Merry Accountable Christmas

Cats are SPIRITS! controlled by the Lords of Form. Serge Benhayon and the Hierarchy
As we loveless, PRANIC! cases stagger toward the finish line of a peculiar year, we look back on 2012, the dawn of a new era of exposure and accountability for the Universal Medicine cult, and forward to the exoteric work ahead. 

Seasons greetings to all, including our Fiery friends, and we do wish them the merriest possible gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, caffeine free, alcohol free, humour free and root vegetable free christmas, which they’ll surely sit out on their symbols, breathing gently in stillness and denial. 
And good for them. It means more pudding for us.
I hope to be off the blog from now until early January, but I will post if there is breaking news. If you’d like to be informed of new blogposts, consider signing up to Follow by Email in the box downstairs to the right (I don’t receive any details of those subscriptions). Or you could like us on our Facebook page or follow me on Twitter. 
If there are no news stories, the most exertion I plan to do is wrestling the Lords of Form for my turn in the hammock. I mean, they spent most of the year horizontal, except for vertical moments jostling at the bar, so it’s only fair. And if you’re having trouble sourcing Bex and Berocca at the moment, it’s likely because the Lords and Lordettes have been hard at them since the Spring Racing Carnival. Don’t expect supplies to return to normal until into the new year. 
2012, the year that was 
Serge’s new era didn’t go quite as planned. A year ago SergeCorp was cranking away unchecked, luring in new recruits, raking in the $$, and planning its global expansion. Privately, in households across the world, relationships and families were fracturing under the strain of the deception and cult indoctrination of good people, whose personalities were atrophying under Serge’s plan to bleed them of their personal autonomy, dignity and funds.  
But sparks of resistance were flaring and the torch of exposure was being lit. In January,  a concerned husband, Herbert Kane, initiated the Rick Ross Cult Education Forum thread which brought so many of us together. It took a few weeks to gather momentum, but caring and passionate people began to communicate with each other in increasing numbers, share information and shine the light on the shady Serge Benhayon and his fraudulent healing organization. 
In July, the first news stories exposing UM by Byron Kaye of the Medical Observer and Heath Aston of the Sydney Morning Herald were publishedIn response to the negative press, SergeProp established five sanitized propaganda blogs, which pump out a profusion of glowing posts professing to be ‘The Truth About Serge Benhayon’. The blogs were designed to drown out negative data in Google searches, but all they’ve achieved is a reinforcement of the core followers’ confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance
No one else is convinced. In fact, in spite of SergeProp’s assertions of media bias, smear campaigns and lies, and that the media allegations were all ‘disproven’, scrutiny has only intensified, and I guarantee there is more to come. Thank goodness it has. Living out of the way of UM, I was unaware of its expansion until August 25th, when I read David Leser’s article, ‘The Da Vinci Mode’, and learned Serge’s little cult, that I thought too ludicrous to amount to anything, had spread internationally and now had 2,000 followers, most of whom are women. 

Having experienced Serge’s sleazy duplicity and dangerous manipulations first hand via the revolting ovarian reading and the Sacred Esoteric Healing workshop I attended, I was compelled to seek others adversely affected by the cult. Praise heaven for the Rick Ross forum, which I finally found in September, and which enabled me to connect with others, share intelligence and take part in devising a strategy for exposing UM’s multitude of harms. Part of that strategy is this blog, the other part is a comprehensive plan to expose unlawful activity and bring every breach of ‘The One’ and UM’s coterie of professional apologists to the attention of the appropriate authorities. It was not a task any one of us could take on alone (although some had tried), and while I tend to be visible as the public loudmouth battleaxe, I assure you a small number of good people have been moving mountains behind the scenes – pulling more than their share of the weight.

Progress Report

I wrote at the outset of blogging we were bowled over by the sheer scale of UM’s wrongdoing and had difficulty deciding what to tackle first. The bad news is the more intelligence we’ve gathered, the more we’ve found, and I’m still getting wind of shocking revelations and victims too frightened or humiliated to notify authorities or make the allegations publicly known. 

The good news is that the Universal Medicine cult is not the organization it was a year ago.  Its benign veneer is shattered to all but the hardcore followers. Reportedly, defections are rising and recruitment is down. Regulatory agencies, law enforcement bodies, parliamentary ministers and journalists have received notifications and will continue to receive more. Most satisfyingly, the UM propaganda machine’s latest tilt at legitimacy through the Real Media Real Change cyber harassment conference was a spectacular flop. Even if Sarah Davis and the rest of the apologists still don’t believe they’re in a cult. 

For this blog, I set a goal to have a certain amount of searchable information here for those looking to inform themselves about Universal Medicine in as short a time as possible. I also sought to provide resource links for those seeking support as well as space for those affected to have their say (as well as the kinds of things that run counter to Serge’s profiteering – music, cats and unrepressed women). We believe knowledge is power, and public knowledge of UM’s harms is the most powerful way to limit them.

The Propaganda Wars 

A goal I’d personally hoped to achieve was to curtail the most dangerous propaganda, particularly the medical misinformation and foolhardy endorsements of UM’s most influential apologists, the doctors. For now, the Medicine and Serge Benhayon blog is idle, and UM’s medical professionals have stopped blogging. However, I won’t be happy, and I daresay neither will respectable members of the medical profession, until their irresponsible, unethical and misleading promotions of a proven liar and public health menace are pulled down – an issue I’m willing to push to the highest levels of government. I haven’t gotten there yet, but Eunice Minford the esoteric surgeon is in my sights too, with a very special notification I’ll be making to the UK GMC complete with inexcusable screen shots (more on that next year).Thankfully, she’s spared us her windy missives on UM’s life threatening soulfulness lately, and her opinions on media bias and smear campaigns. 

Another win is that the Brides of Serge have made less blog noise about disgruntled males and have quit their pseudo-feminist campaigns on the abuse of women, as in this muddle headed masterpiece of misandry from October, where Rebecca demonstrated UM’s obnoxious double standards, exploiting sexist stereotypes to further the interests of the cult. SergeProp are champions of women’s rights when estranging women from loved ones, misandrist in characterizing critics as bullies, more misandrist in unquestioningly absorbing Serge’s atrocious anti-male prosetylizing, anti-misandrist in defence of the poor little millionaire, and disgracefully misogynist in encouraging his vile perversion to continue. Sexism abounds.

We need true dialogue between men and women to truly heal, but when you paint a woman as weak and mindless and stupid, you paint her out of the picture and out of the conversation altogether. And that has been the so-far successful tactic of the Keyboard Cowards in their hate campaign: because what they think is a heroic crusade against Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine is in actuality a war of words that has been waged on their wives and daughters – the ‘stupid, easily manipulated women’ – that are essential to be seen as such by the public at large in order to support their obsession that Serge has magical powers of mass mind control. 

Generalizing much, Rebecca? I’ve not seen any such characterization of women by ex partners, husbands or other loved ones of students. As a woman and a feminist, I don’t wear that kind of nonsense about anyone of either sex, and I promise, no one has painted me out of the picture or conversation, except for SergeProp – pretending I don’t exist (while trying to get my blog shut down) and overlooking what Serge tried on me and many women who went through that clinic, and worse.
There are men like this the world over – those who know what love and care does and does not look like, and who aren’t afraid to call it. These are men worth celebrating; these are the men that constantly inspire me. It seems we live in a world where it actually takes courage to speak up for women. You will certainly run the risk of being in the line of fire if you do. Often we see men ostracised for breaking some kind of imaginary allegiance to other men, but perhaps really it is because they show other men up. A man that respects women naturally gets the respect of women. Does this cause jealousy amongst other men? Sadly, it is a given.
Sadly, that’s another misandrist generalization. Rebecca’s respect for men is highly conditional on the cult definition of ‘love and care’. She’s referring to the men in the cult who concede to her ‘self-loving’ demands and who participate in the conspiracy of defensive denial to protect the women’s expensive allegiance to Universal Medicine and it’s millionaire guru. Anyone who questions UM is intimidating, anyone who expresses despair that their relationship and the person they knew is disintegrating for no other reason than the parasitism of the cult is an abuser, and anyone who says ‘no’ to the bullshit is a bully.  
It’s more than clear not just men are opposed to UM, and everyone I’ve met on this journey, regardless of their sex, are highly respectful of the people they love, and ARE speaking up for them. They’re trying to emancipate them from a tyrannical and life draining dependency on an abhorrent manipulation Rebecca is a dangerous part of. 
The broad brush sexism of UMers – 50 cultists commented on that post – is a disgrace. Where is the love and care for women who’ve been victimized by Serge Benhayon? What about the adolescent girls who stay in his house? The Brides of Serge have zero concern about the abuse of women, including the women within the cult who’ve developed a obsession with their idol. SergeProp’s only concern is that the women remain quiet about his abuses. Anything to avoid shattering the denial.
What is ironic here though, is that this misandry towards Serge Benhayon did not come from the many hundreds of female clients who attend his sessions regularly – it mostly came from men and from the media.
It is ironic isn’t it, that no female UM student has dared rock the denial boat? Could it be the oppressive GroupThink and potential for ostracism might preclude it? None have called me a liar, and no one has denied Serge does ovarian readings or has young girls stay at his house. Yet, criticism of him is ‘misandry’, unlike accusing all men of being bullies and abusers when they’ve expressed misgivings about UM. 
Which is another thing I won’t wear from SergeProp and will blog about to the end – the abuse of the justice system in making false accusations – not only trivializing and demeaning genuine victims of domestic violence and abuse, but wasting public and private resources for the sole purpose of bullying detractors and protecting the cult. 

Anyway, we appear to be making some impact. For now, the ‘Keyboard Cowards’ quip is no longer in vogue, and there’s less whining about our anonymity from SergeProp since we began making our complaints official. There’s less noise about the mistreatment of women by the media since I lodged a statement about Serge Benhayon’s revolting mistreatment of me with the HCCC and Lismore police.

What we can’t count on changing, however, is the litigious GroupThink that encourages the acrimonious breakup of families and the misuse of the legal system to separate assets so they can be channeled to Serge.

On the bright side, thanks to the inimitable platform provided by the Rick Ross forum, Australia’s very democratic protections of freedom of speech and the efforts of a growing number of conscientious and caring people, there is greater public awareness of the facts about Universal Medicine and its inglorious leader. While I’d like us to spare a Christmas thought for the individuals and families suffering in isolation because they aren’t aware the deterioration in their loved one is due to their involvement in a cult, we, as people opposed to UM’s harms are stronger as we gain in numbers and become better organized, more united and better informed than we were a year ago, and have ever been with regards to this group. 

What next?

I’ll be back blogging early next year, with a comprehensive work over of the therapeutic abuse that is Esoteric Breast Massage, some soundbites of Serge’s appalling sexism lifted from audio of his teachings and a little treatise on Serge’s love affair with death. Plus, posting on the unsatisfactory results of complaints I’ve made to the HCCC and AHPRA so far, and how we might push our concerns to higher levels of regulation. 

Make no mistake, I’d like to see UM put out of business, but if we can’t achieve that we can do our part to expose their practices, hold them to account and compel them to act within the laws and codes. Personally, I’d also like to see lots more communication between those affected by UM, whether here or on sista blog Universal Medicine Cult, or on the Rick Ross forum. I’d like to receive more Have Your Say posts where we read your stories on how UM has affected you. Most of all, I’d like to see us stick together, share information and experiences and get stronger yet. 

Seasonal Anger Management

Myself and the Lords of Form don’t bother with anger management during our Xmas celebrations. Rather we’ll be doing our version of Festivus, beginning with the ‘airing of grievances’ and followed by the ‘feats of strength’ festive brawl. We’ve survived it for the last decades and apart from bruised egos, a few bite marks and scars from chinese burns, so far no one has landed in jail. We do prefer Boxing Day though, when we get to spend time with people we actually like. 

However, the Lords of Form are not the best role models for those experiencing strains in their relationships. Better to take Dr Phil’s advice and keep the airing of grievances for another time, preferably when all parties are calm and sober and if necessary with a mediator present. For Christmas, Dr Phil suggests calling a truce, seeking out for the likeable qualities in others and keeping it dignified. I’d probably advise avoiding tequila and controversy. The Lordettes of Form have also offered to give a Chinese burn to anyone mentioning Serge’s name over the break. A suggested new year resolution if it’s all become a bit much would be to undertake some decent therapy with a non UM registered psychologist.

If you’re under strain over the season, I suggest making time to spend with those who are able to understand and support you through the UM difficulties. Perhaps, like the LOF and I do, balance the obligatory engagements with more relaxing company. 

Or go to the beach. 

Best wishes everyone, thanks for your input and support and come back in and swinging with us next year! :-O

5 thoughts on “Merry Accountable Christmas

  1. On a further anger management note, we role models at UMA strongly advise against drunk dialling, drunk texting, drunk voicemailing, drunk emailing, blackmailing and whatnot. Or substitute 'drunk' for 'emotional' or 'angry' in the above sentence.What with the litigiousness of UMers and their tendency to form a righteous Esoteric posse and cry 'abuse' as soon as anyone says 'what on earth are you on about?' or 'no' to their nonsense, we recommend you button your lip if things get tense, and stay away from social media. Step back, walk away and keep your cool until you're in a supportive free speech zone and can express your frustration without fear of unbalanced recriminations. You're free to vent to me via the Contact form if you like. I come from a long line of Irish bullies, so I've heard it all.Unfortunately, Serge has a knack for bringing out the worst in people, and anger is totally understandable, but try and channel it constructively. If you are having problems with anger management or controlling your moods, think seriously about enlisting a good therapist in the New Year. It might save you on complications, misery and legal fees.

  2. Can anyone think of another individual in history with such a prodigious output of bullshit? Serge makes L Ron Hubbard look like a slouch. It's a sign of sound mental health that you couldn't get what he was trying to say. Even Serge blatantly refers to his teaching as 'spherical', as in pointless. He doesn't want you to get it. He wants to suck the unsuspecting into his expensive spherical vortex of bullshit.

  3. That is the usual bullshit that he goes on with which means absolutely sweet FA. About 5 years back I used to think…maybe there is 'something' to what he says. About a year back I thought…its mostly crap, but there is probably some basis and some people might get good stuff… Now I think, it is TOTAL 100% overproof bullshit. A fantasy world of meaningless made-up non-sense designed only to f**k with peoples minds and make Serge seem like he knows something when in fact he knows exactly less than nothing. He is probably the most dim witted, overblown, self-obsessed cult leader of the 21st century. He will probably get an award. His mix of pseudo-science, re-branded new age (it's not new age. that's evil) invented ancient wisdom is pure poison that eats peoples mind, souls, relationships, wallets and lives. In short, he is EVIL.And I cant believe that he is still using this OBVIOUS reverse psychology parlor trick to get people to read and/or believe his bullshit…"And, if the Ageless Wisdom is not to your liking, click on the X, switch it off, close the book, stop reading and walk away and find whatever you choose is right for you. If it is all made up – then let it be the hogwash or the lies you deem it to be. Criticising it will only reveal that it has touched areas you do not want touched"Yes Serge you numbskull it is hogwash and lies you know it. Not only do I want to click the X I'd like to see that 'ancient' (LOL) wisdom (LOL!!) where the sun don't shine. Happy New Year. Here's praying this is the year your gig comes undone.

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