The Universal Medicine Propaganda Machine Blows a Gasket

On Friday night last, cult expert David Millikan disrupted an ‘Esoteric Medicine’ presentation with a TV crew and a reality check. Ever since, SergeProp has been overflowing with misplaced outrage. We’ve decided to run their protests through our reality testing device.

Seeing Universal Medicine’s apologism army lack a reliable reality tester of their own, probably due to all that vitamin B and essential fatty acid deficiency, we’ve offered to let them use ours. (And apologies for the long post, but the ‘love blogs’ are flooded with reams of this nonsense.)
Let’s start with Dianne T. the research biologist writing on the wordsonsergebenhayon blog. First, Dianne, how do those PRANIC! molecules riddling perfectly nutritious foods look under a microscope, dear?
Oh sorry, that’s right, they’re ‘esoteric’, a word from the Sergespeak glossary that when passed through the grey matter of the reality tester turns out to be a euphemism for ‘fraudulent’. But I digress. We have nothing against you and your friends personally, Dianne, and we’re sure you’re really nice people and everything, but you need to examine who and what you’re defending. Now to your post about the sense of violation you felt when you found Serge’s meeting was being filmed and David Millikan spoke some sense to the group after being invited onstage by Serge:
Right now my heart hurts and I feel very shaken by something that is happening right in front of me. The Australian media are in the process of aggressively harassing people who have come to hear a presentation on healthy, loving lifestyle choices…When I first arrived I saw a television crew with 3 big cameras outside the front door. I wondered what was happening but it didn’t feel good. They filmed me front on, but had not the decency to introduce themselves, or tell me why they were there or ask my permission to film me…I looked in the door and could see more television reporters wielding cameras, filming and harassing the puzzled audience including children and teenagers…They are upsetting, confusing and offending people who don’t yet know what’s happening. The reporters appear to be exempt from the law which individuals such as myself are bound to obey or face the consequences. By what right does the media do this? How is it that TV reporters are allowed to act with such contempt for standards of common human decency and honesty? They may be employees but I hold them personally responsible and culpable for the dishonest and abhorrent way they are conducting their business, and subsequently with whatever lies they broadcast on TV, radio, online or in the newspapers. For peaceful citizens to be affected this way as a result of media aggression is unacceptable. It has to change.
Yes, dear. Fair enough. But how about we look at it another way, this time running it through the reality tester, which is capable of looking at this situation as a bigger picture. Did it occur to you David might have been trying to awaken you to a much larger pattern of harm? Much larger and exponentially more harmful than exposing a group of people to cameras and common sense?
Right now my heart hurts and I feel very shaken by something that is happening right in front of me. An Australian healing group is in the process of aggressively emotionally harassing and financially draining vulnerable people who come to hear about healthy, loving lifestyle choices…When I first arrived I saw a harmless looking thin man who put his hands on my abdomen, said he was reading my  ovaries and began to fish for information on my personal experiences with men. I wondered what was happening but it didn’t feel good. He put his hands on me, but had not the decency to get himself a therapeutic qualification to rightfully do so or to make himself accountable to any professional or regulatory body…I went to Esoteric Healing workshops to see the same harmless looking bloke harassing the puzzled audience including children and teenagers with his vile world negating doctrine and explicit rants on sexual violence and evil, imaginary, predatory entities…He is upsetting, confusing and offending people who don’t yet know what’s happening. This so called healer believes himself to be exempt from the law which individuals such as myself are bound to obey or face the consequences. By what right does he do this? How is it that a proven liar and former bankrupt who calls himself a ‘healer’ is allowed to act with such contempt for standards of common human decency and honesty? He may be a deluded narcissist and victim of his own pathology but I hold him personally responsible and culpable for the dishonest and abhorrent way he conducts his business, and subsequently whatever lies he tells the media and his following, and broadcasts via his books and blogs. For peaceful citizens to be affected this way as a result of one deluded man’s aggression is unacceptable. It has to change.
It has a slightly different complexion doesn’t it? But that’s how the reality tester sees it.
Now from Jenny M:
I did not pay $5.00 to be ranted at by David Millikan and his theories of how I was a cult member when he does not know me. But I am wise enough to know that he was not interested in who I was or even concerned if I was a part of a cult, he was there to make money off me.  
Are you so wise? You don’t think Serge is making money off you and all of your ‘friends’? How much exactly have you spent on Universal Medicine? Why is Serge’s wisdom so expensive? $350 for a weekend workshop. Why do you keep signing up for workshops when you all insist he never tells you what to do?
From Deborah M:
David was not there to report the truth, nor even to present an open forum and the possibility of presenting both sides of the story. He was certainly not there for the people nor to even allow the people’s true voices to be heard.
How do you know he wasn’t there to report the truth? Do you think the four UM blogs are an open forum when many of our readers have unsuccessfully attempted to post their questions and opinions there? There are definitely two sides to the story and one side is found here on this site, and in the full testimony I’ve made on camera to the same program, and which I’ll make in court in support of anyone who comes forward with evidence Serge took his intrusive behaviour beyond what I endured. Why do none of you ever mention what happened to me? All you ‘loving’ people?
From Sally writing on The Truth about Serge Benhayon (sic) site:
I felt violated and attacked for what is my most basic right, that is, the right to choose. I choose to be a student of Universal Medicine and I chose to attend this presentation. I chose to go and listen to Serge Benhayon speak. I have this right.
No one’s attacking your right to choose. No one’s stopping you from going and throwing your money into Serge’s property investments. What we’re upholding is your right and the public’s right to be informed of the facts about this group, and not simply what is cleansed and ‘presented’ via UM’s propaganda machine.
Seeing you’re carrying on about rights, do you have anything to say about patients’ rights to receive responsible, qualified medical care without indoctrination and molestation and without having their privacy invaded?
Finally, voila, le piece de resistance, from model student, Kyla writing on the Truth about Universal Medicine blog, who is vomiting at being called a devotee. Again, there’s no mention of any of the serious infractions we’ve raised on this blog, just a tired, rather overwrought rant about the abusive men who are showing legitimate concern and opposition to UniMed’s spiritual, emotional and financial bankrupting of its followers:
Mindless, weak willed, spiritual seeker, follower, devotee (vomit just at that word), cult member, woman (?!?) …. These words have been used to describe me, or women that I know negatively… behind our backs, either in whispers around town… I am appalled! I am disgusted and disheartened! What is going on if this abuse, denigration and treatment of myself and other women (and men also) are allowed to continue without any true facts or foundation?
Personally, I tend not to be offended when called a woman. Why aren’t you appalled, disgusted and disheartened by the way I was treated in Serge’s treatment room? What about those facts? I’m sure he pulled the same stunt on you. Maybe you didn’t realize you were being exploited and abused. You think abuse is being called mindless and weak willed when you choose to ignore factual accounts? You’re not making a very good case.
What I have noticed within this community is this… When I had a marijuana dependency, was a heavy ‘social’ drinker and smoked a pack a day of cigarettes I was more generally socially accepted than I am now because I choose not to drink, have quit smoking all weeds and take better care of myself than ever before!?! Is this not strange?
Um, no. I don’t do any of those things either and it’s made no difference to my social acceptability.  I also manage to avoid drugs without Serge’s ‘help’. You’re less socially accepted, dear, because you’ve become unsocial. You regard anyone outside the group, anyone who drinks beer or coffee or eats dairy or gluten as inferior (PRANIC!), and anyone with misgivings about UniMed as hostile and abusive. You also regard yourselves as having a monopoly on soulfulness and ‘lovingness’. It makes you a bit of a superior bore.
What I am sick of is men abusing women, ex-partners and mothers of their children by accusing them of ridiculous things… Note to you all – don’t smile at my face in the street, if this is what you are involved in because I have no respect or time for people that are encouraging and or allowing men to bully women and children no matter what there concerns are – there is no excuse for this treatment!
No matter what their concerns are? What exactly constitutes bullying Kyla? People speaking the truth and attempting to inform the public of such? Please be more specific. If abuse is occurring, why haven’t you informed the police? I tend to think exposing children to Serge’s venal, anxiety provoking worldview and his insane, nutritionally deficient diet more accurately constitutes abuse. Also, you trivialize true victims of domestic abuse with your paltry definition.
A bunch of childish men that could not take responsibility for failed relationships are distracting themselves with a witch hunt and doing serious damage in the process, and the first to be greatly affected is women and children. Hiding behind the fact they are trying to do ‘good’ and expose harm is clearly a load of crap… Back to some of the men involved is this hate-campaign, if you think it’s all right to shred, judge and rip apart other people online, then I am going to do the same for you…. Man 1. Total Douche Bag, big man about town, attitude filled wanker, worst example of the ‘used car sales man’ cliché, responsible for causing tension within otherwise harmonious relationships by spreading conspiracy theories and suspicion, recruiting other haters and has done more damage in this last year, than all the lies and crap he is putting on others. Man 2. Miserable Angry A-hole that constantly puts down and verbally abuses his ex-partner of 6 years, has never held down a regular job, has no assests, no income to support his children and no balls, only a true bully picks on a woman half his size and age.
Kyla, dear, I suggest you take a deep breath. What is it Serge says about being loving and controlling your emotions? How much have you and your extended family spent on learning to do that? It’s deep into 6 figures isn’t it? Enough to buy sports cars for the entire Benhayon family, and more. I’m not sure the investment is paying off for you considering you spectacularly lose your cool at the first hint of criticism.
Please give examples of anyone ripping into anyone else online. Provide us with links. I happily rip into Pervy Uncle Sergey, his profiteering professional apologists and his pretend ‘healers’, but that lot is fair game – promoting and profiting from an industry of harm. Again, has anyone made a complaint to police of abuse, or do you actually think your own unsubstantiated hate-campaign, ripping into people you disagree with online will achieve anything apart from making you look silly?
The community of Bangalow in general now has to stand up together, regardless of involvement in Universal Medicine or not, if you do not agree with this treatment of women (children and men) within our community then stand up.
Too late, Kyla. Universal Medicine divided Bangalow, not a couple of concerned husbands and fathers. You won’t convince the majority of inhabitants UniMed and Serge are anything but a hateful, polarizing influence when they’ve seen and experienced it for themselves.
Now we should all stand up and ask these men to come out of hiding and answer for what they are doing and why…
What about me, Kyla? Why do you pretend I don’t exist? Are you aware I’ll be on national television telling of my experience? None of you can deny what happened to me because Serge has done it to so many of you. Did he offer you a vaginal examination as well? Has he ever spoken ‘jokingly’ to you of perving on your kids? Why have none of you reborn feminists and noble protectors of children had a word to say about my account?
I suggest you calm down, dear, and have a good read of it. Then visit Our Mission page, the part of our site Super Nanny might call ‘The Thinking Corner’. Read that, have a think, and then start discussing some of those questions and issues, rather than blaming all of the disharmony in the Lismore region on a couple of caring, conscientious men.

9 thoughts on “The Universal Medicine Propaganda Machine Blows a Gasket

  1. Thanks for sticking up for us Venus. From a woman no less. It's a case of sticks and stones, but I must say the invective is nasty given we have not passed comment or judgement on these people, unless they somehow mistake our objection to Serge and his doctrine as an objection to them; which is that is the case, you wonder why they can't see were they stop and Serge starts. I am bound to point out, again, that Kyla in particular commits the very acts she accuses us and other men of, when as you say quite rightly, there is no evidence that we have ever done the same ( because of course, we haven't, and wouldn't- and we're pranic!)That this opinion might be tacitly condoned by our ex partners is saddening and alarming. ( what have the become. We see no objections and assume much of the misinformation has come from kitchen table gossip) and that we have witnessed friends of our former partners (and us- Deb M) 'liking' the blog is, well, sad…because it shows that hate and vitriolic judgments aimed at us is applauded, and proves our point about UM in spades: It isn't about love, as we know it, that is for sure. And hence our continuing despair.

  2. The same pattern is there DV same words used and repeated by SergeoneChooseJudgeResponsibilityDistractionFeelYou forgot "numb" and "drawing"Serge and UM why are you "drawing" sooooo much attention to yourselves? Your teachings show that you are deficient in something……better stop now guys get yourselves into stillness and centre yourselves……what a load of crap.Kyla you have now broken many of the masters rules by your outburst. You must now advance to 5 chakra punctures, one weekend "escape" and a loving trip to Vietnam. Total cost $ 5348.50 Ching Ching

  3. (The following comment has been copied and pasted here from a previous post. This commenter posted on this subject before I had my response up – Venus)Hi Venus- it appears as if the evil men approach works however. The members still can't connect the dots between the above average break ups in the group and Serge's open hostility towards men and relationships, dressed up as 'loving choices'. There is amply evidence right from the horses mouth concerning this. However, from an unhappy and less than loving member of the UM (non cult) community …..A bunch of childish men that could not take responsibility for failed relationships are distracting themselves with a witch hunt and doing serious damage in the process, and the first to be greatly affected is women and children. Hiding behind the fact they are trying to do ‘good’ and expose harm is clearly a load of crap. If you really cared for your ex-partner, partner, wife or children there are many ways of showing concern, looking into things or delving and questioning in a way that’s not hate-mongering, vicious, cruel, judgemental and abusive…As usual, the men are abusive. There is more of the same loving and esoteric spray, and of course no mention of the salient issue that no member will speak about Universal Medicine and its effect on the family without anger, mindless catch phrased defensiveness, lies about the money spent, dismissal of the time absorbed and the family ignored, the 'choices' foisted on the family…or will they address issues regarding children as they have convinced themselves that UM is not in anyway harmful and that any discussion concerning it is irrelevant- and that any attempt to discuss it is abusive.While I might disagree with the author particularly that anyone has accused her or anyone else of anything, I won't stoop to name calling and character assassinations of people I hardly know- in fact, my opinion and feeling for most members is that they are extremely nice people and never have I or anyone gossiped or said negative things about them . They are free to believe what they want. I am also free to believe what I want – which is the UM is an agent that breaks families apart for the reasons Kayla demonstrates and because it does not facilitate dialogue, but instead lies, distrust, anger, and most destructively denial (again demonstrated by Kayla) I believe as do the many other families affected that UM promotes disunity. It is evidenced in Serge’s writings, notes and audio’s. It is incontrovertible. Serge clearly promoted the idea recently that pranic partners are holding students back. That is incontrovertible and can only have one conclusion for a serious student. Serge sends emails to students suggesting that pranic partners are holding them back. Again, incontrovertible and quite stupid given he does not know the real circumstances. Now Kayla, and others, of course there may be issues in any relationship- perhaps even yours- but if your partner refuses to discuss the issue that is concerning them, and denies the truth of the very existence of that issue completely, therefore rebutting any attempt at open communication, you have a big and insoluble problem. When you are met with “don’t be ridiculous ( the way you feel is shit) I wont discuss it when you are in that energy/looking that way/upset/hooking me/emotional/angry/using that tone of voice/in the wrong energy… there ain’t no where to go luv.I, like many affected partners ( and there are many more than you care to admit even in this one town) would love to have a frank and proper discussion. Unfortunately the attributes you have given me & others -hate-mongering, vicious, cruel, judgmental and abusive -are in fact coming from your side ( see your blog for evidence!). That you don’t know it is the problem .

  4. RE: From Deborah M:David was not there to report the truth, nor even to present an open forum and the possibility of presenting both sides of the story. He was certainly not there for the people nor to even allow the people’s true voices to be heard.I, and I know, many others have tried to post on the universal medicine blogs and our views have been deleted or not approved. As far as I know we have never been abusive. Adversarial and to their mind, controversial, yes. However, if presenting both sides of the story and unbiased media and reporting is desired, as their many blog posts on the subject suggest, one has to ask the question why they only allow pro-Unimed comments on their blogs. One is left with the unavoidable impression that they are in fact extremely cock-eyed propaganda tools.Deborah M, and others-what you are seeing with the media IS the reporting of the other side of the story. Your issue is that you don't like what they are reporting because it doesn't agree with your, and Serge's version of reality. Unlike UM, the media is held accountable to certain standards, and also unlike UM, the reward is meager for doing so.I have spoken with someone who was there now and have learned the other side of the story, which is, not surprisingly, as Serge reported. I understand that it did get a little intense once the members became aware of the camera's. I am also led to believe that the reason this even occurred is Serge invited David Millikan to interview him on a number of occasions, and then refused. I would suggest that when you are only prepared for one side of the story to be aired, as it were, then others will become determined to tell their side. As to 'truth' – It is clear that David Millikan would have no reason to say other than what he knows is the case. He has been studying cults and their leaders for decades. There is no benefit to him to be deceptive, as there is for Serge. Moreover, and I think most significantly, if the media in general did not believe there was a story, and that UM is a cult, they would have no interest at all. There is no chance that a "few men not taking responsibility for their relationship failures", which is the charge often leveled, would result in significant national media exposure. May I remind you, even your leader predicted it would occur because what he was saying was so significant and world changing.And, members of UM, I think you might find that this issue of one-sided story telling, denial and non communication is the core of the issue right down to the relationships that Serge has quite inappropriately put himself in the middle of. He is certainly the author of his own demise.

  5. Venus a very good response to the UM students stories. I look at both sides of the story always and in this argument between the parties, sites like yours and Rick Ross allow for both sides of the story to be told, but when i read the blogs from the UM students it is all about them and being loved i have yet seen one negative response being allowed to be posted on the UM blogs.I was told once that any criticism is good as long as it is constructive and what i have seen posted on the various sites is very constructive for people like myself to gain a better understanding of Universal Medicine. You are showing both sides of the story not just a one sided argument.

  6. Thanks. We hold no personal hostility to any UM followers, although that's challenging with Serge seeing he has zero redeeming features. We are definitely hostile to the harmful practices, divisive teachings, toxic denial and oppressive groupthink. Eventually many of these students will be looking for a way out, and I can tell you the commenters and contributors here are motivated by care. We want to support students health, emancipation and autonomy in any way we can.

  7. I've checked the Propaganda Machine, and smoke is still pouring out and the gears are still grinding. Nothing new, except Gayle Cue is frothing at the mouth and calling David Millikan a werewolf, lol. The rest is outraged accusations of violation, the traumatization of children and the oppression of free will – by Channel 7 strangely – not Serge. Also they still pretend I don't exist. They think if they block all of their sensory organs and repeat the apologism mantras loudly and often enough their delusions will turn out to be true, and I'll go away. Nuh. They ARE reading though. My SergeProp posts always get plenty of hits – I imagine they like to bond over a bit of perceived persecution. Or do they read in secret, wondering how the heck to get out…?Imagine if you were a student experiencing doubts. Imagine if you suddenly realized the gravity of the things I've been writing about. Yet you're surrounded by shrill sycophants and apologists competing to voice the loudest most vehement indignation and the most outraged defence of skinny little Serge – at the same time suspiciously eyeing all around for the slightest signs of wavering or dissent. Chilling isn't it?

  8. You have to be able to talk and think in the circular vernacular to get 'in' with the UM guys. From their ironically named "truthaboutsergebenhayon" blog:"As it turns out, the more I am loving with me, the more others naturally can’t help but be more loving with me also; so there is not a need for me to say anything because my being says it all. And the crazy thing is, I’m less bothered by other people’s lovelessness because I’ve already got love anyway. How ironic"What does that mean? What is lovelessness? They seem to know." Rod Harvey October 9, 2012 at 8:08 amThank you for your honesty which has helped to explain the tensions experienced within some relationships that have been incorrectly attributed to Serge. I love your last paragraph… it carries inspiration as it exemplifies the wonderful transition you have made in your life."Rod the forever apologist strikes again! Looking for any pretzel logic catch phrased mumbo-jumbo to justify his obsession with Serge. A little strange. Rod does it matter that Serge spends ALL his waking hours telling woman that men are bad, and it is good to be single, and getting them to retreats to tell them that their pranic relationships are holding them back, and then sending emails to them to re-iterate the same….yes, wrongly attributed. You are a numbskull there is no doubt.

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