Esoteric diet or death wish? Serge Benhayon’s assault on public health


The intent of cake is always comfort, same goes for mousse, ice cream and other treats. ©Serge Benhayon and the Hierarchy.

Serge’s non nutritionally based diet is a public health risk. Not because it regards cake as comfort food, but Serge is programming his students to avoid perfectly nutritious foods because they ‘hinder the flow of the light of the soul in the body.’ Seeing Serge regards death as the true path to the soul, the reality testing device translates this as ‘stay away from decent food. It keeps you alive’.

Unfortunately, the HCCC won’t act on the complaint I’ve made about the Eso-diet, in spite of the fact Sergio is teaching dangerous dietary balderdash to large numbers of people after using hypnotic manipulation on them without informed consent. Unless those individually affected or their loved ones write a complaint about how the diet has caused them to become ill, the Commission will do nothing to prohibit Serge. Because I personally haven’t been affected by it, they won’t take my word for it.

However, my complaint is filed as a notification, so the HCCC has a copy of Serge’s silly diet charts, Serge and Nina Stabey’s cellulose and bugger all else recipes, and a bunch of quotes taken from EDG notes and audio recordings of his lectures. All of which will be considered if they receive complaints about the diet’s ill effects on individuals. I’ve also made sure the HCCC understands the diet cuts out two food groups and a host of other nutritious foods, but without any clinical or nutritional basis, and that Serge continues to restrict the diet at whim, based purely on his bizarre, invented exorcistic ideology – with zero demonstrable health benefits. 

Serge Benhayon is a goose.

In case you have any doubts about that, try some revelations from Serge’s copyrighted food charts. For example, chillis grow on trees.

Chilli trees keep entities away. 

No wonder there are so many PRANIC! entities around and he has to keep flogging clearing symbol cards ranging in price from $5 to $160 a piece, seeing chilli trees are about as easy to come by as pineapple vines.

Nothing and no one can bastardise Garlic or Chilli. 

I can vouch for that. Last time I called the Garlic a bastard, it jumped up and slapped me in the chops, then refused to have anything to do with the prawns.

Rubbing avocado oil on your own belly over the ovaries and uterus helps the body to restore its iron levels. 

See, women don’t need to eat at all. In fact, on Planet Serge, eating is counterproductive to the ascension of the soul. Pranic foods impose a flow of energy in the body that is not our state of being. Again, the reality testing device (aka grey matter) translates Serge’s stated ‘flow of energy in the body’ as ‘being alive’. According to Serge, being alive is not our ‘state of being’.

The Esoteric way is an express route to death

The original meaning of the Sanskrit term, prāna, is ‘life’ or ‘life energy’. However, Serge Benhayon’s interpretation of the word, in line with his punitive attitudes to the human body and his direly pessimistic view of the world, is negative. He’s managed to bastardize ‘prana’ into an energy which is polluting, pathogenic and practically demonic. As quoted in an audio recording from 2010 after a group meditation session:

You can feel the room cool down because a lot of the emotional energy ceases to emanate from the bodies. That energy is called prana. Prana is the energy that causes all illness and disease in stagnation or in excess in the body. 

In other words, Serge teaches ‘life energy’ and therefore life itself causes illness and disease. Um, yeah, mortality will do that to you. But he takes it further – prana, or life energy needs to be ‘cleared’ from the body. The human body is nothing but a ‘prana dump’. He describes death as ‘prana dumping into the body’, presumably so that the soul might separate from the cumbersome corpus and ascend to his preferred ‘state of being’, reincarnation to ‘6th Degree Initiation’ or higher, where one no longer reincarnates into a physical body.

6th Degree Initiation: Once one reaches this level of awareness one normally does not come back into a physical body. (The Science of Initiation)

And Serge is almost there! He believes himself to be fifth level initiate – which explains his haste to shuffle off this mortal coil.

Moving up the ‘initiation’ scale, one eventually reunites with God, the ‘12th degree initiate.’

…our goal is to match occult consciousness – this cannot be done on earth because we are in physical form – physical form did not come from Divinity…the Soul is the highest reflection on earth – physical form is not it’s preferred body, as it was created in separation…(Esoteric Development Group notes, October, 2010)

Aside from the glorification of death, nowhere in Serge’s doctrines is there anything affirmative written about being alive; nothing positive about being strong, fit or healthy. Instead, Esoteric ‘healing’ is a series of prohibitions of anything that might allow one to enjoy being alive, and thereby prolong life – the enjoyment of food, playing sport, exercise, outdoor activity, experiencing emotion and connection with other human beings, loving your pets, music, the arts, the intellect, sex. Esoteric notions of ‘joy-fullness’, ‘self-loving’, ‘soulfulness’ and the like are unexpressive, paranoically inert states of ‘stillness’ – equivalent to a waking death.

Serge doesn’t approve of being alive. He wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Diet, Detox, Eating Disorder

No wonder people on this diet are falling sick, when it has no nutritional basis and the bloke who dreamt it up has a death wish. Yet, Serge’s love blogs are full of testimonials from his students attesting the ‘livingness’ of UM and its ‘self-loving’ choices helped ‘heal’ their bulimia or anorexia nervosa, and that Serge doesn’t tell them what to eat.

However, it’s more likely their eating disorders are still very intact, and have only become normalized by group participation. If everyone is restricting their diet and performing strange, anxious rituals around buying and preparing food, it might seem less of a pathology.

The following quotes are from Esoteric retreat notes, April 2010, and a presentation by Serge Benhayon and naturopath, Nina Stabey on ‘detoxing, the support of soups, carbs…’

“We need to eat less than before because the light of our soul is giving us more than ever before.”

 -it takes a lot of energy to digest your food, hence if tired, or especially when DEPLETED (& further..), SOUP is a great meal

No, Nina. It’s not. Human beings get tired when they don’t eat properly and don’t eat enough. Personally, eating a square meal tends to perk me right up. (And human beings might incline to tiredness when trying to adhere to Serge’s prescribed sleeping hours of 9pm to 3am.) Frozen peas put in a blender with basil, water and a stock cube do not cut it. Nor would tinned tomatoes boiled with a few cashew nuts, or broccoli, onion, brazil nuts and spice. Those aren’t soups, they’re more like sauces – better used as accompaniments to decent meals. I’d expect a monumental blood sugar crash within two hours of the ‘great meal’ of SOUP – and anyone interested in remaining on planet Earth would need to eat something decent tout de suite.

Get a grip.

– if ever eat in nervous energy, give a 12 hour break between meals

 – when depleted/exhausted, we often over or under-eat. Best to wait until you’re hungry before you eat. The ‘best way’ to numb oneself is to over-eat. 

Again, brilliant advice for all the ex-anorexics and bulimics who’ve been eagerly posting on the sites. Just what undernourished UM followers need: fasting, prolonged breaks between inadequate meals and ‘detoxing’.

Detoxification from WHAT, Serge and Nina? Is UM brimming with followers with drug and alcohol toxicity related problems? No? What is a toxin then? What do you define as toxic?

Oh that’s right, our PRANIC! life force is toxic. Serge views life as a terminal disease.

A reader told me his wife was on a 12 week Esoteric detox rip off to the tune of $750 for Eso-treatments twice a week and no doubt a photocopy of the SOUP recipes, a bunch of clearing cards, a few $40 jars of Eso-curry powder and whatever else that practitioner could flog. And she’d already been on the Esoteric diet for years. What conditions require 12 weeks of detox? Hm? Just about anyone whose made a legitimate career of studying and treating the human body, including the head of the physiology department at Flinders University, will tell you Detox Diets Don’t Work.

The only thing UM followers need detoxifying from is Serge.

In addition, 12 hours between meals is a guarantee of hypoglycaemia, which will result in a drop in cognitive function, dizziness, mood swings and fatigue. Over time, this kind of fasting leads to metabolic impairment, chronic malnutrition and like any clinical eating disorder, can result in organ failure and death.

Also, ‘nervous energy’ and the oft mentioned ‘overwhelm’ are what exactly? Hypoglycaemic mood swings? Experiencing an emotion? Attempting to repress the same? The effects of having to earn a living in a workplace full of PRANIC! people who are bamboozled by the whole UM thing? Having people enquire about your wellbeing because you look sick and are functioning under par? Having people who aren’t doing ‘the work’ attempt to communicate with you sensibly? Or the inner conflicts that arise from rejecting your loved ones?

On this regime, Nina and Serge are encouraging a vicious cycle where adherents, already fatigued and depleted by the hopeless diet, and in ‘nervous energy’ due to malnutrition and the stress of believing food has to be cleared of PRANIC! energy, deplete themselves further by fasting and trying to survive on protein deficient, EFA and fat soluble vitamin deficient, mineral deficient, everything-effing-deficient SOUP.

Serge is a dangerous goose. Assisted by Esoteric naturopath/nutritionist and eating disorder enabler Nina Stabey.

Esoteric dietary fruitiness in action

Although the Esoteric diet is impossible to take seriously, most UM students do.

Several commenters on this site have told us adherents can’t answer why dairy or gluten (or any of the restricted foods) are restricted:

I asked my partner recently why she no longer has dairy products and to my surprise she was unable to tell me why she has eliminated this food source from her diet. (December 17, 2012)

I have concerns with the UM diet, when I asked a student of UM why they no longer had dairy anymore. I got this blank look from the person and then they said something along the lines of “ well cows have more than one stomach and they can breakdown the milk when they drink it”…

I thought they drink water not milk ……….. I told the student “cows drink water and eat grass to make milk” …..Which I got a blank look and was told “I am not too sure Serge said dairy was no good for you and you will need to ask Serge why” ……………… I then said but you have given up having milk / dairy and you don’t really know the reason why but to say “ask Serge”.

I thought to myself was this an isolated case so at the next gathering of UM students I asked the same questions to some other students and guess what the same answer was repeated again by some students.

I found that when I challenged the UM students on their answer and why have they stopped having dairy, they became agitated and frustrated when you probe them on their decision making and would not talk about it. (October 22, 2012)

I might add that I have a diagnosed lactose intolerance and I STILL EAT DAIRY. Most cheeses and butter have practically negligible levels of lactose. Of course there are other components of dairy products, such as the protein casein in cheese, which some people have an intolerance or allergy to, but not that commonly.

UM students follow this nonsense blindly because of the way it’s delivered. While they appear to believe Serge doesn’t tell them what to eat, his lectures are filled with repetitious demonizations of food – preceded by the obligatory meditation/hypnotic induction. They are told to ‘feel’ for what these foods do to their bodies and are then instructed how to feel.

From EDG notes:

For example if you have given up gluten and dairy and truly feel great, enjoying the clarity from not having this food in your body. When you say to others that you don’t have gluten/dairy they feel the energy. Stand in the truth and in the standing you give another the truth through energy. (not just substituting gluten and dairy food with gf/df as this is keeping in the same energy of reward, numbness, exhaustion – eg. eating gf/df cake – it is still cake) (December 30, 2010)

His entranced Esoteric healing army subsequently impose this bunkum ‘health’ advice onto trusting patients. Non adherence to the diet is framed as failing to be ‘self-loving’, not being ‘energetically correct’ or not living in ‘truth’. Those not adhering to the diet are portrayed as dishonest and ‘loveless’. Associating with non adherents inevitably holds students back from their ‘light’.

We put more effort into our spelling than we do in the choices of which food to eat. No love in our learning system, just taught to follow rules no checking for love. Creates unloving pockets within body. Eg. Can I say I will now be gluten free but there is still that energy within you can slip you up at the right moment and you’re eating gluten again. The energy waits until you are vulnerable. (September 18, 2010)

Hence the social rejection of non UMers who eat dairy, gluten and sugar. Chocolate, which contains a combination of those three is regarded as practically apocalyptic. On the other hand, following the Esoteric diet is portrayed not only as ‘loving’ but as a divine mission, the holiness of which endows the student with the ability to heal others.

Each one of us creates an Ashram of those ill-expressions we have beaten. For example Defeating gluten & Dairy: If this is done from the energy of discovering how much better one feels for not eating such foods then this creates an emanating energy which can assist others. However, if this is done as an intellectual exercise – ‘this book/person says not to eat gluten or dairy and so I won’t because it says it’s bad for me’ – perhaps replacing cake with G/F cake (still holds the same energy) – then there is no ashramic energy, just words. (EDG notes, October 16, 2010)

Similarly, drinking alcohol, even just one tentatively sipped beer after a long day at the slab, is regarded as inducing ‘numbing’ which allows ‘entities’ to enter. Proximity of one such numbed individual is enough to have UM students clutching for their clearing symbols or scuttling back to the Esoteric community for safety.

Ultimately, non adherence to the diet is associated with the invocation of various cataclysms – from dire health consequences to natural disasters and global warming.


Practically all fruits in Australia now are grown for their sweetness and are not possible to eat. 

What makes changes is our energetic attitude, not marching in the streets. ‘As long as I am getting my dairy, my sugar, my whatever I will allow things to carry on.’ Do not point the finger at someone else but at one self.

380 million plus diabetes in the world, cancer and other illnesses, all increasing. The planet also wants to heal – 3 times the average number of tornadoes in the USA last year, earthquakes increasing etc. (EDG notes, June 24, 2012)

One might surmise that the belief one’s individual, trivial dietary proclivities have affects on the UNIVERSE is somewhat symptomatic of narcissistic megalomania. Robert Jay Lifton has talked about the phenomenon of collective megalomania within cults where the followers merge their own identities with the grandiosity of the guru.

And in case Serge makes an excuse that his students misquote him in their notes, I’ll quote a snippet of audio from his lectures, and I could quote hundreds, perhaps thousands of similar grabs. His students’ notes are the picture of lucidity, sense and coherence in comparison to Serge’s ostentatious bullshit. Look for the embedded anti-food programming in this waffle (and the usual warning applies for any of Serge’s direct quotes – it’s not meant to make sense. Serge describes his lecturing style as ‘spherical’, which the reality tester translates as ‘the opposite of talking straight’. It’s meant to confuse and heighten suggestibility. There are no typos in the following, nor is it out of context, because 47 minutes into an hour of Serge’s rambling baloney, any trace of context is long lost):

Esoteric students everywhere and new students find it difficult to live Esoterically every day and the reason why…they don’t choose to walk as who they are, they don’t supply to themselves the life force they truly are so when it comes to making a decision between the Esoteric and the prana, the prana wins because the prana is there telling you what to do…You’re not free to make the decision you think you’re making if you’re not in fire. You see, the fire looks at both and says, ‘I can choose that way, or I can choose this’. Prana will never let you see that, because it needs you to make more of itself. The prana says, ‘I’ll give you your choices, here they are’, within the range of the pranic consciousness and then at that point you think you think, and at that point you say vanilla, chocolate, caramel or strawberry icecream. And you think you’re choosing and it’s really hard to make a choice because you’re not sure what you want tonight. Meanwhile, the fire says, ‘hey, that’s dairy, that’s sugar, that’s rat poison, Ratsak in there, all sorts of things in there.’ Right? It’s ice-cream, it’s pandering, it’s needy, it’s your dairy, it’s your inner child, it’s your sadness. The fire gives you the choices. Then it says ‘why not have an apple?’ (Audience laughter) That’s why we leave it. It’s boring. But at that point, and the point is this: at that point, the apple is energetically what you know is true and your taste buds align to that and ice-cream becomes really far away. But if you’re trying to be Esoteric with this life force, and you’re looking at the apple and you’ve got the ice-cream here, come on, it’s always going to win. There’s no way the apple’s going to win.

Making an official diet related complaint

Personally, I’d like to see proactive patient protection laws rather than reactive. That is, I’d like to see them protect the public before they’re harmed rather than after. However, that’s a whole project of letters to government bodies, state and federal ministers et al for the new year. Oh joy.

For now, seeing Serge Benhayon, the unqualified ‘healer’ is the author of the Esoteric diet, I’d urge anyone adversely affected to complain to the NSW HCCC, wherever you are, regardless of whether you’ve ever met Serge. Even if you were recommended it by Belinda Jane Hodgson in Mackay, or Nina Stabey in Melbourne, or Jenny Ellis in Brisbane or any other member of the cartel. Tell the HCCC in your complaint that Serge is providing a health service by delivering lectures on Esoteric Medicine, and training practitioners in Esoteric healing. Also, please mention in your complaint if your loved one is regularly listening to podcasts of Serge’s lectures, all of which are permeated with denouncements of food.

If you or a loved one were put on the diet by any of the registered practitioners (doctors, dentists, physios, psychologists, Chinese Medicine practitioners, pharmacists) and have suffered ill affects, I recommend submitting a complaint with AHPRA in your state, as well as firing one off about Serge Benhayon to the NSW HCCC. If you’re making an AHPRA complaint about registered practitioners outside of NSW, perhaps contact me using the form tabbed above and I can send PDF files of the charts and recipes and a copy of my complaint about the Eso diet, which you are free to copy, plagiarize or attach to your own as background info.

Again, you don’t need the consent of your loved one in order to make a complaint, however their consent may make the complaint stronger as it will enable the Commission to look at their medical records. If your loved one has refused to see a doctor, likely on the advice of Serge or a Universal Medicine or Esoteric practitioner, please mention that as part of your complaint. If you or your loved one were encouraged to stop taking any medication by any Eso practitioner other than a medical doctor, and it resulted in a decline in health or exacerbation of illness, please also submit that as part of your complaint.

I can’t tell you what the outcome of individual complaints will be. So far mine have only become background info in Serge’s expanding HCCC file. Nonetheless, I was told by an officer at the HCCC the complaints are not falling on deaf ears. I will be submitting more. Those experiencing the Universal Medicine pestilence will very much appreciate any efforts by those of you who have suffered ill affects of the diet or Esoteric healing to make notifications to the authorities.

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Diet or Eating Disorder Part Two – Using diet to instill malleability

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7 thoughts on “Esoteric diet or death wish? Serge Benhayon’s assault on public health

  1. I recently saw an acquaintance who is now deeply involved with UM and he is nearly skeletal. When concerned friends politely mentioned that he looked frighteningly thin he simply assured them in a studied, zombie-like manner that he was 'joy-full', as if that trumped all concerns of physical health.

    • Thanks, I’ve seen Brendan’s testimonial. I wrote about it here: Cult psychologist Brendan Mooney talks us through cult conversion.

      You’re right in that I’m describing half the picture. We know how UM talks up the Esoteric eating disorder. I’m giving the other half of the picture about how dangerous it is. More recently I wrote about how the Esoteric diet is more lethal than ever, and the risk of iodine toxicity from following unsound nutritional advice propagated by UM investors like Nina Stabey.

      You can put on 10% weight without joining a cult, and do it in a much healthier way. Just as you can adopt and maintain a healthy diet without spending a cent, and without condemning anyone who doesn’t have the same worldview as pranic, Astral or evil. Our experience of UM is not that they are ‘loving people’. Quite the opposite.

  2. What does that even mean, “supporting the body”? Biologically, whatever you eat will be used in your body and only what isn’t of use will be excreted (not very much). And your body knows how to use pretty much ANYTHING, even the food stuff that we deem to be bad. Fat, carbohydrates (including sugar), starch (y’know: potatoes and such) and so on and so forth. The human body is a complex machine and at the same time extremely simple. It doesn’t know whether you’re eating fiery sugar (agave syrup) or pranic sugar (cake), all your body sees is carbohydrates and it deals with them accordingly. It also doesn’t care whether you’ve ingested carbs in the form of pranic wheat flour or fiery quinoa, or whether fat comes from fiery coconut oil or pranic butter. It’s carbs and fat, and your body doesn’t give a flying fart, excuse the pun.

    I have had to deal with the bonkers and scientifically unsound ideas my UM affiliated friends base their daily diet on for a number of years now. They eat joyless, tasteless, tiny meals that are of little nutritional value. It gives them the shits because there’s no complex fibre in their diet. It makes them tired because they are iron and vit b deficient. They constantly obsess about food, especially how ‘healthy’ (fiery) it is. They are also constantly hungry and still restrict their food intake because Serge says so. I would classify this behaviour as a combination of anorexia and orthorexia. Soul-full, isn’t it?

    Btw: I assume Brendan has a liver problem. Just look at his complexion and the color of his eyeballs. Hello, hepatitis.

  3. Brendan looks like a mini Serge.

    Any person that stresses so much about what they are eating surely can not be enjoying life. To be so absorbed in what Serge says is soulful or pranic must be a form of brainwash. Take any sample of the population and all people from that sample will have some differentiation in their diet. For a group of people to all be eating exactly the same restricted diet including children, women and men just doesn’t make sense. The whole thing is a form of mind control and if you can’t see it then you are one of the one’s being controlled.

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