Esoteric ‘love’ – guaranteed desolation

A well documented characteristic of the Universal Medicine cult is the high rate of relationship breakdowns among its students. This transcript of an audio recording of one of Serge Benhayon’s lectures, reveals how Serge’s teachings on ‘love’ are really instructions on how to emotionally shut down. Is it any wonder relationships, not just with partners, but children, friends, family and even pets then suffer?

The insidious influence of SergeSpeak
In previous posts on thought reform techniques, I described Serge’s techniques for deceiving and manipulating students, and inducing dissociation in order to maximize their suggestibility. His lectures are one of his more potent mind control methods. Some are recorded and released monthly as podcasts, which students listen to repeatedly – often daily for an hour at a time. The language within is deliberately manipulated and subverted, or as psychiatrist R J Lifton would say, ‘loaded’ into ‘thought terminating cliches’ designed to limit critical thinking. I call Serge’s idiosyncratic distortion of language, SergeSpeak. 
In addition, I wrote about Serge’s oratory routine in terms of Ericksonian hypnosis. The combination of SergeSpeak, far flung metaphysical and paranormal concepts, Serge’s deceptively ‘gentle’ delivery and his calculated use of emotionally loaded subject matter heightens suggestibility in uncritical listeners. Milton Erickson would call this a confusional hypnotic technique. By unseating rational processes, the mind grasps to find a logical footing. With their orientation to reality broken, the student mentally regresses and becomes increasingly receptive to clarifying hypnotic suggestions (Erickson, Rossi & Rossi, 1976, p.106). Emotive words and expressions in the lecture serve as anchors for harnessing emotional energy to maximise the responsiveness of the subject (Waterfield, 2003, p. 311). Serge’s soothing voice switches between themes of violent or painful imagery and ‘gentle lovingness’. He ties painful suggestions to students’ negative past experiences and the hostile world outside UM, while simultaneously associating  the ‘healing’ images of ‘innermost love’ and ‘gentle breath’ with his persona and the group. Consequently, students are unconsciously programmed with Serge’s dire worldview. However, in their conscious minds they believe they are part of a compassionate and caring organization learning about ‘self-loving, soulfulness and livingness’. Under this spell, they come to regard their membership in Universal Medicine as the only positive influence in their lives, while all prior or outside influences are portrayed as negative, damaging and PRANIC! 
In addition, listening to the audio, I’ve identified key words Serge uses to trigger trance states, as if by snapping his fingers. I was alerted to Serge’s use of hypnotic induction by loved ones who told me of students undergoing sudden, almost instantaneous regressions into states of dissociation following a short phone call from ‘The One’. One of these words is ‘connect’, including ‘reconnect’, as well as ‘truth’ and also ‘love’. In one recording, the word ‘connect’ is repeated during the meditation (hypnosis) session which precedes lectures 16 times in around two minutes. In the transcript below, ‘love’ and its derivatives are repeated 51 times in the first five minutes, and one can hear in the audio, from the silence of the audience, how captivated they are.
Be warned the content of the transcript will read confusingly, and it’s meant to. Serge’s lectures are not designed to make sense, to educate or inform or empower. They’re designed to entrance, to indoctrinate and to induce dissociation. Serge thereby controls the thoughts of the listener in order to engender dependency. At the end of the transcript, I’ll pull out the key phrases to distil its real meaning. 
Esoteric love
Many readers will have observed personality changes in their loved ones who are UM students, and the most remarked upon change is regression to unfeeling, non expressive, uncommunicative and often paranoid states. Bearing in mind Serge’s use of trance induction/hypnosis techniques, the content of the following passage may give some clues as to how this has occurred. I should point out, it’s not an isolated instance of Serge speaking about love this way. I’m still only four hours into the six hours of audio I have, and this programming is subtly and repeatedly reinforced throughout. In effect, Serge is indoctrinating his students to reject relationships with anyone outside UM for the sole purpose of securing their dependency on the cult. The dependency of students, of course, is key to UniMed’s cashflow.
In the meantime, Esoteric ‘love’ is essentially a state of self centred, unaffectionate and emotionally repressed inertia. A formula for shutting others out.  
The following excerpt of a lecture by Serge Benhayon was recorded in early 2010. Note that the final paragraph was particularly ‘spherical’ and has been cut for brevity.
24:15 The hardness, the protection is a vascular condition that stops you from loving, because you’re protecting your heart from being hurt about not being loved. When we do this with no understanding whatsoever of how energy works. Because the moment you protect yourelf, you cannot love outward. For every force there’s an equal and opposite force in energy. The moment you stop love coming in because you think you’re going to get hurt, so too do you stop that love coming out. And you live, and you, well no, let me put it more blunt for you – you rot in your own dampness behind the wall that you put up, and then you blame the world for not loving you, but you’re on the other side of the wall holding this protection. Now what happens when you meet someone with a brick wall? You can’t love them because they won’t let you. And the more you try genuinely, the more they run away. Guess why they run away. Not because they don’t want the love, they do, they run away because if they should let it in, what would happen then if it didn’t last? The pain that that would mean is too huge, so they’d rather say I can see you’re trying to love me, but if I do let you in and should you leave me one day, the devastation is too huge, therefore I will keep the wall. That’s why a lot of people don’t let love in. Not because they don’t want to let the love in, because should they let it in and experience everything they’ve always wanted, should that go away, then it’s an enormous problem to deal with. But that’s all an illusion, because once you let it in, if you do let it in and the person does go away, you say ‘see you later, I’ve got it.’
Audience laughter.
‘I’m love now. I never needed you anyway.’
Louder laughter.
It’s the trick. All you have to do is let your guard down and you’re love. You don’t need someone to love you. Cos the truth is no one can love you. You are love. You can feel someone’s love of themselves and you can join that, and that’s beautiful. That’s what making love is about. You cannot be loved. You can be cared and nurtured. You cannot be loved. You can’t send love, it’s impossible. Love is a livingness. You can have love in your hands when you touch. You can have love in your hands when you make cup of tea – non caffeinated. You can have love in everything that you do. You can have love in your arms, so when you hug someone, you hold them, you can have a totally open heart. So when you hug, they feel it all the way to their bones. Everything that you do when you walk is love and there, that way, they can feel your love. But you can’t love them in the way that we think love is. You cannot love someone. You can only be love and they can feel and enjoy that. So if you are demanding that your partner is to love you, and that you are not enough because they don’t love you, you are in one hell of an illusion. You are in one hell of a huge arrogance. There’s no such thing as hell, I’m just playing with that word. You are arrogant. Because you are waiting to be changed by what someone can do, which they can’t do because it’s impossible. You cannot receive love from another. You can only love and be love and then if you allow yourself to feel that a person’s in love, you get inspired to be love yourself, then you two of you are in-love with yourselves. And should you do things together, then you’re making love. That’s how it works. It’s not something you can give another. You can’t love your puppies.
You cannot love your little golden puppy retrievers. The cutest dog you can find, don’t think you can love them. You can only be love and the dog goes, ‘what she’s trying to love me, (groans)’ They wag their tails, yeah I’ll keep them in the illusion. They get happy because they get met and it’s caring and might be nurturing, but you cannot love your dog. You can only be love and when you are love, watch what happens to the dog. When you are love and you’re with the dog, they completely change. And guess what? They do something we don’t like. 
(Pauses. Long silence.) When we are love, and we’re with the dog, they do something we don’t like.
(Pauses. Silence.) See you all next week. (Laughs) Audience laughter.
They stop pandering. But we need them to pander don’t we. We need them to be all things for us. We enjoy that because it’s the attention we didn’t get from Mum and Dad or from our partners currently. And so we like that, and the dog likes giving it to us and it’s an emotional interchange. But when you become love, what does the dog do? They become love and they go ‘I don’t need to do anything. I can lie next to you but I’ll be lazy because this is amazing.’ They do. They get really really quiet when you’re love, because there’s no need. See we train them to do things. We’re doing exactly what was done to us. If you do you shoelace correctly. If you do your bed correctly, if you spell correctly, if you do your maths correctly, if you bring home an A, if you’re the prettiest, if you brush your hair, if you brush your teeth. If you do all the things, then you get my favour. That’s how we treat our dogs. Sit, shake hands… yeah good boy, roll over, die…and we reward them, so we’re parenting them in the same way that we were parenting them instead of meeting them and saying if you don’t want to sit, you don’t need to sit, but you can sit. When I need you to sit, I’d like you to sit, but you don’t have to sit all the time just because I tell you to. And if you treat a dog like that, you’ll see that they become a totally different being, and when you’re with them it’s love, and there’s an equalness and you can feel them as an equal as opposed to keeping them as the animal that has to feed you all the needs you don’t have in life. True, honesty is a great start…How did I get on to that? Oh yeah, vascular conditions. The protection…I digressed but not really. It’s all spherical, it all means the same thing. 
Yes, Serge, it’s all bullshit.
Now the distillation. Using Serge’s words and cutting the surplus. Here’s what he’s saying:
You’re hurt about not being loved. You rot. You blame the world for not loving you. You can’t love them because they won’t let you in. The more you try, the more they run away. Love doesn’t last and the pain is too huge. But…I’ve got it. I’m love now. I never needed you anyway. It’s the trick. You don’t need someone to love you. No one can love you. You are love. You cannot be loved. You can’t send love. You cannot love someone. You are arrogant. You cannot receive love. It’s not something you can give another. We need them to be all things for us. I don’t need to do anything. You are keeping them as an animal to feed all the needs you have in life. 
Yes, God forbid human beings have emotional needs. And God forbid love – real love – might be an exchange – a process of giving and receiving which benefits and enriches all involved, or that performing acts of love, which may involve some sacrifice and may transcend obsessive self interest might be some of the most significant things you ever do in your life. 
Serge used puppies to refer to his students’ emotional neediness. But if we view the dialogue above in terms of relating to other human beings, it’s saying Esoteric love is only possible by shutting down, being passive, and can only be shared with an equally self centred, uncommunicative and atrophied individual. That strikes me as a peculiar arrangement, with limited duration because narcissists tend to gravitate toward those they can control.  
Now I understand why children of UM cult members experience confusion and separation anxieties. Esoteric love is responsible for rupturing countless adult relationships, but translates to emotional deprivation and neglect when imposed on children. Children require regular, sincere, demonstrative affection and reassurance, verbally and physically for their emotional sustenance and development
Dogs lie down and do nothing, not because they’re being ‘love’, but because they’re lacking stimulation. Because they’re bored. Or tired.
I’ll add that a reader contacted me in distress over a close friend and UM student’s post natal depression, including difficulty bonding with her baby. The reader asked me to write about how Serge sabotages mothering, but at the time I hadn’t done enough research to unearth direct evidence. The above is a start, and combine that with evidence I’ve found from the original Esoteric Breast Massage blurbs and some EDG notes that mothers transmit ‘ill energy’ through their breast milk, and that IVF babies have no souls, and you have a recipe for maternal catastrophe. 
Yet, we have neonatal paediatrician and author of parenting books, Dr Howard Chilton, publicly defending and thereby endorsing this vile, self serving, profiteering menace, Serge Benhayon.
It’s the trick…Sit, shake hands, roll over, die. 
A psychiatrist acquaintance once told me slips of the tongue, and Serge has more than average, are extremely revealing. 

Erickson, MH, Rossi, EL, Rossi, SI, 1976, Hypnotic Realities: The Induction of Clinical Hypnosis and Forms of Indirect Suggestion, Irvington, New York.
Waterfield, R, 2003, Hidden Depths: The Story of Hypnosis, Brunner Routledge, New York, Hove. 


5 thoughts on “Esoteric ‘love’ – guaranteed desolation

  1. This is where Serge shows his hand (but only when slowed down to thought speed and deconstructed) and his narcissism which by definition is extreme self love- and that is what he has outlined here very clearly. He thinks that his experience of the world is the 'way it is' and he is desperately trying to get others to do the same to enhance and justify his narcissistic worldview. Put simply he is incapable of true human emotional Love ("a narcissist is special. His love transcends human love") which is nothing like he describes. Love is the ability to put others before yourself, because it serves you and those who receive for you to do so; your children, your family, your spouse, lover, friends, community. It is something we learn and get better at. It is an 'emotion' by necessity, otherwise we would not be given to doing so and we would not function as a human collective. It is a state that allows us to form bonds that transcend our own often petty needs so we can commune with others. And the payoff is that others do the same for us. Love IS the act of giving and receiving. Just thinking you are love is an act of utter insanity, but it is clearly written on the non-emotional faces of committed 'students' and the results speak for themselves.The world that Serge describes is a god-awful world of vain self-absorption. What a devastating soulless place to be… And yet, that is just what the student are blogging about every day. Deborah McInnes has written treatise on it. Rod Harvey has called himself 'belove' and all of the other students fall into the same trap of emulating the obvious sickness of a man who is incapable of really feeling, giving and receiving love, and only truly loves himself. Ironically, they probably don't truly understand that they cannot achieve his pathological state, and Serge himself often shows his frustration that they cannot 'do the work' and be in the 'livingness' with him; which could only be achieved fully by sharing his sickness.The frightening thing is, I can see how the twisted little narrative he dribbles at his hapless audience of seekers would somehow make sense in a counter-intuitive way; and that if you were barraged with that day and night for years you would become a little clone of the sick-one himself; so you even thought you were him if someone criticized, so that you wrote long defenses on blogs, or that you went into bat for him, or gave up your marriages, partners, your life… Very dark stuff.

  2. The Lords of the Form Guide are already placing bets on how soon the love bloggers will start posting about what 'loving' perfect mothers they are and how their relationships are all going swimmingly, and they owe it all to Sergio. Less than 24 hours is running at very low odds, and I can imagine the dutiful little scribes abandoning the podcasts and leaving the peas in the blender to tap out their testimonials, with SergeProp Lieutenant in chief Rebecca or someone correcting their spelling and adding their very special editorial skills. Meanwhile the non cult partners will be attending to their kids' needs; material and emotional – feeding them properly (non esoterically), doing non esoteric housework, paying non esoteric bills and mortgages, emotionally bonding, being shunned and called abusers etcFor once, I'd love the SergeProppers to write something funny or creative, but that would entail busting out of the trance. And snapping out of the bullshit would sever Serge's line of credit.

  3. If there is any doubt that Serge works to break people up and is still at it, here he is again from last Sundays workshop:"Serge Question – " Am i prepared to press the accelerator and leave whoever i might leave behind" Question from Serge – "where do i feel i personally stand staying with them and what do they get out of it" Question from Serge – 'what happens when i do accelerate forward and leave them behind. The choice to leave and stay behind is there choice.To help humanity we need press the accelerator and leave them behind.The greatest brainwashing is normal life as it is not questioned.People need to see GLORY lived"Notice how Serge uses the word brainwashing as a double blind to convince his followers that outside of their group they are being brainwashed and therefore he is not. SergeSubversion. He is clearly telling people to be in their GLORY they need to leave people that are telling them they are being brainwashed by him. You know, husbands, partners, families, wives… He is a devious little devil isn't he? Given the spotlight on Serge of late for doing just this you think he might grow a brain and tone it down for a while. The blackout screens aren't working Serge. We know exactly what you are saying, word for word… He is effectively just increasing the pressure on himself for his eventual demise at the hands of the authorities. Which we know is coming like the four horseman of the 21st December Apocalypse.

  4. Perhaps Deborah Benhayon would like to come clean and tell the world how she honestly felt when Serge accelerated towards 'living his glory' – by leaving her for a decidedly underage girl.

  5. What is love? Love is the capacity to expand, to surrender judgment, to support, to encourage.

    It is rising above our own smallness to engulf others with understanding, empathy and compassion.

    Love is setting aside pettiness, jealousies and beliefs and all things that make us small. Love transcends our own small thinking, wants and desires in service to others as if they were ourselves. At first for those that are close, and then for everyone, and then every-thing.

    Love sets others free. It never enslaves, defends, strikes back, or contracts. Its generous seed blossoms so its ineffable beauty touches other and inspires in them the same.

    Such love is perhaps rare, and for a human to possess it, if fleetingly, is enlightenment – personified

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