$erge Benhayon hates music – except for the stuff he’s $elling

Enkel Dika, 'Renaissance Rocks'

Enkel Dika, ‘Renaissance Rocks’

For Leonardo’s sake, don’t allow music to ‘enter’ you!

It’s ‘laced with poison’!!

How do we know?

Because $ERGE SAID SO! And how better to eliminate commercial competition than have his highness of holy hubris, the messiah of mediocrity tell you proper music is hazardous to your health. More after the jump, plus an intro to our ripping anti-cult Music Player, but first, a Melody Emergency call…

According to Esoteric Development Group notes, written and donated to UMA by loyal, devoted Universal Medicine students; on Planet Serge, there are two types of song. Astral songs are sung to someone (as opposed to an inanimate object – a cactus, for example, or a toilet brush, or a UM student)…

Astral songs play on the unsuspecting someone’s needs, feeding them a story to which they can identify and escape in the emotion of it all. 

For the love of Alice Bailey, never never identify with the plight of other human beings! Don’t you know, involving oneself in emotions is a health hazard on Planet $erge?


Because SERGE SAID SO. And he knows everything because he sat on the toilet and heard the sweet voices of profound wisdom impressed upon him by the Ass-ended Masters. Also, emotions give you cancer! 😮

Emotions also inconveniently remind students of all the bridges they’ve burned to commit to soulful ‘self-loving’, and if they developed remorse and ditched the bullshit, Serge would have to learn how to drive a Holden.

Esoteric, energetically ‘correct’ songs, aka Soulful Songs are non imposing. Allow the listener to feel themselves as beautiful – not the music.

Yes, because all that matters to Universal Medicine students is beautiful, special, me, me, me.

Atlantis forbid you experience an emotion, or a need, or acknowledge anything could possibly transcend the beauty of your inert, high maintenance self.

Serge than talked about music again – how it enters through the whole body, that it is a certain energy that sits and waits for you moments to bring out the emotions it is storing in you. 

How this energy will instruct you how to think, what to do/say etc and you will not even realize. 

A bit like Serge’s cult recruitment schtick – covert hypnosis, trance induction and sustained, systematic indoctrination at a premium price, not including donations.

You have let it in because of a need. Music is laced with poison.

Serge cannot give us the full story of what the eyes truly see…until we can fully grasp what the ear is really hearing. Music comes with an energy which affects us. Classical music is much more harming than rock music. Meditation music the most harmfull. Harmful energy from music which you have aligned to lays dormant with body waiting for a moment to be triggered. Configures your body. 

One might also say sitting on your arse listening to an hour of Serge’s indoctrinating podcasts a day, not exercising because Serge told you it expends too much energy, and trying to survive on a diet which is primarily cellulose ‘configures’ your body too.

Just saying.

Although I’d have to agree about the meditation music. It is the work of Satan – clearly in some diabolical conspiracy with whales and the Lords of Form. For once I agree with Serge.

Juzzie Smith, Chris James, Michael Benhayon all put out music that doesn’t need you to like it.

It’s the perfect Esoteric marketing slogan: ‘No need to like it. Just buy it.’


All other entertainers have a need to be loved by the audience in some way. 

Well, yah. Mostly they stick it out in the music industry because they love music, and they kind of rely on people liking them and their music to earn a living. Mostly they prefer to develop and use their talents over resorting to covert manipulation and cult indoctrination techniques to sell tracks. But who needs talent or training when you’re a Benhayon?

Michael Benhayon Claims Love and his soul is able to work through him

For example, he can play the drums without the practice one would normally be required to play that well. He can do this because his soul is impulsing him how to play. 

And if I grew up on a diet of Elvis Presley and Chris James, I’d think I was a shit hot drummer too. I could play my saucepan lids and think I was Keith Moon. It’d be like being fed pea soup your whole life, getting taught how to boil an egg and then thinking you’re Paul Bocuse. Or Nigella.

Please Michael, google some of the The Gossip’s live shows and watch the drummer. She’d whip your poorly exercised glutei maximi with those sticks.

Music in cult indoctrination

Cult experts agree music is used in the induction of dissociation, particularly when it’s repetitive. Louise Samways, in her book Dangerous Persuaders, describes the use of music and sound in altering states of arousal and inducing trance states. (Samways, 2007, p.51) Of course, the ability of music to increase arousal and stimulate creative processes is also useful in helping people recover from cult induced trance states. Hence my mixing it up on the site. However, Serge regularly uses a combination of meditation and repetitious music to induce dissociation in order to increase suggestibility among his flock.

Again from the EDG notes:

Meditation with Chris James music in the background. Chris James is easy to be with  – non imposing – but still important to stay with you and not be taken with the music. Then played some pop music – felt imposing – but if you stay with yourself the energy of the music cannot get in. 

And neither can anything else: your loved ones trying to communicate sensibly with you, facts, or memories of the person you were before Universal Medicine/SergeCorp systematically shut you down, destroyed your relationships, your health and took your money.

This article on Unethical Hypnosis in Destructive Cults elaborates on the use of dissociation and trance.

Some cults use classical inductions, albeit under ambiguous labels like “meditation,” “guided imagery,” “awareness exercises,” “processes,” etc. For example, the early research suggesting that TM (transcendental meditation) is different from and superior to ordinary self-hypnosis has now been discredited; there is no discernible difference between meditative and hypnotic states. (Royal College of Physicians, 1982).

In the office of the professional hypnotist, hypnosis occurs within a time-limited, place-limited context. In cults, the exact opposite may be true. The environment is controlled and often seems to have been engineered expressly for the purpose of maintaining and prolonging trance. The cultist is often subjected to sleep and nutrient deprivation, and he or she is taught methods of trance self-maintenance. These methods may include near-continuous praying and chanting, speaking in tongues (glossolalia), prolonged meditation, repetitious scriptural readings or recitations, and other monotonous, repetitive activities. Most published accounts of cult life indicate that cultists are admonished to continuously concentrate on the words, teachings or actual physical experience of the cult leader. Failure to maintain trance is often followed by considerable guilt and self- or cult-inflicted punishment. Cultists are usually taught that any doubt or deviation from the cult’s rigid doctrine is evil or Satanic, or in some other way catastrophe-invoking. Similarly, any prolonged interest in people, activities or subject (e.g.. Music, art science) that does not involve a strong concurrent focus on the cult is belittled and/or strongly discouraged; thus the cultist’s attention is always divided, and trances become reinforced and automatic, like a habit.

Many cults appear to systematically and unethically employ consciousness-altering techniques and rituals in their efforts to manufacture spiritual experiences, increase suggestibility, maintain long-term dissociative states and reinforce mystical thinking. In cults, “trance can become a conditioned [behavior/personality] pattern … a way of calming disturbing thoughts and censoring the mind … trance cuts off the input of sensory information.” (Appel, 1983. p. 133) Clark (1979) summarizes the power of prolonged use of cult-induced hypnosis and self-hypnosis: “It becomes an independent structure … [the] basic controls of the central nervous system seem to have been altered (p. 210).

Elevating Mediocrity: The SergeCorp sales pitch

According to Serge, non cult music is Astral, harmful, numbing and feeds emotions etc.

We listened to a variety of music and felt how it was. All of it was very unpleasant when one truly felt what it was like. Classical music was the most difficult to stay with oneself. 

In other words, Classical music, because of its high quality and rather inconvenient capacity for enhancing creative thought processes made it difficult to maintain the trance, cop the indoctrination and sign over money.

To which I say, Serge Benhayon is a shyster, a party pooper, a dropkick and a philistine.

Sue me, Serge. I’m sure most magistrates in Australia would agree. And even if I was unlucky enough to front another New Age version of the Taliban in court, I’ll gladly do some time and forgo 11 levels of initiation if it means preserving some TASTE.

Denigrate excellence to elevate mediocrity.

Incidentally, Sergio’s nonsensical musical decrees are repeated month after month in EDG notes, and each damnation of music is routinely followed by a sales pitch for approved Esoteric music, from which Serge is receiving royalties – at least…

Songs can be used to prepare people energetically. Such as Chris James/Serge Benhayon new album ‘Walk with Your Heart’.

The sounds and words are configured in a specific way – they are not just there because chris thinks they sound good he has had to remove any attachment to the album – its there purely as service. 

Service to his bulging investment portfolio and the rather handy collaboration he has with Sergio the musical genius, where Chris benefits from an audience he’d never have if he hadn’t bought into Serge’s cult. Serge also receives the joy, bliss and profits from Chris’s tirelessly enthusiastic recruitment drive – including his tour of primary schools around Australia and in the UK and Canada. (Listed in the Schools Information Pack PDF link at bottom of this page.) Funny how the schools Chris has toured are almost exclusively in areas where there are UniMed meditation groups – now listed on our Naming Names page. Oh and some nice little stints at the Goonellabah YWCA – no doubt as the recipient of a portion of that $700,000 of Commonwealth funding, the precise use of which the government has sought to suppress, but which we’re edging closer to fully uncovering.

Nothing like a bit of back scratching, which feels even better when the scratching is done with $$$

But hell what’s a few taxpayer dollars when it’s used to covertly recruit and indoctrinate school children and families who trust the education department to act in their best interest? Especially into the wholesome and oh so healthy cult of Sergio, the fifth dimension initiate and his special transcendental bliss?

I think I prefer the Fifth Dimension’s cult. At least they have better outfits. And better music. I ran Esoteric muzak past the UMA bunker’s in house music critic and between swigs she thought the offerings of Glorious Music (the cult’s very own label) was like listening to the Osmonds on Temazepam. She thought Chris James was Rick Wakeman on crack.

But if you’re like the SergeHuggers and think Esoteric music a la Chris James, Juzzie and team Glorious Music, is so fantastically energetically soulful and hypotensive, just imagine when Sergio makes it to the sixth dimension and he starts selling MP3 recordings of his farts. By the time he makes it to the 12th and everyone recognizes him as GOD, he’ll be releasing cover versions of Billy Ray Cyrus. Or worse: Elton John.

In the meantime, myself and the Lords and Lordettes of Fine Form have installed an onsite music player as revenge, conveniently located to the right of the page.

But first, the ultimate revenge on bogan nincompoops like Serge – VIVALDI! Listen and weep!

As for the music player, (updated) Classical music and Indie Rock have been thrown together in revolutionary combination. I mean have you ever seen Courtney Love and Chopin on the same playlist? Scarlatti and Death Cab for Cutie? I might  start my own Church of PostModern MashUps, and start taking anonymous donations to put in my Uruguayan bank account and do away with the trouble of issuing receipts. As for the music player, I will accept sizeable bribes for playlist requests, but I’m NOT playing MAHLER. Out of the goodness of my heart, I may even update some tracks every year or so for the poor souls who are trying to hold up in Esoteric music households.

Anyway, for now we’ve mixed up the tracks deliberately to snap defectors out of any expensive Esoteric trances. By the time you get through the Classical into Wagner’s Vorspiel to Das Rheingold  you’ll have sprinted to the nearest mountain top, torn off your clothes and donned a helmet with horns.

And abandoned that shitty, parasitic cult.

Appel, W. (1983). Cults in America: Programmed for paradise. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston.
Clark, J. Cults (1979) Journal of the American Medical Association, 242, 279-281.
Royal College of Surgeons. (1982). In J. Randi, Flim Flam! Buffalo, NY: Prometheus Books

Samways, L. Dangerous Persuaders, Penguin, Sydney, 1994, (e-book 2007)


17 thoughts on “$erge Benhayon hates music – except for the stuff he’s $elling

  1. Ha, I love it! Thanks Venus I have had an emotional time lately. Your post makes me laugh, or maybe cry. Its just so dammed obvious that Serge is taking everyone for a ride but his students can't see it. Classical music is bad for you???? Serge serge serge, when are you going to do the decent thing and come clean?

  2. The Benhayon's and Chris James's music is just awful. It's like that terrible demo music you get pre-programmed into really cheap electronic organs. It's such drivel that no-one except their own publishing company would ever dream of distributing it. There's no musical merit to it, and the lack of originality in it is astounding. And the lyrics…oh dear.Thankfully it's reach is very limited, so don't expect to hearing it anywhere, anytime soon.

  3. He must hate music, otherwise he wouldn't have helped inflict either Chris Janes' woeful bellowing or Michael & Emmalee Benhayon's laughable,, faux-Christian R 'n' B shit on the world.

  4. The tragic thing is, I know for a fact that many women in the cult secretly think that Chris Janes is an arrogant prick; that the Benhayon's music is akin to bad demo-quality teen pop rubbish and that neither Enmalee or Miranda can sing to save themselves, but they do their best to endure it to keep up appearances and keep listing to it for its alleged energetic 'clearing' qualities.

  5. Well on thing is certain it is a hell of a better song than anything the group has come up with. As has been noted by us, and as RJM says, by the group covertly, they are talentless hacks. But it shows the terrible effect that Serge's subversion has on anything good. I am also adverse to the word love now because of how has BASTARDISED it. Like you, I get suss if the words soul, love, energy are used in the same sentence.BTW, I saw Juzzie busking recently, and while he had a small crowd and his showmanship is good, it was interesting lyrics. " My emotions are not my own, my thoughts are not my own, I am just love…" or something like that. Cool. And demented. It's a little like saying "You know when you think about young girls all the time, and you can't get them out of your head….no matter how hard you try…that is entities! It is not yourself..the men would understand…" who uttered these words? Well I think we all know. Nothing suss there either.

  6. Serge would say it's harm-full, evil, PRANIC! detrimental competition to the cult muzak, a threat to his profits and certain to give you cancer. A sampler of the lyrics to 'Love is All I've Got' by Feed Me and Crystal Fighters: "Love is all I've got nowLove is all I've gotI can't liveLove is all I've gotOnly love in my lifeLove is allLove is all I've gotLove is all I've got livedTrust love will come down on earthAnd save us allLove is all I've gotI can live with everything I've lostCause love will come to save us allSo save us allWe can soar with love in the morningFeed your soul with love to the eveningExpand your soul with love on the weekendCause love is all I've gotWe can soar with love in the morningFeed your soul with love to the eveningExpand your soul with love on the weekendCause love is all I've gotMy darling I can give you what you want if what you want is love Darling I can give you what you wantIf what you want is loveSo save us all"Kind of scary if we're talking about Esoteric Love, which as we all know is a form of emotionally shut down dissociation. Thanks for this HDIH. It's a pity we can't embed youtube clips in the comments.

  7. Serge won't come clean. He's too busy taking everyone else to the cleaners. It IS obvious if you're not under the hypnosis, and I highly recommend Louise Samways' book "Dangerous Persuaders" which I've linked to above and on the links page, for in depth info on how mind control techniques are used by groups like UM on unsuspecting people without informed consent. Laugh, Cry, Laugh, Cry – repeat. It's a bit like that isn't it? I feel for you and I know a lot of you reading are in the same boat. Hang in there and hang with us, and feel free to vent here any time. This is officially a free expression zone.

  8. Considering that Juzzie submits his lyrics to Serge to be screened/tweaked thus ensuring the words are "energetically constellated" for maximum esoteric goodness, his thoughts are definitely not his own. Such a shame.

  9. To be fair, I think Serge probably likes some music, he just wants his brainwashed followers to be fearful of all non-UM affiliated music, leaving the dismal rubbish he profits from as the only option. In other words, it's just another control mechanism designed to limit the choices of his followers and increase his bank account. I know for a fact that Serge is a big Prince fan, particularly the earlier material when he was still writing sleazy songs about the charms of underage girls. He's apparently less keen on the more pious offerings Prince has released since his conversion to the Jehovah's Witnesses though, because in Serge's words, "the energy has changed".

  10. Why do you have to be so fair? Don't you know this is a hate blog, and we are busy hating, abusing and bullying here. Tsk. Anyway, I'm sure Serge likes some music – otherwise he'd be dead. Even the Taliban likes music. He just wants to instil the hating of music in the customers, so they'll buy more of his collaborations. And typical of self centred control freaks, he likes to dictate tastes, down to films, books and the Brides of Serge wearing similar outfits and hairstyles.

  11. Funny story: apparently Serge produced and released a CD by Jenny James (wife of Chris) and sometime afterwards decided that it was PRANIC! or something, proceeding to rip into those who had faithfully invested in it for not being able to discern that it was energetically impure. Not sure what happened to the copies that had been purchased, whether they were returned for a full refund or whether Serge held a CD burning or what. Perhaps any UM students reading this could elaborate.

  12. I was told that the CD by Jenny James was not to be played any more because she was no longer living esoterically therefore the energy of the music was no good. I took this to mean she must have left the cult etc. I assume that would mean a break up with Chris. Anyone have any more info on this? I find it to be a fascinating example of control being exerted over Serge's underlings.

  13. She was thrust out, then re-admitted once suitably admonished. Serge has done this to others also.I asked my partner about it and she said "sometimes people need to be told the truth. It hurts" – and of course, only Serge knows the truth, and my partners only arguments are his words.Also, Juzzies music originally was not clear enough. He had to get suitably bad before Serge gave it the stamp of energetic approval. That requires losing any sense of poetry, melody, cadence, pathos, beauty. Once sufficiently wet, cheesy, cheap and bad- ie no one could be interested therefore no 'hooks'- you're in. It's quite simple really.

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