The cult lawyers sink to a new low

Again, it’s not a coincidence that I pose questions to Universal Medicine’s apologist lawyers and within a couple of days the propaganda blogs post damage control. As usual the lawyers, like ‘The One’ himself, never do their own bidding. This time it’s foisted on a victim of domestic abuse fleeing a bad marriage and recruited by the lawyers in their very own offices.


Universal Medicine & My Abusive Marriage: Setting the Record Straight

November 24, 2012 —by Anonymous 

I am reluctant to put my name to this because I have witnessed how hostile and relentless the hate campaign has been. I am a single mother with an abusive ex-husband. I don’t want to be exposed via social or mass media in any way that opens me up to being targetted by my ex. On a personal and private level my friends and work colleagues know of my interactions with Universal Medicine. 

I don’t have some amazing story of Universal Medicine or Serge Benhayon changing my life. And that is exactly why I feel compelled to write in response to some of the ludicrous things being said about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon.

I’m sorry Anonymous that you endured an abusive 17 year relationship and I heartily congratulate you on getting out. However, I’m also sorry that you got out of that only to be manipulated into defending a similarly ‘charismatic man’, ‘scary, dark, scheming and hurtful’. I’m also sorry you see our efforts to expose the harm Serge Benhayon is inflicting as a ‘hate campaign’, and that your family and friends are ‘freaked out by the cyber-bullying’, but they’re not freaked out by the steady revelation of damning facts.

I first heard of Universal Medicine when I separated from my husband after 17 years of abuse and domestic violence, which included verbal abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse, social isolation, and brainwashing…When I did decide to leave, I believed that I needed to hold onto my love for him because it would take love to break up with integrity. I called several lawyers who all focussed on what I could get, like a battle between enemies. But to me, this was the father of my children, not an enemy. I had to be able to sustain a relationship with him for many years, and ‘going into battle’ just seem ludicrous. Finally I found a lawyer who understood my position of love and integrity. The lawyer did express concern was that I was making decisions from fear and did tell me what I could potentially get, but supported my decisions totally. Someone actually saw that I could make valid decisions! One day, while waiting in the office, I picked up a book written by Serge Benhayon and started to read. After a couple of pages I thought.. ‘what the heck is the Hierarchy?”. 

These people ‘get me’ 

I have never been a ‘seeker’ and have always been a sceptic. So, initially I thought this Serge book was a bit ‘nutso’. AND yet, here I was exposed to two people (the lawyer and receptionist) who were students of Universal Medicine. 

This was so significant because I had been told for so many years that I was ‘wrong’. That who I was, was not enough. My husband had even on numerous occasions criticised me for my integrity and for being able to love him. He’d say “f**k, I’m such a bastard to you and you can still respect and love me. You’re so sanctimonious.” But this lawyer and receptionist were saying things like “that’s great, I like that you’ve done that” or “you have such a lovely strong energy”. I felt seen. 

You were more than ‘seen’. You were paying that lawyer and receptionist for legal services at a vulnerable point in your life and you were recruited to the Universal Medicine cult and cartel, with whom that lawyer has a financial relationship. I would call that targeted.

Anonymous, you go to a lot of trouble to insist you’re not that involved with UniMed, that you freely question Esoteric stuff – “and no one gives a jot” – and “Serge ain’t no guru” – except you’ve written a 2000 word defence of him on an adulatory site called “The Truth About Serge Benhayon”, and you don’t “have a grand story about how Serge or UniMed changed my life.” It’s a lot of trouble to go to for a wealthy man surrounded by supporters you say you’re hardly involved with.

Like so much in your post, it doesn’t add up. I’ve quoted you above as saying you were a victim of domestic violence and sexual abuse, but:

“Like most cases of domestic abuse, I never reported anything to the police. All of my experiences are “unsubstantiated’ in a legal sense (as if substantiating or validating the experience of abuse can only be measured by ‘law’). My husband never did anything to me that is ‘illegal’. There was nothing to report.”

So that’s the kind of legal advice you got from the cult lawyers? They told you that as a victim of domestic violence and sexual abuse, your husband did nothing illegal?


The entire Australian judicial system would disagree.

You go on to say you and your children were doing a diet similar to the Esoteric one, on the advice of a naturopath, although “none of my children have ‘medically diagnosed or diagnosable conditions’, but the dietary advice has been sound and beneficial.”

How? If they don’t have diagnosable conditions, how do you make a dietary link and how do you know they’ve improved? You’re not making sense, or should I say, you’re being rather Esoteric, and using all the key words like ‘love’ and ‘integrity’ like a mantra.

(By the way, I know SergeProp was studying my diet post, part 3 in the last couple of days – looking for ways around it, I imagine. It appeared to take an entire UniMed committee and this is the best they can do. Tsk. And their fiction writing skills didn’t fare much better. SergeProp needs to know that brainless, harmful, physical vandalism Serge calls a diet is being submitted to the HCCC – the charts, the recipes and the precious quotes, like this sanctification of anorexia: ‘We need to eat less than ever before because the light of our soul is giving us more than ever before.’ I’ll be arguing the diet, like it’s author, is a public health risk. And any Esoteric diet related complaints the HCCC receives will be proof – so affected readers, please submit your complaints, because the HCCC won’t take my submission seriously without yours.)

Regarding Costs

I have had a session with Natalie Benhayon – the experience for me was similar to Reiki and meditation. I have also had Chakra-Puncture with Michael Benhayon. The difference between these healing sessions and sessions I have had elsewhere is that when I have gone to other practitioners, the focus is on the ‘ailment’ that prompted me to see them. Yet, during the sessions I had with Natalie and Michael the focus was on “me”. The reason I was seeing them was addressed, but it was viewed as a small part of my overall health and love for myself. In both instances I felt very held and supported… and the cost was cheaper than other acupuncture/naturopath/counselling sessions I have had elsewhere.

I’d hope they’re cheaper if their therapeutic focus isn’t on the ailment and if the therapies do ‘jot’ for symptoms. In fact, in my view, the therapies are so ‘Esoteric’, as in ineffectual, they shouldn’t be taking money from you at all. Again, what you’re saying doesn’t add up. Why pay for therapies, as alternatives to acupuncture, naturopathy and counselling, if they’re not addressing ailments? In other words you’re paying to be ‘held and supported’. You’re paying therapists to reinforce Serge’s indoctrination.

And going to a lot of trouble to defend a group of people you have a financial relationship with.

Particularly Serge.

I only just properly met Serge Benhayon last week. I have never had a personal healing session with him, though I have been to presentations where I have heard him speak. I really just had no calling to meet him, personally. I certainly respect Serge and his work, I have just never felt I needed something from him in particular, on a one to one basis. I enjoy his presentations but I certainly don’t see him as a guru… yet I certainly now feel, that I want to give to him. The attacks on him have actually drawn me to want to hold him. So last Saturday, when just by chance we ended up standing near each other and he asked me my name, I told him and reached in to embrace him and said “I just want to hold you”. Before this hate campaign, I don’t think I would have felt that need to extend love to Serge so strongly.

But you have no love for the people who have been damaged by him and his group? You call what we’re doing hate, but we call it exposing the truth. You make reference to ‘cyber bullying’, and I know you’re all reading my blog and attempting damage control, but again, you’ve studiously avoided the serious questions I’ve asked. You say you were ‘never pushed & never shunned’, that you’re ‘always questioning’, so ask Gayle if she was given an ovarian reading by Serge, or if she knows other women who have. Ask for a straight answer. Ask yourself if this is an acceptable practice. Ask yourself whether you’d allow an adolescent girl to stay in Serge’s household, or whether you’d hug him again if you knew what he tried on me. Go and read the stuff Serge says about charity being equal to paedophilia, and how Serge has predicted the development of ‘contagious cancer.’ Go and read about Ex student Y, who was abandoned and shunned.

Ask yourself, where is the love?

4 thoughts on “The cult lawyers sink to a new low

  1. The attacks on him have actually drawn me to want to hold him. So last Saturday, when just by chance we ended up standing near each other and he asked me my name, I told him and reached in to embrace him and said “I just want to hold you”. Before this hate campaign, I don’t think I would have felt that need to extend love to Serge so strongly.Serge has been attacking common sense and families for a decade. I have lost count of the number of people i know in the area who have had their families broken up due to this man. I have personally lost friendships because those so called friends think I am full of bad energies! A man I used to work with became an awful shell of himself after joining the group. Who knows what happened to him. To think someone would want to hug a man who is so awful and destructive is sickening. He's sure got a hold on people this guy.

  2. I say if they want to be involved in the cult, let them be.The consequences of gullibility are self evident. They'll lose money, lose relationships and their gullibility will lead to life decisions that'll end up causing them despair down the track. That's OK with me – I can't stand being in the company of idiots, let alone being in a relationship with one.Let reality sort them out.

  3. Fair enough. More than a few people are questioning why we bother. We're not. Personally I couldn't care less what the culties believe in – gullibility, susceptibility and suggestibility aren't crimes. Being a wackjob isn't a crime. In fact, a relative of mine is into extreme Bible interpretations and UFOs. So far no one's been injured as a result, so I've never even remarked on it, but I did send him some links on Russian bride scams when he fell in love over the internet with a Russian girl 30 years his junior (who's probably 45 and whose real name is probably Boris). And if it were illegal to hang out with idiots, we'd probably all be housebound.Or be forced out of the house/bunker.I don't doubt 'reality will sort them out', but reality often needs a kick start. Serge has managed to elude reality since his bankruptcy, and the reality of accountability can't happen until some pissed off and motivated people make the effort to notify the appropriate authorities. In the meantime, while no one was watching and no one took action, reality was deteriorating rapidly for growing numbers of people. For some to the point of causing irreparable damage. It might be easy for some people to let that slide, but I can't and I won't. I've been in situations where strong and assertive action on my part averted serious harm. I've also seen difficult situations play out to the death, as in a body count, and kicked myself and still kick myself for not doing more. If I can see a way forward to minimize or stop UM harm, I'll do it. I'm just profoundly grateful I'm not trying to do this alone.

  4. Oops, I meant to add, the fact this woman joined the cult is not the issue – it's the abuse and exploitation of power by this cult lawyer that is unacceptable, and all the other professional apologists/recruiters with vested interests in UM – especially the doctors. Also, it's pretty clear from the UM trademark spherical reasoning (bullshit) in the post, that it was written by more than one person. Perhaps I should insert this in my post, but to quote Margaret Singer, the cult expert: "Everyone is influenced and persuaded daily in various ways, but the vulnerability to influence varies. The ability to fend of persuaders is reduced when one is rushed, stressed, uncertain, lonely, indifferent, uniformed, distracted or fatigued… Also affecting vulnerability are the status and power of the persuader…"Since modern cults are persistent and often deceptive in their recruiting, many prospective group members have no accurate knowledge of the cult and almost no understanding of what eventually will be expected of them as long term members."

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