Esoteric ‘truth’ gets fruitier…

When media scrutiny commenced in July this year, the persecuted prophet of profitable piss-takes sent the following email, rallying his faithful into a passive aggressive furor, nudging them to unleash their ‘truth-full’ glory on the media – with one ‘gentle’ caveat – don’t mention the facts.

Hi Venus,
I’m sure you’ve come across this email already but just in case you haven’t… The email is from 22/7 so not exactly new, but it’s a bit of a call to arms from Serge disguised as using ‘love’ to get the ‘truth’ out there. As if he has any idea what either of those concepts are!
Thanks hun! Hey, and don’t assume we get all the fun stuff. Send us anything and everything you think is concerning, dangerous or hilarious. I’ll post it! And if any of you talented photoshoppers can get Sergie B’s face inside that pineapple, I’ll send you a cyber cuddle. 
Dear Students,
Since the middle of this last week I’ve been contacted by two journalists, one from the Medical Observer – Mr Byron Kaye, and Mr Heath Aston from the Sun Herald, the latter being one of our national newspapers in Australia. In spite of giving them clear responses to the false allegations made against myself, Universal Medicine and some of our esoteric practitioners, and both journalists stating that they would only offer fair articles, they have written strategically to favour the false allegations and lies. See links below for the articles.
Yes, Serge, we’re sure you gave ‘clear’ answers, just like your startlingly clear lecture ramblings and your marvellously exuberant and oh so cohesive 700 page metaphysical tomes. I have audio of you, the great linguistic mangler, literally laughing at ‘semantics’ while  having trouble pronouncing it.  So yes, we’re all convinced your responses would have been clear, like the rest of your email below. But you’ll find the journalists were looking for facts and honest answers. 
Esoteric ‘honesty’ won’t cut it. 
If I am guilty of anything, I am guilty of bringing the awareness that we need more love in our lives, that we need to be more self-loving, that we need to care deeply, and that society is lacking of nurturing. This is the core of all my teachings. All else is spherical context that is necessary to address the whole and not leave it in the abyss of mystery, but to fill in the so-called ‘mysterious blanks’ that have existed hidden and unanswered for so long. If they are going to charge me of this then I am guilty of bringing the truth and an awareness that most know but few admit let alone make their lives that way.
Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard all that over and over, and frankly no one gives a monkey’s about your spherical digressions, apart from your ‘investors’, sorry, ‘students’. The journalists were reporting on patients suffering adverse affects from Esoteric medical incompetence, as well as the bogus health claims on your websites and to do with the UniMed Esoherbs, and a couple of minor matters to do with Medicare fraud. 
Your appeals for donations to your Church of Ass-ended Disembodiment are neither here nor there (provided you issued receipts).
I bring to you a special note – the allegations that have been sensationalised into the articles you see have come from a very small group of people. 
And bless their cotton socks they blew the whistle on you. Otherwise I would still be sitting in another part of the country, not on a clearing symbol, but on the dirt I have on you, and the skills and contacts I have to help expose you and call your enablers to account. I wouldn’t have known just how out of control you’d become, and I wouldn’t have joined our growing group of selfless, conscientious people acting in the interests of public health and the greater good. 
This is happening, in the face of the thousands that we have helped become more self-loving in their lives. 
Yah, so self-loving all their other relationships have gone to pot. So self-loving, some have relinquished their assets, their health and personal dignity to follow you. Some even love themselves so much, they were deceived into allowing you to perform unqualified vaginal examinations on them.

And tell that to ex student Y and the others in recovery who found out the hard way how much of a health hazard Esoteric ‘Healing’ can be.  
This small group is of course a group that you will well know are a part of those that do not address their own issues, instead looking for substances or other people to blame for their misery and lovelessness. 
Speak for yourself. None of us are preaching cats are evil spirits controlled by the Lords of Form or that IVF babies have no souls. Or this New Age malevolence: ‘Meditation is like making love – a celebration of life together. As opposed to having sex, which is for the man – relief, and for the woman – fulfilling neediness.‘ Or this millenarian chestnut: ‘Mankind needs to be stopped – the ignorance and arrogance. The grass that we walk on is more sacred than ever before, therefore the need for more cleansing on earth.’ 
So cheerful, so illuminating, so loving.

And now for the inevitable obfuscation…

This is not new, and is expected when out of jealousy they see that we have managed to bring love into our lives, and whilst we are not perfect, we have brought a great measure of joy, which, is contrary to what is happening globally. Hence, we are experiencing a retaliation, because we have made true, proper and very real in-roads into how to make human life the joy and love-filledness it can be.
With Love,
Serge Benhayon
What to do – if you feel to…
Rebecca has just created and posted a blog site, which we can as a student body comment on to help correct the lies. Please observe to not react, that is, to not write in reaction to the lies as this will only feed them more words to manipulate on their unscrupulous blogs sites and forums. Of course, it is only expected that you write your truth.
Yes, it’s only expected if you feel to…
It’s only expected because it’s expected. 


Incidentally, I passed ‘your truth’ from the SergeSpeak dictionary through the reality testing translator and found ‘your truth’ means ‘stay the heck away from the facts. For Alice Bailey, Pythagoras and Leonardo’s sakes, never never address the facts!! Facts after all are PRANIC! :-O Facts have this terrible habit of interfering with my cash flow and my fantasy life.’ 
The reality tester found Serge’s ‘your truth’ also translates as ‘denial’, and means ‘repeat what I’ve told you about the world’. As a result every news outlet to publish facts about UM copped a big enough dose of Esoteric ‘truth’ to tranquilize a rhinoceros. 
Furthermore, if you wish to make comment on Facebook be aware that reactionary one-liners will only be food for the malcontents. Anything that is truth-full, and experienced by you is respectfully requested. Rather than reference the articles, it is not about defending the allegations, it is about us telling the truth – and that truth is how these teachings have greatly assisted us in our daily lives. No need to be fluffy – just truth-full.
Rebecca’s Blog Site – ‘Words on Serge Benhayon’
Universal Medicine’s Facebook – Any comments can be posted to the UniMed
I have an idea for the next SergeProp site: ‘The First World Problems of Serge Benhayon’. 
Now a special message for Serge. The HCCC has decided not to take action on the first complaint I made about Serge’s oh so savoury ‘ovarian reading’. Why? Because it happened before the Code of Conduct for Unregistered Practitioners was implemented in NSW in 2008 and the code isn’t retroactive. Also, they don’t like to act on incidents which occurred more than 5 years ago. 
However, the complaint is staying on the HCCC permanent database and I’ve lodged a statement on the ‘ovarian reading’ with Lismore police, who will record it as an ‘event’ and it will stay on NSW police database as well, and reappear every time a subsequent complaint is made about ‘The’ precious ‘One’.  
And pay attention, Serge. Knock it off with the spherical bullshit and think straight for a change. I’ve lodged further HCCC complaints regarding more recent matters that I’ve uncovered and will continue to lodge more as I continue to uncover more. It seems the more I look, the more I find, and the worse it gets. For you. 
For our readers, I will post soon on how you might make your own HCCC complaints. If you want an advance look on the HCCC site for the Code of Conduct for Unregistered Practitioners or give them a call on 1800 043 159. Still, I plan to walk you through the Code by early next week, because Serge and his Esoteric Healing Army are in breach of any a number of sections of it – and they need to be brought into line. 
Toute de Suite!



4 thoughts on “Esoteric ‘truth’ gets fruitier…

  1. You are a legend Venus. And truth-full. I wonder if Serge realizes what is going to happen in the fullness of time? Or is he still expecting Shamballah and a new world religion and history to conveniently disappear into the Astral planes. Good work, now have a bex and lie down.

  2. His followers are actually proud of the fact that they don't use their brains to make decisions – because they say the mind can be deceived, but the heart knows all.The few UM people I've known I've found to be incredibly self-centered people who spend 99% of their time thinking about themselves. I think this is one of the reasons the relationships fail also.But they think they're happy.

  3. Good post DV. I find myself reading the 2 blogs about Serge from the Sergists and almost want to scream. They are so righteous. Also the latest on Words on Serge is all about corruption. Its like they believe they are the only people on the planet who know that some people are down trodden and have a pretty bad time of living. Its funny though because these Sergists are all living pretty well and I wonder what they really do to help the down trodden. I bet absolutely nothing. They rant about corruption and abusive men in one breath and then in the other breath talk about how loving they are, and how they know "true" love. They also talk about making love instead of having sex, using pads instead of tampons, Its an insult to women. I have a vision of women in bonnets and long dresses sowing in circles (this is not necessarily bad thing sorry all you Mormons). All this talk about "love" has been around forever, Serge didn't come up with it, this is what is so infuriating. I have been to many a course where people talk about being nurturing and listening to themselves, they just don't expect you to sign up to workshop after workshop and by eye-pillows blessed by Serge. I have a premonition. Serge and UM are going to make their own sanitary wear, think about the bucks in selling pads blessed by Serge!!!

  4. My sister calls him the Taliban. No sex, no music, no sport, no solid food, no tampons, no EMOTION! :-OAnd behind it all, a perverted little putz groping at women and deceiving them into vaginal examinations. Yes, I'm still cranky. And as you say, Serge invented love, weight loss, meditation, yoga, reincarnation and health. He's the world's first GOD. You couldn't get those things before UM – or you could, but without the UM registered trademark and without having to donate your organs or remortgage your home.Please don't give him ideas about the sanitary products. Or burqas. Pip already told me he dug up the surface of his tennis court and flogged chunks of that. Next he'll be bottling his farts. You Know Who above is right. I need a lie down. But the Lords of the Form Guide used all the Bex during the Spring Racing Carnival.

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