Esoteric ‘Truth’ LOL

One wave of the magical munchkin’s hand and the Universal Medicine Propaganda Machine drops the turbo and coughs back to its antique model – sputtering banal Esoteric platitudes out of its sizeable exhaust. Including mystic dentist, Dr Rachel Hall, expressing her ‘truth’. Funny how Esoteric ‘truth’ has no relationship with facts. But first, Morrissey channels a message from us to Serge and his pet enablers.

I tweeted a few days ago SergeProp had toned down the rants and squeals to wafty Eso-drivel. Serge must have reminded the Esoteric Enablers, those champions of ‘free speech’ that anger is an emotion and emotions give you cancer 😮
It must be true! SERGE SAID SO!
Except that I know some beautiful, gentle people, including children, who have cancer and couldn’t get angry at a mosquito, but Serge slips out of that kind of existential factuality (like he slips out of most things) by saying they were Joseph Stalin, or some other deranged, violent maniac in a past life. Maybe they were him. Just as there are war criminals out there in strapping good health who’ll probably smoke cigars and down scotch until they’re 105. But, oh yeah, Serge has that covered too, saying they’re bound to cop it in their next life and come back as one of his students or something. Or worse, one of his wives.
But I digress.
Emotion is out in Universal Medicine. Emotions are PRANIC! 😮 Along with sport, sex, food, fun, self deprecation, thinking, cats, (yes cats), conversation, social graces, empathy, charity, compassion and music (apart from the efforts of his immediate family and a couple of paid up apologists.) Contrary to what I said in my tweet though, emotion isn’t out because Serge reckons it gives you cancer, or even a bad cold. It’s out because any strong feelings, like anger, or pleasure or compassion cut through the numbing he instils with his comprehensive retinue of mind control techniques.
But emotions are useful to Serge when it suits. Like when he gets his more aggressive apologists to police the behaviour of the others (scroll to Rebecca08). And of course he taps the stores of the SergeProp repressed emotion bank whenever he gets bad press. Once he’d aroused himself from his swoon after cult expert, David Millikan dealt him and SergeCorp a reality check, he issued a fake press release and rolled out the standard media assault, complete with Esoteric howls of indignation that someone dare express an alternative point of view. David was denounced with breathless shrieks of ‘inquisitions’, ‘attacks’, ‘persecution’ even though no one in Australia has been investigated, prosecuted, tried or incarcerated for their religious beliefs, or even for believing in a lot of nonsense and giving their money to a con artist. But no. ‘How dare you encourage me to look at something a different way? You’re trampling my right to be gullible!’
But all that EMOTION! got out of hand. When I stoushed directly with SergeProp’s most prodigious apologist, Dr Eunice Minford, the famous surgeon, in what was an open forum on the Frome Town Talk site, until it was pulled, the eso-mob erupted into collective hysterics about my questions on Serge’s perversions. Add to that the melodramatic posturing about cyberbullying, ‘hate-blogs’, ‘hate-speech’ and how dare I tell the truth, because ouch it’s hurting our cash flow, and no we’re not in a cult, but Serge is a higher incarnation than the Dalai Lama. He must be because he SAID SO, but anyone who disagrees is a lying abusive angry man bully maybe pretending to be a woman with ovaries.
Anyway, Serge had to tone it down, because all of that emotion began to look like passion.  The mob he’d stirred became unruly. They started to hypothesize using their own minds and voices. Some of the followers appeared so excited they were in danger of regaining their critical faculties, their appetites and their sex drives all at once. If it had gone any further they might have laid off listening to the recordings, stirring the green soup anti-clockwise and trying to nut out his illiterate writings. They might have lost their irrational fear of everything not UM, got off their symbols, gone for a swim in the surf or a roll in the hay, eaten some decent food and come to their senses. And if they progressed that far toward gaining their autonomy as human beings, they might start asking hard questions about why he won’t sue me, and if they pushed a little further they might start asking about financial transparency as well.
Then ‘The One’ would really be stuffed.
So he snapped his fingers, and reminded them with his hypnotically effective dulcet squeak to ‘re-connect’, and *bam*, it’s back to the recordings, the monotonous stirring, the numbness they mistake for ‘soulful self loving’, the lack of appetite, the lack of libido, the lack of oxygen to the brain, and business as usual as a UniMed student.
Dr Rachel renumbed herself by living her ‘truth’ and blogging about it for reinforcement. But she almost had me fooled:
I Found My True Voice Again…
November 10, 2012
by Dr Rachel Hall, Brisbane Australia
“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. 
Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.” Harvey Fierstein 
Yes!!! Do you hear that Serge, you emaciated little tyrant, Rachel is finally standing up to you! She’s seen through the emotional blackmail. Finally.
My whole life I recall being told: be quiet, stop talking, don’t shout out the answers, you can’t say that, keep your trap shut, shush, be silent, pipe down, don’t speak out of turn and hold your tongue, along with a multitude of other colloquialisms to stop me from verbally expressing myself.
As a young child I was quite the little chatter-box; I would talk and talk and talk and make up little songs. I would say what I felt in the way that I felt it, even if that meant saying something out of turn or telling you I didn’t like you. Even if it meant I might get into trouble.
I can recall an aunt and uncle visiting and my mother asking “Are you going to kiss uncle so and so goodbye?”, and me telling her “No! I wasn’t, because he felt like a mean man”. Well, you can imagine how that went down.
I can recall telling my teacher “When you were in your life before this one, you had a baby but it died and you were very sad”. She was pretty shocked, and asked my parents to come in to have a chat.
I remember many occasions when I spoke of the “people” who would visit my room at night, or the “angels” who came and sang with me, only to be told (or overhear the adults say) that I had a very over-active imagination, or worse, that I was telling lies.
I’m sure she’s going have a go at him. Perhaps when she’s done with the auditory hallucinations.
Fast forward….
I gradually stopped saying what I felt and started saying what I felt others wanted to hear: I compromised my truth and who I was in a desperate attempt not to rock the boat, trigger a reaction or cause offence. I became quieter and quieter, but inside it was agony, like a pressure was building and I was going to explode.
And explode I did… in fits of rage and fury, angry at the world for not being ‘right’, devastated by the emotions I was so intensely aware of, furious at a society that asks us to be nice and good and polite instead of loving and true. 
Yes, yes, the society of Universal Medicine denial! That’s it Rachel, get livid! Go in swinging! You tell him girl!!
Incensed at a world that would not let me be me.
That’s cults for you, hun.
The more I swallowed my words down, the more pain I had inside. I felt lost, hopeless, isolated, misunderstood and incredibly lonely.
You’re not alone, babe. Believe us, it’s much better outside the UM gulag. You’ll be free.
But words are not the only expression; the way my body moved and how I did things altered – there was no tenderness, delicacy or gentleness in my actions.
Yes, I’ve heard Serge say that in the recordings. Ripping into his seasoned students, deprecating them:
…you’re definitely not gentle, because I’ve seen how you people open doors, I see how you sit in your seats, I know how you turn things on, how you put your jackets on, how you talk, how you sit on your chair, you slump, everything is done in abrasiveness, aggressiveness, a form of hardness…
and that’s after years of workshops and outlay. Years of forking out and doing ‘The Work’! Tsk! I’m glad you can see the schtick isn’t working. If you’re all still PRANIC! clearly no one is getting it, and that’s a reflection on the crappy teachings and the shyster behind them. I’m glad to see you’ve realized he’s a charlatan.
I was nothing like the carefree young child who used to frolic in the long grass with the angels.
The adult version still goes on at Nimbin, and some of it’s naked, which can be nice if you’d like to muck in. Just pack sunscreen.
Recently I learnt I no longer needed to be this way, and through a series of personal development workshops and healing sessions with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine 
– and the choice to live more honestly and loving of who I am – I have been able to find my voice again and start to live from who I am inside.
Oh crap…
I now trust my feelings and express my truth, both with my voice and the way my body is, and moves.
There you go again, trusting your esoteric ‘feelings’ rather than facts. Feelings Serge has told you to have. Feelings neutered of human emotion. It’s all on the audio. Facts have no relationship with Esoteric ‘truth’ do they? If they did Rachel, you’d have given Serge the flick yonks ago and gotten some proper help.
So how much did you spend studying Esoteric denial, Rachel?
Yes, occasionally the truth appears to hurt, but being silenced by a world that bullies us to be something or someone we are not hurts us so much more.
Yes, the truth appears to hurt when it interferes with your ‘self-loving-choices’ and your adulation of Serge.
So who is silencing you now, Rachel? It must be Serge because it isn’t us. I’d love you to find your voice and come here and use it to answer our questions, rather than make passive aggressive inferences about me being a cyber bully.
Speaking of bullying, you were happy to add your esoteric ‘truth’ and your ‘voice’ to the esoteric lynching of Lance when Kyla made baseless and still unsubstantiated accusations of abuse.
It’s all just a smokescreen isn’t it, to take attention from the mild mannered, Goonellabah bully extraordinaire. ‘The One’ who has created an industry from his own bullshit via manipulation, outright deception and emotional blackmail (another upcoming post).
Funny how you object to being silenced but you tried to silence me didn’t you? You tried to have google pull my blog down. You went running to the esoteric solicitor/book-burner for legal advice, and you might have succeeded if we didn’t have laws protecting freedom of speech.
Despite all the insipid white noise come from SergeProp, Rachel, we don’t want you to be silent.
Here’s a few questions again, now that you reckon you’ve found your voice. ‘Re-connect’ with this truth:
Are you comfortable that Serge performs ovarian readings in order to interrogate women on their private experiences with men? 
Why don’t any of you accuse me of lying? Is it because Serge did the same to you, and the other Brides? But in spite of being educated on professional boundaries, you mistook his sleazy transgressions for care?
Explain Esoteric Uterus Massage to us Rachel. What is that? What’s it supposed to achieve? Why doesn’t UM openly advertise it?
Knowing Serge’s predatory behaviour, are you comfortable adolescent girls stay at his house? Girls of similar age to his wife when he first met her?
What happened to the Universal Medicine campaign on the ‘appalling treatment of women by the media?’ and the accompanying petition you and the other Brides ran? Ran out of puff didn’t it, when I exposed what really goes on in Serge’s treatment room? 
Abuse of women, Rachel. Under your nose.
Why is Serge so mean to you, Rachel? Why is he so vicious at times? 
Why do you think he’s become more demanding lately? Don’t be silent, Rachel. 
Do you think he’s doing you any favours? Do you think he lies awake at night worrying about you?
Do you realize he’ll drop you as soon as you’re no longer of use?
Are you having doubts? 
Has the millionaire guru asked you to donate money to fight his legal battles? Although he’s trying to convince you the battle is yours? Will he give you a refund when any lawyer with half a brain informs you you can’t win?
How much have you donated to the millionaire guru’s ‘charity’?
Did you read patient Y’s account? Do you realize Y may have been one of your patients? A ‘friend’ even?
Do you care? 
How do you excuse the lies? The Alice Pythagoras Da Vinci bullshit, which he retracted under pressure from the press? The bankruptcy he denied vehemently until a journalist held the document in front of his face?
There’s lots more questions, Rachel. Lots more about the mysterious machinations of SergeCorp and the Esoteric ‘ethics’ of Universal Medical practices. Come and comment here Rachel, or contact me via the form. Use your voice to confront the facts.
For once.


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  1. There has been a very noticeable shift in the comments and blogs of Universal Medicine followers. The reactionary and accusatory tone that they have taken from the onset of the media exploration of them served them very poorly and only served to highlight several of the questions of behavior that surrounded them. Whether they will be able to bite their tongues when the Miliken show airs remains to be seen.The PR machine that represents Universal Medicine had managed to place this "advertorial" piece in the Frome local online paper: bizarrely the article has now disappeared. It was a complete reversal from the papers original article, uncredited as to authorship. One to has to question a news source that has 180 degree turn on a subject with no explanation as to why. However, with a little digging around the "Town Talk" site, it seems that ANYONE can publish a story on this site regardless of journalistic credentials/ability once they have registered. It would appear that the author of this piece was not a fledgling local reporter keen to investigate the truth. I leave you to draw your own conclusions as to who the author may have been…

  2. I'd say it was probably removed because a few readers attempted to use their freedom of speech. I took a look at it when I got a tip off, and there weren't many comments, but the ones that were weren't favourable – no abuse or anything that. I was (am) too busy to bother. Anyway, it's in the cache with only 2 comments if anyone is looking for an alternative to valium:"Frome and Universal Medicine: Developing a Mutually Beneficial Relationship (2 Comments) – Add Comment Local business voices speak clearly of both the positive economic impact on their business and the pleasure in their business dealings with those supporting and attending Universal Medicine events at The Lighthouse, Tytherington, Frome. Over the last five years, Universal Medicine has chosen The Lighthouse at Tytherington, Frome, as its UK base to present courses and workshops on health, wellbeing and complementary healing modalities. The courses and workshops are open public events that run twice a year in May/June and November and are based on understanding the true nature of the whole person and how simple daily choices impact health and wellbeing. The presentations have proven to be very popular as people learn how to transform their lives and make more healthy choices and they have drawn international visitors to Frome from across the UK, Europe, Australia, Canada and North America.This biannual influx of several hundred visitors to Frome is having a beneficial effect on local businesses like food suppliers, B&Bs, shops/cafes/taxi services etc. Many of those attending courses take time out to visit local tourist spots in and around Frome and of course purchase goods from the variety of shops, for food, clothes, arts and crafts, which in a time of recession is very much welcomed.The Lighthouse has expanded its Bed and Breakfast Accommodation with the establishment of the “Love in a Cup” café that serves the local community with nutritious and healthy food throughout the year as well as catering for the Universal Medicine courses. Malcolm Golding, the Managing Director of Chef’s Delight Ltd. which supplies the Lighthouse “Love in a Cup” café with fresh produce says the staff are ‘a pleasure to deal with’ and that the Lighthouse orders have had a ‘huge impact on our business’ and turnover. He foresees ‘only a lot of benefits’ from supplying more large orders this month as the courses begin and feels that the Lighthouse also appreciates the level of service they provide."

  3. Continued. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzThe Lighthouse uses fresh, high quality produce and obtains its fish and seafood from Harts natural Seafood Ltd. Paul Hart, the Managing Director states that ‘all the staff there are professional and a pleasure to work with’ and he believes that ‘this complex has to be of major benefit to the local community bringing lasting jobs and tourism to Somerset’. Grace Haskins of ‘Bramble and Wild,’ Frome, comments that it is ‘a pleasure & privilege to work with such a unique business which shares many of our business, customer and ethical values & where our work is met with enthusiasm & delight.’ She often has people coming into the shop asking for ‘one of those pretty posies I saw at the Lighthouse’ which has become a bestseller.Many of the local B&B’s have established regular bookings and good relationships with people attending the courses. Patrick Gregory, Proprietor of Executive Holidays comments that people attending Universal Medicine events come ‘from all over the world and they maintain our accommodation to a high standard’ and that he ‘can feel the positive effect these courses are having directly on my business.’Local Charity, The Sound Foundation, dedicated to providing facilities and activities that support local community health and wellbeing, completed a Conference Facility earlier this year, with accommodation and Treatment Rooms adjacent to the Lighthouse B&B in Tytherington. Built by local building firms and trades people, it brought a significant financial injection into the local Frome economy and with ongoing maintenance, this financial investment in Frome is set to continue.The Sound Foundation also hires their indoor pool facility to well-known local resident and multiple Nationally Awarded Swim Instructor, Simone Benhayon. From the facility, she runs her independent business ‘Creative Aquatic’, a swimming centre that places local people and their requirements at the centre of her service approach. She employs local staff and with a growing waiting list to join her ‘learn to swim’ scheme, more staff employment is planned for the near future.Local business voices speak clearly of both the positive economic impact on their business and the pleasure in their business dealings with those supporting and attending these Universal Medicine events. That an international organization chooses to run its courses in Frome, is a boon for the local economy and likewise those visiting from afar have the pleasure of enjoying the sites and the local people of Frome. A win-win all round. – submit_form1.) Kehnde james Tue, 30 Oct, 2012 – 06:24AMA truthful article and one which shows clearly that Universal Medecine's workshops, hosted by the Lighthouse, attracts a global audience who make a considerable contribution to the local economy. It captures the esssence of students of Universal Medecine beautiful people, respectful of the local area and maintain to a high standard the properties of accommodation providers. The Sound Centre as the article states is a amazing resource for the local community, generating employment Report | Reply Rate +3 2.) Rachel Murtagh Sat, 3 Nov, 2012 – 14:01PMI live locally in Frome and enjoy visiting the Lighthouse and the, “Love in a Cup" tea house on a regular basis. The staff are open and friendly and the food is great. They offer a take away service, which I use frequently! I have also used the pool in the new part of the building and had some water sessions with Simone. It is fabulous to have such a business in a small town like Frome."Yep! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzSerge didn't write it though. I can tell you that much. Yes it's bull-shit, but at least the gram-mar is co-rrect and no-thing is hy-phen-ated.

  4. (This is a repost from another thread but probs more useful here, Venus.) of the people signing this are from/in/victims of UM

  5. LOL, it's like a cult roll-call. 400 names since early September – before I posted by first hand account and started blogging. I wonder if any of them feel ripped off. I would.

  6. And the irony is that these 400 hypocrites are openly supporting a man who groomed a 13 year old girl into being his wife. There is incontrovertible proof that this happened, but you only need to think about it for 5 minutes to join the dots. Is that not the ultimate abuse! Jesus…it's sickening.

  7. Love the soundtrack….Great message to Serge."The more you ignore me the closer I'll get. I'm now an essential part of your minds landscape whether you care or not..I'll creep into your thoughts like a bad debt..take the easy way and give in.Beware I bear more grudges than lonely HIGH COURT JUDGES when you sleep I will creep into your thoughts like a bad debt you can't pay"It's only a matter of time Sergey boy. Looks like the lords of form and the dark lodges will win. Soon you will be exposed and all your 'loving' known to all in it's naked glory.

  8. 'I've made up your mind.'Ahhh Morrissey. I want to give him a cuddle. I was looking for a song about truth, as in 'THE TRUTH', and there he was. Problem with Serge & SergeProp is they're in so deep, so convinced of their own bullshit, they no longer recognize the truth. Which is fine, because the law does, and will be happy to point it out to them. LOL, 'the dark lodges'. Serge could write schlock screenplays and pitch them to John Waters…Yes, we had a dark lodge here last year when the Lords forgot to pay the power bill.

  9. “Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.” Harvey FiersteinIt's like they are lacking an ounce of self-awareness. First, a quote from a man talking about his sexuality seems irrelevant even if the words seem to fit Rachel ramblings. Second, the whole piece is a self-indulgent rabble of contradictory stupidity that only serves to highlight how their critical thinking has taken a beating. Lastly- and think about this Rachel…think…. by slavishly repeating Serge's phrases, words and ideas, do you really think you are defining yourself?What you have done, along with the rest of the group, is allow Serge to convince you in his dulcet tones, that his way is superior to the 'normal way'- But in the end, it is his way. Not yours. Get it.That is why Rachel, families and partners of students hate what Universal Medicine stands for. It forces a narrow set of ideals and behavior on people so they become clones of Serge all under the pretext that it is better than 'what the world teaches you to be'- There may be things wrong with the world. But adhering to Serge's simplistic entity laden, false dilemma doctrine is just plain stupid, because it is utter non-sense and quite clearly, in the vernacular, bullshit. Just like your post. If you want to define yourself, stop going to Serge's head bending money sucking meetings, put down his inane and childish books and delete his arcane's. Get your own mind and life back. That would be an accomplishment and you would stop being a victim

  10. This from EDG notes, Feb 19 2011, quoting Serge in full whine: "As kids we are told to behave a certain way eg. told to kiss/hug the uncle who does pornography, drinks, angry etc – learn to override what we feel to fit in an be accepted as a poor substitute to the love we naturally are. Some shut down so much they cant remember their childhood. This is not a loss of memory but a choice not to feel their childhood which hurts as a reminder of when we left our true selves. It is important to remain you."Sound familiar? WEEZ IN NO CULTZ. WEEZ THINKZ FOR OURSELVZ. WEEZ NO BRAINWASHED. O NOES. Now, if you're middle aged and still whining about how Mum & Dad didn't love you enough, particularly in public, you urgently need one of two things: 1) PROPER THERAPY or 2) GET A GRIP!!And I'll throw in a third, google 'first world problems' or 'unhappy hipsters'. And hey, a fourth even – get off your symbol and go and do something for someone – and not an underfed guru – an actual disadvantaged person who'd probably donate an organ to have the luxury to be able to whine like you. And in case anyone is wondering, yes, I'm cranky. Privileged, entitled, self serving schmucks, ugh.

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