Have Your Say: Universal Medicine – Wholesale Vilification in the Name of “Truth”

Lance, (AKA Douche bag Wanker big man about town with attitude, as affectionately and lovingly named by consensus of the esoteric community) the husband of a Universal Medicine student, responds to attacks on his character and accusations of abuse

(First, I think it important to point out that in my understanding no complaint has been made about Lance to the police, and the accusations insofar as they refer to genuine verbal, emotional of physical abuse are unsubstantiated. – Venus)

It is really revealing to see all the women rushing onto Kyla’s vilifying post and support it wholeheartedly. If ever there needed to be evidence that it is Universal Medicine students are the abusers, there it is for everyone to see. They seem to be totally unconscious of how it looks and what a paradox it is to be totally abusive, and to smear two men (one I infer as myself, and said ball-less dude) they don’t know, and that a group of women, including some people I have helped out with no desire for reward, are jumping aboard to agree with vigorous head-nodding hoorays. I guess that is their kind way of saying thank you for my good deeds.  No problem, anytime.

I have to say I find it bemusing more than insulting, though I think if it was reversed and we were ‘actually’ being demeaning as they are, then there would be a massive head popping explosion from the girls on that blog (and one young misguided boy) of self-righteous indignation.
The problem is we have never been abusive, demeaned them or even gossiped. Contrary to what Kyla asserts and the girls support without any knowledge, I have never been abusive to my wife. Particularly in the highly exaggerated way it is presented in the UM blogs. I have been diligent, caring, loving, supportive, and responsible – And I remain so. I am a good father, caring and fair. And for the record I don’t sell second hand cars and I haven’t had to resort to a douche bag… yet.
Abuse is one word that gets a ‘abused’ by ‘the students” and Serge. I think he has it tattooed in his brain. A loud discordant tone becomes ‘abuse’ followed by a diatribe on “domestic violence against women” and 47 posts on the subject. (Non-esoteric) People doget emotional, especially when a relationship with someone they love is suddenly in trouble out of the blue, and people do get angry for various reasons.  Emotion lesson 101: Anger alone is not abuse. (for the record, these are called ‘emotions’ and despite what Serge might have you believe, they are normal, necessary and healthy. Trying not to feel this is insanity. It is how you deal with them.)
What seems common in this situation is when the UM partner refuses to discuss the situation and dismisses any concern about UM and its all encompassing, family time/money sapping nature as ‘jealousy’. I would argue that abuse can take many forms and can be more pernicious than the more overt forms that you guys like to bang on and accuse others of recklessly and endlessly – like avoiding the truth of UM, not explaining why certain choices are now mandatory, why music and certain foods are frowned upon, and why intimacy is a dirty word, and mostly why honest and open communication is withdrawn.
Our concerns are met with rebuttals as the dissenting partners discover, criticism of UM is met with denials and ‘gas-lighting’ (that is discrediting the critic – I give you Kyla and her fans and the master himself) Proper, frank and open discussions are not allowed because it would mean speaking about things that they do not want to confront. It is always the same when someone has a deeply held and fundamentalist belief, and I think it is the basis of all human conflict. In UM’s case, the beliefs are extreme and polarizing so the effect is even greater. Of course no member will admit this.
While I may profoundly disagree with Serge’s ideas, I don’t have an issue with people believing it, providing it leads to harmony and honesty and doesn’t get in my face or my life. But it does not. What these people fail to understand is that it is my right to tell my truth, just as much as they claim it is theirs. The issue is that it doesn’t accord with their sensitive belief systems and that I have a big issue with their leader. However, unlike them I am not going to get into calling them names and trying to depict them as the villains with infantile name calling. It seems to be standard operating procedure at UM and the followers learn early. Since this started there has been a steady stream of discrediting, storytelling, name-calling, and re-working of history. I have even seen people close to me that I have always regarded as paragons of honesty and fairness making unsubstantiated allegations without even taking a second to ask if it is true or offer the benefit of the doubt. I personally have gone from being extolled to picked-apart on the basis of the weakest pretexts, but clearly to justify beliefs that must be guarded even if it means destroying someone else. Again, a lesson from the master.
Amusingly, many of the general discrediting arguments (I am thinking of Deborah M here in particular) are and almost  word for word regurgitations of Serge’s weekend ‘media-training’ workshop held recently which focused on how the media and certain people would conduct a witch-hunt, parables of Lindy Chamberlain, the Cathars, the Inquisition abounded. Stories of the evil doing of certain people were showered on the faithful who duly absorbed the information with gasps of horror, never thinking for a moment…”hang on that’s a bit convenient…maybe there is another side to the story…let me check”. These ‘arguments’ have been coming out of members mouths ever since. “Look into my eyes…let me tell you about themedia and the loveless detractors’…” And you wonder why we believe Serge has undue influence…
Why do I need to speak my truth? Because Serge personally became involved in my family and he passed summary judgements on me, which are both strange and untrue (good ‘ol vilification). In fact, his accusations sound exactly like a description of himself. The TRUTH is, that until that point I would have let it go while disagreeing with what was going on. When I saw that Serge is prepared to get into the minutiae of people’s lives and make profound judgements on people based on nothing but his own agenda, it was clear to me that the TRUTH of his behaviour had to be presented. I defend my right to do that and will continue to do so, despite being personally attacked, first by Serge, then my wife and now the cult at large. My guess is that because the cult members give Serge supernatural abilities, his “scurrilous” behaviour (and perhaps theirs) is justifiable in their minds. Well ladies, it isn’t – and more the point, if he was who he said he was, then he wouldn’t do it. End of story.
To help you out, because you have all been spoon fed some story which you all seem to be lapping up…It was not I or any local (pub or otherwise) that started the media attention on Serge. That shows a lack of imagination and certainly thoroughly dismisses the notion of any supernatural powers of perception that extend more than a few millimetres beyond his skull, least of all the entire cosmos.  It was a happy co-incidence that Serge had ramped up his rhetoric of shedding pranic relationships resulting in quite a few unhappy chappies. Someone in QLD whose wife was taking the supplements called the TGA, and the rest is history. There is no conspiracy and no sneaking around “trolling”. We all know who we are, but unlike you we care about how our families even if they have been less than nice to us in the process of being esoteric.
There are manypeople who have been affected by Serge’s machine and they have found each other. In addition to that, there is interest from govt departments and relevant organisations that predates my awareness that UM is a cult. It shows a further lack of imagination to think that this comes down to a few people.
The media became interested because it is a GOOD STORY. Nothing else. And it continues to be one. You have a man claiming to be an enlightened master, the reincarnation of famous people, who does odd treatments (and there is a new more inappropriate one out now) makes grand claims, and it appears, handles the truth about himself carelessly…now there is a story. Wake up girls (and some boys) this had to happen.
Since this started the ground-swell of people opposed to Serge and what he does to people and families has grown. Many people have been silent for a long time. Many remain so even though they have been badly affected. UM is not well regarded because there has been so many families and relationships fractured because of it. You can keep telling yourself breakups are normal; but this isn’t normal in any way. Be it Bangalow, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne….the UK, Germany…wherever Serge goes families splintering and misery follows. The ‘reflection’ Serge is getting is inevitable. IF he is the master he says, and ‘the work’ is so wonderful and it is pranic resistance [he heroically predicated], why all the shrill hollering? Didn’t he also say he wanted to debate scientists and tell religious leaders the truth? Here is his big chance. Why is he blacking out windows and hiding behind the hateful words and judgment filled blog posts and applause of his women followers.
On the fatuitous and nasty claim that ‘the detractors’ are blaming their relationship issues on UM – if there are marriage issues then that is completely separate to the issue with UM and the way Serge operates. They could be dealt with separately….oh except that because I, like other non UM partners, have been characterised as a villain such communication is not forthcoming and not sought by the UM enchanted member. 
It is insulting, stupid and sanctimonious for every UM’er to keep carping on that “the men are not working on their issues and blaming Serge/UM/the work for their inability to address their abusive behaviour”– a mindless  and meaningless mantra if ever there was one; except that it is solely designed, originally by Serge’s hand and now part of the UM handbook, to discredit those who do not agree as incapable of having a valid argument, and moreover of being good enough to criticise Serge.
The tactic stinks and worse still it illustrates, just like Kyla’s post  does, a wholesale inability to appreciate anyone else point of view or ‘feelings’ unless it accords with their own.  Students, don’t make the assumption that because you are ‘doing the work’ that you are somehow more advanced. From where I sit it appears to be quite the opposite. Again, if you need evidence, it is Kyla’s blog and your responses to it supporting angry, judgmental, abusive invective. Where is the growth there?
The issue I have with Universal Medicine that stands alone from any relationship ones,  is how UM becomes all encompassing to the detriment of any relationship. It is my firm belief, and it shared by many counsellors and experts I have spoken with since the trouble commenced, that any ideology that promotes men are (as a rule) “abusive”  and only ‘able to have sex for relief” (TTD interview and elsewhere) and that women only have relationships to fill needs, that they are imposed upon them, and that ‘being afraid of being single is to do with old hurts” is going to contribute to any marriage or relationship issue that may exist. How can it not? Add the idea that “energies” and “entities” are being channelled by the man (and occasional woman) if he disagrees with Serge and UM and you have the perfect recipe for a breakdown in communications and a split. I am often left wondering what sort of man can be an agent for so many relationship breakdowns and not feel at least one twang of conscience. What type of man indeed…
Nowhere will you find Serge promoting unity in relationships or working on them if there are issues. Nowhere. And don’t worry I have looked. It is all the same urging women to reconsider their roles and how they view men and their relationships. If UM was about truth and love, then why this? And why even be involved in people lives? Life is about relationships. Avoiding them is a doctrine of avoidance. You can work on yourself and be with someone. In fact, if your relationship is at all one of affection and has some basis, you can work on yourself even more keenly as you have a reflection  and support. Life should be about families and working towards resolutions and solutions. I hate to break the news, but – NEWSFLASH – Unimed stands for the exact opposite and the evidence is strewn around you.
A counsellor recently told me very succinctly that his view is a group or religion is destructive if it becomes an agent for family disunity. Universal Medicine ticks that box whole-heartedly.
And if you have come this far, let me ask you this. Why all the focus on women’s bodies and not at all men’s? It is not being facetious to ask why there is not “Esoteric men’s chest massage”, or “Esoteric men’s prostate massage”- is this healing and journey simply about women, or is it about something else? At bare minimum and ignoring any other imputations, the focus on women is clearly a part of what is a pro-woman and anti-men/relationship narrative.
No doubt I am barking into the wind. But I will keep doing it. The real witch-hunt is coming from your side. Kyla’s rant and character assassination and the mindless agreement by those who don’t know me (and worse still, those that do) and of my co-accused, is the thin edge of the wedge. If it was 400 years ago and it was Salem, we would be chased out of town by a pitch fork wielding mob chanting “unbelievers!”
Kyla’s rant aside, I realise I am not speaking in the correct UM language of counter-intuitive phrases peppered with the metaphor-loaded group words such love, loveless, truth, heart, imposing, choices, ironic, amazing…nor sharing some life changing event and attributing it to Serge or “the work” so I appreciate that you have stuck with me this far. For the record, and as my lovely (in the real sense of the word) wife knows, I have had many life changing moments, and all without the benefit of having ever known Serge; and I would say all the better for it.
We’re probably due an apology, but like getting the benefit of the doubt or a frank and open discussion, I don’t think it will be forthcoming. I do suggest if you have some ugly disparaging remark to make, or want to agree with someone making it, or wave your pitch-forks some more, come and see me and have the courage to tell me to my face, not on some smear blog and not in secret hidden emails between each other. Serge included. You know where I live.

7 thoughts on “Have Your Say: Universal Medicine – Wholesale Vilification in the Name of “Truth”

  1. Your brave stand against many harsh words is appreciated and is a testament to real integrity. Thank you for your honesty and all you say. I salute you, as do many others.

  2. What a very good summary of your experience with UM. I am a silent reader of this blog and the Rick Ross Forum and the information that i have found here and on RR is identical to what i have experienced with my partners experience with UM.Every day i bang my head against the wall with regards to UM teachings and belief system, i have never seen any positives to come out of UM only negative things.It is very disappointing to see what I thought were many professional people supporting UM (but after seeing the names on the naming page of this blog I know the real numbers are not what UM states.) I honestly believe there is a very big variance on what UM states and what is the truth spoken by many on these sites. Over the last few months i have been reviewing these sites and i have noticed more and more people (male and female) are contributing their stories across the world and all are negative about UM.More and more I read I am now very scared and afraid of what goes on behind the closed doors in the UM treatment rooms, I believe there are many questions that need to be answered about some of the treatments and the real benefit of the treatment or is it conducted for some other benefit.I believe that the professional medical people and the practitioners and students associated with UM need to have a real look at what is being spoken across these sites and ask themselves what is being said could this be TRUE.I also read the UM blogs and see the writings from the students and agree with some of what is said, that there is some benefit from UM about the love but that is really about it. The students fail to address any real issues with the UM teachings and doctrine until I see them address these i know that they have lost their way in this fairy world of UM.I cannot understand why Serge does not go on and debate his teachings with someone like David Milliken, if he honestly believes in what he teaches then he should have no problem in this process.I am a person with integrity and if people were writing negativity about myself and my business I would stand up and defend myself and the business and prove to my detractors that UM is good.Congratulations to Lance for this post you have stood up and expressed the truth why you have concerns with Serge and the UM beliefs and what you have raised I agree why you would have concerns with UM and the interference it has played with your family.

  3. I don't like your chances of receiving an apology either. I'm still waiting for mine. Not one of the sisters will break the mould and admit that having someone pry our sexual history is not acceptable, and not anything anyone should be made to endure – particularly in the name of 'healing'.I'll agree Serge's ideas are certainly anti-men, but disagree they are pro-woman. As examined in the previous post on thought reform, RJ Lifton talks about cults setting up an impossible standard of aspirational 'perfection', which not only doesn't exist but is alien to the human condition. Serge's ideal woman is sexless, submissive, victimized and docile. Assertiveness and anger is only rewarded in defence of Serge, but is condemned when used to examine the group's wrongdoings or in defence of one's family or relationship or the wellbeing of one's children or in seeking a way out.Thanks for your post Lance, and to Lou and Winston also. It's these kinds of posts that give hope to the many loved ones and ex students suffering the horrific side effects of UM. They need to know their feelings and experiences are valid and they aren't alone. To other readers, I'd like to encourage you to submit your story too.

  4. This is as clear, well argued and truly heartfelt call for reason as one could possibly hope for, yet I fear it's pearls before swine. The comments accompanying Kyla's hateful missive, describing her rant as being 'beautiful' and 'loving' shows just how Serge's rhetoric inverts the perceptions and values of his followers. The're also still claiming they're being attacked solely based on their choices to avoid alcohol, drugs and late nights. If that's all there was to UM, then Serge would only have one presentation to offer and it wouldn't last more than half an hour. The fact that there's an endlessly expanding maze of counter-intuitive, illogical 'initiation' levels, metaphysical beliefs and supernatural mumbo-jumbo at the core of UM teaching is again being utterly ignored. For a group of people supposedly dedicated to truth and taking responsibility for their choices, they certainly excel at avoiding the cultish reality of their belief system and the guru who excreted it during his alleged lavatorial epiphany.

  5. Well said Mac Ready, where is the TRUTH from the group to address Serges pure BS that he and his practioners preach to the followers…..not once have they commented on these ….again it is all about LOVE and good choices …take the blinkers UM followers and start seeing the picture for what it is ….it is a fake it is not a Di Vinci.

  6. I can't even begin to imagine how it feels to be in that position. Despite my opposition to this cult, I haven't been outwardly attacked for it. Well, maybe by my partner, but otherwise, no.I really respect the way you seem to be handling it though. Your post showed no aggression, and at the same time, no submission. You are more level-headed than I, I reckon.

  7. Hello HDIH, nice to hear from someone with that human quality of empathy*! Actually it feels okay because I know that the post is all about Kyla's perceptions and has very little bearing to any truth. I've been around long enough to know what people say about others really tells you about them. In this case, the motives are clear ( to me at least to me, certainly not the cult members)However, I find it very disturbing that the post is still there and it continues to get support from the UM community and that not one of them, even on the sly ( and I mean not one- nada, none, not even who you might expect) has disavowed the nasty and childish nature of the characterizations, or thought about the accusations and how it reflects on them since they are untrue and they have the potential to affect relationship issues that haven't settled yet, and not in their favor. Maybe even Serge could chime in with some wise words, like "C'mon guys, take that post down, if you choose, cool"- ( it is on a blog after-all named in his honour) but no, even he seems not to be aware of the slanderous and divisive nature of the blog, and how it shows off this 'student body' 'standing in truth'. Either by replying to it, or by saying nothing about. Each is as bad as the other.As far as I am concerned, it proves our point about the worrying effects on UM people and their ability to know what is right and wrong, and how the word 'love' actually means something else.You would have to ask yourself what sort of belief system it is if it involves denigrating people they don't know about circumstances that aren't true to defend themselves and their group and leader; except I think the answer is right there by the virtue of the fact it was written, posted and remains up and heavily agreed with by the love-riddled student body.* I think this is why the students and some people that should comment in the negative haven't. Empathy is seen as sympathy. Being in sympathy with someone is giving your power to them and 'constellating' (in Serge-speak)- therefore it is better to let people insult and denigrate those you purport to have loved (and in turn, yourself), rather than to have the courage to speak against it.

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