Death Drive Part 2: Serge Benhayon & the cult doctors

Rene Magritte, Perspective II Manet's Balcony

Rene Magritte, Perspective II Manet’s Balcony

Cult leader, Serge Benhayon is quoted referring to life energy as the root cause of ‘all ill conditions’, that our Soul has no need for a physical body, that health practices are a waste of energy on a body we will eventually not need, and that  death is a ‘healing’. He’s welcome to his beliefs, but we have a major problem when he establishes a large, highly profitable, international ‘healing’ organization around them, and uses covert hypnotic techniques to indoctrinate the unsuspecting into a drive toward death. Worse when doctors publicly participate, and worse again when AHPRA, the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Authority, fails to take regulatory action.

In November 2012, I submitted complaint notifications to the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission about four of the Universal Medicine cult doctors. The most concerning of these was an incriminating remark made by Serge Benhayon at an Esoteric Medicine lecture in 2010 about chest surgeon, Dr Samuel Kim. The lecture was recorded and sent to hundreds of UM followers, it’s stated earlier in the recording there are 220 people present including 5 medical specialists and ‘a few GPs’. Dr Kim is heard earlier on the audio remarking about a perceived rise in lung disorders.

Okay, so the point is the way you think is the energy you walk first. So the way you walk creates the energy that will allow you to think or not think. So imagine walking down the corridors doing my rounds, Sam and the other specialists that are here, and you walk with gentleness as Sam does – he walks into this room to see his patients, they get a blessing the moment he walks in, the corridor gets a blessing and Sam has, if I’m allowed to say so, assisted people to die, faster than or sooner than holding on, because he brings them a blessing, they go ‘I get it, see you later Sam, say hello to my folks.’ I (they?) went boom, pass-over, right, instead of being aggressive, angry and hanging on, getting more medication, being not so lucid and fighting to stay alive for what reason other than the energy they’re saying survive. No quality, just survival, just existence. Whereas you bring someone harmony, and it’s time to go, they say ‘see you later, I’m outta here,’ because they feel the loveliness of who they are, the loveliness of what they will go into, the moment they leave their body. That’s grace. Esoteric Medicine Part 1 lecture, February 2010, 47:00

Euthanasia is against the law in Australia. One of the reasons it’s against the law is the small chance doctors might start playing God, and may assist in the deaths of people who have a chance at recovery, or are not ready to die.

As a tenant in the Universal Medicine Goonellabah clinic, Dr Kim is heavily involved with Benhayon and UM. He regularly refers his respiratory patients to unqualified Esoteric healers including Serge and other members of the Benhayon family, and he has written a letter to the Courier Mail, as well as posts on the Medicine and Serge Benhayon website, endorsing Serge Benhayon and his invented, ineffective Esoteric modalities. In contravention of advertising restrictions for registered healthcare practitioners, he has received testimonials from UM cartel members, and provided testimonial for fellow cult doctor, Anne Malatt. 

The guru’s off hand incrimination of Dr Kim may not be so serious if Serge hadn’t written extensively glorifying death and providing apologism for rape and murder, and didn’t use covert hypnotic manipulation in indoctrinating his converts. Apart from the incrimination, the passage above also reveals Benhayon’s fantasy of becoming a doctor. However, given his disdain for health and the human body, and his preference for death, his wish to be a reputable surgeon is less about helping people to get well, and more to do with the power of taking life. As Anthony Storr wrote about David Koresh and Jim Jones: ‘Their aim was absolute power, and the ultimate expression of power over others is to bring about their death.’ (Storr, A., Feet of Clay, Harper Collins, London, 1997, p.4)

It also might not have been so serious if another cult surgeon, Eunice Minford, who works in an NHS hospital in Antrim, Northern Ireland, hadn’t written a blog post titled ‘Assisted Suicide – is it really the end?‘ which includes the following quotes: 

But what if we do not just have one life, one incarnation? From an esoteric perspective there is a bigger picture to consider. What if this life is just one of many, many lifetimes or incarnations? What if how we live and die in this life, influences the quality of our life and experiences in the next incarnation? This is not as a form of punishment but just the consequence or fulfilment of energetic laws and is entirely consistent with a God who is Love. Esoterically, we are all on a return journey to God, to Love and we get to choose our path and how long it takes to get there as a consequence of our choices.

Esoterically, there are consequences to all our choices – every single one of them. Illness and disease arise because we live and make choices in separation to the Love that we are. Knowing that lovelessness and the emotions are the energetic root cause of illness and disease, then it is also possible for healing opportunities to occur right up until the patient’s death and death itself is also healing – healing our separation from God, from Love…

Furthermore, if someone has re-connected with the Love that they are and truly knows who they are, they can say ‘my body has the cancer, but I do not have cancer,’ for I the soul is pure Love. There is then also a greater acceptance as one realises that this is but one of many incarnations on the return journey to God. 

But that’s not all. We’re told Serge Benhayon is persuading patients to quit vital medications, including cancer treatments – against the advice of their doctors. I don’t doubt this considering we have student notes from an EDG lecture in February 2010 that describes amateur oncologist and pretend palliative care physician, Benhayon, telling a 67 year old cancer patient who had opted not to continue cancer treatment that ‘it’s time to go’. (Name has been shortened to R for privacy)

  • Over past 3 years she has really come into her light and is now serving at a very high level 
  • Last 3 years have been the best in her life… 
  • She now has cancer (a recurrence). Serge says its time to go. 
  • Her soul is saying come on, you’re enjoyed 3 years of living the life you’ve always wanted, how about 80 years in your next life being even clearer (she’s 67 – looks amazing) 
  • So now is the time to dump as much prana into body to prepare for esoteric passing over 
  • Most die heavy with prana – go to astral plane where all this is felt, all the yuck and abuse of ones life. Some healing with angels, but little conscious awareness of this so momentum carries on in next life. 
  • R has awareness and very fiery. On death enters 1st 3 levels of soul plane. Healing occurs but more to assist her in bringing back greater service in her next incarnation. Choose to come back much faster… 
  • We then had a slide show of R’s life – some of it – in celebration. 
  • Serge shared that His son Michael and girlfriend Emily had felt R is coming back to them and will be called either Grace or Isaac. 

Reportedly R was present at the meeting. While Serge was saying ‘it’s time to go’, the notes also say she ‘looks amazing’. Cult doctors would have been present too, and the question remains, did R opt to discontinue her treatment on the advice of Benhayon?

We also have notes from students stating Benhayon is raising funds to establish the world’s first ‘Esoteric aged care facility’, or as Serge might put it, a ‘prana dump’.

Serge plans to run 2 aged care facilities to assist people in death so as much prana as possible can be dumped into their bodies. This is their last chance to be presented with love in their life and may for some be their only experience of being met in life. So next life they will come back knowing a different way of being. (EDG notes, April 21, 2012) 

AHPRA’s inaction

Occasionally, while researching UM, I have to check my reality tester to make sure it’s operating correctly. I wonder if it’s just me who finds all of this horrifying. It’s not. Just about everyone I speak to about these issues agrees. A prominent doctor of my acquaintance calls this situation ‘frightening’. The only people not horrified by this appear to be the cult and the NSW Medical Council/HCCC/AHPRA.

All of the above was submitted to the NSW HCCC (AHPRA NSW) as part of the complaint, along with eight pages of background information and links to all the news reports and UM propaganda blogs.

The NSW Medical Council decided not to take action.

In relation to your concerns about Dr Kim assisting a patient to die, the Commission and the Council considered this allegation very seriously. Both the Commission and the Council were of the opinion that there was insufficient evidence to support your allegation that he has physically assisted a patient to die. For the Commission to take further action in relation to this issue, the Commission would require specific patient details, where the incident took place and specific dates. 

I’ve requested a review of the decision and made it clear I never made an allegation Dr Kim had assisted patients to die – Serge Benhayon did, in front of 220 people and on audio which was sent to hundreds more.

I would have been satisfied if the Commission had issued a warning to Dr Kim to pull his woolly head in and avoid having cult gurus incriminate him in public, and I can’t accept the Commission doesn’t have the powers to do that. At the very least.

Also, in failing to act and asking me to provide names of deceased persons who may have been ‘assisted’ or ‘blessed’ by Dr Kim, our national medical regulator is saying they won’t protect patients until after they’re dead. Perhaps they believe in reincarnation too. I wrote in my letter requesting a review of the decision:

The Commission should not need evidence of a death toll in order to address this issue proactively. The Commission is effectively giving a free pass to health practitioners to publicly advertise assisted death based on New Age religious notions they have adopted through covert indoctrination. The practitioners may then carry out assisted death with complete impunity, unless one of the deceased victims makes a complaint. 

I didn’t wait for AHPRA NSW to get it together. Dr Kim also works in Queensland, so I submitted the complaint to AHPRA QLD, who, I’ve just learned, referred it back to NSW. Because I didn’t want to take chances with lame duck regulators, I notified the reputable private hospital where Dr Kim works. To my relief, they acted promptly, and did what AHPRA NSW should have done and spoke with Dr Kim at the first opportunity. Within days I had a formal letter telling me so, and that they are awaiting the outcome of the AHPRA notifications before they decide on further action.

And that’s all I need. I just wanted to know SOMEONE in authority has their eye on Dr Kim. I doubt it gives the hospital any comfort to know that the NSW regulator didn’t notify them of an issue that may have placed not only their patients at risk but the hospital at risk of litigation, and I wonder how it is that a private citizen was left to do the job of government regulation. I’m considering billing the government for a salary.

I’ve also brought all of these issues to the attention of the police.

As for cult surgeon Eunice, the Esoteric euthanasia enthusiast, the British General Medical Council have been notified of her blog post and her questionable associations. But this time I haven’t left anything to chance and sent the notification to the NHS hospital trust she works for and a few British journalists. One wonders if she’ll accuse the GMC and hospital trust of a smear campaign, in the way she Esoterically harangued every publication or journalist who reported on UM last year. At length.

Grim Parallels – The Nazi Doctors and the Aum Shinrikyo cult – when good people do bad things

In his studies of medical killing by Nazi and cult doctors, psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton found the doctors themselves were rarely sociopaths, but ordinary individuals who became socialized to genocide. Under the influence of extremist psychology, the actions of killing and healing were reversed, and in the case of the Nazi death camps, genocide was justified by the reich as ‘national and racial healing’ (Lifton, 1986, p.xii). Aum Shinrikyo’s Sarin gas attacks on the Tokyo subway were justified as ‘altruistic killing’ or ‘killing to heal’ as a means of improving the victims’ reincarnations. (Lifton, 2000, pp. 136, 139)

Death is always a healing – and not part of the failure. (Benhayon, 2011, p. 599)

We need to clear/discard the lovelessness (prana) we have inside us to make room for the love that is now pouring in. 

Since there is no such thing as death in the sense that life ends for good, those who perish are only clearing/discarding and moving-on to clearer more love-able bodies (next incarnation). (ibid. p. 218)

In order for ordinary, non sociopathic people to commit sociopathic acts, Lifton describes a process of psychological doubling, where the individual develops a separate personality in order to carry out deeds their normal personality would regard as abhorrent.

The way in which doubling allowed Nazi doctors to avoid guilt was not by the elimination of conscience but by what can be called the transfer of conscience. The requirements of conscience were transferred to the Auschwitz self, which placed it within its own criteria for good (duty, loyalty to group, “improving” Auschwitz conditions, etc.), thereby freeing the original self from responsibility for actions there. (Lifton, 1986, p.421)

Serge Benhayon instigates the doubling process by redefining goodness, compassion, empathy and love.

The highest forms of evil lay hidden in what we have erroneously accepted as being good. This teaching may take a while to come to the fore, but in time, it will be known. (Benhayon, 2011, p.297)

Emotions stop us from being who we truly are. Feel the fact and you will avoid them at all costs.(ibid., p.296)

Have sympathy for the sick and you will take on the emotions of their sickness. Interpret compassion as an emotion and you have drunk the poison of another. (ibid. p.284)

Part of psychological doubling process is ‘psychic numbing’, a ‘diminished capacity or inclination to feel’.

To experience life in-truth one needs to clairsentiently feel and distinguish clearly between feelings and emotions. (Benhayon, 2007, p.417)

The emotional man can be easily governed, ruled, dominated and controlled by the ‘mental forces’ which are tools that can be wielded to control the lower psychic nature of emotions. This is esoterically known as the physical man in his Pituitary Body, or in other words, in his personality. Forget not that Illusion controls both Glamour and Maya. (Benhayon, 2006  p. 202)

Gut feelings are always spiritual, they are always pranic, and thus deceiving even when they are right. (Benhayon, 2011, p.384)

‘Derealization’ is an extension of psychic numbing, where the individual divests themselves of reality, convinced that what they’re participating in isn’t real. Benhayon manipulates his followers, including the doctors, to believe the ‘astral’ (mundane) world is an illusion. They are programmed to distrust intellect and science; to focus on hypothetical past lives, future reincarnations and abstractions such as Divineness, Innermost-Loving and Soulfulness, and to maintain chronic dissociative states through ‘meditation’, ‘mindfulness’ and ‘gentle breath’.

The mind as a learned intellectual tool cannot be relied upon to deliver truth because it has to wrestle within by all that it has been given or fed as assumed truth. The body however, can sit with the information and slowly discern based on how it feels within the inner-heart…If the latter technique is adopted, it should well be said from the outset that it is not about a gut feeling, for that is the spirit’s truth, but instead a true heartful feeling, for the latter is the first place where the soul can be found. (Benhayon, 2007, p.45)

We have deeply retarded ourselves away from our stupendous knowledge by believing in so-called facts, truths and given beliefs that satisfy the limited pranic mind. Clear out your emotions and return to your heartfelt feelings…there you will find the truth of all things. (Benhayon, 2011, p. 400)

We spend all our time leaving the body, that is being elsewhere with our minds, whilst our body is conducting a certain act. Stop and consider it – – we use the energy that the body has already created for what it is about to do, on being elsewhere. (Benhayon, 2011, p.92)

If you do not know the difference between the human spirit and the spirit of God as totally different vibrations then you have been hoodwinked by the force of Illusion and its use of mis-information to trick the mind. (Benhayon, 2006, p.302)

Dangerous Compromises

Anthony Storr gave many examples in ‘Feet of Clay’ of gurus exploiting their followers and taking pleasure from exercising power. One thing I’ve noticed personally in my own encounters with gurus is their compulsion to entrap followers in compromising acts, and they appear to gain more intense pleasure from compromising adherents of high intelligence and high status. I’ve witnessed this in two other groups where doctors were involved, and in one of those there were psychologists as well.

In the case of Universal Medicine, there are inordinate numbers of Esoteric practitioners and professionals engaged in questionable practices. Just look at the Real Media Real Change shenanigans, Esoteric Breast Massage and dreaded Esoteric Chakra-puncture. Most alarming is that Serge Benhayon is so unscrupulous he has engaged his own children in the scam. Curtis Benhayon performing Esoteric Uterus Massage??? Unqualified Natalie lecturing on women’s health, and playing at amateur social work, asking groups of teens to disclose their sexual and drug habits since she was 18??

The doctors, however, are most concerning. They’re prepared to breach their professional codes of conduct to endorse piss take invented therapies, publicly defend a proven liar, publicly endorse a man who compromises his own family, overlook Serge’s transgression of therapeutic boundaries via his sleazy ovarian readings, approve of his abhorrent, sexist, body negative, dehumanizing and death promoting teachings, and the fact this highly questionable character has adolescent girls as frequent guests in his home.

If the doctors are prepared to compromise themselves that far for Benhayon, just how far are they prepared to go?

Official Complaints

If you are aware of patients who have been advised to discontinue medication by Serge Benhayon or any other unregistered Esoteric practitioner please notify the NSW HCCC. If the advice came from a registered practitioner notify AHPRA (only a doctor can advise patients to discontinue medications – not pharmacists, not physiotherapists, not Chinese Medicine practitioners or dentists or psychologists). If you are aware of a cult doctor behaving dangerously or unethically, also notify AHPRA.

Anyone may make complaints, including other health practitioners. The consent of the patient is useful in order to access medical records, but the complaint can still be investigated without it.

If you are disgusted by AHPRA’S inaction, please write to your local member of state or federal parliament, or state or federal health minister. I have already, but I could use support. You can also contact me using the tab at the top of the page.

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18 thoughts on “Death Drive Part 2: Serge Benhayon & the cult doctors

  1. Thank you for this site Darkly. You are great, the information that you provide here is very valuable and great reading. My partner is in the UM Cult and everything I have read on this site and others are similar to what I have experienced and have seen with their involvement in this dangerous CULT UM.I am appalled to read your above post and the inaction of the government departments to act upon the information at hand to pull in UM the UM Doctor’s and Practitioners.How can these Doctors that should be intelligent people be involved with such a fraudulent group and believe what Serge preaches. I feel sick to know that these doctors (associated with UM and their beliefs) are out there in our hospitals, where they should be offering support and help to the patients they are out their encouraging them to move to their next life ….what a load of shit ……Dr Kim you need to hold your head in shame …you need to be deregistered as a doctor. Darkly keep up the good work …..Thanks for the valuable information here ….i hope one day my partners will see the light and the deception that UM is and return to the great loving person they were before they found this CULT of Universal Medicine.

  2. I'm not sure about Serge, but Kerry is the most amazing healer and you aremaking a really bad mistake trying to bring her down. The Earth needs morepeople like Kerry. Why don't you spend more energy on something good ratherthan trying to destroy peoples lives?

  3. No 'Jessica', Kerry isn't the 'most amazing healer' if she has anything to do with Serge. Just read our Esoteric Compassion and the Packaging Death post and you'll find nothing healing there. Kerry, by spruiking workshops, selling UniMed products and parroting Serge is participating in a harmful organization that is destroying lives. Trying to emotionally blackmail me won't cut it. I'm just the messenger. The one destroying lives is Serge, with the help of the Eso-army.

  4. Jessica, if you are referring to the Kerry I know, you have unfortunately been duped by someone who makes a very tidy profit out of duping innocent people. She is responsible for a great deal of the indoctrination of my partner and her sisters. She has done more damage to one extended family than you would otherwise think possible.
    I’ve had an appointment with her, back when I had no idea of the harm her and the group she associates with were doing. I decided to visit her with an open mind to decide for myself. I came away pretty much believing she had some special abilities but was dubious about her “seeing auras” etc.
    I realise the way she can convince people of her bogus abilities is by starting with a cold reading. Look up what that is and you will be amazed how much your first appointment with her fits the profile perfectly.
    She shares information with Casey-Lee and uses whatever information she can glean from your relatives and/or friends who also visit. This is despite claiming that everything said in there is confidential.
    She is also very easy to talk to and uses the power of suggetion to fool people. During the “healing” she uses similar tricks to Serge and you often will feel something special afterwards but I assure you that no healing has actually been achieved.
    One example of using suggestion is afterwards she might say “you’ll probably be quite thirsty after the healing I’ve just done” and grab you some water. I challenge you to sit in an air conditioned room for an hour (half of which involves a lot of talking) then drink a glass of water and not think of yourself as thirsty. But she gives an extra meaning to it to support her assertions of being a healer.
    Kerry has learnt a lot from her close friend Serge. I tend to think she has a few tricks of her own though. I really dont blame people for falling for Kerry’s shenanigans, but Jessica please really consider what goes on in that place before handing over good money to her.
    I wish you the best of luck whatever you decide about Kerry.

  5. Who’s Kerry?
    I agree, UM healing feels amazing. The things that practitioners say sounds amazing. On the outside it all looks rosy and feels really good. It is hard to imagine how awful it is once you get sucked into it fully. I doubt even the practitioners really understand how bad it is, and think they are doing good.

    I also believe Jessica is displaying the mindset of an onset recruit. Be warned Jessica, it is that feeling that leads you into the web. Where it leads is loss of friends, family and lots of your money and a far out doctrine that even Scientologists might laugh at.

    UM has a great recruitment system. It is unique for cults I think. You have to hand it to Serge, he either a genius or one lucky sociopathic son of gun.

    • I have friends who have worked with Serge for a long time. These are friends I have known for many years and have occasionally received treatments from. I have at no time been coerced or asked to join anything or come along to any meetings. Many others of our group of friends have the same experience. This is not a cult. My friends are continually in touch with friends outside the group and never try to get anybody to join up! I know these people much better than any of you do so I think you have a hidden agenda in trying to hurt them. Many people around Australia and around the world believe in alternative medicine. It is not a crime to eat healthy and take care of yourself and be kind to people. That is all I have seen from a close relationship spanning 20 years.

      • So, Sharon G, you’re okay with Serge advising people to discontinue vital medications, with him incriminating a doctor and ‘friend’ in public, with his views on the human body being an impediment to ascendance of the ‘soul’, with his pronouncements that death is a ‘healing’, with him ineptly ‘reading’ my ovaries and making suppositions about my relationships with men, even though he’s neither qualified or entitled to ask about such things, with his wife moving in to his home when she was an adolescent, with him having adolescent girls stay in his home, with followers starving themselves and developing malnutrition related disorders on his pathogenic diet – deficient in everything bar cellulose, which you call eating ‘healthy’, with families broken and children suffering anxiety disorders because they’ve been programmed to believe food is full of evil energy and that being alive and behaving normally results in terminal disease?

        I could go on, but perhaps you ought to remove your cult goggles, and read the rest of the site – especially the Packaging Death, Esoteric Feminism and Esoteric Compassion posts and come back and tell us anything that is right or healing about those quotes from Benhayon himself – his writings. Facts, darling. Introduce yourself.

        And don’t come here and tell our readers we don’t know ‘these people’ when they are our friends, siblings, partners, spouses, children and parents.

        What’s your agenda ‘Sharon G’ with your 20 year relationship with UM? 20 years, interesting…How many of Serge’s recordings have you listened to in that time? How much are you making out of Esoteric aka fraudulent ‘healing’? Are you peddling that crap diet too and the money for nothing products and treatments?

        Nothing hidden about our agenda here, darling. Our agenda is exposing the facts and stopping the harm.

        And UniMed gives alternative healing a bad name. Serge himself bad mouths it! I’ll be posting quotes on that too. Keep reading, ‘Sharon’ – engage that reality tester between your ears.

    • I have had a few ‘healing sessions’ courtesy of a friend of mine who is heavily involved with UM. She is currently in the process of completing all those courses one needs to become a true esoteric healer. In addition to forking out the cash for those massage and acupuncture – sorry, I mean – ‘chakra’puncture courses, participants also have to rack up hundreds of hours of hands on practise (which is quite interesting because they have to practise on each other or on family members, as Serge doesn’t allow them to practise on members of the public, I assume to minimise the risk of getting sued. A convenient way to keep the students locked in the UM mood and it also allows them to recruit people through the ‘healing’ aspect, I mean, what harm is there in a massage?). My BS radar is quite strong but it didn’t really occur to me at the time to check out what the f*ck UM actually IS, I just thought I was doing a friend a favour… I had a few of those esoteric massages and all I can say is that UM healing does not feel any more amazing than any other massage. What I found interesting was that my friend used exactly the kind of manipulative language describe by HDIH. “You will be thirsty after the treatment”, “your kidney energy has been restored and you will be tired” etc Furthermore, before the treatment (and this was a practise run, as my friend is not (yet) an ‘accredited’ esoteric massage therapist) she asked me questions about my emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing, if I had any problems in my relationship, at work, health etc. My answers as well as my personal details (name, DOB, address) were duly noted down on a pre-printed UM form for future reference. All this suggests to me that the esoteric healing courses are designed to train UM members to become more efficient recruiters.

  6. Dr Kim saves lives everyday and to suggest that he does otherwise is ridiculous nor does the extract that you quote say he has anything but the utmost respect for his patients. As usual taken completely out of context.

    I suggest that people acutally read Dr Minford’s blog with regard to assisted suicide before believing that these doctors are anything but dedicated profesionals. It is not a pro assisted suicide piece but the opposite onmy reading.

    to quote

    “Assisted suicide also relies on the medical experts getting it right every time – re the diagnoses and prognosis with no margin for error. However, there are reports of misdiagnoses and of people living for much longer than predicted by doctors and this also needs to be considered.

    Interestingly in a UK survey of medical practitioners re attitudes towards euthanasia and physician assisted suicide, opposition to both practices was highest amongst Palliative Care Physicians and Care of the Elderly Physicians, with more than 90% of Palliative Care Physicians against a change in the law. These are the doctors who work with the terminally ill on a daily basis – the ones most aware of the experiences of this group of patients at the end of life. Some may have expected this group to be pro-assisted suicide as they are perhaps most aware of the suffering patients may experience with advanced disease. However, the other side is that they may also be most aware of the journey a patient with terminal cancer is on and that these patients can have valuable, rewarding, meaningful and even healing experiences right up until the time of death. ”

    “So instead of cutting short a life in the belief that it will end suffering, would it not be preferable to provide true healing opportunities for those with terminal disease, if they so choose? ”

    So you have an issue with her beilief in reincarnation. I understand that there are thousands of Indian doctors who also believe in reincarnation. Do you also question their ethics?

    • On your reading?

      Yes, which we are really going to take seriously, when you cherry pick the parts that make the cult and the doctors look less suspicious, overlook the facts and conveniently neglect to mention your own interest in the cult. How much have you made out of your association with the cult? Hm?

      Now dear, take. it. slowly. Go. back. and. read. the. post. again.

      So I don’t have to repeat what I already wrote.

      I didn’t accuse Dr Kim. Serge Benhayon did, at a public lecture, on audio, which was then distributed to hundreds. Assisting people to die is against the law. There is nothing out of context about telling people he’s assisted people to die – nothing out of context about a public incrimination, which could come back and bite Dr Kim very badly.

      As Dr Kim would have told you, the hospital where he works took the matter very seriously and acted quickly. So it’s not just me who finds his position concerning.

      Why don’t you say something about Serge? Why would he do that to someone he calls a ‘friend’? Has he made any compromising statements about you publicly or in front of your peers?

      Again, for your benefit, considering your reading comprehension is also compromised – I don’t care what Eunice or any other doctor believes in. But doctors DO NOT ordinarily paste their personal beliefs all over the internet. Doctors DO NOT ordinarily expend thousands of words spruiking a cult leader’s life and human body denigrating and death worshipping doctrines – and haranguing every media organization that attempts to expose this vast harm. If I was requiring surgery and a public hospital surgeon presented me with any of the quotes above, including from her blog post, first I’d make one humdinger of an official complaint, and then I’d make sure she did not operate on me. Not a chance.

      Eunice dear, why don’t you come and defend yourself? You used to be SO vocal. We’ll let you use as many words as you like.

      And you’re okay, Anon, with Serge’s negativity toward life, his hatred of the human body and his playing at amateur oncology and palliative care? Death is a healing? You’re okay with the cult doctors happily going along with those travesties and telling the world he’s a man of utmost integrity, when he retracted his status as a famous reincarnate, gropes womens’ genitals and has adolescent girls stay in his home. You must be okay with all of it, if you’re on the payroll.

      But keep reading. There’s plenty here for you to defend, albeit partially.

    • O RILLY??
      Not on the payroll Paula Fletcher of Universal Law Solicitors Mullumbimby? You might have signed in anonymously, but you didn’t sign out of your wordpress account:, IP:, which makes you an Esoteric GENIUS!

      I asked you how much you’ve made out of your association with the cult, but the facts speak for themselves don’t they?,

      “Paula’s area of expertise is Family Law and she has solid experience with matters involving separation and divorce, property settlements after the breakdown of marriages or defacto relationships, issues with regard to children following family breakdown and child support agreements…
      “Paula also drafts Wills, Powers of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship documents and attends to probate and administration of deceased estates.”

      I bet you do, darling, and no, there’s nothing in it for you to come here to bat, albeit pathetically, for the cult and the cult doctors, when you make your living out of cult trouble – family breakdown, property settlements and bequests, and probably some of the legal action attempted against me. I told you once before, you make me sick. And look out for my next post on the abuse of women by the cult, because I’ll reserve some questions just for you.

      And you still didn’t answer the questions above.

      Defence isn’t your forte is it Paula?

  7. Hilarious, lol. Paula has the Intelligence of a FLEA and she’s a Liar too “Not on anyone’s Payroll” your a pathetic exuse of a Solicitor, your an insult to the profession and should be disbarred, and you make me even sicker.

    • If anyone is interested, Paula could be reported to the law society for conflict of interest. A legal practitioner should remain neutral in any matters they are representing and not have a personal interest in the outcome. It is evident that Paula has a keen interest in both the cult, and representing members of the cult. I have already spoken with the law society and they agree this is grounds for concern. Keep an eye out to see what happens next.

  8. From Dr Sam Kim on the love, truth and death blogs

    JUNE 4, 2013 AT 7:35 AM
    Thank you for sharing a most inspiring account of your mum’s recent passing and how love and true understanding can heal the process of dying and death for families and relatives alike. Your story reveals that funerals can be a beautifully enriching and joyful event in our lives when all is completed and deeply appreciated from within.

    Sam Kim

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