Roll Out The Sycophants Redux

Oh well, Frome TownTalk removed the news item about Serge Benhayon, the millionaire cult leader about to visit UM’s UK headquarters, The Lighthouse, and the overheated comments melee it inspired. Thankfully, one of the Rick Ross forum contributors saw fit to reproduce the story there, and I’ve decided to copy and paste it here too.

To reprise, Pervy Uncle Serge is headed to the UK, probably via a tax haven or two, where he is to deliver some workshops on recruitment, manipulation and destruction from next weekend. An astute correspondent published a story pre-empting his visit in the local bulletin – promptly sending the Brides of Serge into their usual love bombing frenzy.

First apologist out of the gates was Eunice the Esoteric surgeon with her protestations that MODERN MEDICINE IS TERRIBLE. ALL THESE PRIVILEGED WHITE PEOPLE LIVING LONGER WITH BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE THAN AT ANY TIME IN HISTORY ARE BEING FOOLED AND ABUSED AND HAVE OBVIOUSLY NOT FELT SERGE’S LOVE etc. I’M NOT IN A CULT whine whine etc. And more of Eunice’s peculiar brand of verbose silliness along the lines of ‘anyone with anything critical to say about our messiah and saviour is an abusive male defaming bullying troll etc.’ echoed by the usual chorus of lovestruck anaemic zombies.

Then, after a tip off from a reader, I waded in, and asked Eunice how many patients she recruits to UM from her surgical practice and vice versa and whether the NHS was aware of her activities. I also asked how as a doctor she could endorse a diet that cuts out two complete food groups because SERGE SAID SO how she could condone people putting children on it, and how she could endorse it when we have evidence it’s making people sick. I then asked how she felt about unqualified healers prying for sexual disclosures via bogus ‘ovarian reading’, how she felt about Serge having adolescent girls stay at his house to this day, and how he’s asked them in the past to shower with the bathroom door open. Dr Eunice Minford of the ‘first do no harm’ oath?

The bit about young girls may have been a miscalculation on my part, because the usual list of sycophants pretty much had a collective asthma attack, and beefed up their assertions that UM is all about love and truth and WE IN NO CULT, WE THINKS FOR OURSELVES using the same words repeated over and over until the report was pulled off the site. As usual none of them answered the questions. Like one of our trolls, one or two accused me of being a man and I was asked how much the Australian media conspiracy was paying me, LOL. Dear Eunice disappeared off the face of cyberspace, hopefully into an NHS operating room where she should stay and keep her pernicious ‘meditation’ to herself.

The article’s author and I were accused of defamation, slander and being pranic, unloving and tricky. The article was criticized as copying and pasting untruths that have been discredited, and the sycophants did a bit of squealing that the media attention Serge received earlier this year has all blown over because none of it was true and it’s all been disproven. The journalists at four Australian news organizations and two medical publications will be surprised to hear it, particularly when they publish their next findings.

Anyway after cries of blue murder and appeals for the editors of FTT to remove the article,  they did – in spite of me inviting them here to take a look at our media links page. Although they may have missed my comments, bombarded as they were by Sergeproppers. It’s understandable they caved because Eunice probably threatened to write them a nine million word complaint letter which would put them in a coma. Or maybe all that Esoteric love and healing deprived them of oxygen. Or maybe The Lighthouse threatened to make them a gluten free lunch every day for a week.

I’d give in too.

Without further ado, UMA presents the offending article posted on Frome TownTalk. And a special message to the SergeProp lovebombing machine, please feel free to comment here with all the gusto and outrage you did over at FTT. We’d LOVE to hear from you. We publish all points of view on our site. The only comments moderated out are commercial solicitations, threats or derailing comments directed at UM survivors. The rest of us can handle anything you’ve got, and we’ve got the evidence to back us.

So bring it.

Aussie Cult Leader Visits Frome

An alleged Australian cult leader and former bankrupt tennis coach, who claims to be the reincarnation of Leonardo da Vinci, Pythagoras and Alice A Bailey visits Frome for a series of courses and lecture in November.

An alleged Australian cult leader, Serge Benhayon who operates out of the Lighthouse building in Frome, Somerset is visiting for a sold out lecture tour in November. Mr. Benhayon, a former bankrupt tennis coach, started his group Universal Medicine in 1999 after a “spiritual awakening” while on the toilet.

His group teaches its mainly woman followers to make “loving choices” which includes avoiding gluten, dairy, alcohol, strenuous exercise, music and even sex.

The group offers treatments such as “Esoteric Breast Massage”, “Esoteric Uterus Massage” and “Chakra-puncture” treatments, which has captured the attention of the mainstream media in Australia, with stories appearing in News Ltd and Fairfax publications and on tabloid television programs. Many of the treatments are available at the Lighthouse and from ‘practitioners’ in London and as far afield as Germany and Norway.

Critics of the group, which include disaffected families including husbands, partners, siblings and parents claim that the group is actually a cult and that members change their behaviour radically to conform to the doctrine of Universal Medicine. One Australian husband, whose wife is said to have spent $70,000 AUD on courses and treatments over 5 years says that his wife became incapable of making decisions for herself, and was addicted to his courses and treatments. “Serge claims that they are free to make choices and he simply presents an alternative way of living, when in fact, they are dependent on him to tell them what is ‘energetically true’ or not.”

The group was recently forced to withdraw a range of herbal supplements from the Australian market after an investigation by the Therapeutics Goods Administration (Aust.) found that the products made false claims. The Health Complaints Commission is also investigating allegations that “Universal Medicine can cure or reduce the incidence of cancer.”

Mr Benhayon teaches that cancers and ills are the result of “past lives”, “karma” and “evil spirits” and it has been alleged that people seeking treatments with Universal Medicine in Australia and the UK have avoided seeking medical treatment as a result of advice given by Universal Medicine practitioners.

A former cult member explains that the group is taught the world is either “pranic” or “fiery” and that Mr. Benhayon is a master sent by “Lord Matreya” to see in the “new-era” which commenced this year. The followers or students are taught to avoid pranic food, exercise, music and relationships in order to clear themselves for better future incarnations and to elevate the world from its “astral” stage. “It’s about making correct energetic choices, which he calls energetic integrity. However only Serge knows what is energetically correct or not so students become dependent on him and the group for their every decision.”
A cult expert who has been looking into the group in Australia, and counselling ex-members explains.  “Universal Medicine is a typical paternalistic cult. It is difficult for people to know they or a member of their family is in a cult because very few people have experience of what one is. In Universal Medicines case, the students believe they are learning ‘energetic’ healing, when in fact they are being taught Serge’s doctrine. Over time and through subtle thought reform methodology, they become dependent on Serge and the group as their worldview alters radically. A feature of Universal Medicine is a focus on elevating the feminine and emasculating men, which tends to amplify natural gender differences which seems to be resulting in extremely high relationship failure rates. We are counselling quite a number of men whose partners have left them for the cult, and a number of woman who are now recovering”

Mr Benhayon has denied being involved in relationship breakdowns when questioned by Australian reporters. However at a recent retreat in the UK he spoke of leaving “pranic relationships” and is known to have emailed students advising them that their partners are “holding them back from their glory” and “not in-truth.”

48 year old Mr Benhayon is married to a woman 18 years his junior who he first met as her tennis coach when she was 13 years of age. His ex-wife Deborah and their children are all involved in the group, while his eldest daughter Simone heads up the UK operations and is said by Mr Benhayon in a recent interview to be the reincarnation of Winston Churchill.

The group is thought to making around $5M AUD a year from selling courses and is known to have collected at least £1M in donations for renovations to the Lighthouse. A recently established “Universal Medicine charity” in Australia is asking for $1million in donations to build a healing centre close to Mr Benhayon’s Australian clinic and headquarters at Alstonville, in Northern NSW.








5 thoughts on “Roll Out The Sycophants Redux

  1. Not one comment? i think they just hammer news outlets to try and shutup free speech and are too scared to take on anyone with information. what's not funny is you cant comment or even put questions on any of their ""truth"" sites when they are welcome to make comments here, but dont. What is wrong with that picture?

  2. Nup, nada, niente, zip…I'm sitting here twiddling my thumbs, whistling. The Lords of Form are out shoe shopping. They know if they come here I'll ask the hard questions and keep asking them, no matter how many times they bleat WEEZ IN NO CULTZ. Also, I think they've convinced themselves I don't exist. Seriously, the Brides of Serge (M & F) know Sergie always poked at ovaries and always got info out of people about their pasts. They know it. Just like they know he's had young girls staying at his house. But they thought it was okay because he's such a loving and gentle failed tennis coach/messiah. It's easier to pretend I don't exist, and focus all their energy into whining about David Millikan than confront the truth.They can't handle the truth, particularly the truth that their hefty investment in UM is about to become a heavy, possibly unbearable loss.

  3. Also, I think Lance pointed out in the comments of his 'Have Your Say' post – none of his detractors came here to engage in discussion. They're happy to form an esoteric lynch mob where they can work each other up into their malicious delusional groupthink, but they won't engage with us as individuals in a public forum. I doubt a single one of them would sit down and have a discussion one to one with David Millikan either.

  4. And what do the members think of him meeting his now wife when she was 13??!! Even if it was all kosher that still sounds suss to me. Has any of them ever commented on this here or on any of their cult blogs? Why is it all cult leaders have this weird arse shit going on? If it was the guy that did massage down the road and people knew that I reckon the bookings would dry up fast. If it was your mate you'd be thinking he was a sick puppy. Nup. Nothing strange happening here at all. Geez louise.

  5. No. I ask the same questions over and over, and no one has ever attempted to answer a single one of our concerns, here or on their blogs. Except Emily, on Our Mission page and I responded to her in the Propaganda Machine Turbo Charger post on November 1. Blind spots abound. It's boggles the mind.

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