Esoteric Feminism – All men are bastards, ‘equality’ causes disease and your loved ones are parasites

Gender politics is one of the most divisive issues in modern society, and Universal Medicine cult leader, Serge Benhayon’s ignorant and sexist teachings on gender, relationships and women’s health are central to his marketing of Esoteric therapies and workshops. His writings reveal how he exploits primitive gender stereotypes to keep his followers docile and compliant, and separate them from loved ones who might interfere with their expensive dependency on the group.

Divide and conquer with inane, sexist stereotypes

On Planet Serge, the ideal woman is fragile, precious, nurturing, caring, passive, unfit, non intellectual and non argumentative. Men are bastards.

We don’t stand here and go how did this lump happen or why am I infertile, why can’t I fall pregnant, because you haven’t been a woman for 30 years, you’ve been using menful energy to please your dad, you’ve been using male energy, you’ve been involved in sport which women should never be because they’re competitive…

‘I’m not going to worry about all those non nurturing habits that I have’, which is what breast cancer is, so simple, just women who don’t nurture themselves…could all be cured, not a good word, healed, if we just taught that a woman needs to be fragile, and honour that, to be nurturing, to not pick up heavy things, or turn things, to be honouring in how she feels and to work out and negotiate rhythms in work that best suit how she is. To live a life honouring that and to be lovely, to be precious and to take her time and to be nurturing in every way shape and form…S. Benhayon, audio recording of Esoteric Development Group lecture, 2010.

It’s women’s fault men are bastards.

Women ought not outdo the men for equality – if they just listened to what is deep within, they will gain themselves back to who they truly are, and the huge gap will then show men how far they are from who they truly are.  (Benhayon, 2011, p.548)

Men have lost their way because women have lost themselves. (Benhayon, 2011, p.557)

Mothers attempt to make their young sons all that is lacking in and from their husbands/partners. This is one of the first forms of rejection for the yet to be man. (Benhayon, 2011, p.558)

A huge impediment to the campaign to improve the rights of women has been the perpetuation of stereotypes which insult both genders. As a feminist, I make a clear distinction between the patriarchy and men in general. The patriarchy ‘is a system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded’. The result is institutionalized oppression and exploitation not only of women and children, but marginalized men, such as gay men and other minorities. Efforts to dismantle the patriarchy and improve relations between the genders is not helped by silly generalizations, for example, men are bastards and women are victims, men like football and women like shopping, men are intellectual, women are emotional etc. Of course there are distinct biological gender differences as well as socialization disparities due to political and economic disempowerment related to  women’s role in birthing and rearing children, however, scientific studies are increasingly finding that psychological differences between the sexes are practically non existent.

But what has been historically called sex differences research should really be known as sex similarities research, says Connell. ”When you look at the whole body of research, the conclusion that leaps out at you is that the actual psychological differences between men as a group and women as a group are few and far between, and very small when they do appear.” 

”This is one of the most important findings in the whole arena of gender research”, she says, citing a 2005 analysis by Janet Hyde which took in over 5000 research studies based on the psychological testing of 7 million people. ‘The Great Sex Swindle’

Rather than recognize that men and women are human beings first and foremost, capable of a range of emotions, aptitudes and behaviours, Benhayon insists on a polarizing depiction of ‘femaleness’ as virtuous, gentle and pure, and ‘maleness’ as violent, aggressive and evil. He’s exploiting one of the most ancient patriarchal tropes of all, a favourite among groups like the Taliban, that men are savage unfeeling beasts who can’t help but exploit and abuse women, and women need to be soft, placid and sexless so as not to make men lose control of themselves. Such stereotypes ensure women remain disempowered, while members of the patriarchy have a convenient excuse to perpetuate their abuses and maintain their position. In service of a paternalistic cult, divisive generalizations portraying masculine traits as detestable and disruptive keep both male and female cult members docile and compliant.

While I’ll reserve a closer examination of Serge’s misandry for an upcoming post, UniMed’s male and female followers are pressured to eliminate their ‘maleness’. On Planet Serge, where ‘maleness’ describes activity, intellect and aggression, that equates with neutralizing critical faculties and the assertiveness required for individuals to seek fair treatment or defend themselves from abuse – such as the ovarian reading I endured in Benhayon’s treatment room. It was my bullshit detection skills, my knowledge of my rights and my willingness to assert them that prevented that vile transgression from descending into overt abuse. But I haven’t grown a different set of genitals because of it.

Typical of Benhayon, apart from employing good and evil stereotypes to polarize the genders, his definitions of both ‘maleness’ and ‘femaleness’ are intentionally confusing.

mesmerismWomen are not who they should be. This is because they have become what they thought they had to be whilst denying who they truly are. (Benhayon, 2011 p.543)

It should be noted that an expressing male energy is not an outer appearance, although it some cases it can be, but not necessarily and certainly not in the majority. The male energy has nothing to do with the way one looks, although this can also be affected. It is the inner imbalanced expression that is here being presented for you to ponder on.

Some very feminine-looking women are only expressing from their male energy. This is a sad state, for many are not aware and sadder still, there are many who are not aware what Femaleness is and therefore, have lost the ability to regain their true inner sense. (Benhayon, 2006, pp.246-7)

Esoteric ‘Equality’

The majority of Universal Medicine’s devotees are white, western, middle class women – a societal group which has been the chief beneficiary of advances in the status of women. Perhaps their ignorance of the plight of the rest of the world’s women has helped them accept Serge’s insistence that women have gained ‘equality’. Yet, Esoteric ‘equality’ can’t possibly have any relationship with real world equal rights or pay parity because women in first world countries, like Australia and the USA, still only earn only 80% of their male counterparts’ earnings, and that figure plunges dramatically when white women are removed from the stats and when compared with the second and third worlds. Globally, the struggle continues for women’s reproductive rights, freedom from slavery, the rights of women and girls to choose who they marry or associate with, access to education and medicine, and freedom from violence, including sexual violence.

Benhayon’s use of the word ‘equality’ is typical of SergeSpeak, where it denotes a concept alien to any dictionary definition. In this case, ‘equality’ is SergeSpeak for assertive behaviour which might call into question his nonsensical teachings. Naturally, he disapproves of it. He maintains women’s struggle for ‘equality’ has cost us our ‘femaleness’ (as narrowly defined by him), and for the crime of excessive ‘maleness’ (not being docile and obedient), women are punished with gynaecological and breast diseases, which he claims are on the increase. With the ‘self-loving’ cult doctors endorsing this bunkum, it opens a market for female targeted, dependency inducing Esoteric ‘healing’ services – Esoteric Women’s Health Pty Ltd.

Women have achieved equality, in some measure, by ‘out-male-ing’ the man. Therefore, they too, are in the excessiveness of male energy. This why there are so many cases of ovarian cancer, fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, breast cancer, etc. (Benhayon, 2011, p.519)

As a result of our women having to resort to a more male stimulated energy to get through what is demanded of them, and having to assume a more male driven energy to simply win back some form of equality in society, they have lost their inner instincts to self nurture – thus their lack of true self nurturing that now prevails in the world. (Benhayon, 2011, p.518)

Lack of self-nurturing is now a significant global problem and in particular for women, as it is the actual energetic cause of breast cancer and its ill rise in our societies everywhere. (Benhayon, 2011, p.518)

‘Femaleness’ is ‘Stillness’ – and brainless

Once women are confused about their femininity and paranoid about their health, Serge escalates the manipulation, telling both male and female followers the remedy is to slow down, dumb down, shut down. Don’t think, don’t ask questions, just feel, but don’t allow yourself to feel emotion. Esoteric ‘feeling’ must be devoid of emotion, intellectual thought or ‘spirit’, and keep booking your Esoteric healing appointments and forking out the funds.

Stillness is the energy that is honouring you as a woman. Become racy or driven and you have asked the male energy to dominate your body. Looking like a woman but being run by a male energy is not the whole and true you. This is the widespread problem with women since the eighties. Will women stop and listen to this teaching or will breast and ovarian cancer along with so many other complications need to get so bad that they are forced to pay attention to it? (Benhayon, 2011, p.544)

We have deeply retarded ourselves away form our stupendous knowledge by believing in so-called facts, truths and given beliefs that satisfy the limited pranic mind. Clear out your emotions and return to your heartfelt feelings…there you will find the truth of all things. (Benhayon, 2011, p. 400)

The mind as a learned intellectual tool cannot be relied upon to deliver truth because it has to wrestle within by all that it has been give or fed as assumed truth. The body however, can sit with the information and slowly discern based on how it feels within the inner-heart. (Benhayon, 2007, p.45)

A message to all mothers: It is wiser to mother from your innate knowing rather than from the ideals and beliefs that flood your head. (Benhayon, 2011, p.547)

The damage to women, relationships and families

Finally, Universal Medicine cleaves relationships. In previous posts we’ve seen Serge demonizing emotion, including compassion, as poisonous to body and soul. His definition of Esoteric ‘love‘ as devoid of emotion renders intimacy impossible. Add derogatory gender stereotypes and good relationships are doomed.

Women are craving any form of touch – this is because they craved the true love they did not get from their fathers. Be wise – any form of touch is no substitute for true love and its touch. (Benhayon, 2011, p.525)

Love is not emotional; it is an emanating presence that has not one ounce of emotion in it, but the emanating aspect of the joy and harmony that is God. (Benhayon, 2006, p.26)

Single women are not really missing out – most women are only in a relationship because it relieves a need and because they are too afraid of what it would be like, without it. (Benhayon, 2011, p.522)

You know what? You’ve been married 20 years, you sleep next to an empty person. You have not made love once, you have not met your partner and she has not met you. Truth is she doesn’t like having sex with you but she does it to relieve you. Serge Benhayon, audio recording of EDG lecture, 2010.

Not content to break up intimate adult partnerships, Benhayon also comes between mother and child with his jaundiced inference that the nurturing of others can only be done by sacrificing self nurturing. Pregnancy and child rearing are depicted as life draining rather than life enhancing, while narcissistic self nurturing is portrayed as an ends in itself.

In modern society and as a result of a more male role for women, the tendency to self-nurture has been lost. Women have become at best great nurturers to others. This is why breast cancer is so prolific. (Benhayon, 2011, p.543)

After giving birth, the connection a woman has had with her femaleness leaves unless, of course, she has her own connection to her self. Post natal depression is the disconnection of the femaleness that was there only because of the pregnancy and not from her choice to be in femaleness. (Benhayon, 2011, p.525)

When a woman does not have her periods for many months after giving birth, it is because she has put all her focus on mothering and disregarded herself as a woman. (Benhayon, 2011, p.520)

I might note here that I’ve heard several reports of women left traumatized and distraught after being told by numbskull Esoteric practitioners they are suffering from infertility because of misdemeanours committed in past lives. In another case, a woman was told by an Esoteric ‘healer’ she was infertile because her three year old daughter was ‘blocking’ her fertile energy. The woman walked out in disgust, sought professional care from a qualified, registered NON Esoteric healthcare practitioner, experienced a marked improvement in her gyne health and had a beautiful baby boy who is adored by the whole family, most of all his doting sister.

Note that Benhayon’s noxious rot about the female body and motherhood is wholeheartedly embraced and endorsed by cult paediatrician, apologist and author of parenting books, Dr Howard Chilton.

What most troubles me about this divisive, unfounded garbage, this wanton damage to minds, relationships, children and families, and these fraudulent pretences at ‘healing’ is that the Esoteric ‘healers’ are so far gone they don’t comprehend the harm they do. And they charge for it. And some of them work in major hospitals.

The Abuse of Women and Girls

Finally, the pseudo-feminist male and female Brides of Serge have been blithering online about womanhood, ‘equality’ and the abuse of women, going so far as to organize a petition (cult roll-call) to ‘stop the abuse of women in/by the media‘. Yet, they’ve done nothing to stop the abuse of women in and by the Universal Medicine cult.

I’ll say it again. None of them have acknowledged my account of the ovarian reading, even though Serge did the same to most of them. They accept his vile, body negative utterances on women’s social status, the female body and motherhood, and the transgressive therapeutic abuses of Esoteric Uterus, Breast and Ovary massages. The cult hurriedly sanitized their deceptive advertising of Esoteric Breast Massage under media scrutiny, and go to great lengths to keep the details of uterus and ovary massage quiet.

And none of them have addressed our questions on the acceptability of adolescent girls regularly staying in Benhayon’s home, knowing his young second wife, Miranda, moved in with him when she was 13 years old.

Toxic, damaging, hypocrites.

Benhayon, S. The Way It Is, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2006

Benhayon, S. A Treatise on Consciousness, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2007

Benhayon, S. Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2011

12 thoughts on “Esoteric Feminism – All men are bastards, ‘equality’ causes disease and your loved ones are parasites

  1. I find it really interesting how much obsession there is in this group with female reproductive body parts. Besides the grandiose claims of curing..sorry, healing cancer, and knowing what causes all sorts of woman’s issues, it is just really weird. Does he go on about mens penises, hardness of their prostrates or the light of their masculinity emanating from their testicles? No. I think its Serge obsession with woman folk which he finds easy to mesmerize with a few key words “gentle-sacred-honouring-” really tells you what he about. You have to wonder about the blokes that are in the group. What is going on with them? and what ever happened to his Esoteric Mens groups? It makes my skin crawl.

    Ruth, I took the liberty of removing your email address from the name box. I hope you don’t mind. Let me know via contact tab if any problems or you want your name taken off. Back later with responses, Venus

    • I replied earlier below, but I might add about the obsession with the female reproductive anatomy, not a scrap of the ‘healing’ messages are body positive affirmations of the miracles of reproduction, childbirth and physical nurturing, including the immense pleasure and satisfaction women receive from breast feeding and mothering in general. And Serge neither acknowledges nor affirms female sexual pleasure. It’s all twisted, impossible, sexless, emotionless ‘nurturing’, ‘feeling’ and so called ‘love’.

      Serge only ever refers to the female body, and particularly the reproductive areas, as sites for disease and abuse.

  2. Is there no possibility that woman also impose on men, are wanting in some areas of the relationship, or in anyway something other than victims of their oversexed empty husbands and partners? Little wonder Sergio’s followers are single (that’s okay, their not missing out on anything) breaking up, broken up or living in highly strained environments. They’ve all decided that they are hard done by and jump all over the internet screaming out about gender bias and patriarchal society, and how their men mistreated them. Where’s the blogs from men about how they have been mistreated, misunderstood and demonised? Imagine how those blogs would be viewed!

    While I know I have now been characterized as a dastardly villain twisting my mustache and laughing maniacally, the truth is that I, like many men I have met who are in the same boat, we are and remain caring people. I personally was very supporting of my partner in every way. From being reliable, to being available. I was encouraging and caring. I never told her what to do, or imposed my ideas on her. The worst I was accused of was working too hard. Yet, I too have been characterized as abusive, all because I stood firm on what I knew was not true after witnessing massive change and realizing what a nasty shonk Serge is. Ironically, the abuse has come from her side, and continues to do so in the form of stonewalling, non communication, reworking of history, sharing personal information with the group, backstabbing, group slander…for no reason I think other than to keep the truth at a distance, and probably social pressure from the group and those immediately around her. One questions keeps coming up over and over for me. If it is all about love and light, brotherhood and non separation, why is there so much hostility? Why can’t they, knowing they are ‘in-truth’ take the higher ground and humour us lesser souls?? I think the answer is simple. It is not about love and light and oneness, it is about protecting their identity as a member of the group, at any cost. Be it partner, family, the bank account. No price is too high, no betrayal too big to save face with the group and remain in the fantasy of UM.

  3. Hi Ruth, Serge’s sexism toward both sexes is an interesting study in psychological projection. I’ll be exploring this further in an upcoming post on misandry – examining his disdain for masculinity, and his efforts to emasculate the men, as well as disempower women. The keyword is softness, and it says a lot about him.

    Hello We Know Who, you’re so right about the sexism which allows the male & female SergeBrides to disparage men in general all over the propaganda pages – parrotting Sergio’s prejudice word for word. Women don’t tolerate being characterised by dumb stereotypes, and a grown up of either sex would reject this divisive indefensible rubbish.

    I’m sure Serge is very conscious of stoking his gender war – working those derogatory stereotypes to tear up relationships for his own gain. We’ve heard numerous stories now of entire or large portions of divorce settlements donated directly to UniMed ‘charities’.

    I’m probably repeating myself, but if Serge and his devotees were interested in healing, the first thing they’d do away with is insulting stereotyping, and they’d provide resources for people to work through problems in their relationships. NONE of us are perfect. Making generalizations based on gender helps no one, and has only set back any division between the sexes. Serge isn’t qualified to fix a piece of toast let alone deliver sermons on relationships or provide marriage guidance. The rest of the Eso brigade have no business meddling in the private lives of their clients – they are not qualified to, and again, like most of their efforts at healing, are simply damaging, when not utterly ineffectual and an insult to everyone’s intelligence. The psychologists? LOL

    None of the Eso-lot seem aware of what real healing and real therapy is. For a start, authentic healing does NOT involve judgement – it’s impartial and ideally aimed at making the healer redundant – giving the patient the tools to develop their skills, strength, health – not instilling dependency on a judgemental, highly prejudiced group of arrogant control freaks with a compulsion to dish second hand advice from Serge.

    Love and light? Never. Betrayal, divisiveness, prejudice, polaraization, disempowerment, passive aggression – they’re the antithesis healing, but for UniMed they’re an ‘Esoteric Healing’ industry.

    Also inexcusable is UM’s paltry definitions of ‘abuse’. We’ve seen examples where Serge interprets someone trying to talk with someone else as abuse. We know that followers regard the word ‘no’ as abuse, justifiable displays of emotion as abuse, and any questioning of their allegiance to Serge or their financial investment in UM. It’d be pathetic if it wasn’t so demeaning to genuine victims – only making it more difficult for genuine victims to be believed and receive justice.

  4. Amazing post, thank you.
    It’s baffling that intelligent, sane women (and it is mostly women) can fall for the utter rubbish he speaks. Single-handedly he is attempting to push the feminist movement back 100 years. I think he would be happier if women wore victorian dresses, carried parasols and spent their days cutting dainty flowers. Very gently.
    Thankfully, in the 10 or so years he has been spouting this nonsense, he’s only picked up a couple of hundred people prepared to “like” his FB page in public, and the same for the torrid blogs Universal Medicine spews out.

    • He’s happy if he has woman leaving their partners for him and giving up their love and sex lives so they can listen to him talk about his full body orgasms and how he knows the woman in the room all want him as he can feel it energetically (I was there) and how they are jealous of him and Miranda who looks bored and controlled. It’s like Serge’s big harem with a few eunuchs in attendance to help him out.

    • Serge uses a series of techniques to literally reprogram people. Venus has outlined it here on a few occasions, but it is so powerful and subtle and unbelievable, I can’t imagine your average person (or psychologist for that matter) would appreciate it how it works.
      Here it is: By relaxing people with massage and meditation, you induce a receptive stage 1 ( AKA alpha wave stage) where the critical mind loosens its dominance. This is an important step he uses at all his talks and especially retreats where the students ‘feel’ spaced out and ‘amazing’. They attribute that feeling to him/UM however it is easy to induce in similar settings. He then uses a series of linguistic techniques to create confusion, further reducing the critical minds filtering of incoming information. During the vocalization of these arguments, he introduces his ideas and also ‘hypnotic’ suggestions such as defending UM, him, not listening to critics, splitting from non-compliant family members. There is no doubt that he does this, as we have identified those suggestions in his recorded talks. He hides the hypnotic suggestions in humorous and rhetorical statements.

      Hypnosis is a misunderstood state. All of us go in and out of what you would call hypnotic states all day long. Some people are more open to suggestion that others, but if you gather 200 people in a room, ask them to massage (heal) each other- inducing a base hypnotic state- and then commence to lecture them with convoluted, illogical statements laced with embedded suggestions- and then employ well known dis inhibition methods (public confession, sharing personal information with your neighbor, etc) nearly everyone will fall prey to suggestions. It is all the more potent because unlike in a therapeutic setting, the student does not realize (or consent) to the shared hypnosis, and therefore is not able to ‘decide’ to resist it. This is why his students speak the same words, act the same way, use the same defenses and remain unaware that their behavior is not self-generating.

      I know it sounds almost ‘village of the damned’, but there it is. And it is why cults are so prolific worldwide.

  5. Hello! I was registered to take Level one and two this June as what has advised me my friend but when he told me to forget the Bible I began to make a wise decision.. I went to search what is all about this Esoteric he’s telling me.. And glad this blog is giving me an insights.. I love my friend and I want to pull him out from this cult . I had scanned reading one time about how to help loved ones to get out from SB brainwashed.. (he’s really now brainwashed) and going to do then workshops and I wanted him to open his eyes before totally changed. Kindly give me the link about the advises how we should help them the students to get out as I couldn’t find anymore here? Thank you and God bless! Power.

    • Hi Apple, I responded to you the other day on the Internet Censor post.

      Since brainwashing is difficult to overcome, you may not be able to help your friend to leave, but it’s very important that you don’t go to the workshops. Calmly explain to your friend why you don’t want to go, and show him the pictures on this post at least:

      If he’s very brainwashed he won’t see anything wrong with those images and the accompanying text and he may try to persuade you to go anyway. Don’t go. Cancel your registration and ask for a refund. If UniMed refuses the refund, come back and tell us.

      For tips on communicating with someone involved with UM, go to the ‘Leaving Harmful Groups & Recovery’ links on the Links page tabbed above: There are good articles there.

      • Thank you! I am now investing my sparetimes reading UM Accountability, Rick Ross Forum, and links involved here giving insights on how to recover loved ones. I began asking him what has motivated him to joined and what was the reaction of his parents he answered me then told me if I am already at work I understand.. I love him and I want to fight for this love. Thank you again for the advises and if you want me to provide anything I can get from them or how I can contribute just email me what I can do.. God speed!

      • Well done! Just make sure you stay a free apple, and don’t get into UM meditation or any other practices. We hope your friend sees sense and that you can continue a healthy relationship with him. Keep reading and good luck!

  6. Putin had a point when he stated it’s better not to argue with women: Eastern Europeans, in general, know it’s better not to poke a bear. They grew up with that ancient wisdom.

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