Esoteric ‘Compassion’: Callous damnation

 Interpret compassion as an emotion and you have drunk the poison of another. Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings & Revelations
Interpret compassion as an emotion and you have drunk the poison of another. Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p.284

A year ago I visited a children’s hospital in Cambodia; one of five founded by a Swiss doctor, funded by private donors and run on a budget of $17 million per year. Without this care, almost 3,000 children would die per month. Come 2013 and I’m ensconced in the UMA bunker quoting the incoherent scribblings of a millionaire ‘healer’ with 2000 followers who describes charity as a ‘vast and deeply damaging evil’ and says disability is bad karma for being selfish in a past life.

Behold the projections of a man hostile to life and humanity because his carnal existence is holding him back from appointing himself as God.

The previous post on the Great Livingness Swindle gave a sampler of Serge Benhayon’s package deal of opting out of humanity for a glorious self-loving death. Emotion is demonized as toxic and pilgrims on the Esoteric ‘Livingness’ treadmill only trust ‘feeling’. But feeling must be divorced from emotion, mind and ‘spirit’. Those keep us in separation from our ‘soul’ and ‘innermost heart’.

An emotion is never a true feeling. It is at best the true feeling of your reactions to what you originally felt. Know this energetic truth, for emotions are the root cause of all diseases. (Benhayon, 2011, p.80)

Benhayon idiosyncratically redefines ‘compassion’ into a hollow concept, divorced from empathy. He holds to the distortion in order to dominate his followers emotionally, morally and financially. If they were to question his line and allow themselves to be emotionally functional and empathize with the disadvantaged, or with those experiencing grief or separation, they would have to acknowledge the harm they’ve done. The Esoteric Sons of God shut down to everyone outside the cult. To live otherwise would bring the realization they’ve been swindled for the profit and empowerment of dangerously grandiose delusional. They’d understand their money would have been better spent helping the genuinely disadvantaged.

Sympathy and empathy are both emotions. Emotions are poisonous to our physical body, for they are indulgent energies that help the spirit individualise. (Benhayon, 2011, p. 283)

Compassion is the ability to observe, understand and accept. There is not an ounce of emotion in true compassion…

Interpret compassion as an emotion and you have drunk the poison of another…

Have sympathy for the sick and you will take on the emotions of their sickness. (Benhayon, 2011, p.284)

Serge, messiah of the First World, has the answer to global poverty:

Poverty is a consciousness. It is a form of inactivity that is founded by a victim mentality to hide the lack of committing to life in full. (Benhayon, 2011, p.286)

Once the Somali drought victims are done with kvetching through the famine which is killing off their extended families, I’m sure they’ll all sign up for a round of Esoteric Healing Workshops.

The Problem With Karma

Serge has also co-opted the doctrine of Karma to his life negating scheme. Karmic ’cause and effect’ is a metaphysical theory for the randomness of misfortune. It’s a cautionary against harmful actions and offers an incentive for meritorious conduct. It was also developed from an entrenched political and social elite, the Brahmin caste, who’ve long used it to institutionalize social injustice and protect their status. In societies centred around a caste or Confucian hierarchy, the underprivileged are conditioned to accept their plight as the karmic consequences of misdeeds from previous lives. Discouraged from seeking social elevation, they’re kept politically powerless, while the privileged maintain the system. Outside such societies, Karma can become an excuse for the callous dismissal of disadvantage, licence for shirking social responsibility – avoiding expensive forms of altruism. Again, Benhayon takes it to fundamentalist extremes – basing his open vilification of those with disabilities on hypothetical past lives, and conveniently omitting benevolent and conscientious conduct as an avenue for improving karma.

 A mental and or physical disability is the karma of controlling other people for self-gain. (Benhayon, 2011, p. 302)

All autistic conditions in their many varying degrees and others such as Down syndrome, where there is a lesser form of natural expression, come from the abuse of one’s position in a former life. Those who hold positions of authority and thus the force to inflict suppression, destruction, corruption and other forms of retardation to the natural manner in which each spirit uses life to evolve back to Soul will incur such Karma. No one can escape this aspect of the Law of Cause and Effect. (Benhayon, 2011, p.151)

The only way to resolve Benhayon’s idea of ‘karma’ is to pay up for the full Way of the Livingness subscriptions, and all of the financial expenditure, austere restrictions and antisocial behaviour that entails.

Stigmatizing Mental Illness and Traumatizing the Mentally Ill

Serge attributes mental illness to medieval notions of demonic possession. The first of the following paragraphs initially refers to individuals who practice ‘channeling’, but its implications are more general.


To channel the astral energy, that is, bringing through the information from the hordes of name-dropping disembodied liars will result in the compression and suppression of the Antahkarana. This will close for many lives to come, the ability to connect with the soul. Such forays create the emotionally inspired receiver of information who will be left as a wondering, incarnated, emotionally charged and driven individual with many medical complications. One such condition is called bi-polar. This is the result of such forays from other lives. Some schizophrenics fall into this category also, although, this is not the case for all. Quite commonly though, ‘entity behaviour’ is present in all schizophrenic behaviour. (Benhayon, 2006, p.219-220)

It is through these lower three chakras that the consciousness of the astral discarnates enters and influences thought…Schizophrenia is the result of such over-stimulation from the solar centre. The over-stimulation is caused by an excess in entity activity, allowing the discarnates access and control over their host. Recognition of this will go a long way to helping those that are not too far gone. The multi-personality syndrome is true, but it occurs because there is a multiple range of discarnates accessing and expressing through the incarnate’s vehicle using his or her lower-mind via the lower three centres. Knowledge of this will one day be the accepted norm. (Benhayon, 2006, p.371)

No Serge, it won’t. Pre-scientific ideas of demonic possession causing psychosis went out in the nineteenth century, even before the advent of effective pharmaceutical treatment.

Yet, Sergio, the amateur psychiatrist, is performing his bent ‘healings’ on mentally ill patients. He says so in audio presentations and mentions working on cancer patients as well. An unqualified shyster who can’t be bothered to learn correct medical terminology.

Yet cult doctors are busy enabling and publicly endorsing this con artist. We’re still waiting for them to visit our site and provide a reasoned defence of this nonsense, perhaps along the lines of those long letters they sent to the journalists who first exposed UM. Where are you Eunice Minford, Samuel Kim, Howard Chilton, Jane Barker, Amelia Stephens and Anne Malatt? Comments are open.

Altruism is evil

Don’t bother doing good because it’s really bad

Vast and deeply damaging evil is hidden in pranic forms of charity, good, nice and benevolence, and not just in the brutality we can all see is evil. (Benhayon, 2011, p.296)

The highest forms of evil lay hidden in what we have erroneously accepted as being good. This teaching may take a while to come to the fore, but in time, it will be known. (Benhayon, 2011, p.297)

And there’s nothing worse than charity, unless it’s UM’s.

For the first time ever on earth, humanity is going to be accountable for the energy of the pranic version of “GOOD” that they have invested in or put forth. People have used “GOOD” to hide selfishness, greed and to act for self-gain, and thus, there will be an enormous exposure for many, many people. As a result, and aside form the many personal upheavals, the charities that espouse/sell/market their so called “good” will be exposed and fall apart, as people will start to disclose what is really going on behind the scenes (the embezzlement/lifestyles and so on). Natalie Benhayon, Energy Release – 26th June 2011

A last will and testament is usually not considered an investment. But for Serge’s followers leaving their dosh to UniMed to clear their ‘prana’ is deemed by his hubris-ness as a ‘wise’ investment. As long as they bequeath it unconditionally, and not deprive Sergio and Miranda of ‘best using it’ on European luxury cars and first class travel:

If you leave a child $10,000 dollars and the kids spend that money to keep them in recognition and identification – excess – that holds you in contraction in your next life…If you invest wisely in your will this gives you fire in your next life…

If not you leave behind a constant drain on kidney energy and an imprint of a pranic emanation stopping others from being in their centre.

If you give in sympathy no matter how much you give esoterically you are drained.

Do you clear it from other past lives?

5 points of fire everyday, left behind 10 points prana, end of the day 5 points of prana.

If you leave a Will to Unimed and you put a lineal condition that it be used to fund those who can’t afford the courses then that is pranic-putting a lineal condition on a spherical nature, not trusting people will know how to best use it. (Esoteric Development Group Lecture Notes, October 2008)

That’s likely the schtick he used to get $1.4M out of cancer patient, Judith McIntyre.

To make sure your death investments are astutely put to the service of the Esoteric Brotherhood, Universal Medicine has its very own Esoteric not for profit consultant:

Victoria [Lister]

The Universal Medicine Trust

It is still in the planning stages but will be a not for profit organisation / charity, a legal entity, so funds can be donated to it– this structure is the one which best suits what Universal Medicine is all about.- Brotherhood.

Due to her inside knowledge Victoria can ensure that all the boxes are ticked so there are no loop holes – a common problem in not for profit organisations… 

Except for the inconvenient and non Esoteric federal laws against anonymous donations, accepting donations before the charity was registered and not issuing receipts.

The money with go towards setting up new clinics etc. Next year Serge will announce the Lord Maitreya’s Plan for the work as it will be the 10th Anniversary of Universal Medicine.

Charity- was discussed as creating a greater platform of prana for the lords of form.

Occultly – the energy of charity is the same as the energy of a paedophilia as it tries to use an innocent expression to disguse its ill pranic ways. Trying to compensate for own guilt through the use of innocent energy.

Serge said that if the board was ever to stuff up the trust then the karma they would have would be extremely hard to recover from. More will be made available about the trust by Universal Medicine when it is ready. EDG Notes, August 2011

Yes, yet another confusional double bind to distract followers from the suspicious activities of UniMed’s Esoteric philanthropy – Charity is akin to paedophilia, but if you donate to the UniMed Charity, you’ll improve your karma.

In summary, emotions give you cancer; your karma is knackered because you lived millions of lifetimes as an abuser in ignorance of the Serge Benhayon’s Esoteric disincarnation plan; attacks from invisible demons can render you psychotic – and you’ll deserve it – and the icing on the cake; good is actually evil. Never mind the poor, the sick, the disabled and the disadvantaged, give your money to Serge and invest in an eternal out of body experience untroubled by caring a damn.

The human being will eventually evolve to a body of light and hence, will not have a carnal existence on the physical plane. This is why the development of the inner-light is our true path…Imagine the massive waste of energy and good resource that is being poured into something we will eventually all not need. (Benhayon, 2006, p.111)

An Alternative

For a final bit of ‘joy-full’ perspective, Serge says UniMed’s annual turnover is ‘more like two million’ dollars, but the bunker number cruncher did some sums and thinks its more like six to eight, mostly in cash. We’ve found 14 properties in Serge’s name valued at around seven million.

In contrast, the Kantha Bopha foundation in Cambodia runs five hospitals on an annual budget of US$17 million (equivalent to same in $AUD) with only 5% spent on administration costs. All 2400 staff, except for founder and paediatrician Dr Beat Richner and head pathologist, Dr Denis Laurent, are Cambodian.

From the Wikipedia entry:

The Kantha Bopha hospitals treat half a million children per year free of charge. Approx 100,000 seriously ill children are admitted. Japanese encephalitis, malaria, dengue fever and typhoid are common, often exacerbated by the presence of TB. TB is the number one killer. Mortality rate is an astonishingly low 1%. Dr. Richner claims that over 80% of all paediatric health care in Cambodia is provided by his hospitals.

The hospitals are primarily funded by donations from individuals in Switzerland, where Richner is somewhat of an icon. Operational expense in 2006 was in the order of $17mill USD. Since the Foundation started in 1991, it has reportedly raised $370 million USD.[1]

In addition to medical care, the hospitals also provides an International Postgraduate Course. The Kantha Bopha Academy for Pediatrics, started in 2009, has recently completed its third year. The program includes lectures and courses on general pediatrics, infectiology, immunology and diagnostic imaging. The course program also includes a thorough introduction into the organization and management of a children’s hospital and a maternity in a poor and tropical country.[6]

Comment on THAT, Eunice.

Benhayon, S. Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2011
Benhayon, S. The Way It Is, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2006

7 thoughts on “Esoteric ‘Compassion’: Callous damnation

  1. Wow, another great post DV. I find Serge's rantings and blatant trickery so laughable. I can not believe people would fall for such an obvious ploy about leaving their money to UM. Do you think many have changed their will? He is so bonkers that I am dumbfounded reading this post. I think I will have to let it settle before I stop shaking my head in wonder

  2. What can you say? The evil Serge espouses is just…evil. When you boil it down this is probably the most disgusting aspect of Universal Medicine and Serge's made up doctrine. It is clearly about himself and no one else. A true narcissist; and he has got a big bunch of well meaning people to join in with him, abandoning their common sense, reason, compassion, care, love, emotion, empathy and then their families and most of their savings in pursuit of Serge's insanity. I just want to grab them and shake them back to reality. But just like this well-written and reasoned post, I am afraid it won't have any material effect as Serge has got in there with his mind-altering, emotion-numbing mumbo-jumbo and got them all smiling like overdressed semi-catatonic halfwits oblivious to he truth which smacks down around them. I just hope that each one of these posts at least shakes at least one more person out of their coma and back to the richness of their real lives.Good work Venus. If only you could earn 5% of the money Serge connives out of people, you'd be under rewarded.

  3. Effectively, Serge is teaching his followers to deny life itself in favor of his unattainable concept of 'livingness' – which is more accurately a living death when one honestly examines the restrictions said concept places on the student. At the sane time he is espousing this slow-kill process to his followers, it appears he is encouraging them to leave their life savings to him. Benhayon is the very personification of the perverted and evil traits he continuously rants about. His writings and presentations as such are essentially confessions as to his true nature.

  4. The redefination of compassion and empathy are particularly disturbing. Without compassiona and empathy we would all live like animals and it would take human evolution back millions of years. The brain has developed over these millions of years to make us "human" and if that means feeling sad and maybe angry when you see starving, sick children then I am all for these emotions. Serge is so manipulative on so many layers that I really wonder how he can actually live with himself? I would love to know more about his true personality and what sort of illness he really does have?

  5. Unfortunately, it's easy to underestimate Serge's capacity for harm. None of us like to think another human being can be so conniving, malicious and corrupt – it's an extremely difficult thing to face. Our reflex is to turn away. But we can't afford to. So the bad news is there's more of this, however, I think it's essential it's put in public view, removed from its 'spherical' buffering, so its dark essence is laid bare.Yes Trish, I think people have written UM into their wills. Absolutely, and seeing he's called for students to do this at UM events, there's also a degree of peer pressure to do so. Group-think normalizes some nasty stuff. Eg. 'Dr Chilton is donating. He's a doctor, so he must know what he's doing, therefore so will I.' We also know people are handing over the proceeds of divorce settlements – very substantial sums. Yes, he's definitely projecting his true nature and his extreme hostility onto his avowed enemies – the writings are full of autobiographical statements. I will post some at some point. Very revealing of his psychology.The redefinition of compassion and empathy (and all of the finest human qualities) is a deliberate attempt at nullifying them, so that yes, the students do lose their humaneness – and this erodes their will to live – in compliance with Serge's glorious death plan.The Words of the Families blogger got it so right in their post on Serge teaching the students to be narcissists. If you're going to learn, it may as well be from a maestro. I've been reading up on the Nazi doctors, and the process normal, unillustrious personalities underwent to become sociopathic killers. Serge has developed a similar process for his students, and most frighteningly, the cult doctors.

  6. To accept reincarnation as a reality, certain aspects of this belief system need to be considered. If our past (as in life or lives) shapes our present, the idea of karma inevitably rears its head. Whether one calls it karma or couches it in some other terminology such as ‘you reap what you sow, you sow what you reap’ may be irrelevant. Those who view complex philosophies in simplistic terms may need a reality check. Are people who have endured abuse, torture, illness, disease, etc., deserving of these things because they’ve brought all of life’s woes upon themselves through past misdeeds? Is it morally correct to accept suffering dispassionately?

    Which came first, the chicken or the egg? ‘n all that. How far do you take it? If one embraces the idea that an individual is responsible for everythin’ that’s a-happenin’ to ’em in this life ’cause of what they did (or didn’t do) at some stage in the past then things get kinda tricky. For example, what about those stuck in a war zone? What about abused children – should we just leave ’em to it? Is empathy a dirty word?

    Where does it all end? If a philosophy is used as an excuse to turn a blind eye it becomes a dangerous tool. Immoral. People who reckon they know how karma and whatnot work (and apparently everything else in the effin’ universe) may have overlooked something. If, in THIS life, we choose to blame or abandon those who are in need of love, care and assistance to suffer their fate because of (unknown but assumed) past life transgressions, won’t karma or the like catch up with us next time round? Isn’t that how it works, guys? Surely you reap what you sow’s a two way street.

    Regarding the wiffly-wafflings of Serge Benhayon… it’s all a li’l bit bullshit, ain’t it? It’d be flawed reasoning if there was any real evidence of reasoning.

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