LOLSERGE: SergeProp revealed as publisher of the Pineapple Post

Some unusual items land in the UMA Inbox, but this mysterious ‘news report’ has to be one of the wackiest, or should we say, Sergiest…

I don’t know why I’ve been sitting on this since it slid into the box on Saturday. I’ve also been sitting on one of those dinky healing symbols. Either way, one of them has given me haemorrhoids.

The above arrived accompanied by an Esoteric call to arms from ‘The One’, which we shall quote:

Good morning or night to you

This is either an esoteric reference to Serge’s abstract time space continuum or an accurate greeting given that he has devotees across the globe. One can never be too sure.

Last night we were ambushed by channel 7. Nine cameras made their way into Eso Med. Leading the charge was David Millikan (A Uniting Church Minister (ha) and Australia’s foremost cult expert). There was even a camera on the roof to film us leaving. 

But before that happened this is how it happened — 

Millikan entered by permission via the affable if but always very polite/respectful relationship he had been building with me…

etc. etc. for a paragraph or two…

Just so you know — I have both previous meetings with him recorded. Those who have heard our chats agree with the above. 

Oh do post them on one or all of your sites, Serge. Purrrrleaze. The Australian public will love to hear them.

I was not naive in the common sense of the word, but open as I am.

With the windows of the meeting hall blacked out.

But in that there is naivety on the basis of not choosing to see pure cunningness, deception and the ease in which a man can lie to your face …… yes, guilty. 

Are you saying you’re guilty of this, Serge? Or your followers? How do you go with looking in the mirror? Oh, I forgot, no reflection.

Also, one student found this on the internet not long after the event — supposedly in a newspaper….quite accurate of what occured…see below

with love,


LOL. A student found it? On the internet? If it was on the internet it must be TRUE. And what esteemed publication does the above immaculately typeset clipping come from? Hm?

In spite of its dubious origins, lack of footers, authorship etc. the cyber sleuths in the UMA bunker (with the aid of TinEye) traced it to a radical esoteric news sheet called The Pineapple Post and gluten free gonzo reporter Leonardo Pythagoras Bailey. Known to a friend he once had as Alice, and to his devotees as Serge.

Really though, Serge, you could have done a better job. I know it was past your bedtime, but couldn’t you have chosen a better FONT? Next time, wait until Desiree wakes up at least, and perhaps run your copy past Heath Aston for a bit of grammar and fact checking.

Our Inbox was also blessed with a little offering from SergeProp UK – (and to our correspondents, don’t assume we get all the fun stuff, if you think we’ll like it, send it. Send it twice!) – which I might add had ‘the ugly side of our Australia’ as the subject line. By ‘ugly’ Serge means freedom of speech and expression.

Anyway, SergeProp UK describes the Channel Seven reality check as ‘heinous events’, and their description of the Pineapple Post article is ‘quite accurate’. Followed by this picturesque quote:

The Australian students have recently formed a very strong action team that have been meeting to take action with regards to bringing to light the already criminal activity of aggressively ‘trolling’ (causing anti-social conflict and abusing online) Serge, the Benhayon Family, Universal Medicine and many practitioners and students of the work, through a particular cult website discussion form and its increasing hateful offshoots.

We are currently planning a unified UK/Europe response and will be emailing shortly with regards to a ‘unified’ action, for together we are stronger. In the meantime, your input would be greatly appreciated.

Yes, we’re seeing the ‘strong action’ and the ‘team’, aka the SergeProp brains-trust whipping themselves into an esoteric frenzy on their blogs. They’ve mobilized themselves from reciting loving SergeSpeak platitudes to reciting them harder, more often, with furrowed brows.

Meanwhile, the criminals and abusers here in the UMA bunker are trembling in their slippers, waiting for the Esoteric thought police to arrive and incarcerate us for being critical and caffeinated, if we don’t nod off first.

We can’t wait for the unified UK/Europe response, although we suspect it’ll probably amount to a bit of internet whining and some collective hypoglycaemia.

Funny thing is, the male and female Brides of Serge seem to be taking all of this seriously. Mystic dentist Rachel Hall posted the Pineapple Post report on her blog unembellished (now removed,lol). She also posted about cyber-bullying with this definition: Cyber-bullying (Trolling) involves the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behaviour by an individual or group, that is intended to harm others.

If we do a bit of astute word substitution within that definition, voila: Medical-bullying (therapeutic abuse) involves the use of so called esoteric healing and workshops to support deliberate, repeated and hostile exploitation by an individual or group, that is intended to profit the practitioners with no regard for doing harm to others.

Then Rachel goes on to complain about how difficult it is to have blogger posts removed.

Blogger Content Policy states: “Here are some examples of content we will not remove unless provided with a court order: Personal attacks or alleged defamation”.

Personal attacks, Rachel? Like the Esoteric lynch mob you joined against Lance and another Bangalow dad in support of unsubstantiated accusations of abuse?

Defamation? You might want to talk with Cameron Bell about that, although he might have chucked his law books on the pyre. If he decides to look up Australian law, PRANIC! as it may be, you may find a defamation suit won’t stand up if the allegedly defamatory comments can be proven true. And we can back everything we say. And we mean everything. (As an aside, even if you did win, you won’t get much from me. I’m still cleaned out from the last cult I was in. Unless you can use a shelf full of academic cult books, a beaten up Macbook  and a set of stainless steel saucepans. My colleagues, aka ‘cyber-bullies in service of public health’, aka THE LORDS OF FORM, were smart enough to shift their assets to Uruguay, sorry, Arcturus.)

Back to Rachel:

Allowing this type of policy fuels the power of the cyber-bully. Being able to remain anonymous makes them even more untouchable as how do you get a court order against a pseudonym?

Call the police. Ask them to investigate. They know how to use technology and I’m sure they’ll take you seriously. Sell them an Esoteric Healing Workshop while you’re at it, and tell them a bit about angels.

The policy makers need to see that this attitude is deeply flawed and it is time to take cyber-bullying seriously.

Funny, that’s exactly how we feel about Universal Medicine’s harmdoing, and how it went under the radar for far too long – its assault on wellbeing, its therapeutic transgressions and profiteering, its exposure to children, its destruction of relationships and families, its financial vampiring, its labelling of critics as abusers. I repeat, we aren’t anonymous to the authorities we’re talking with.

And finally a genuinely wise quote from Rachel’s blog:

A dog barks when his master is attacked. I would be a coward if I saw that God’s truth is attacked and yet would remain silent.

John Calvin

Gosh, Rachel, we feel the same way.


3 thoughts on “LOLSERGE: SergeProp revealed as publisher of the Pineapple Post

  1. According to all non-Serge afilliated sources, this particular event was in fact shut down after 20 minutes and the UM faithful were asked to leave. David Milliken was NOT escorted out by the students and show did NOT go on. If this is the case, once again we have an example of the UM cult as a whole lying through their collective teeth in order to protect the reputation of their guru, despite all the empty avowals of being 'in-truth'.

  2. "Allowing this type of policy fuels the power of the cyber-bully. Being able to remain anonymous makes them even more untouchable as how do you get a court order against a pseudonym? The policy makers need to see that this attitude is deeply flawed and it is time to take cyber-bullying seriously."I totally agree Rachel. Given that Kyla and 30+ member of her community joyfully gathered around to join in name calling, accusations and character assassination towards me and my ball-less friend in cyber space, I think this type of behavior should be put to an end. Thanks for supporting me, even if you didn't mean to. I'll take what I can get, no one else in the love filled cult is giving me anything else. cheers 😉

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