Have your say: An account of a Sacred Esoteric Healing Workshop

Another story the Universal Medicine Cult doesn’t want you to hear: Lou tells of her experience of an Esoteric Healing Workshop and why she decided UM wasn’t for her. 

I went to a workshop on the recommendation of a friend. This would have been 3 years ago now. There were lots of people in a big sports stadium. Serge was very charismatic and held the 130 or so people in the palm of his hands.

I questioned him in front of everyone about people putting negative energy on me. He immediately thought it was to do with a man in my life, when in fact I was asking about a woman. He said in front of 130 people something like “when you live with someone who drinks too much and is abusive then you take on their energy”. They were his words. At the time I thought, how strange, I am in the happiest relationship with the loveliest man. He just jumped to his script of the “evil” bloke. I suppose it must work for 1/3 of the women who have contact with him, but for me, it was a big turn off. If he can read the past and present etc etc, then how could he have said complete untruths about my life?

He also said lots of stuff at that workshop about burning books that weren’t esoteric. My alarm bells were really ringing then, especially since every person in that room was so eager to burn all of their pranic belongings. They were also very disappointed when told Serge wouldn’t be there with them at the burning as I think he may have been jet setting off to the UK to incite more book burnings! Really the whole thing was so ludicrous and when I told my partner about it, all I could see was the relief in his face when I said this just isn’t for me. He is a supportive lovely man (like lots I bet) and he wouldn’t have held me back, but god what would following UM have done to my relationship with my children and my husband?

There were other strange things Serge said that weekend. When one of his students introduced me to him at the start of the workshop he said something like “finally you have come”, obviously to try and make me feel like we have met in a past life, or he knew I was coming. I have to say though I can see how some would get sucked into UM, and I can see how my friends have. It’s a shame because they now think they were nothing before they met Serge. It’s like they thought they were lesser human beings before they took up the UM way of life.


Thanks for this, Lou. Clearly you were never going to be pulled into Universal Medicine because your critical faculties are too efficient. Although, $350 is a lot to spend to find that out.

I wonder how many of the 130 people at that workshop were persuaded to sign up for more. Unfortunately, as you say, a proportion of the participants would have bought Serge’s outrageous sexism. He has learned how to exploit those participants’ bad experiences with men and their simplistic black and white thinking, which uncritically paints all members of one sex as evil based on the lousy behaviour of a few.

The book burnings absolutely chill me. They are an extreme and violent form of censorship and a  hallmark of totalitarian, fundamentalist and oppressive regimes. In 1821, the German Jewish poet, Heinrich Heine wrote: ‘Where they burn books, they will ultimately also burn people.’ Heine’s own books were later burned by the Nazis in 1933. Serge’s book burnings and other bullying attempts to quash enquiry and dissent are a stark indication of his aggression, his gall and his insanely overblown ego. Yet, like you I recognize how people are lured in. To the unwary, his violent, sociopathic traits are disguised by his snaggy appearance and smooth, soft spoken delivery. Truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

If your friend is still involved with UM, I do hope they are coping and they aren’t following it too seriously.

And to anyone else considering submitting an account of their experiences with UM or its affects on their lives, please do! We do want and need to hear as much as you can tell us. A lot of this is new to me and our readers.

My own experience with UM and Serge was brief, and I’ve spent the last 7 years removed from the situation and unaware of how it had escalated into such a destructive force. In the last month or so I’ve done a crash course in all that is Universal Medicine, and while I have plenty of material to critique, we (as in me, many loved ones of students, and the general public) are still in the dark about much of UM’s activities and its harmful affects.

Please follow Winston and Lou’s lead and tell us your story.


6 thoughts on “Have your say: An account of a Sacred Esoteric Healing Workshop

  1. An anecdote relate to UM book burning. Apparently when Natalie Benhayon was younger and 'rebelling against the work' (i.e. living her life the way any teenager normally would) she was associating with another girl whom Serge did not approve of. Serge assured his daughter that the other girl was host to an astral entity determined to lead Natalie down the pranic path, so he burned a photo of the friend in front of her to 'break the spell'. Yet Serge will insist to anyone who listens that his children 'stepped up to their own truth' without any coaxing or manipulation on his behalf.

  2. This is sickening. Seriously, I'm getting sick of being sickened. We're finding Universal Medicine has many victims, but this victimisation of his own children, in addition to his wives, must be the worst. My sister's claim that Serge is the Taliban is not far from the truth – controlling who his wives and children associate with, instilling them into adulthood with suffocating puritanism; forbidding music, nutritious food, sport and authentic intimacy, and also setting his kids up in bogus professions, which none of them will be able to make a living from once UniMed goes bust. For his now adult children, unfortunately Serge is the only father they've got. They have no other stable and healthy modelling. It'll take massive amounts of therapy and support to untangle their indoctrination and undo the damage. I sincerely hope they get the chance to have a healthy, socially engaged life.

  3. Hi Venus- it appears as if the evil men approach works however. The members still can't connect the dots between the above average break ups in the group and Serge's open hostility towards men and relationships, dressed up as 'loving choices'. There is amply evidence right from the horses mouth concerning this. However, from an unhappy and less than loving member of the UM (non cult) community …..A bunch of childish men that could not take responsibility for failed relationships are distracting themselves with a witch hunt and doing serious damage in the process, and the first to be greatly affected is women and children. Hiding behind the fact they are trying to do ‘good’ and expose harm is clearly a load of crap. If you really cared for your ex-partner, partner, wife or children there are many ways of showing concern, looking into things or delving and questioning in a way that’s not hate-mongering, vicious, cruel, judgemental and abusive…As usual, the men are abusive. There is more of the same loving and esoteric spray, and of course no mention of the salient issue that no member will speak about Universal Medicine and its effect on the family without anger, mindless catch phrased defensiveness, lies about the money spent, dismissal of the time absorbed and the family ignored, the 'choices' foisted on the family…or will they address issues regarding children as they have convinced themselves that UM is not in anyway harmful and that any discussion concerning it is irrelevant- and that any attempt to discuss it is abusive.While I might disagree with the author particularly that anyone has accused her or anyone else of anything, I won't stoop to name calling and character assassinations of people I hardly know- in fact, my opinion and feeling for most members is that they are extremely nice people and never have I or anyone gossiped or said negative things about them . They are free to believe what they want. I am also free to believe what I want – which is the UM is an agent that breaks families apart for the reasons Kayla demonstrates and because it does not facilitate dialogue, but instead lies, distrust, anger, and most destructively denial (again demonstrated by Kayla) I believe as do the many other families affected that UM promotes disunity. It is evidenced in Serge’s writings, notes and audio’s. It is incontrovertible. Serge clearly promoted the idea recently that pranic partners are holding students back. That is incontrovertible and can only have one conclusion for a serious student. Serge sends emails to students suggesting that pranic partners are holding them back. Again, incontrovertible and quite stupid given he does not know the real circumstances. Now Kayla, and others, of course there may be issues in any relationship- perhaps even yours- but if your partner refuses to discuss the issue that is concerning them, and denies the truth of the very existence of that issue completely, therefore rebutting any attempt at open communication, you have a big and insoluble problem. When you are met with “don’t be ridiculous ( the way you feel is shit) I wont discuss it when you are in that energy/looking that way/upset/hooking me/emotional/angry/using that tone of voice/in the wrong energy… there ain’t no where to go luv.I, like many affected partners ( and there are many more than you care to admit even in this one town) would love to have a frank and proper discussion. Unfortunately the attributes you have given me & others -hate-mongering, vicious, cruel, judgmental and abusive -are in fact coming from your side ( see your blog for evidence!). That you don’t know it is the problem .

  4. I'm writing a reply to the latest propaganda right now and it will be up in the next few hours. Again the prop machine is making the usual ad hominem attacks and avoiding discussion of the very real harmdoing of UniMed. NONE of them ever mention me or what happened to me. Stay tuned.

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