DIY Prophecies: The coming weekend with Sergie

Roll Out The Sycophants Redux
It’s easy really. You don’t need a crystal ball or to sit on the toilet and listen for the ‘loveliest, sweetest voice’ of the Ascended Masters or whoever. You just need a copy of my hastily compiled ‘Cashed Up Guruism for Dummies’ to surmise what Serge will say when he ‘presents’ this weekend at The Lighthouse. So bets are on for guessing how he’ll avoid explaining why public scrutiny is escalating and he’s sinking into doo doo. We take a stab at the apologisms, excuses, cryptic non panderings and other assorted obfuscations.

It appears the hastily pulled item from Frome TownTalk had some affect, because our UK readership is UP! 😀 It got me ‘pondering’ what kind of palaver Serge will come up with to downplay that kerfuffle and any media attention it may have gathered.
My prediction is he’ll say The Lords of Form are having a bad hair day or something and are out to get him. This is a fiction, a lie and an irresponsible prophecy. The Lords and Lordettes have been going hard at the aesthetics in preparation for the Spring Racing Carnival. They broke my hairdryer when they all tried to use it at once, they’ve laid off the biscuits and there’s spray-tan stains all over the bunker upholstery. In fact, they’ve been so busy whooping it up, what with Halloween etc. they’ve barely paid Serge attention at all.
Even they think he’s a narcissist.
Not everything is about you Serge.
I was rifling around for his 2012 predictions but couldn’t find them amongst the bunker rubble, so if anyone wants to add any of his wacked prognostications, throw them in the comments. Just don’t force me to listen to any more recordings. 😮
I predict other excuses for the intensified pressure and scrutiny, and for the fact he looks like crap on gluten free toast will include that the bullying abusive men, including me, sitting here in my pink bathrobe and mules are PRANIC! :-o, riddled with dairy, INTELLECTUAL! 😮 and acting from ‘spirit’. Or maybe one of the Brides spied us dawdling within a four hundred metre radius of the bottlo (off-licence for our UK readers).
So, attendees at this weekend’s innermost love-in, please beg Serge to sue us for defamation, cyber-criminality, corruption, vigorous exercise and listening to Abbe May too loud. If only to hear him fiercely assert in his squeaky little voice that he’d never stoop to our sad, lowly PRANIC! level (except when SergeApologism Inc. threatened the Australian news media with every writ under the sun and then rapidly withdrew the lot when they realized they’d have to prove the media stories weren’t true.)
But beware Serge’s millenarianism might be escalating. Beware of talk of fast tracking the ‘return to divineness’ – as in bringing on reincarnation sooner rather than later. A guru I knew personally did this by talking his much younger wife into suiciding upon his death. Aum Shinrikyo was a Japanese meditation group with a loving and gentle leader who decided to help purify the world by bringing on Armageddon – purchasing nuclear weapons and gassing the Tokyo subway, killing 13 people and injuring over 900. In both the Yogendra group and Aum, doctors were the star recruits. Psychiatrist, Robert Jay Lifton, said the Aum doctors were not inherently evil, and prior to their involvement with the group, they were sensitive, highly conscientious, and inclined to spiritual practices. (Lifton, 2000, p.143)
Seeing Serge has been strengthening advocation of asceticism (strict diet and extremely puritanical lifestyle recommendations) and considering his own serious decline in health of late, I wouldn’t be surprised if it all ends up going too far. His next step is convincing his followers they’re better off dead.
I know Serge reckons he’s ‘The One’ and everything, but all of this has been seen and done before. What followers need to watch for is his growing radicalism. All we’re doing is whingeing about him and calling him to account, and the worst that can come of that is he cops a bit of bad press, a few fines and maybe a bit of jail time, but watch out for him interpreting opposition in supernatural terms, as he has in the past, seeing the most paltry disagreement – a bloke from Bangalow having a whinge as ‘The Lords of Form obstructing “The Work”‘, then extrapolating that into calls for violence or radical action, including self harm.
A few pissed off people complaining and justly exposing you publicly isn’t Armageddon, Serge.
Enjoy your weekend.
Reference: Lifton, RJ, 2000, ‘Destroying the World to Save It’, Owl Books, New York.

15 thoughts on “DIY Prophecies: The coming weekend with Sergie

  1. Ever since my other half becamse obsessed with this man, I have had a fear of the sort of scenario where the followers will do ANYTHING for him. Waco comes to mind when you think of this cult. Serge has such a tight hold on his devotees that I think if he stood on top of a high building and said let us jump into the next life together, i think they would all do it with that pissfully annoying smug smile they all have adopted lately. Man, do I want to punch out their lights when they try to copy Mona Lisas smile. Personally I always thought she looked constipated. Not a good look for anyone. Serge is a dangerous egomaniac and I think given his belief in reincarnation that suicide for him wouldn't such a bad idea as to most sane, well balanced people. Why would he care if others wanted to accompany him on his journey, arriving in style with a harem of women, and some men (effeminate ones bleurgh) give me a real man any day of the week ty, waiting for his next commandment, surely that wouldn't do his other realmly rep any harm. Somebody commit him before it all goes really wrong and innocents lose what is left of their lives. Their life.

  2. Remember Jonestown anyone? I do, and that organization has parallels with sergie and his tribe.I certainly don't mind sergie if you do decide to join the Ancient Masters by leaping off a building, go ahead ,make our day but please don't take any of your poor deluded devotees with you .

  3. wow…what a pile of non-sense, and surely a good reminder of : ' the kettle called the pot black'. I just read a couple of your insane posts, comments and what comes up to mind is: sad, scary people writing a pile of crappy, muddy posts. If any one has ever been brainwashed, well, it appears to be the people supporting the nonsense wrote in the above blog and posts. And again, truly sad, utterly vile fabrications and insults some have the need to come up with. What are you protecting and why do you feel threatened? Enjoy your weekend. by Anonymous – as it appears to be in fashion with some…

  4. Do you know what is being protected anon? Innocent people looking for help, guidance and spiritual paths, and genuine love from good kind people, supportive people. Those are being protected by enlightening the population via sites such as these who show serge up for the charlatan he is. The liar he is. The man who changes his pitch to suit his needs at the drop of a cork.This site is also saving the over-use of hyphens. Something really should be done about that, they will run out soon, buy yours early lol. Silly poster above, the saying is 'pot calling the kettle black'. Perhaps if you looked up out of your serge mini bibles, you would remember real life and it's sayings. And eat more. It helps with the memory xxx

  5. anagrams of serge benhayon brought up this, enjoy :PSerge believes that names are important, maybe he should look closer to home..Nearby Ego HensBah Energy OnesBan Serge Honey (no, im not making this up!! maybe miranda could sing this one.)Enrages Boy Hen Agree Bony Hens (LOL)Eager Bony Hens (LMAO)Anger Be Honeys (not love as they say)Rage Boney HensGreasy Bone HenAges Been Horny (no, i really am not making this up! LOL)Henna Bees OrgyAshen Bone Grey (his appearance)Hyena Bog Sneer (the toilet revelation?)Yeah Snob Genre (think better than everyone else?)Anyone Begs HerSane Bygone HerHang Beery Ones(has he got his RULES from doing anagrams? this is too weird now lol)Shag Beery None (oh dear me)Gonna Be Heresy (!!)Agony Been Hers ( sad for them)Angry Bee Hones (buzzz)So serge, all the above come from your name, not a very pretty picture you create is it.

  6. Yes yes, but can you be more SPECIFIC? Which parts of my crappy posts are insane, vile nonsense fabrications etc? That Serge tells followers to cut two food groups out of their diet? That Serge tells women they become infertile because they haven't been living as women, they've been living in 'menful' energy to please their dads? That Serge denies he was ever bankrupt, but we have the documents to prove it. That Serge was taking donations for his charity before he'd registered it? That he didn't issue you a receipt for your donation either? That he's done ovarian readings on women you know and duped them into disclosing their personal histories with men? That he invents therapeutic modalities in spite of having no medical qualifications and then makes misleading claims about their affects? That he set up the Esoteric Practitioner's Association and got fees out of students without telling them they would be accredited with precisely nothing? Or the parts about how the UM blogs won't post our comments or questions, or the part about UM's utter lack of financial transparency? Or the fascist style book burning? There's more in previous posts and much much more to come, dear. And sad? Really? When I just washed my pink bathrobe using peach scented fabric softener, got it all nice and fresh and peachy, and had to put it in the wash it again after reading the anagram post below?I don't know, we like to have a bit of fun between corresponding with the HCCC, the ACCC, AHPRA, media organizations, professional associations and the Office of Fair Trading. The problem with you SergeProppers is you wouldn't know a funny if it jumped up and slapped you in the self-loving chops. Go sit on a symbol or something.

  7. With all your hard work you do on behalf of us DV I am happy to lighten things up for you. We all need to take a break from the serious side of life sometimes. Ok your break is over, get back to work 🙂 x I must mention that serge has told his 'hens and cocks (lol)' that their birth name is important and should be used instead of shortening it as we apparently choose our names before we are born……….wtf? i couldn't even order a bottle of milk when i came out, let alone pick a name… If there is anything in it at all, he cannot deny what we found within it can he? I wonder if he would have an answer for that one. I also wonder how many eggs were laid today in frustration (are eggs on the diet sheet? shame to waste them!)

  8. Just in case there was any doubt UNIVERSAL MEDICINE was IM REVILED NUISANCE.the truth is staring serge in the face with the names HE CHOOSES to use.peace and love all,annie gram (not made up at all 🙂

  9. No wonder he changed his name, but yet again, it doesn't seem to spell out truth to us. Sergio or Serge, what else are you keeping from us? I wonder what dark secrets you leave in Uraguay. I hope someone has the means to investigate you further, and your shady past.

  10. Apologies DV, I meant nothing by it, just a play on names. I think you read more into it than I meant, but you know what we are allowed to say here so Im glad you snipped it if you deemed it badly written.I wonder if there will be any more coverage by the UK press now that Serge is due to land in somerset for his UK courses. I wonder if the numbers will be affected by students worried in case they are seen by reporters taking part in a cult.

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