Cult doctors, cult lawyers, cult cops, and still no cred…

It’s hardly a coincidence I mention I’m talking to the police and the Universal Medicine Propaganda Machine wheels out it’s very own Esoteric cop. A word to said ‘Investigator’ follows, as well as special questions for the Esoteric lawyers, and while I’m at it, a warning to  the cult social workers and school teachers as well. The cult doctors can wait.

An Investigators Perspective Part 1: Serge Benhayon ‘On the Money’ Regarding Alcohol.

November 13, 2012 
by E.W. Police Officer: Australia
I have served in the Police Force for seventeen years within metropolitan, state and federal departments. In this time I have been exposed to many investigations. It is not without good reason that the one area in law where police are considered to be ‘experts’, is in providing evidence of opinion regarding drunken behaviour.
Dealing with alcohol-related incidents is now recognised as a major drain on resources for all emergency services.
I have dealt with the mindless violence associated with alcohol and witnessed the catastrophic damage it does to individuals, families and communities. Let me be very clear – if you are going to be seriously assaulted or meet an untimely end, by accident or design, including vehicle accident or brawl, in approximately 80% of cases alcohol will be a contributing factor!
WELL OMG!! So did it take you 17 years in law enforcement to figure that out? Or did you attend a special course?
The remainder of the article carries on like that, blah blah, alcohol is TERRIBLE! – violence, aggression, aggravation OMG OMG!!!…
I have observed firsthand that the common ingredient existing throughout all the various forms of violence, be that from domestic to football-related, or simply mindless violence – is ALCOHOL! It is most definitely not just drugs alone. My experience, which history also demonstrates, is that alcohol and violence have a symbiotic correlation.
So what about the thugs who don’t drink? Or in 17 years of your distinguished career did you never see that?
And what about the vast numbers of people who are able to drink in moderation without becoming aggressive or violent?
Oh, I forgot, you’ve done your policing on Planet Serge, where you’re either a drunken PRANIC! demonic bully abuser criminal or an angelic Esoteric student doing ‘the Work’.
Cult goggles.
So, Serge Benhayon has correctly identified what he describes as the complete and utter personality alteration of those under the influence of alcohol – not known as ‘spirits’ for no reason. He has completely and accurately described the change in personality, the devastations to the home and family, and the impact on physical well being that alcohol causes.
Yes, because Serge is the world’s first GENIUS! And I totally agree with the utter personality change. After his nightly nip or two of scotch, my bestie’s Dad, Johnny, transforms from a cardigan wearing trappist IT engineer/geek who has never raised his voice in his life, to a cardigan wearing trappist with a pink face and a subtle tendency to giggle, followed by intermittent nodding off in front of the ABC. And that’s dosed up with chocolate and coffee as well.
Give us a break.
Anyway, my message to the cult cop is this: Regardless of whether you are who we think you are and work where we think you do, I’d advise you to take special care when it comes to conflicts of interest or abuses of your power. Because if we get the slightest hint you are prejudicing enquiries, investigations or the issuing of orders, we’ll report you. We know the police code of conduct, we know when it’s being breached and you’re not difficult to flag.
For any of our readers, contact us if you think a police officer or any other government worker connected with the cult has behaved prejudicially in dealings with you. We’ll make sure your complaint is heard all the way to the top.
Now a whine from a cult lawyer.
Part of the SergeProp extravaganza of Esoteric defensiveness that erupted when the media began exposing the harm, perhaps this is a little outdated:
by P.F., Australia
(September 10, 2012)
After reading your article Newage ‘medicine’ of Serge Benhayon leaves trail of broken families” I am left with a number of questions.
Firstly: Why weren’t some of the doctors and specialists mentioned asked why they might refer people to Universal Medicine? There could possibly be a story in that. Not a sensational ‘brainwashed devotees’ type story but a story that might actually provide people with some useful information that could make a difference in their lives.
Um, dear, because the doctors are cult recruiters with major conflicts of interest – as all of them have financial and personal relationships with Serge and the Benhayon family. Consequently, they’re rather difficult to take seriously.
Secondly: What is the relevance of the comment that Serge has “mainly female followers”? Branding people who attend Universal Medicine practitioners and courses as ‘followers’ is demeaning in itself; however, the reporter goes further and implies that women are easily led  and manipulated. 
The relevance, Paula, is it’s a fact. Facts tend to be relevant, especially in the world outside of UM. Aren’t you a lawyer? I’d class anyone who has a headful of Serge all day every day, follows his nonsensical diet, wears his symbol jewellery, sits on the symbols, listens to his recordings, reads all his books, attends his courses and meetings and is heard frequently reciting and repetitively blogging his SergeSpeak laden doctrines a follower. You’d probably call them a ‘brother’.
As a woman with two degrees, working as a lawyer in an busy law practice, I am offended by the implication that I follow someone else rather than discern for myself how to live my life and that I am gullible and easily led based on my gender.
So how much business do you get from UniMed?
Thirdly: Why weren’t the stories of some of the women/men who have apparently left their partners told? A serious claim is made by a group of people that their relationships have failed because of the influence of one man. A responsible journalist would have sought out and presented the other side of the story. As a lawyer I see people who are settling their affairs after relationship breakdowns. In my experience, relationships break down for a variety of reasons and that it is rarely the fault of one party.
In the case of UM, it’s three parties. And that’s not counting the group.

I do find it to be quite common however for people to find it difficult to see their part in the relationship breakdown, and in their hurt they look elsewhere to lay blame.

So you’re another amateur marriage counsellor, Paula? Like Rachel, the mystic dentist mouthing off in the article you cited:
She knew of “a few” couples who split after joining the group as lifestyle changes were “very confronting” for some partners.
“But were there cracks in the relationship beforehand?” Dr Hall said. “Maybe the woman decides she’s feeling more confident to go … the other rejected party feels hurt and blames (Universal Medicine).”A lot of them hide behind Serge. They play ‘Serge said’. I’ve known Serge for eight years and he’s never said ‘stay’ or ‘leave’.”
But he has a LOT to say about marriage and relationships, doesn’t he? He never shuts up about it – pontificating with such pronouncements as this in an EDG meeting in front of 200 followers:
You know what? You’ve been married 20 years, you sleep next to an empty person. You have not made love once, you have not met your partner and she has not met you. Truth is she doesn’t like having sex with you but she does it to relieve you.
That’s Serge Benhayon, the ‘healer’, performing group relationship counselling following a meditation/hypnosis warm up. Serge Benhayon, the amateur relationship counsellor, who has no qualifications in anything, making generalized demeaning remarks, duplicated ad nauseum through every recording and every set of notes for every meeting I have.
It’s a pity the journalist didn’t get to talk with this ex follower:
At the same time members of the cult celebrate each time someone ‘chooses’ them Selves despite the pranic manipulations of others especially their partners, children others. Cult members share excitedly news of another inevitable break up of a marriage – one of only two paths either the other partner becomes a cult member too or the relationship dissolves. 
One marriage in three ends in divorce, and the rates for the break-down of de-facto relationships is likely to be higher. Around 2,000 people attend Universal Medicine events and many hundreds more attend Universal Medicine practitioners. Many of these people are in relationships. The figure of ‘42’ relationships breaking down over the 13 years that Serge has been a practitioner would therefore appear to be well below the national average. Quoting someone as saying the figures are ‘devastating’ and ‘catastrophic’ does not make it true.
And your apologist posturings and bragging that you’re a lawyer doesn’t make it false. We now know 42 was the tip of the iceberg. We have it documented.
Fourthly: What century are we living in? In the last sentence of the article the reporter makes the comment that women who attend a Universal Medicine practitioner for esoteric breast massage are told “to not allow their partners to touch them (their breasts) without permission”. I have not needed Serge Benhayon to tell me that a man should not touch me without my permission…Does the reporter consider that it is acceptable for a man to touch a woman without her permission? Under the Crimes Acts in the various states such sexual touch without consent is called ‘sexual assault’. 
Yes, and my lovers make an application in writing every time they feel an urge to touch me, and I make sure I sign a consent form in triplicate with a Justice of the Peace present. It does wonders for the erotic spontaneity in my relationships and is marvellous for establishing trust. In fact, just as a precaution, I’ve taken out a pre-emptive AVO on all men and lesbians on earth in case it crosses their minds to touch me without my permission.
Do you consider, Paula, most of the population aren’t sexual abusers? Even the Crimes Act gets that. Again you’re living on Planet Serge, populated solely by Serge’s sick projections. Part of the reason most of us stay in relationships is because we share the kind of trust which means we don’t have to make formal applications for permission to touch each other. Very few people in my experience make grabs at their desired one without indicating their intentions 😉 and without receiving some reciprocal signal first 😀 xox etc.
Again, this is Serge’s toxic version of amateur relationship counselling. I’ve said it before, if any of you were proper healers, you’d do more than cite dire divorce stats and make derogatory generalizations, and you’d encourage and facilitate the mending of relationships wherever it was possible to do so.
But mending relationships between followers and those who don’t want to join the cult is against Serge’s religion. As the Forum correspondent says: The ‘in truth’ teachings of Serge drives a wedge into the ‘flaws’ in any relationship essentially blaming the other in a very loving way for their inability to see the truth of their pranic lives.
For Serge and his enablers to help heal relationships would curtail his lines of profit and cause fragmentation of the group, aka his ‘investors’.
And while we’re on the subject of consent, Paula. You wrote the above before I published my account of the ovarian reading Serge Benhayon inflicted on me. After a period of grooming, I half heartedly gave in to it under a good deal of ‘gentle’ pressure, without being accurately informed what the ordeal would entail. It was also performed deceptively,  under a pretence of healing. No judge in Australia would call that consent.
You make me sick.
A lawyer I consulted (no, you’re not the only lawyer in Australia, dear) was of the opinion the ovarian reading I endured was sexual assault. It was only after some discussion with senior police and considering we probably couldn’t get it to court that I decided not to press charges. However, it is recorded as an ‘event’ with the Lismore station.
As the title of your post suggests, I’m left with a number of questions too. Have you changed your tune, Paula since I posted my story? Or are you still an active apologist, making a show of defending women by citing the Crimes Act, yet contributing to the collective denial of abuses your guru has ‘impressed’ on his followers for years?
Why haven’t any of you disputed what I’ve said? I’ve been labelled a cyber bully by the Brides of Serge, but none of you have disputed the ovarian reading manipulation. He did it to you didn’t he, and if not to you, then other women you know doing his dirty ‘work’? Ask around Paula, seeing you’re such a proud feminist, how many women followers copped an ovarian fishing exercise? Gather some courage. How many women were offered a vaginal examination as well? And while you’re protecting women with the Crimes Act, and knowing what you know goes on, think carefully if you’d be comfortable with allowing adolescent girls to stay in that household.

Career Compromises, Teachers and Social Workers

A number of you need to think carefully about your association with Serge and how it could adversely affect your careers. You need to think about whether it’s worth it. How much are you prepared to defend this character? Where will you draw the line? Particularly as we reveal more facts, and I promise there are more. And more.
It’s not going to get prettier.
And a message for the teachers and DOCS* workers involved with the group. As soon as I get through this round of complaints I’m submitting, I’ll collect all the nasty stuff Serge says about children and education, compile a report and name you to the education departments and DOCS in your states. I’m not kidding. I know of a teachers’ group in Queensland, I know who’s in it and I know children are taken to the meetings and workshops. When your names are put alongside some of Serge’s more revolting pronouncements and anecdotes, like this sickening one of Serge demonstrating ‘entity’ placement and removal on an 8 year old girl at his snake oil, hypnotism and exorcism roadshow:
The most convincing entity sessions I witnessed was not like the pairing up. It was two separate times with a bout 6 different people. It was a fair while ago but I remember Serge would select a volunteer from the audience (joking one time about how the person was coached on what to say). Serge would stand at the back of the room while the person sat or stood on the stage. He would then ask the person questions like ‘what do you think of when you think of the word Love?” There was a 8-10 year old young girl this time and she answered Mom, Dad, happy, friends, etc.. After several other questions, he would then stop take a moment and announce the entity had entered. You could see the girl become fidgety and distracted with a mischievous grin on her face and Serge would ask the same question ‘what do you think of when you think of the word Love?” the first word that came out of her mouth was pain, I cant remember it all in detail but all the words meanings were turned upside down after the entity was reportedly in. I saw grown men speak and express clearly before the possession and during the possession be lost for words and in tears because they simply said they could not feel/express the meaning of the word/s.
If I ‘present’ items like that to the appropriate departments, you won’t be explaining yourselves to me, but the state authorities that employ you.
To our readers, you can help me out by sending useful anecdotes or excerpts from EDG notes, meetings, teachings, audio, whatever. It’ll save me precious time.
Running behind schedule but coming soon: How to make your complaints and grievances official.P.S. Here’s the link to the documentary Eric mentions in the comments below. It’s a brilliant demonstration of hypnotic techniques and cold reading by a professional magician/hypnotist/mentalist. For any of you freaked out by the description above of entity possession, it might do you good to watch it. Serge’s schtick IS trickery and he’s been perfecting it for years – on a large, willing and paying audience he is able to experiment on freely. Derren Brown:MessiahAlso: Wikipedia entry on Derren Brown.

*Karoline’s Ashram. EDG notes October 16, 2010. 


8 thoughts on “Cult doctors, cult lawyers, cult cops, and still no cred…

  1. When I started contributing to this site and leaving comments I am a little embarrassed to think that I was nervous, just in case Serge did happen to have some sort of GOD connection…and for the first few comments, was checking over my shoulder for Lords of form to be waiting to do some butt kicking lol…I can reassure all you people out there that ARE scared of Serge and influenced by him, that the only thing that has happened is that me and my partner have become closer! Whether it is because I have found my inner voice and no longer am afraid, or maybe it is because I have just realised what a true charlatan Serge and his band of merry crooks are. Please people, comment. Support Venus in her efforts in bringing this man to justice. If you have any plans to put in a donation page to help you in your work I will be the first to put my hand in my pocket. I applaud you. Law enforcement has always been open to corruption, all over the world, it is no surprise that there are some working alongside Serge to help UM, because at the end of the day, they have minds too, open to suggestion from UM, and can be brainwashed as easily as anybody. This site is a joy to visit. It leaves me smiling, with a feeling of being empowered, and that is more than can be said of UM. I would love to know who you are too DV, because I want to run at you in the street and hug you for a week for the great work you do for us. Christmas is coming, and all over the world UM prisoners are planning how not to enjoy it and treat it like another day without the trimmings and the over show of emotion with family, no drinkiepoos whilst peeling the veggies for mum, the tv turned off because there is nothing like a Christ James CD to remind them not to get involved in a celebration, no gorgeous desserts, but plenty of nuts and I don't mean the food. I love christmas, the love of true family and friends, all being their true selves (not the UM self) and I know where I would like to stick the holly, and it isn't pleasant!

  2. Hitler didn't drink or smoke, so alcohol is clearly not a necessary contributing factor in humanity's ability to inflict suffering on each other. In fact, the Third Reich's racial ideas were nfluenced by the 'esoteric' writings of H.P.Blavatsky, whose Aryan root race theories (which Serge regurgitates verbatim) were an inspiration on Guido Von List's Ariosophy and later the Thule-Gesselschaft, which was instrumental in sponsoring the party that would become the NSDAP. You won't hear any of this at UM workshops though, at best Serge will suggest that Hitler was a lost soul who just needed a hug and perhaps some counter-clockwise massage to sort his issues out.

  3. Watch the UM in their habitat, they walk slowly, stir everything anti clockwise, will walk anti clockwise if possible, they put their clothes on gently, and catch themselves if they laugh too heartily. Personally I think it reminds me of my gran, she doesn't laugh too heartily in case she has a little accident, and has to walk slow in case she breaks another hip, she does odd things like them too, but her ailment is dementia, why don't you UM people wake up, it isn't your time to retire just yet, so LIVE while you can.

  4. I must have too much time on my hands. I spent a few hours over the weekend loking at youtube doco of cults. Heavens gate, Davidians, scientology, etc etc. This is what they are all saying in a nutshell.your human body is imperfect- deny it.This world is an illusion- deny itthose that tell you it is not are part of the illusion- deny themThe food you eat is not pure- deny itThe thoughts you have are merely human- deny themThe feelings you have a weak- deny themThe people that deny this way are weak and under illusion- deny them.There's something better in another plane/dimension/future life- deny the reality of your existence now.They might have different words and different imagery, but they are all the same and Serge is also doing the same thing. He has convinced all these well meaning people that their life, the magic of their lives and all the have, is false, and sold them some bullshit ideas to deny everything that is beautiful and real. They, like the members of those other cults, buy it, because the life they have is not the life they want; and they think that rather than finding their own answers, that someone else's is better. Its tragic, sad and horrifying.thanks Venus for being brave enough to stand up to those that promote this life denying cult and the tragic outcomes it is having for the members and their families, which we know are far greater than the weak protestations of Paula and her ilk.

  5. Following on from police officer EW's amazing revelations – in other blinding obvious news, Fireman Sam reports that in 18 years service he has discovered that fire is dangerous and can harm the majority of people it touches. Jim Drivefast reveals that as an ambulance driver he has experienced that 80% of people involved in collisions who do not wear a seat-belt suffer greater injuries than those than do. And Miss Studyhard, a teacher from Lismore High School presents that 92% of children who truant from school do not learn anything. What will be the next amazing revelation from the UM love-blogs? I can hardly wait…

  6. I know, they are hard hitting exponents of the bleeding obvious aren't they!There's a few things I really love about their blogs.1. You can't post on them. I have tried polite questions to no avail; yet they complain about unfair media/one sided arguments/this side not willing to have open conversations. Very funny. They can post here or on any other blog and unless it is defamatory (like some of their blogs are) it WILL go up.2. They are poster children for "cognitive bias" which is they tell big fat stories to support their errant beliefs and ignore cold hard facts like it is a case of Serge induced cancer. (hence why they don't like anyone else posting on their love blogs)3. They all sound the same, using exactly the same syntax, words (amazing, thus, step up, claim, arrogance, resistance advomit), logical fallacies, spurious arguments clearly gleaned from an EDG and recordings, while all claiming how they are 'free thinking'- sorry, they have no idea. And it is scary how little they can see that. It makes me despair for humanity. really.4. It shows the outside world that it is a cult. I have not met anyone- that is no one- who has not read them and gone " far out, are they all in a cult or what!!!" – so it serves to prove our point, not theirs.But there you go.I'll add this one Mr. Harper.. " Mr Cultleader reports 100% of students can be convinced he is man of absolute integrity even while managing to fleece them of hard earned and conduct dubious relationships and business dealings" Now with that Ms Policewoman (ex me thinks) and co, you know Serge IS right on the money.

  7. I think you've hit on a great point, annie, about why ex students and even non followers are nervous about Serge – because they sense or fear or suspect he has special powers. His special power is deception and manipulation. It's so special and so potent because he utterly lacks the kind of scruples and conscientiousness which prevents decent people from deceiving and manipulating others. Serge is all about getting his way and getting what he wants. Serge's schtick is ALL trickery. The absolute lot of it. I'm going to post links to that Derren Brown doco Eric mentioned as a demonstration of it. Anyway, Serge WORKS it – he's working that fear and nervousness he instils. It's how he's gotten away with this colossal scam for so long. No boundaries, no limits to his deceptions, no limit to how much he can manipulate others to compromise themselves and no limit to what he'll do to get his narcissistic needs met. SergeProp call me and my compadres bullies, but Serge is the classic pass agg bully. He counts on people being polite and good natured to enable him. Bullies count on people not standing up to them.I promise, we won't back down. And recently, since I began making more of our concerns official, we've been gaining some very powerful support. It's also the same reason Serge exalts the submissive version of the feminine – because passiveness eliminates antagonism and opposition and opens his followers up for exploitation. I'm so glad to hear you feel empowered by reading. I'm very much an advocate for robust assertiveness when appropriate. (I recommend a bit of pre emptive risk assessment first, though, lol.) I'm hoping contributions by myself and others here will empower current or ex students or others affected to get out, make the break properly, get healthy, get free and get on with their lives. Thanks!

  8. Thanks everyone for your great comments, and your support is important to me/us. I'm pasting links to the very interesting 'Messiah' documentary Eric recommended at the bottom of the post above ^ It's a brilliant demonstration of hypnotic and cold reading techniques by a pro. It'll also go on the Links page under 'Understanding How It Happens and How It Works'.

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