Real Media Real Change Relentless Scamming – Esoteric ‘Feminism’

After last December’s epic failure of their Cyber Harrassment Conference, Real Media Real Change is back to old tricks. This time attempting to exploit the good name of International Women’s Day for cult recruitment drives disguised as presentations on women’s health. However, they haven’t registered their events with the IWD organization and again haven’t disclosed themselves as a front group for the harmful and sexist Universal Medicine cult. One wonders how the IWD committee will respond considering they’re now in possession of a collection of Serge Benhayon’s most ‘joy-full’ and loving misogynistic quotes.

At least this time, RMRC is openly associating itself with Universal Medicine ventures, unlike last time when Sarah Davis told journalists her connection to UM was irrelevant to RMRC. So I guess you’re officially outed now Sarah. That didn’t hurt a bit, did it?

What to Expect from an Esoteric Women’s Presentation

Top of the bill of presenters is Natalie Benhayon, Serge’s youngest daughter, early twenties, zero qualifications in anything apart from dubious Esoteric modalities, invented and taught by her unqualified ex bankrupt tennis coach father, who has claimed to be the reincarnation of Alice Bailey, Leonardo Da Vinci and Imhotep. Her speciality is communicating with women’s ovaries, which makes me wonder how often she’s heard ovaries tell her to fuck off.

Mine would. Especially since Serge tried similar bullshit on me.

Anyway, I’ll allow the content of UniMed presentations to speak for itself, and in the next few days will post again on Esoteric Feminism and Serge’s body negative and sexist quotes on women and women’s health. A post on Esoteric manhood is also in the works, with a matching array of gross misandry. One thing about Serge, at least he’s an equal opportunity hater.

Serge then came on stage and said that the energy of a tampon in our body is like having sex with the dirtiest guy you know all the way through your period. Esoteric Womens Presentation, Somerset UK, notes taken by Fiona P., 22-6-2012

Serge then joined Natalie on stage and commented that the energy of the tampon manufacturer was also inside us if we were using them. Esoteric Women’s Presentation, Somerset UK, notes taken by Linda G., 22-6-12

And that was after a nice long talk from Natalie on how she paints her nails.

The following is a transcript from an audio recording of an Esoteric Development Group lecture from 2010. Serge himself speaking on women and women’s health:

If we don’t apply the same principle to our human body and understand that everything we do is lived inside this body, because it’s there doing it and we don’t apply a harmonious totality to what we do, and our body is recipient of everything that is less than that. And so, it is no wonder that things go wrong. We don’t stand here and go how did this lump happen or why am I infertile, why can’t I fall pregnant, because you haven’t been a woman for 30 years, you’ve been using menful energy to please your dad, you’ve been using male energy, you’ve been involved in sport which women should never be because they’re competitive, it means their right ovary gets more powerful than the left ovary, and then they come to here and they’re ready to have a child but the ovaries are totally out of whack, vaginal walls are as thick as and they’re not a woman energetically, even though they have breasts, vagina, uterus and so forth. And so they can’t work it out. Why can’t I have a baby like other women? And see they’re putting their foot down here and they’re staring at the doctor or the acupuncturist or whoever they’re seeing…They’re not willing to look back and address the 30 years and maybe then try when the body is in its harmonious totality to then become pregnant by the nature of the woman having the balance of the two ovaries, getting the uterus to sit and at the right format, the pelvis to sit back as it should, not forward, how they are with male energy, but back and be that basin and vessel of stillness, which a woman is meant and naturally designed to be. But nobody’s interested in that. What they want is that. They want to have all of that and at the end they want that reward or you to remove the lump. ‘I’m not going to worry about all those non nurturing habits that I have’, which is what breast cancer is, so simple, just women who don’t nurture themselves…could all be cured, not a good word, healed, if we just taught that a woman needs to be fragile, and honour that, to be nurturing, to not pick up heavy things, or turn things, to be honouring in how she feels and to work out and negotiate rhythms in work that best suit how she is. To live a life honouring that and to be lovely, to be precious and to take her time and to be nurturing in every way shape and form.

You know what? Women are awesome. They work really hard and can outdo the men in many ways because they are naturally stronger emotionally and physiologically. Men are stronger this way, but women are stronger in many other ways. The problem is they’re using that strength to win equality and so doing the male energy. Or dad didn’t meet me in my gentleness and loveliness so I’ll impress him, I’ll go and run fast or I’ll become a really good student or maybe I’ll do both. I’ll do really well academically and conquer the world in sport. Or become this beauty pageant or look great or shape my figure – anything that attracts the eyes and gets me some form of recognition and acceptance. And meanwhile the basin of not being met, the basin of not being nurtured, the basin of not being lovelied because of who you are, not what you do, builds and builds and builds. And that energy then turns into a negative energy ‘cause it’s stagnant and it’s disharmonious, and then it starts to feed the body. So the woman that stands there and says I want to get pregnant is loaded with all this stuff that she’s already created for herself. If she goes to counselling, she’ll blame Dad. Now counselling, if anyone has gone to counselling – counselling should stop at nine, oh yes Mum and Dad until the age of nine, but from there on you had choices, especially when you left home, and you’re still blaming Mum and Dad at the age of 45 and 62. They, they, they, they…

So sit quietly ladies, be fragile and docile, don’t talk out of turn, don’t play sport, and never never challenge yourself, or excel. Certainly don’t ever seek equal rights to education, equal pay or reproductive freedom of choice, and painting your nails is great for switching your mind off, so that you can ignore the harm you’re involved in, but don’t do it to because you like it or it looks nice, because that’s seeking recognition. Be who you are, but don’t think, or feel emotion, and certainly not compassion, and your gyne disorder and inability to conceive a child is your own fault because you tried to please your savage, beastly, out of control menful father, but don’t seek counselling for that either, because by nine years old, you should have had him under control.

Welcome to Universal Medicine – Australia’s New Age Taliban.  Now cashing in on International Women’s Day – supposedly a commemoration of the movement to empower and emancipate women from patriarchal rot like that above.

And how exactly does self-styled ‘healer’ Serge know how thick an infertile woman’s vaginal walls are?

And while we’re at it, when is UniMed going to tell the public exactly what an Esoteric Uterus Massage entails, as delivered by Serge’s unqualified at anything son, Curtis Benhayon? We’ve noticed they’re a bit sheepish about advertising it, apart from the screenshots we’ve made of webpages flogging it.

Women at the service of an aggressive paternalistic cult who are enemies of free speech

The About RMRC page is a curious entity. It doesn’t state who or what RMRC is, only that they are ‘everyday members of the public’ calling for change in the media, and a ‘Media platform’. Sarah, the scapegoat’s name is on it, but no one else; no board, no committee, no disclosure of its structure or funding. But details such as those are too much like transparency, and we all know RMRC, like UniMed, is vehemently opposed to that. As well as freedom of speech.

Freedom of Speech is not an excuse for harm

We would like a world where social media is not anti-social, where a ‘friend’ is more than a number; where a troll remains a fixture of a fairytale and where masked men and women aren’t given free reign to wreak havoc, harass others, and even endanger lives under a misused and abused definition of Free Speech.

We are inspired by the possibility that humanity might one day have a Media that puts people before ‘page views’ and paper sales.

And we realise that change starts with us.

Our aim is to raise awareness about the effects of ill communication in the digital age, to advocate for change and to support the change-makers to make policy that supports greater care and well-being for people in our communities.

 That change would be to appoint a multi-million dollar humanity hating death cult as  Australia’s new internet censor, silence critics and gloss over their own ‘ill communications’; the lies, evasions and distortions, which if exposed are a serious threat to their cashflow. Supporting ‘care and well-being’ in the community is undoubtedly a reference to deceiving the unsuspecting into joining the ‘healing’ cult, making sure they develop a Benhayon induced dependency and dread, wrecking their health and personal lives and siphoning off their assets.

And they call ME a troll.


7 thoughts on “Real Media Real Change Relentless Scamming – Esoteric ‘Feminism’

  1. I wonder whether Natalie will be wowing the attendees with her alleged psychic abilities (she's a Seer, apparently), or esoteric dream interpretations?

  2. Yeah, whatever. I think we'd all be more impressed if she put a bit of effort into 'seeing' some facts. Psychic baloney – like forking out $$ for 'clearing' symbols. Burn all the clearing candles you like dears, we'll still be here, and so will reality. But no, it's better to paint your nails, interpret dreams and shut down your thought and compassion so you can feel the emptiness left from having your humanity vampired out of you by a vicious cult. Try an eye pillow. Rub in some breast cream, stir your gruel anti-clockwise…Anything to avoid the reality that it's all bullshit and UniMed is about to crash.

  3. It will be a gentle introduction to how to respect yourself, leveraging off feelings and dilemma's woman haven't resolved so that the unsuspecting audience get an 'aha' feeling, predisposing them to finding out more. Nothing totally outrageous will be said. It is a recruitment day for customers and more cult members. I think in the pantheon of active cults, they really have found a niche and a successful entry point for recruitment.It is typical however that they have feigned as association with a legitimate organization when none exists. Truth as they know it.

  4. It's a good point Anon. Most new customers are introduced via seemingly benign health education lectures and 'healing' services. The toxic anti-life anti-health indoctrination is then drip fed insidiously with the help of covert hypnotic techniques. Having said that, the tampon quotes above were from a women's presentation held in the UK last year, where I'm sure there were new recruits. Those remarks from Serge were buffered by a lot of waffle from Natalie on how amazing it is to wear pads rather than tampons, magical thinking, daily nail painting, fashion, and a bit more from Serge on the pyramids, witch burnings, and then a bit of hypnotic mind fuck using finger exercises. In other words, Serge was performing hypnotic conversion and at the same time filtering out women with bullshit detectors. Dobbsie, we're overjoyed to hear your partner is recovering and we know it's been a tough road for her and your whole family. Enjoying music again is a great sign she's getting her life back! Yes! Send her our best wishes, and tell her the Berlioz track on the music player is dedicated to her. Or tell us what kind of music she likes and we'll put something special up for her. xoxOur thoughts are also with anyone in the difficult process of recovery.

  5. Serge's idea of fertility and health with women is so very very limited. I have worked with women who have substance problems and use heroin and can have 6 children. Not very gentle serge. I have also worked with women who are gentle and amazing and can't fall pregnant. His ideas of women, health and fertility are so short sighted, narrow minded and ridiculous and ultimately just a ploy to pull in women with money. Please if you are reading this and you are involved with UM think honestly about what Serge says and how he is using you for his own self gain. yes he is good at looking like he cares but please please see through him and use that part of the brain that he has told you to put away, find help and move on.

  6. Agreed… I personally was extremely athletic as a child, played a lot of competitive sport, had issues with both parents, my father being passive and mother aggressive, wore tampons and all (pads don't work if you jump around with your skirt flashing your underwear or sprinting on a track). Yet, I could sneeze and fall pregnant… And where does this information arise from? Has any other sane spiritual community or health professional or organisation raised these sorts of issues before. Where does this garbage come from?

  7. Yes sure our physical body effects our mental wellbeing and vice versa, but its not cut and dried like Serge makes out. He dumbs down everything into this gentleness and non gentlenss for women. Its like we are all going to be walking around with flowers in our hair and long white dresses like the elves in Lord of the Rings. Its pure fantasy and life just isn't like that. Women need strength, they need prana, they need to be grounded in this life not some fantasy land of Serges. Personally I have more exciting fantasies to fulfill 🙂 Oh Serge a naughty women, how pranic of me!!!

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