A Fresh Tide of Diet Hogwash from the Universal Medicine Cult Propaganda Machine

Universal Medicine’s idea of fighting back against our analysis of Serge Benhayon’s illness producing diet is to have their very own unaccredited dietician testify to how ‘amazing’ she feels. We wish she’d keep her unqualified feelings to herself.

From the Words on Serge Benhayon Propaganda site:

I could always feel there was more to life – October 10, 2012, by Nicole Serafin, Dietician, Nutritionist, Tintenbar, Australia

I knew for myself from a very young age that something was not right. It always felt like something was missing but I could never quite put my finger on it
Summarizing the first couple of hundred words: blah de blah, la la la, waffle waffle, fart fart, zzzz etc. etc. And then she gets to her poorly made point:
I began slowly changing my diet, feeling lighter, less bloated and more energised. 
Uh, yah, a lot of people feel less bloated when they eat less. And by lighter do you mean light headed or just lightweight?
Then I looked at my sleep pattern which for me was the next natural step. Why, if I had more energy, would I want to ruin that by late nights, often fuelled by an alcoholic drink? So I began to cut out alcohol and started going to bed earlier, which just contributed to me feeling even more energised and amazing – this started to feel ‘normal’.
I had completed training in dietetics and nutrition and the changes that I was making made sense; they were not a fleeting or radical claim being made by Universal Medicine but something that actually made a substantial difference to my wellbeing. 
What training Nicole? You’re not accredited as a dietitian, I checked. You’re not registered as a nutritionist either, I checked that too. You’re not accredited in any profession that encompasses nutrition or dietetics, I checked those as well. You do however, advertise yourself as a chakra puncturist, which is a bastardized form of acupuncture we are lobbying to have made unlawful to practice, unless you are a registered acupuncturist or physiotherapist of which you are neither. 
For instance, I knew that dairy products had been linked to sinus & congestion issues, as well as gluten creating a whole other realm of issues in the body; so for me, not only from a clinical perspective but also a commonsense point of view, it made sense.
Dairy is linked to sinus & congestion issues in whom? Can you provide a reference from current research? What issues does gluten create? Are you talking about an allergy or an intolerance? Are you qualified to diagnose either? Do you even know how to do that? Are you suggesting we should cut those from our own and our kids’ diets and risk nutrient deficiencies because it might cause sinus issues in some people? And are you saying that Serge has defined gluten and dairy as PRANIC! because they cause intolerances in some people? Isn’t that admitting the whole PRANIC! FIERY! scaremongering schtick is just hogwash after all? Or are you saying Serge too has some clandestine dietetics qualification tucked away that he’s too shy to tell us about? Or do you lot say one thing on your blogs and another thing inside your airless Esoteric bell jar? Do you have that much disdain for the public? Or is it just reserved for potential recruits?
Just by a few small adjustments and changes in my life I was able to feel a huge difference – a difference that I was not willing to compromise for anyone or anything.
Don’t we know it. You wouldn’t compromise your precious ‘feelings’ for the sake of the health of anyone, including UniMed students’ children. You’ll call yourself a dietician to stick up for Serge and his pathogenic diet, but you’re not offering one word of sensible, evidence based nutritional advice. 
I started to honour my body and felt an amazing feeling of openness and willingness to look at whatever life sent my way, without the reaction of ‘why me?’
We’re wondering ‘why us?’
Why is it we are not taught at school that those feelings that we have are there for a reason and that they need to be honoured and not pushed aside or buried? We need to nurture our true potential – to trust that we are enough and that when we listen to our body it has the ability to tell us what is needed in every moment.
Because your body doesn’t have that ability, dear. That’s why we have education and sound, time tested, nutritional traditions. That’s why UniMed students are getting sick, because beloved Serge rejects all of that. As clueless as you are, you’d still be better off listening to your body than listening to Serge. 
Making choices from what I felt to be true in my body has changed my lifestyle and brought a feeling of wellbeing that I did not have in the past. From this I have slowly addressed all aspects of my life, from self-care and expression to relationships; feeling what has been needed and making the appropriate changes from there. 
Self-care. Yes, and to hell with anyone else who doesn’t worship Serge. Relationships? The only relationships hardened UniMedders have are attainment centred competition with other followers. You’ve frozen out everyone else. 
I am grateful to Universal Medicine for all they have shared with me and many others, and can honestly say that for me it has been a life changing experience; not because of what they have told me to do, but because of what I have chosen to do. It has been a slow and ongoing unfolding; as one thing leads to another and as my awareness of my body and what it needs grows – so too do my choices.
Yep, you’ve chosen to be told what to do. Are you listening to the podcasts and reading Serge’s notes and books every day, Nicole? To the exclusion of pretty much everything else?
But hey, good for you, Nicole. Keep growing that awareness of your body, because your awareness of everything else, including the truth about Serge, is shot. 
And stay away from sick people. You have no qualifications and you’re doing more harm than good.


14 thoughts on “A Fresh Tide of Diet Hogwash from the Universal Medicine Cult Propaganda Machine

  1. Just some light reading for anyone who is interested. Here is an article on the dangers of dairy on the body, which is based on research. http://drhyman.com/blog/conditions/dairy-6-reasons-you-should-avoid-it-at-all-costs/This blog also has some articles on the effects of gluten on the human body and how it is related to heart disease.Yes I know you will want to have a go at me saying it is not evidence from a scientists journal but the facts are still facts. Just do a google search and you will find many scientific studies on the effects of gluten and dairy. And as always there is opposing evidence saying the opposite, if you want to quote me some scientific evedence or studies that show that gluten and dairy are good for you, I am eager to hear it. I'm not saying the research is right or wrong but I can say that I personally get affected by dairy and gluten (especially dairy), but who knows, I could be wrong.On a second note I would like to point out that that is a bold accusation that this woman has no qualifications just because she isn't a registered nutritionalist. How do you know she is completely unqualified and potentially harming people? I would be interested in your methods.J

  2. Um, she calls herself a dietician and nutritionist on the post. She is not accredited or registered anywhere in any professional body as either. Nor is she registered as any kind of therapist. She does advertise herself as an esoteric chakra-puncturist though. Such overwhelming credibility. She's harming people because she's advocating a clearly harmful nutritionally deficient diet and claiming to be qualified to do so, which she is not. She is welcome to post here with her exact training and credentials. The site you post is an American MD who does not cite any studies. If he did, I could guarantee the studies are flawed. He is also flogging his own book. Some bloke pushing a book and an agenda are not facts. Ample evidence of the benefits of both dairy and gluten containing grains via respectable long term studies are everywhere — they're known as evidence based scientific fact. What are your qualifications?If you want to trawl the internet looking for support for your woolly ideas, you'll find it, dear. If you want them from a wackjob doctor, google Eunice Minford and let her bend your mind. I'm personally affected by gluten and lactose. I have coeliac disease. It's not because those foods are evil and PRANIC!, or even bad, but because I have an allergy and an intolerance. The rest of my extended family tolerate them just fine and have no reason to cut them from their diets. I've also studied nutrition as part of my professional qualification. Yes I'm accredited and registered. And why don't you comment on what I've written about Serge's sleazy behaviour, his exorcism workshop industry and the ethical transgressions of his apologists? When are any of you lot going to defend those?

  3. I could, and it'd be great for business. Do you know I get fan mail, hugs, high fives and lots of nice offers?You're just getting ripped off. I've been talking to AHPRA, the HCCC and the head of my professional association, and next week it will be the AMA and the Dentist's Council. I also plan to speak with UK's NHS and College of Surgeons about Eunice Minford recruiting her surgical patients to her lucrative 'meditation' and exorcism business. All of those bodies know my name and my credentials. What are you hiding?How about you show us some spine? Defend the munchkin messiah and his profitable hate branded as 'love' world negating sleaze. Our mission page has been updated. Go and answer any of the questions or issues raised there. I dare ya.

  4. Hi J,Could you perhaps provide links to some scientific studies detailing the 'fiery' or 'pranic' content of foods as dictated by Serge? Studies that include tangible explanations of these two terms, and the process involved in determining just how much 'prana' or 'fire' each food contains would be appreciated.

  5. Nicole and others make the same fundamental error of attributing changes in diet to doctrinal veracity. They attribute denial of certain foods and activities with improvements and proofs of Serge's methodology as it were. What they are not understanding that is the very act of 'self-denial' that gives them a sense of empowerment and control over their lives, that actually doesn't exist. It is actually the Denial of Self that is at the heart of everything that Serge espouse- it is powerful because it gives the adherent who is choosing ( and yes they are choosing in a sense) self-denial a sense of power and expansion they hitherto have not felt in their 'former' lives. And it gives Serge hand to control the adherent by nominating those things to avoid or not. Notice that the nots are always related to Serge, his family or his cabal.This self-denial is at the heart of most cults. In the UM case it is all encompassing. When a member decides to give up the group, they are in fact giving up self denial and little by little they allow themselves back into life. A oft said quote of the ex-cult members we are talking to is " I can't believe how I denied my own life"The student blog sites are online testimonials to that process and the process of auto-indoctrination. People familiar with this process, including the Australian government who recently ran a symposium for counselors and ex members and families in Canberra, gazette these blogs and posts as part of the ongoing analysis of the effects of the cult on it's members.

  6. In Australia, a dietitian is a university-qualified health professional trained to provide the latest scientifically based nutrition advice. It's a shame that people are allowed to tag a title to their name, implying that they are an accredited professional with university training. I guess those patients that don't do their fact-checking beforehand will realize this when they ask their unaccredited dietitian about health fund/medicare rebates, as those rebates ONLY apply to accredited professionals.On another note, Venus, I enjoy reading your blog. I have no personal connection to UM other than I know someone that has a family member involved with UM. His situation with this family member is so similar to many of the stories I've read about in the news and online. Keep up the good work by bringing more information to light on this seemingly cult-like organization.

  7. Darkly Venus, Have you considered having the UniMed nutritional guidelines and diet regime assessed by a clinical nutritionist? Perhaps canvas the Australasian Clinical Nutrition Society (ACNS)to run an article in one of their journals. Do you know if an independant scientific analysis on that jar of special herbs & spices of Benhayon's has been performed? Be an idea to get an ethnobotanist to check it out who is curious enough to do so free-of-charge.http://www.danoneinstitute.org/nutrition_portal/index_nutrition_journals.phpPhoebe

  8. Yes, to the clinical nutritionist. But unfortunately am snowed under and am unlikely to get to that for weeks. UniMed's transgressions are so vast and we are so short of hours in the day, and basically there are so few of us working on this with limited resources etc etc trying to keep up our livelihoods…Boo hoo.I did the initial analysis myself because of the urgency of the situation and didn't want to wait for a dedicated professional to 'get around to it'. Am inclined to think they'll agree with my findings as I have 3 semesters of clinical nutrition under my belt and seventeen years of practice in healthcare. But yes would like it verified by a specialist. I'm also inclined to think they won't put time into analysing the diet because one look at it on paper – honestly, it is SO BARKINGLY INSANE! Have thought about running it past Rosemary Stanton or a nutritionist of her stature, who is likely to write it off in one sentence. For eg. 'I've never heard of such bullshit, tell these people to wake up to themselves and see a doctor and a professional dietitian.' The inevitable response from UM will be that anyone with half a brain is PRANIC! :-OA separate issue is the diet's implementation which UniMed will insist is the responsibility of individual students, however we have evidence of people getting VERY sick on it – life threateningly, profound eating disorder, profound digestive disorder style sick. Students with a prior history of eating issues seem most susceptible to taking it to extremes. As for the ethnobotanical analysis, I imagine the TGA did that, and I can check with Byron Kaye, journalist from the Medical Observer – as I'm sure he knows the exact makeup. Byron if you're reading, txt or call. Ten bucks it's curry powder — by all reports the main ingredients are chilli and ginger.But all of this requires more hours in the day than I have. If anyone wants to help us out by doing things like letter writing, seeking medical opinions etc, please volunteer via the contact form. You won't be able to advertise here though. It will have to be done pro bono and anonymously – otherwise we get accused of being a cult/cartel.

  9. Or is this Michael Serafin, the magical pharmacist on our Naming Names page and husband of Nicole? How's business? You're doing well out of UM's medical fictions aren't you?

  10. I have concerns with the UM diet, when I asked a student of UM why they no longer had dairy anymore. I got this blank look from the person and then they said something along the lines of “ well cows have more than one stomach and they can breakdown the milk when they drink it” …………………holly shit I thought to myself …………what the…………I thought they drink water not milk ……….. I told the student “cows drink water and eat grass to make milk” …..Which I got a blank look and was told “I am not too sure Serge said dairy was no good for you and you will need to ask Serge why” ……………… I then said but you have given up having milk / dairy and you don’t really know the reason why but to say “ask Serge”.I thought to myself was this an isolated case so at the next gathering of UM students I asked the same questions to some other students and guess what the same answer was repeated again by some students.I found that when I challenged the UM students on their answer and why have they stopped having dairy, they became agitated and frustrated when you probe them on their decision making and would not talk about it

  11. OMG that's so funny, I got the exact same responce, word for word when I asked my partner and her girlfriends why they couldn't have dairy, lol.So what do they have instead, other than Soy that is, well earlier this year I was conned into spending $300 on a blender, just so that she could buy some almond's, mix it with water, blend it all up and bingo, yummy Almond milk, lol. But my favorite is Pea and Basil soup for brekky, mmmm mmmm nothing quite like it, lol. She once asked if I wanted some and I politely said no no, Im fine thanks, if I ever become interested in pea soup I'll watch the exorcist! Her reply was " isn't that a movie, dont think Ivé seen it" My responce, "well maybe you should" lol

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