Sexual abuse is not healing – the GALL of Real Media Real Change’s relentless Esoteric women’s health scam

Even in the light of revelations about Universal Medicine’s long standing routine abuse of women marketed as Esoteric ‘healing‘, Real Media Real Change had the hide to register their Lennox Head event this Saturday with the International Women’s Day organization!

Thankfully the Lords of Form were watching the IWD site and acted as soon as the event was posted. We didn’t think the IWD org would allow it seeing we’d sent a notification weeks ago, but another notification (this time to the correct recipient perhaps) has seen the event deregistered. Yes!

So, thank you to the IWD organization for acknowledging a serious abuse. Let’s hope the NSW HCCC follows suit and puts a stop to this harm.

Serge Benhayon inappropriately touching the vulva of a young womanSacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 2 Workshop Manual, 2002, p.71, in use until at least 2011.

Serge Benhayon inappropriately touching a woman’s vulva as a healing for ‘rape recovery’,
Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 2 Workshop Manual, p.71.

As for RMRC? For real, Sarah Davis? You thought you could get around a respectable organization like that, deceiving them just as you deceive the women who think they are attending a women’s health presentation only to be pimped into a vile, sexist, sexually predatory cult?

It’s just like the time you failed to disclose your backing to the speakers at the RMRC Cyber-Harassment Conference, and eight of the ten pulled out when notified RMRC is a front for the Universal Medicine cult. Funny how Lismore mayor, Jenny Dowell went ahead and spoke. She told me she was aware of the connection. Was she also aware of these images?

Next time you, Natalie Benhayon, Jenny Ellis, Mary Louise Myers, Jane Keep, Eunice the Euthanasia Enthusiast or any other Esoteric pimp attempts to market or advertise Esoteric Women’s Health, Serge’s revolting quotes about women and these images of his inappropriate touching are going to follow. That’s a promise.

And don’t thank me.

Thank him.

International Mens Day and the Universal Medicine Cult – joy-full emasculation

Esoteric Breast Massage – Marketing abuse and calling it healing

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