Cyber Bullies Updated – The Universal Medicine cult is shutting down our blogs

UniMed is claiming their ‘self-loving choices’ by attacking freedom of speech. Links to the UK URL of this site no longer function because Google has removed the blog at instigation of the cult. We expect the full content from the Australian URL will be next. While we move to other platforms, bookmark the Rick Ross Forum for updates.

It appears the cult has reported us to Google for posting what they ‘feel’ is defamatory material, and we are still unclear on Google policy, and what action was taken. We were not informed of Google’s actions in advance and have received no details or information apart from links to the independent Chilling Effects site where the offending material is supposed to be posted, but isn’t as yet. Google offers no assistance regarding avenues for redress, in spite of rabbiting on about how they are supporters of free speech. One hopes it’s not Esoteric ‘Freedom of Speech’.
Please note that we have not been served with any legal action so far. From what I can tell, the cult had a whinge to Google and fearing litigation, Google preemptively pulled content. Without more information, I can only surmise that’s the case.

In the meantime, we all know all of the content on our blogs is fact, and seeing the judiciary relies on facts rather than Esoteric feelings, if the cult ever attempts a defamation action it will never hold up in court. Never. The other possibility is that they’ve complained we’re a ‘hate blog’, but seeing we’ve never made threats of any kind and have only called out evasions, lies and distortions, and called various Esoteric cronies to account we don’t see how that will stand up in court either. We will be looking at the legality of the cult censoring the internet soon but we do have our hands full with other priorities at present – bigger fish to fry – so to speak.

I’ll be writing to the appropriate federal ministers about this soon, but if you too are disturbed by cults censoring the internet, please email the following:

Malcolm Turnbull:
Minister Stephen Conroy:
Attorney General Mark Dreyfus:
Senator George Brandis:
Independent Senator Nick Xenophon doesn’t like cults:

So stay tuned and keep supporting us. We are a few individuals up against a multi-million dollar organization doing this on our own time. We will continue to expose the facts about UM, and I daresay the cult will be making the news again very soon. Clearly, we’ll be finding new addresses to call home, so for updates check the  Rick Ross Forum.

2 thoughts on “Cyber Bullies Updated – The Universal Medicine cult is shutting down our blogs

  1. The lot of them have been wetting their pants since the media expose started, and the histrionics have only escalated. If only they put the same amount of focus into examining the facts rather than defending their attachment to an expensive pack of bullshit. Millions of dollars, lawyers, cops, doctors, psychologists LOL, teachers, messiahs and not two brain cells to rub together between them. They'd be pathetic if their hysterics weren't so dangerous. I wish I had time to take it as a compliment. Up to my ears in cult exposure, and more to be done yet. And there are blog posts coming soon, I promise, even if the cult has to chase us round the net like Assange. But thanks for all the bonus pageviews Sergio. ;-):-O

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