The Universal Medicine Propaganda Machine installs a turbocharger, blows a smokescreen, goes nowhere…

The male and female Brides of Serge are still at it, churning out blog posts at speed, working each other into collective hysterics and portraying themselves as victims of cyberbullying and media manipulation. Yet they never answer our questions or confront the real and unlawful harm they’re participating in. Again, I’ll spell it out, but first a response to Emily.

Kudos to Emily. Serge’s lone defender made a comment on Our Mission page and is the first of the followers to attempt an answer to our questions. Well done Emily.
Serge Benhayon, who claims to have received his divine calling while sitting on the toilet. When the heck has he ever claimed that? The former bankrupt and tennis teacher recently denied previous claims to being the reincarnation of Leonardo Da Vinci and Pythagoras. – not to sure that that ever happened either, he actually admitted it on today tonight. and I know he offers vaginal examinations as well, particularly to pregnant women. – ahhh, you cant be serious.. of all the things you came up with its that. get a grip, move on with your lies. How about printing facts rather then fiction.
How do you feel about the eating disorders and health problems you’ve developed trying to adhere to his ludicrous, ever changing diet? – there is no diet. i eat what i want and i actually feel great. I’ve stopped making myself throw up actually. and i dont have gladular fever anymore. so what eating disorders and health problems have i gained?
How do you feel knowing if you openly question any of this, you’ll be persecuted and ultimately shunned by this ‘loving’ group? – Since when does that happened?.. if you leave, you leave. They are not going to chase you up. Has anyone that’s gone to UniMed and not gone back been rung and abused? – i think not.
Anyone can see that this is total crap. If they cant they obviously have made their stand and don’t wish to see the lies.
Fair enough Emily. I’m genuinely happy you’ve experienced better health through UM. A lot of others haven’t and we’ve heard of several cases of people ending up in hospital like Y, or in other cases like ‘Jenny’, had the diagnosis of serious illness, in her case, cancer, delayed by the incompetence of Esoteric Healers. Personally, I think you could have achieved the same results with qualified healers, and I daresay for less money.
About Serge’s toilet revelation, I have a recording of him talking about it at an EDG meeting in 2010 at the 50 minute mark:
When I first started 10 years ago…I was a tennis coach who got shown by the loveliest, sweetest, most amazing voice that could speak to me things; that never asked me what to do, but asked me to put them to the test. And when I was sitting in the toilet, you know, that came and ‘the heavens shine on those whose hearts bleed with love and compassion bestowed upon you is my kingdom’. Sounded a bit religious and then they told me what it really meant and I said ‘whoa that’s huge’…
There is no diet? I have copies of the PRANIC! Fiery & EVIL food charts, and the Basic Food Chart, as well as a charming collection of Nina Stabey’s recipes guaranteed to malnourish (more on those in an upcoming post). On top of that, Serge spends half his recordings burbling on about alcohol, coffee, gluten and dairy as if consuming a single molecule of any of them will render you suddenly satanic, sorry, PRANIC! :-O For a full analysis, see my diet posts, the most revealing of which is part 2.
Also, seeing I was subject to one of Serge’s special ‘ovarian readings’ after some preparatory grooming, and taking into account his history of interest in very young women, and the breast and gynaecological fixations that also saturate his recordings, I deduced sexual misconduct in his unqualified, unaccredited treatment room was the next logical transgression. I asked a small number of people and heard similar stories from several sources – that he has offered vaginal examinations to pregnant women, and worse. The problem we have is Serge’s victims may not come forward and make an official complaint for the same reason 90– 95% of female sexual assault victims don’t report it to the police – out of humiliation and fear. In this case part of that fear is going up against the formidable phalanx of SergeBrides and their aggressive denial.
In addition, some of Serge’s victims, if they are under the influence of his charisma, may not realize they have been assaulted. I’m yet to verify it, but one of the officials I’ve been speaking with told me consent is immaterial if Serge was holding out to be qualified in any way to give vaginal examinations. In other words, women have grounds for complaint if he offered you a vaginal examination, whether you consented or not, and whether or not your husband or partner was present. Serge is not qualified to offer them. In fact it would help if the husband or partner corroborated your complaint.
Finally, we have reports of ex students being harassed to the point of taking legal action.
But good on you Emily for showing the courage to challenge what I’ve been saying, and for doing it here on an open site. Keep reading and keep thinking. Weigh the facts and make up your own mind.
Now to Kyla, and the continuing clamour to support her still unsubstantiated accusations of abuse levelled at Bangalow husband and father, Lance.
Thanks for all the comments. It is an awful thing to deal with on a daily basis, attitudes and judgements from people that don’t know you, nasty looks or worse sympathetic greetings – when it is clear they are thinking “what a poor young woman – she could be so much more if only she wasn’t so weak willed and easily manipulated”. Without ever truly reaching out and talking openly about their concerns.
We’re talking openly about our concerns here, Kyla, and will continue to do so in the interests of all involved. The site you’re writing on does not extend that courtesy. You are all welcome to voice your opinion here, but none of you have, or the very few who’ve responded to some of the more trivial items haven’t withstood the response. Also, I’m sure people have reached out and talked openly with you about their concerns. It’s likely you weren’t listening. Many people are talking with me and I’m hearing repeatedly how their loved ones in UM shut down any discussions of their concerns. Having been unsuccessful in reaching out to loved ones in UM, they’re reaching out to us, and what I’m reading and hearing and seeing from those affected by UM is despair. Not abuse, not lovelessness, but frustration, grief and despair.
On the other hand the amount of people within this community that would not and do not stand for this treatment and behavior are many and greatly out number those that are doing this damage, it’s just that gossips work overtime, that’s what they live for and generally decent people tend to want to avoid that kind of interaction as it feels dirty.
Which side are you talking about? What treatment and what behaviour? Is it the interaction that feels dirty or is it the truth?
It is safe to say that some of the biggest instigators of nasty gossip in Bangalow business area are responsible for spreading many awful and damaging unsubstantiated rumors about other unsuspecting innocent members of the community, completely unrelated to my experience – it seems that this is how a few get their kicks, makes me wonder what they really get out of it?
Again, who are you talking about here, Kyla? We have similar concerns about you, but we know what you’re getting out of it. You’re protecting your dependency on Serge and the group. You’re doing it at the expense of those who are suffering for it, and you’ve proven you’re not willing to discuss it openly.
I’m happy to talk with you Kyla. I’ll talk with you one on one or I’ll talk with all of you in person. I have a contact form here on the site – use it, we’ll line something up. I’d like you to tell me in person exactly what constitutes abuse. If you like I can invite a social worker who used to run a domestic violence shelter for women. You can discuss your concerns with her. Then I’ll take the opportunity to talk to you about therapeutic abuse, deception, manipulation, denial and financial abuse, all of which I have ample evidence for.
Next is mystic dentist, Rachel Hall, who has reposted an item on Cyber-bullying that was originally on her blog, and which I’ve already posted a response to. However, seeing SergeProp wants to keep pushing that barrow, I think it appropriate to push back, particularly in the light of the SergeProp indignation smokescreen aimed at distracting the followers from the real issues.
The item is titled ‘Cyber-bullying: The Power of Anonymity’.
Ponder this, Rachel Hall. The other side of the coin – ‘Therapeutic Deception and Medical Bullying: The  Abuse of Power by Medical Professionals.’
When you post about cyberbullies, cybercriminals and trolls, are you referring to me?
We’re building a case, Rachel, for Universal Medicine’s unlawfully deceptive practices – employing untested modalities, making misleading therapeutic claims, setting up a bogus ‘accreditation’ body, as well as contravening advertising restrictions for medical practitioners. It’s a strong case, so never mind what you perceive to be cyber bullying, you and your fellow apologists need to start thinking about the way you’ve bullied vulnerable patients and members of the public with your deceptive conduct and your oppressive groupthink, which continues to enable untold harm.
In addition, you seem to have a problem with my anonymity, when there would be enormous personal benefits for me identifying myself publicly. The general public dislikes cults, Rachel. They dislike bogus gurus and organizations with zero financial transparency, who refuse to allow scrutiny and open public discussion. They also dislike arrogant, exclusive cliques who engage in harmful, exploitative practices and try to evade accountability by feigning victimization. You’ll find I have a lot of people on side.
Truth is, I’m not anonymous at all. I’m known to some of your group, and I am one of UM’s many victims. I’ve made my official complaint to the NSW HCCC, on the grounds of professional (although Serge is by no definition a professional) conduct – boundary violation, sexual misconduct and incompetence. I doubt they’ll take action seeing it happened some time ago, but it will be on the record and will assist the assessment of subsequent complaints. Serge will receive notification of it in the next few weeks and my name will be on it. I could have asked for my name to be suppressed, but I didn’t.
Be aware though, there are severe penalties for harassing or intimidating HCCC complainants – up to 12 months imprisonment.
The other thing you and all of the other outraged sycophants need to educate yourselves on is Australian defamation law. Here is just one relevant section:
The defamation law recognises a number of circumstances in which the interest in the material being published outweighs the potential damage to a reputation. These are codified in terms of defences to defamation actions which include:
Justification: It is a complete defence to an action for defamation to prove that the defamatory statement is substantially true. Substantial truth means that provided the justification meets the substance of the imputation, minor inaccuracy will not exclude the defence. The publisher’s motive is irrelevant, if the publisher can show that the imputation is true then it does not matter that he/she was motivated by malice.
There are more sections to defamation law which work in my favour, but I reckon the one above is enough.
In other words all of the snorting and whining on the propaganda blogs amounts to nothing in the face of the real harm Universal Medicine is doing, and our attempts to expose it in the public interest. It’s the real reason Serge withdrew his legal action against the media organizations, in spite of what he told you. He can’t win.
Finally, it’s laughable SergeProp is still complaining about David Millikan, weeks after he was invited to the stage at Serge’s talk and told them they’re in a cult. (Rod Genius Harvey calls him a self appointed cult expert, lol, in spite of the fact David has a PhD in theology.)
Yes, SergeProp is still carrying on with the smokescreen they’ve been ‘abused’ and ‘persecuted’, merely because an acknowledged expert, after months of research, expressed his opinion, and did it with cameras in the interests of informing the public there are two sides to this dark story. Did Serge tell you he reneged on the opportunity to ‘present’ his side on camera? David’s action was neither abuse nor persecution, when none of you are under threat of incarceration or violence on the basis of your beliefs. In fact, it’s not the beliefs that are in question, but the seriously harmful actions of UM that infringe on students and non students alike. SergeProp needs to understand freedom of speech cuts both ways. If you want to rave in public about how wonderful UM is, fine, but don’t expect everyone to agree, and as I’ve said before, disagreement does not constitute abuse. Disagreement and debate are functions of democratic discourse. In the meantime, SergeProp is still carrying on that the allegations are ‘lies’ in spite of the fact myself and others have written extensively and persuasively on how UM fits all the definitions of a harmful cult. But the SergeProppers further alienate themselves by restricting discussion on their sites. As I wrote previously:
The problem with such excessive behaviour within UM is that it mobilizes opposition and hostility from outside, creating further pressure to close ranks. Serge and his followers feel vindicated that the world is indeed evil, PRANIC! and against them, yet lack the insight to realize their antisocial behaviour and negativity brought it on themselves.
I notice one of the blog posts is ironically titled ‘Media Manipulation has real life effects’. What about medical manipulation? None of the ‘loving’ group have had a single word to say about the dangerous, disgraceful and loveless way ex student Ywas treated. Y was one of their patients. Y was a student just like them. Y thought they were among healers and friends. However, in Y’s hour of need, after taking $6,000 per annum of Y’s money only for Y’s illness to go undiagnosed and deteriorate, loving and gentle Universal Medicine was nowhere to be seen. 


3 thoughts on “The Universal Medicine Propaganda Machine installs a turbocharger, blows a smokescreen, goes nowhere…

  1. I think i know why serge (small casing because he isn't important) had his revelation on the loo. He had to let go of old crap to let his new crap in.Great work DV, when your identity is revealed, I hope it finally shuts up gob almighty himself. Doubtful but we can dream.

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