Brimful of PRANA! – A special and ‘joy-full’ message for the Universal Medicine Cult from very scary Darkly Venus

Greetings from Tasmania, Duckies!

PortArthurFeb13 - 20

For the benefit of our North American readers, the above rude gesture is what’s known in Australia as ‘the ups’ – multiplied by two so the cult gets the message.

Yep, while the cult was busy shutting down my Google blog, throwing money at lawyers to work out newer and more desperate ways to intimidate me into laying off publishing facts, and getting silly ideas about covertly attempting to entrap me (yes, duckies, you are that obvious), I was on holiday in Tassie, taking in amazing ART,

scoffing down oysters, sampling local cheeses, climbing mountains, shooting rapids, zipping along country roads listening to Death Cab for Cutie, frolicking with penguins, cuddling echidnas, and catching Tasmanian devils, although next time I’ll keep her in something stronger than a paper bag.

PortArthurFeb13 - 44

Tasmania was GR8 Thx!

I even fit in a bit of training for dealing with AHPRA and the HCCC.

FreycinetFeb13 - 35

The Lord of Form had a GR8 time too thx. I’d post a pic if I could find one of him with his kit on. He tried the local wines, but as Serge knows, the Lords prefer spirits. And I hate to break it to Serge, but the Lord still doesn’t know who he is and nor does he care. LOFs are more interested in fried food, tomato sauce, showing off their tatts, complaining about climbing mountains with me on their tail, finding the nearest espresso machine, taking self portraits with their iPhones and refusing to apologize for being fit and horny.

So in the midst of travels and being entertained by the Lord, I still managed to put up posts. Ama-zing!

But how? You may or may not ask.

Because I can, and frankly Serge and his devotees make it too easy when there is SO MUCH WRONG with Universal Medicine. We’re still waiting to find something that’s right with you lot. I could post every day until the dawn of Serge’s next New Era and still have unsavoury facts to spare, and earn a living and send off official complaints and keep the bunker spick and span and take holidays and play with little devils and pump up the prana and not ever back down to a bullying, multi-million dollar cult marketing it’s special Death Package it oh so cunningly labels ‘Livingness’. And ironically, the UniMed troll from the previous post asked me if I have a life. LOL!

In spades, darling. And who knew ordinary little suburban me could be so intimidating?

And stay tuned Duckies.The HCCC, state and federal health ministers and a few other concerned parties received another official complaint today – photographic evidence of the Messiah’s abuses – which I’ll be posting on the site toute de suite as a nice little chaser for the posts on Esoteric Feminism and the cult’s latest foray into  the lucrative Women’s Health market.

Sooner if I didn’t require my PRANA boosting sleep.


4 thoughts on “Brimful of PRANA! – A special and ‘joy-full’ message for the Universal Medicine Cult from very scary Darkly Venus

  1. Hey Venus, I second the above comment, what an inspiration, if only Esoteric woman wern’t so brainwashed and could see what today’s woman should really be like 🙂 Great work, never give up, keep the Faith

  2. Second that! You are an inspiration and your posts are a joy to read and ponder. All these intelligent women who fall for the great master’s teachings, it’s a shame they can’t see how damaging their “self-nurturing” and me-me-me attitude is to their partners, family, friends, and ultimately, themselves.

    ps: I have started reading the “women in livingness” blog and it’s such a mindf*ck. It’s amazing how, on the surface, everything seems to make so much sense! I’m currently trying (very hard) to break down the bullsh*t into a few simple messages that I can discuss with my UM friend and maybe shake up her beliefs a bit, and Venus, your blog helps a lot.

  3. Thx duckies!! 😎

    But gawd help us if all women were like me, then we’d have a whole different set of trouble. 😮

    Us wimmin are diverse creatures and I’d like to think we can be free to be ourselves, but that can’t happen in a colossal pisstake cult trading in mind fuq, deception, indoctrination and abuse with a bent charlatan calling the shots.

    Sweet Maria, the Women in Livingness are about to have a whole lot to answer to when my next post is up. Inexcusable. I never read that blog. Too insufferable. I think a simple message to send to sexists is to smash their stereotypes. Question everything.

    And hey, if anyone needs a laugh, look at the latest 4 comments on Death Drive 2. Gobsmackingly hilarious!

    And I need a bigger lunch box.

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