Naming names – December update

December 2012: This site’s Naming Names page provides a picture of the international scale of the Universal Medicine cult cartel. An update on the official complaints process follows with a message to Universal Medicine practitioners.

When I first set up the Naming Names page, and organized the directory of Universal Medicine practitioners and recruiters, we received a few protests in our comments from Serge’s love trolls, saying they were ‘shocked’ and that we didn’t ‘realize the gravity’ of what we’re doing. They were outraged that we were posting the names of qualified medical people, solicitors, financial planners and the rest of the Eso-pretenders, damaging the precious reputations of people who were already publicly promoting UM.
Now they’re feeling all sensitive and persecuted, but that’s nothing compared to the way we feel about the callous persecution and exploitation of patients with untested, ineffective piss take ‘therapies’ Serge has concocted. As if siphoning cash from the unwary wasn’t bad enough, Esoteric ‘healing’ is actively destroying wellbeing and preventing patients from receiving appropriate, qualified, medical care. Not to mention the damage UM has done to families and relationships with Serge’s malignant, sociopathic doctrines on ‘love’. And then there’s the inexcusable persecution I endured in Serge’s treatment room. Just when I was thinking he might be an okay guy, he sprung me with his revoltingly sleazy ovarian reading.
Yet, in spite of what I endured, Universal Medicine’s ‘self-loving’ students and remunerated apologists are publicly trying to pretend I don’t exist, and nor do my FAQs about the disturbing behaviour of their guru and the fraudulent organization he has the hide to call ‘medicine’.  Out of public view, Serge the millionaire is seeking donations from his followers for a legal fund to try and have me stopped. Stopped from exposing the facts, stopped from blowing the whistle, and stopped, I assume, from ‘cyber-bullying’ his delicate male and female brides. One day they’ll twig his harping about legal action is a smokescreen too – a last ditch effort to distract his ‘investors’ from the brutal facts about who and what he is. As well as another shameless money grab.Sue me yourself, Serge. Everything I’ve said about you and UM is fact. I’m more than ready to bring all the evidence I’ve gathered to court, and you’ll be ordered to pay my costs when you lose.

For all their indignant victimhood, none of the SergeHuggers have accused me of lying about the ovarian reading. Why? Because Serge did the same to many of them, or their wives, girlfriends, sisters or daughters. How do I know? Because I wasn’t anything special, and plenty of women went through that treatment room before and after me. They’re embarrassed because they didn’t know their rights, didn’t realize they were being violated and didn’t know to stand up for themselves.

I managed to halt Serge’s advances, but what if I’d fallen for the ruse? I know he’s taken it further with other women, and I know he’s done worse than he tried with me. I have it from several independent sources. If one woman were to press charges, Serge would be prohibited from practice for good and probably jailed, but asking those women to make a police or other official complaint in small town NSW is asking a lot. Perhaps too much.

In the meantime, we might halt UniMed’s assault on public health and Serge’s predatory behaviour by doing what we can to bring the law down on him, his enablers, and also his well meaning ‘students’, who seem frighteningly unaware of the harm they’re participating in.

How readers can help

Regular readers will know I have made a complaint about Serge’s sexual misconduct, however the HCCC was unable to act because the code for unregistered practitioners wasn’t in place until 2008, three years after the incident, and isn’t retroactive. However, my complaint is lodged in their permanent database and will be taken into account every time subsequent complaints are made. (Note also, I’ve made a statement to the Lismore police where it is recorded as well.)

I’ve made further complaints and will continue to do so about breaches by various practitioners, but since I’m not a patient, they are given less creedence than specific patient statements.

Please if you’ve been adversely affected by Universal Medicine practices or practitioners, consider notifying the regulatory bodies. Please don’t assume others are making complaints. One thing I’ve found while looking into UM, is that many people have been damaged but were waiting for someone else to do something about it. – waiting for the law to catch up with Serge.

The law can’t catch up with Serge without information and without complaints.

I’ve posted a series on the codes of conduct for various practitioners and how the codes may have been violated by UM practitioners, with links on those pages to the agencies which take complaints.

Complaints processes for unregistered healthcare practitioners, apply to Esoteric healers, chakra-puncturists, massage therapists, naturopaths, counsellors, psychotherapists, individuals who publicly represent themselves as nutritionists or dieticians, when they’re not, and anyone who provides a health service.

Complaints about registered practitioners are made through the HCCC in NSW, and AHPRA in other states. Registered practitioners include psychologists, physiotherapists, dentists, pharmacists and Chinese Medicine practitioners.

Doctors have a more rigorous code of conduct than other practitioners and complaints can also be made through the HCCC or AHPRA. In the UK, complaints can be made to the General Medical Council.

I’ve also added a post dedicated to advertising breaches and the avenues for complaint about those.

For families, friends and partners of those affected

Yes! You can make a complaint on behalf of someone adversely affected by UniMed practitioners. You may do so without their consent. If you’ve noticed a decline in health in your loved one, please consider notifying AHPRA or the HCCC. They prefer to have the consent of the patient in order to access medical records, but can still consider and act on complaints without the patient agreeing to it. In such circumstances, their powers are slightly limited, and they may not be able to inform you of the authority’s decisions. If you are able to get the consent of your dear one, the AHPRA complaint form comes with consent forms attached.

AHPRA 1 300 419 495

It’s not required, but if any readers would like support materials for their complaints, you can quote claims made on websites, in notes or study materials or on audio, or provide screenshots of webpages. I have a collection of all of the above on various practitioners and am happy to share.

Also note there are penalties for harrassing or intimidating anyone who makes a complaint to the HCCC.

Further Complaints – that bloody diet, the chakra-puncture scourge and Esoteric breast massage

I have more complaints underway about Serge. I’m submitting the Esoteric diet charts and recipes and arguing that thing and the bloke behind it is a public health risk. You can back me by submitting complaints if your loved one has experienced health problems since being on the diet. Signs of malnutrition include becoming underweight, emaciated in appearance, listlessness, fatigue, dizziness, poor immunity (eg. catching colds or flu recurrently, poor wound healing etc), disturbance to the menstrual cycle, such as less frequent menstrual periods or no periods, digestive disturbance, neurological symptoms such as twitching, cramping, tingling or numbness, nervousness, anxiety, emotional lability, depression or headaches. They may also suffer a deterioration of hair, skin, nails, teeth and gums. I’ve also described the symptoms of eating disorders here, and these include odd rituals and anxiety around meals and eating.

As for chakra-puncture, seeing it was invented by Sergio – the ex bankrupt tennis coach  with no qualifications in anything, who reckoned he was Leonardo Pythagoras Da Vinci reincarnated – it has no clinical basis and therefore none of the claims made to its therapeutic efficacy can be substantiated: including that it can be used to help in detoxification of drugs, alcohol or chemotherapy, or that it helps respiratory or digestive conditions. In NSW, that contravenes the code of conduct for unregistered practitioners. And who is checking unregistered practitioners compliance with skin penetration and infection control regulations? I’m seriously lobbying state and federal health ministers to acknowledge the practice is unlawful and to have it BANNED.

I’m not sure what I can get done about Esoteric breast massage, but it’s copping a complaint as well and those practitioners need to knock off all pretence of being able to help gyne disorders, and need to desist immediately from taking gyne, reproductive or sexual histories from clients, with or without signing a consent form. They can’t help gyne disorders and therefore have no reason to take gyne histories, and no qualifications to comment or counsel on women’s choices, or on their experiences of sexual abuse. That intrusion by unqualified do-gooders in itself is exploitation and abuse.

Intelligence gathering – the diet

In compiling my complaint to the HCCC about the Esoteric diet, I will be informing them that Serge has further restricted it since circulating the FIERY PRANIC! diet charts.

Currently, I believe no grains are allowed. Quinoa (technically a seed) is still allowed, but a friend of a student told me rice has now been disallowed, as have mushrooms, root vegetables, including potato, as well as an interminable list of otherwise perfectly wholesome and vitally nutritious foods.

Please, can anyone confirm this because it’s quite serious. Please give me as much information as you can, in the comments below or via the contact form.I have reports of students suffering chronic diarrhoea on the diet, apart from numerous other signs of chronic malnutrition, and this is not a joke. Chronic diarrhoea can also lead to chronic dehydration and as if the diet isn’t inadequate enough, if your stools are liquefied or very loose, you are not absorbing nutrients, full stop. Even if an unqualified dietician or air headed naturopath ‘gently’ and ‘lovingly’ insists otherwise.

There’s also the possibility the bowels can lose motility all together and simply stop moving, in which case the bowel movements will be soft but infrequent and difficult to expel.

It’s little wonder this is happening when Serge’s glorious diet now consists of little more than cellulose.

And doctors are endorsing these abuses of patients. This disgrace.

A special message to Universal Medicine’s associated health professionals and Esoteric practitioners

I’m heartened by the fact Australia, and particularly NSW, has laws and codes in place to protect the public from unethical and unsafe healthcare practices. I’m disheartened that so many of you appear to be either utterly ignorant of them or are simply contemptuous of the public and your patients.

A number of high powered observers, from government, the media and academia are paying attention to the way AHPRA and the HCCC responds to the complaints, and I daresay I’ll take part in any push to have those laws broadened and tightened – particularly with regards to unregistered practitioners outside NSW. I think the system also needs to address patient access to the complaints process and look at making that easier, so that scammers like Serge aren’t allowed to create havoc under the radar for over 10 years before anyone works out how to get the system to work.

Please, UniMedders, avail yourselves of the codes and practice some exoteric, as in real world, honesty, probity and accountability. Examine your behaviour and do what every other health practitioner in Australia is required to do and abide by the codes and act in the best interests of your patients, rather than the best interests of millionaire Serge and his ‘self loving’ investors.

An amendment to the codes I’ll be pushing for is that unregistered practitioners be mandatorily required to inform patients or clients they are not qualified to diagnose or treat symptoms. They should also be required to inform clients they are not trained, qualified or competent to recognize symptoms of illness that need referral to a doctor or other medical professional. Also, for some reason, the least qualified people tend to target the sickest patients, usually cancer patients. You wouldn’t expect an unregistered or unqualified person to relieve a headache or even a stiff neck, and yet these practitioners are spouting they can help Crohn’s disease or cancer patients recover from chemotherapy and the like.

The responsible thing for unregistered practitioners to do, is to inform clients with symptoms of illness they should be diagnosed by a professional and undergo professional care whilst undergoing any complementary therapies, and stop telling people you can help symptoms when you can’t.

With regards to untested modalities, whether the practitioner is registered or not, they should not make claims those modalities are able to help or relieve symptoms or illness. For instance, the utterly fraudulent claims that Esoteric Breast Massage can assist healing of gynaecological disorders, or that Esoteric Lung Massage can assist respiratory disorders, or the nonsense claimed about Esoteric chakra-puncture. No such claims can be substantiated and are therefore misleading and deceptive to patients.

In case anyone wonders why I care

Apart from being incensed by any form of abuse, I’m a registered practitioner, like most others, who completes her CPE requirements every year, pays her association and AHPRA dues, abides by the codes and makes sure my patients get the best care available, including referring them to doctors or other professionals when a different or better skill set is required.

I’m also a long term patient with a chronic auto immune disorder, and I know all about dodgey practitioners and illness related poverty. I’ve encountered any number of practitioners who were eager to take my money, no matter how little I had, or how sick I was. The same practitioners never admitted they lacked the competence to help my condition, and never referred me on. In some cases, I paid good money to make my condition worse.

To see this same exploitation carried out en masse by a group of arrogant, entitled and mostly incompetent sycophants in the name of ‘healing’ and ‘medicine’ is infuriating. I’ve said it before, UniMed’s professionals ought to be ashamed of themselves. Read the codes, get with the program or suffer the penalties.

As for the unqualified, unaccredited amateurs – healing isn’t a hobby. It’s hard work and it takes years of legitimate study and supervised training to be able to relieve even minor symptoms. Stop taking money from sick people. You’re doing more harm than good.


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