Esoteric Freedom of Speech LOL

SergeProp’s version of free speech is to write whatever nonsense they like on one-sided blogsites without having to answer to anyone other than fellow SergeHuggers. 
Their version of ‘harm’ is anything which questions or disrupts their relentless, expensive, all consuming pursuit of ‘self-love’. 
The obligatory prod at SergeProp’s vacuous shenanigans follows, plus an update on where we’re at and how you can help. But first, Abbe May has a message for Serge. 

Claim It Abbe!

And now direct to you from SergeProp:
Freedom of Speech? Absolutely – But First Do No Harm!
November 2, 2012 — 
by Victoria Lister, Brisbane, Australia
Recently I became the subject of highly fictional and defamatory comments relating mostly to my profession, published by an anonymous online blogger.
The reason I became the subject of such an attack was because I had publicly defended and declared my support for Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and my fellow students – themselves the subject of unwarranted attacks by the media. 
You’d be referring to this post, Vicky. Fictional comments? What, that I challenged your assertion that growing numbers of mainstream medicos are endorsing Universal Medicine quackery? We’ve named them since and there aren’t enough to staff a suburban medical centre. 

Or that you’re lending your skills as a non profit specialist to a highly profitable medical scam, that drains the life and funds out of students and patients at every opportunity?
Defamatory? Only if you can prove it isn’t true, and I promise, dear, we have the evidence, with more coming to light by the day. 
As noted on our government’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship website, all Australians are entitled to five fundamental freedoms: of speech, association, assembly, religion, and movement. The first of these supports the notion that all individuals have the right to speak freely on any issue. There are, however, clear parameters for doing so. The following passage on freedom of speech, from the five freedoms web page, clarifies this distinction. Here is the first part:
‘Australians are free, within the bounds of the law, to say or write what we think privately or publicly, about the government, or about any topic. We do not censor the media and may criticise the government without fear of arrest.’

So far, so good. The rights of all bloggers to say or write what they think are clearly upheld in this definition; it’s what’s enabling me to comment here. But note the second part of the passage (bolding mine):
‘Free speech comes from facts, not rumours, and the intention must be constructive, not to do harm. There are laws to protect a person’s good name and integrity against false information. There are laws against saying or writing things to incite hatred against others because of their culture, ethnicity or background. Freedom of speech is not an excuse to harm others.’

The blogger/s who saw fit to attack me in an entirely false and defamatory fashion have clearly done harm. 
Harm to what, Vicky? Your cashflow? Or harm to Universal Medicine’s fraudulent claims of integrity?

If any harm comes to any of you, Vicky, it’ll be down to your association with Serge and his wrongdoings. Nothing to do with us. We’re just the messengers.
And on the subject of harm, why don’t you address the clear instances of harm detailed on this site? A magistrate is more than likely to view our efforts to expose the unlawful practices of an odious organization as ‘constructive’ in the public interest.
Again, seeing your reading comprehension seems compromised – and it would be if you read enough of Serge’s confusional rot – you might want to run through some questions again, and ask yourself how you define harm. 
Is it acceptable for unqualified ‘healer’, Serge to offer ‘ovarian readings’ and question people about their sexual history? Did he try it on you too?

Is it acceptable for him to disclose patients’ confidential matters to others?

Is it acceptable for Esoteric healers, including Serge, to represent themselves as able to ‘heal’ when they don’t even have the competence to refer ill clients for legitimate medical care? 

Did you read ex student Y’s account? Tell us here Y’s treatment wasn’t harmful. Do you realize the same could happen to you?

How about the harm done to families and good relationships by Serge’s divisive man-hating rhetoric?

What about the harm done to women by preaching their bodies are nothing more than repositories for male generated emotional trauma certain to make them sick?

What about the harm done to people, including children, by instilling them with fear of their own life force? Or of ‘entities’ and PRANIC! people, foods, sports or music? 

I could go on and on with the litany of harms perpetrated by the toxic organization with which you’re affiliated. In fact, I intend to – until every last bit of harmdoing is exposed. 

We totally agree with the ‘five freedoms’, by the way. We’re actively upholding them here. Universal Medicine’s five propaganda blogs do not. What is enabling you to comment on a UM blog is your ongoing financial relationship with UM, and your unquestioning loyalty to the proven bankrupt bullshitter himself. If you start questioning his background or Universal Medicine’s corrupt and exploitative practices, you’ll find your freedom of speech seriously curtailed – like all of us who’ve attempted to voice legitimate concern on UM blogs.  
So, how’s your graduate degree in philanthropy and non-profit studies working for the disadvantaged, Vicky? I’ll ask you again: What have you done for poor people lately? The ones throwing money into the Universal Medicine vortex of endless, unproductive, life draining treatments and workshops? What have you and your clique done for the families and relationships broken by UM, apart from celebrate? What have you got to say to ex student Y and the life threatening harm of Esoteric medical negligence? 
However, by hiding behind a cloak of anonymity, the person or persons responsible are free to evade prosecution.
Prosecution for what? Tell us which law we’re breaking. As I posted to mystic dentist, Rachel Hall – if we’ve committed a crime, call the police. They investigate cyber crime, and we’re not that hard to find – in fact, they know us, because we’ve been talking with them. They’re not inclined to investigate conscientious citizens acting within the law to expose corrupt organizations, particularly when they’re interested in information we have. 
We need to lobby our leaders and law-makers to take a stand against such activity by outlawing cyber-bullying immediately.
We feel the same way about medical deception, bogus healing modalities, bogus accreditation agencies, dubious charities and exploitation of vulnerable patients. And we’re taking action.
If we can’t identify and pursue the abusers, we should at least be able to have harmful and defamatory material rapidly removed from the offending sites.
Yes, and then we’d be living in a fascist state, probably run by a vicious little despot like Sergie B. But, hey, out of goodwill, we’ll remove our oppositions if you lay off with the propaganda. 
Meanwhile, I can only wonder at the nature of the individuals who express in such a way. By remaining nameless, they either demonstrate they lack the courage of their convictions or have a seasoned understanding of the law – or both.
Pay attention now Vicky. I’d rather not repeat myself. Perhaps you’ve been too busy blogging your unconditional love for the malnourished Messiah and helping him fund his ‘charity’ to sensibly inform yourself of reality. I’m not anonymous. My name is on the HCCC complaint notification sent to Serge about his sexual misconduct and lack of therapeutic competence. It’ll be on the next complaints he gets as well. And I’ll remind you, as a complainant, I’m protected by law with severe penalties, up to 12 months imprisonment for anyone who harasses me as a result of my complaint. If I’m harassed, it’ll mean Serge has released my name, and it’ll be him who ends up in the clink.

And thanks for noticing, we are indeed gaining a seasoned understanding of the law. We’re also busy making sure its enacted, so we can put an end to the insanity you’re a part of. 

Anyhow, enough poking at apologists with vested interests. On to serious matters:

This week in the Universal Medicine Accountability bunker

It may be blogging-lite for a bit while I work through the law statutes in application to the large number of complaints I’m writing. (There’s also the possibility of my own loved ones staging an intervention to get me out of the bunker and back to some semblance of normality, stat). Anyway, as soon as I get through the bulk of the behind the scenes stuff I’ll be posting some Naming Names updates with info precisely defining UM’s therapeutic misconduct and indiscretions and how to go about submitting official complaints. (If anyone wants advance advice on how to make a complaint, contact me using the contact page and I’ll point you in the right direction.) Also on the way is a post debunking the treatment room travesty that is Esoteric Breast Massage, and a SergeSpeak post. Frankly, my endless list of upcoming posts is only matched by the endless and growing list of UM misdemeanours. 

How you can help

While I’m hard at the paperwork, I invite more Have Your Say posts. It’s important we hear plenty of voices here. So tell us about your experience of UM. How has UM affected you or your loved one or relationship or family? Or give us your analysis of UM activities. You may have an angle we haven’t covered, or a perspective I can’t give. 

We’re also interested in any information you may have, whether it be recordings, notes, gossip, hearsay, evidence, tip offs, artifacts, oddities, photos, victim impact statements etc.  

I haven’t been able to read all of Serge’s ‘doctrine’ yet, but if you come across anything particularly insane, ludicrous, dangerous or scary, please quote it and send it in. 

Next, I’d like to ask that you don’t leave official complaints to us. We bunker staff are very few and under resourced. We keep hearing testimonies from people, but most are unwilling or unable to make official complaints. One cranky brunette firing submissions at state and federal agencies doesn’t have the punch of two or ten or a hundred. Blogging and whingeing and reading articles won’t cut it, I’m afraid. Without the effort, the notifications, the complaints, nothing will happen and Universal Medicine’s destructiveness will continue as it has, under the judicial radar and with impunity. 

Obscured, mind you, by the thirty to fifty hardcore SergeProppers manning their six propaganda sites. 


9 thoughts on “Esoteric Freedom of Speech LOL

  1. I while back Serge preached that only circumcised men could save humanity and apparently it caused a bit of controversy – even his followers had a hard time accepting that one. He hasn't mentioned it since though. Presumably Serge is circumcised [all his theories are centered around his particular likes/dislike]

  2. Hmmm. His father is also fascinated with circumcision amongst other things so that make sense. I thought he got this all from the (spooky voice) FIFTH DIMENSION!!!! not good ol' dad from Matraville….??

  3. So, when Serge tell his students that other New Age and alternative practitioners and stores in the area are 'evil' and channeling 'dark energies' does that do no harm to the people being slandered? What about when he claims that children taught in the Steiner system get raped by Rudolf Steiner's ghost? Does the claim that Steiner teachers are essentially facilitating supernatural child rape 'do no harm'? Or how about when he tells victims of child abuse that they were victimized as a result of being child abusers themselves in a past life so they deserved what they got, does that 'do no harm'? Or how about when he manipulated an underage girl away from her parents and into a highly questionable living arrangement based on a false promise of tennis stardom? Once again, we see Serge utterly failing to apply his 'esoteric' standards to himself.

  4. "Threlfall recounted how her daughter went to live with the then 31-year-old Benhayon and his family one day a week when she was 14, but that this soon turned into a full-time living arrangement. "I just went absolutely ballistic," she said. "I had no input into it. I used to say to my husband, 'Can't you understand we shouldn't be giving our child to a man we don't even know, someone who promised she would make Wimbledon? She has to be with us.' "Serge Benhayon denies ever promising his former tennis pupil that she would reach Wimbledon. "That would be ridiculous," he says.Miranda Benhayon, now 31, insists that her decision to live full-time with her tennis coach was one both her parents supported. "We all entered into this agreement together," she says.Trish Threlfall categorically rejects this and expresses heartbreak that she has only seen her daughter once in nearly 12 years, and this despite sending her text messages saying, "I love you."Miranda Benhayon counters: "I don't actually have contact with her at all by choice, because it hasn't been love. When we started off [in] tennis, it was a family thing; it was all of us in it together. She pulled away from that and that's why I continue to have a relationship with my dad and continue to have an amazing relationship with Deborah and Serge."That was in about 2002. Benhayon says he and Miranda got together "well after that year" and she offers, "We've been married just two years."BS- Deborah and Serge broke up in 1999. I have it from reliable sources that Serge and Miranda were living together that year at least and that Deborah wasn't very happy, not very surprising eh. These people with memories still live in the area. As do I Serge. You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people.

  5. Tricky Vicky is a so called "consultant on best management practice" for the not for profit sector, thru her company "Not for Profit Assist". LOL. The not for profit arts and disabilty organisation she is the elected President of – Access Arts Qld. has been through the most appallingly badly managed time since she took over 5 years ago. Some staff and members of the organisation don't want a UM cultist as their President, they certainly didn't know she was a cultist for the last string of AGMs that voted her in, its not like she told everyone or anything. LOL.Not a good look for a disability organisation recieving State and Federal Government funds that; with the Guvnr of QLD as your Patron and your President a cultist. Not a good look at all.

  6. Especially when the group and leader she defends on her blog has such lovely views about why people have disabilities. Ask her to explain that one at the next board meeting. While you are at it, ask her to explain the 'true energetic quality of charity' of which Access Arts QLD is one. It's not very nice.

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