming Names page, accusing us of giving Serge’s cartel members bad reputations, and attempting rather weakly to ‘present’ to us that working to expose and contain harm is a worse crime than doing harm.
Apparently, organizing practitioners’ names and credentials onto one page and pointing out that each practitioner represents a recruitment organ, preying on the vulnerable and sick to feed Universal Medicine’s exorcistic workshop racket and amateur healing accreditation racket amounts to persecution. Nice try. We absolutely will not accept these practitioners are the victims when their service to Serge Benhayon, the great unqualified and grubby minded healer, compromises responsible patient care. Not one of the lily livered apologists has offered any sympathy for my unsavoury experience, no doubt duplicated in Serge’s treatment room for many women before me and since, or for the patients and recruits who have suffered for the sake of UniMed profit.
None of them will come forward and address these issues, because they know we can prove everything we say.
And for those with a neurosis about our anonymity, believe me, when we make representations to the regulatory bodies, including AHPRA, they know exactly who we are.

3 thoughts on “The Universal Medicine Propaganda Machine Sputters to a Standstill

  1. Venus, you rock. I went to visit Serge a few times a couple of years back and he did the same to me. He was really in my face about how men had used me and checked me out etc while doing it at the same time. I was pretty young at the time and it freaked me out as I didnt really have a sexual history to tell. What a creep. The next time I went at my mothers pressuring, I told him some crap and he bought it. two weeks later my mum was on my back about it. I was thinking what the ! so much for confidentiality or whatever, but i guess it doesn't apply when you are a rock star guru. My mother still sucks up to him. Hope you dont mind, no names. But keep up the good work. There is something wrong with this guy.

  2. Sorry, Byron Girl, and thanks for your comment. I meant to reply to you earlier. It turns your stomach doesn't it? And not one thing is ethical about Serge's behaviour in these instances. He has no business invading your privacy, no business putting his unqualified hands on you and no business passing on your personal disclosures to anyone. By the way, congratulations on being the first woman to come forward and publicly confirm Serge's vile treatment room behaviour. I've never doubted there are many many more cases like ours – and worse.

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