Have your say: the questions and stories the Universal Medicine cult doesn’t want you to hear

From Winston: 
Hi Venus,
This is an email I sent to UM. I have sent many but of course no reply. If you think it is appropriate I would like you to post it on your site as I have a lot of experiences that I can send to you in support. I am in the background doing as much as I can to make others aware of this group and the way they operate.

Like I told you, I lost my partner to this cult but that is not my motivation any more. I do not want to see anyone else in the same situation. P.S my relationship prior to my partner being introduced to this group was A1 and everyone was shocked when we split…we were a great couple. She was my best friend, a beautiful person and a true pleasure to be around. Now she does nothing but follow the great Serge.

To Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine,
Why don’t you explain in your sanitised site things like:
You sell “symbols” that  Serge made up and benefits from these are fictitious. How do you really expect anyone with 1/4 or a brain to believe in this? I have seen first hand how the weak are manipulated and drawn to believe that these symbols help. I have seen your avid followers weakened and perplexed thinking their children are benefiting from this illusion. Yet, they are the sickest, most poorly behaved and socially disconnected children I have ever seen. So Serge, who takes responsibility for this? Not you old mate because money is love isn’t it? (thats what you preach isn’t it?)
The great leaders and creators of true and great change do not profit from people. You have had a good time so far but the illusion will be only yours in the end. Why don’t you live your delusional life just between you and your family and stop profiteering from the weak? As a person with balanced values, I and many more Australians are seeing the damage you are creating from your personal beliefs with the only profits to yourself. I knew from day one, you and your family were people to avoid…When you have to explain you are not a cult the red light flashes. When anyone delves into what you have created you find after searching the net that you dig back into past belief systems and copy and manipulate info that is quite hard to find. You change it to suit your illusion. This in my view  is very disturbing. Serge, if the internet was not around you would have really struggled with your illusion wouldn’t you? I have spent the last 4 years watching you and analysing your progress, and it’s very interesting. Your views and practice methods change all the time don’t they?
To UM “students”, look back over the last few years and you will see a definite pattern of continuing change that is designed to keep you paying up and captivated. 
You say you are all about truth and judgement, so why do you not post both sides and only look after your sanitised interests. All other sites allow both sides of the story, why not yours? 

Hey Serge, remember 2012 was the year that some really big things were going to happen?! Apart from your exposure to the real world through the media….what is it?? Also remember that you were going to close up shop due to your view that your “students” were not performing correctly…
Thanks for your post Winston, they’re good questions. 
And we’d like to welcome anyone who has been affected by Universal Medicine to send in your own posts. We’d like to hear about your experiences of the group, and we also welcome you to post the questions you’d like to put to Serge or his apologists. It’s always great to hear many different voices, because each of you will have your own valuable perspective. (And of course it means it’s not just Venus banging on all of the time.) 
We’re aware many students and loved ones of students have had difficult and damaging experiences with UM, and have thought they were alone, not realizing many others were going through much the same.
Truth is, people outside of Universal Medicine don’t know anything about UM activities or beliefs. They don’t know what goes on in the households and minds of Universal Medicine students, and we’d like to have as much concrete information as possible about this group made available to the public.
If you’re not sure what to share, we’re inviting students or ex students to tell us your experiences of the UM workshops and treatments, or what it was like to try and do the Universal Medicine ‘work’. 
How did it change you and your life? 
What were the beneficial elements and what wasn’t so good? 
How long did you stay with the group and what prompted you to get out? 
For loved ones of UM students, how were you affected by the experience? 
How was the loved one recruited? 
What activities did they take part in and how often? 
What changes did you notice in your loved one? 
How did those changes make you feel?
Use the contact page if you have a longer post, or post in the comments.
If you’re concerned about your anonymity, or that of your loved one, write without mentioning location or gender (call them ‘they’ rather than he or she), and use an assumed name. 
And a general question for everyone. I’m thinking we could make the first hand account/stories/complaints/questions into a separate freestanding blog. Any feedback on this idea is welcome. I guess it depends on how willing readers are to share their experience…


2 thoughts on “Have your say: the questions and stories the Universal Medicine cult doesn’t want you to hear

  1. I should point out, Winston would be regarded by the UniMed troll patrol as one of those angry and abusive men they are attempting to protect each other from – by signing up for endless, expensive, repetitive indoctrinations from Dodgy Uncle Serge. In the name of healing. But if they were a healing organization, and if Winston and his partner were having genuine relationship difficulties, instigated or not instigated by her involvement with UM, they would have done the therapeutically responsible thing and given the couple the resources and tools to communicate and negotiate in an effort to mend the relationship. But no, all men are bastards and all their attempts at intimacy are motivated by selfishness and violent impulses – according to pervy Uncle Sergey. But it's not all men, Serge. Just men like you. Either way, Winston's efforts to spare others the suffering he has endured even though he sees no future with his ex, is a greater act of compassion and love than Serge has ever managed. If Serge ever acts with the appearance of 'love', I guarantee it's only when it serves his interests.

  2. Winston…it is evident that many UM students must have family members confronting them with their concerns about Serge and Universal Medicine. It is also abundantly clear that many woman followers have left their relationships. It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall at their discussion when they are explaining to each other why they had to leave those relationships, and how they convince each other and themselves that UM has NO bearing. UM'er 1:"Look, he just worked way too hard, bastard!" UMer 2: "ohhh, that is abusive! I can't believe that…it's just like Serge says. Men just play roles" Umer 3: "You claim it baby!"Umer 1: " Yes. I don't want that WORK energy imposed on me… hey when is the next meeting on?"UM'er 1, 2 and 3 (in chorus) " This weekend. Serge is AMAZING"UM'er 1: "why did you leave your husband?"Um'er 2: " He was unbelievable. He said Unimed was a cult!"Um'er 3" " Ohhh..I am sick of that. It's just love"Umer 1, 2 and 3 (in chorus) " Unified we are stronger"Um'er 1: "Oh, they are so abusive.."Um'er 3: "Yes. The lying bastards."Um'er 1: "Oh look. Share accommodation! Esoteric house. Great! Let's move in together!"Um'er 2: " Yes, we can do 'the work' together'Um'er 1: " Hey look at this blog. God, they keep going on we are in a cult…it's not like we all live together within a few kilometres of Serge…"Um'er 1, 2 and 3 ( looking at each other for a moment) Um'er 1: "That's doesn't mean anything"All together: "Na"Um'er 1: " Hey isnt it amazing how in our next lives we will be higher up the initiate level because we're clearing karma? did you know in my last life Serge said I was a man and I abused women and that is why I get abused by them now…"Um'er 2" "That's amazing….he told me the same thing!"Um'er 3: (gasping) "Me too"Um'er 1, 2 and 3 ( in chorus) "AMAZING!"THE SOUND OF AN EMAIL ARRIVINGUm'er 1: " Guess what, Serge has just announced a new course… esoteric anal crano-kundalini-chakra-puncture…just $2,000"Umer 2 and 3: " Oh My God. That is AMAZING. Let's do it!"Um'er 1: "I'm putting a deposit down now….oh, cash only"Um'er 3: " NO problems. Serge says we can pay him off. He says, Don't let lack of money get in the way of doing 'the work'Um'ers together; " Serge is amazing. He is sooo generous"Um'er 1: " Oh NO! It's 7.30!!!!! We've stayed up too late. I'll be a wreck at 3AM. I need to get up and read " the sayings"Um'er 2: " Me too!.. Wow I over ate. I had a whole cup of soup"Um'er 1: " You've got to learn to listen to your body…I am down to 1 cup a day.."All together: " AMAZING"Um'er 1: " Well, good night girls. Pleasant dreams. Remember to write them down. We can talk about them in the morning…."AMAZING>

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