Esoteric Breast Massage Part 2 – hyperbole, evasion and just plain bad therapy

Detail from Jeune Femme by Adolphe Etienne Piot

Detail from ‘Jeune Femme’ by Adolphe Etienne Piot

Ever since scrutiny of Universal Medicine’s abusive Esoteric Breast Massage intensified, the cult has made hamfisted efforts to manage public perception, attempting to hose down the sleazy aspects and downplaying false therapeutic claims. Efforts to portray the practice as ethical included hyperbolic assertions of ‘integrity’, the endorsement of cult doctors, and insisting on meaningless ‘consent’. After all, the cult is in the business of making money and bringing in new, cashed up and suggestible recruits. Yet, in the end, EBM is an unpleasant, therapeutically worthless exercise in life and body negating indoctrination.

In Part One of this series, we looked at how the marketing of Esoteric Breast Massage follows a well worn cult conversion process (debilitation, deception, dependency and dread). The Universal Medicine cult targets women debilitated by reproductive or breast disorders, or who are in fear of those conditions, and exploits vulnerable points in their relationships with men. Women are deceived with unverifiable therapeutic claims, while reinforcement of their dread of disease and sexual objectification instils a dependency on Esoteric therapies.

We looked primarily at the claims found on the defunct Esoteric Breast Massage website, which the cult shut down as public attention increased. However, as much as they cleansed their marketing of EBM, evidence of the abusive nature of the practice persists on their live sites.

Evasion – non massage, non breast, non Serge, non therapy, non cancer curing EBM

Serge Benhayon and the cult have fallen over themselves bleating Serge never laid a hand on a single breast.

And while the modality was founded by a man (Serge Benhayon) neither he nor any other man has ever performed an Esoteric Breast Massage. In order to initially train the practitioners Benhayon demonstrated the techniques well above the clothed body of his wife; the prospective practitioners then practised the technique amongst themselves without Benhayon in the rooms. Universal Medicine Site

So he couldn’t possibly have gotten any kicks out of it. Unless of course he takes pleasure in placing his followers in compromising positions – incriminating them in public for example, or having them handle each other’s genitals in Esoteric Healing workshops.

Besides, he prefers to go for the crotch.

 Women are assured EBM isn’t really a massage per se.

It is natural that a woman should express some hesitancy and although we use the word massage, it is not to be confused with any rigorous action or movement; on the contrary, an EBM is a very delicate and highly specialised form of healing. (Benhayon in Spa Australasia Magazine, 2009, p.106)

And it’s not like they grope much of the breast.

An EBM is a very gentle and delicate massage that specifically centres around the lymphatic part of the breast, which is on the sides from the armpits down. Universal Medicine Site

Current publicity makes no therapeutic claims at all. There’s no mention of ‘assisting’ reproductive or breast disorders or symptoms.

Today many women lack true care and connection with their bodies, and as a result, with their breasts. Many women are not as aware as they could be with their own bodies. Some are too scared to check for signs like lumps or breast tissue changes that may indicate that they should get a check-up or a breast examination. An EBM supports women to become more aware of their body, thus more aware of what they are actually feeling in their body and their breasts, whether that is swelling, lumps or pain, etc… As a result of having an EBM many, many women have been inspired to truly nurture and honour themselves. In addition, women are encouraged and inspired to take more responsibility for their own overall health, wellbeing and breast care and have more regular breast examinations, rather than wait until there is something significantly wrong before they see a GP. Universal Medicine Site

I guess we won’t be needing one every day then. Unless we’re having an ‘acute and extreme case’ of ‘lack of nurturing’ and ‘disconnection’ with our breasts.

One wonders why one needs one at all.

Still, since UM sanitized their propaganda, presumably to avoid being prohibited by the NSW HCCC, NSW based International EBM trainer, Mary Louise Myers, still makes claims to being able to assist gyne conditions. She just limits it to when she takes it overseas. (No one’s told her the internet is, like, um, everywhere.)


Finally, EBM doesn’t cure cancer. NO ONE EVER CLAIMED IT CURED CANCER!

Under no circumstances do we, as practitioners, or have we ever provided a medical opinion or diagnosis. Nor has Serge Benhayon or any EBM practitioner ever said that the EBM could cure or prevent breast cancer. UniMed Site Truth about EBM Page

They just implied it.

The outcomes have a very wide range of results, from the sore and lumpy breast, to improved relationship with self and thus with their partners, family and friends, etc. Mostly it is the re-connection that the women report back as being the reawakening start to a truer life within themselves. This leads to countless new beginnings and, as we say, the yumminess returns to  being what it naturally should be. Although the EBM does not set-out to cure nor claim it, there have been many who have reported a curing of long held ill conditions, if not, at least an improvement thereafter following a series of treatments. (Benhayon in Spa Australasia Magazine, 2009, p.108)

Breast and gyne cancers are frequent topics in Benhayon’s lectures, and he certainly talks about curing and preventing breast cancer the Esoteric way.

I’m not going to worry about all those non nurturing habits that I have, which is what breast cancer is, so simple, just women who don’t nurture themselves…could all be cured, not a good word, healed, if we just taught that a woman needs to be fragile, and honour that, to be nurturing, to not pick up heavy things, or turn things, to be honouring in how she feels and to work out and negotiate rhythms in work that best suit how she is. To live a life honouring that and to be lovely, to be precious and to take her time and to be nurturing in every way shape and form… 

Epigenetics has already proven that genetics is not true. It’s only 5% true, yeah, if that. Epigenetics has already said what Esoteric has been saying for 10,000 years, that your choices make you who you are. Right? We got sold the genetic thing. That’s why in America they have the genetic counselling. ‘Oh, my parents had this, so I’ve got this. So my grandma had breast cancer, take these out, I’m seventeen, before I get it.’ That’s crazy, yeah? Whereas if you taught that lady and said yeah, all those patterns that you got from Grandma and from Mum, and they had breast cancer, sure genetically there’s a predisposition, but if you nurture yourself, if you look after yourself, if you self love and if you walk you, then you won’t get it, because energetically there is no cancer, there is only harmony. There cannot be cancer if there’s no energy. It’s not just some gene who will dictate what’s going to happen, that gene stays there and in fact gets dormant if the energy surrounding it is harmonious. But if the energy surrounding that gene that carries the intelligence to say I’m going to be breast cancer – I’m just being playful here – and you provide the energetic pathway, says ‘yeah I know where to go. Where are the breasts? I’ll find the breasts, boom, locate myself and make myself a tumour.’ And someone comes along and says ‘ah see, grandmother, mother, daughter – makes sense to me, genetics, let’s rip them out.’ 

But if somebody comes along and says ‘no, stop, if I really look back, Grandma does everything for everyone and never for herself and Mum’s picked up the same pattern. She’s everything for us, I’ve never seen Mum take time out, put her feet up and look after herself. She goes shopping, she picks up heavy things, she’s always doing things for us, running us around, this and that and that. I see it, I see it, and I’m the daughter, yeah? I see it, I see it . I’m gonna change it, and if I start to change it then I walk in my energy. I’m not walking a pattern that’s going to be me energetically. So if I pick it up through behaviour, I will get it or chances are will have a great chance of getting it. But if I change the energy, I minimize it to almost nothing, the chances of me getting breast cancer and I’m the generation that puts a stop to it. I’m not the lucky one in four gene…as they say in biology. That’s not right, I have the choice energetically to put a stop to that and you know what? If I have kids and I have my daughters, I’m going to teach ‘em to nurture from day one, so they will also walk as who they are, and you know what? In our family tree breast cancer is history. It’s never going to be repeated.’ Serge Benhayon, Audio Recording of Esoteric Development Group lecture, 2010.

Does anyone need me to analyze how every word of the above is a damaging, pseudo-scientific falsehood? Note that there were five medical specialists and ‘a few GPs’ in attendance at the lecture, who apparently have limited medical knowledge, no scruples and no shame.

Hyperbole – utmost integrity and other bullshit

All practitioners need to abide by the comprehensive and uncompromising ‘Code of Ethics’ established by the Esoteric Practitioners Association and must be fully insured. Thus, at present, there are only 9 EBM Practitioners worldwide. Many women have expressed interest in becoming EBM Practitioners, but only those with the requisite level of integrity, responsibility and commitment may begin the training and then seek assessment and accreditation. Universal Medicine Site

First up, the Esoteric Practitioner’s Association is another cult front – a bogus, unregistered ‘accreditation’ body that’s been taking money from UM ‘students’ for years. Next, I ran the SergeSpeak terms ‘integrity’ and ‘energetic integrity’ through the reality tester translator and found they mean the willingness to do anything Serge says, even if such conduct involves inappropriate touching under the pretence of healing and fits the attorney general’s definition of indecent assault.

Yet, the cult thinks they can discourage women from accusing them of assault if they get consent. Never mind that the consent is obtained under false pretences.

When a woman comes for her first session, she is given a consent form to sign, which says that EBM practitioners give a gentle nurturing massage and are not qualified to give a medical diagnosis. UniMed Site Truth about EBM Page

A gentle, nurturing massage marketed via false therapeutic claims. The law might be inclined to  regard that as deception or trickery.

Sexual assault occurs when a person is forced, coerced or tricked into sexual acts against their will or without their consent, or if a child or young person under 18 is exposed to sexual activities. (NSW Attorney General’s Department)

Consent is obtained for treatments and a history is taken including the woman’s menstrual, gynaecological and reproductive details along with major life events, other conditions and her current state of wellbeing. Universal Medicine Site

EBM practitioners are not qualified to treat gyne conditions or to take gynaecological histories, or to provide counselling for sexual abuse or assault, but it doesn’t mention that in the consent form. Sections three and twelve from the NSW Code of Conduct for Unregistered Healthcare Practitioners  view such misrepresentations as unethical and deceptive.

It appears EBM practitioners try to make up for their lack of formal qualifications with their ‘integrity, responsibility, and commitment’, which must be considerable because it takes ‘a minimum of up to 4 years training to get qualified.’

‘A minimum of up to 4 YEARS’ ?


A bloke I know reckons he could master it in under five seconds.

All EBM Practitioners have monthly ongoing training sessions with a fully qualified trainer and monthly support meetings with trainers and a female doctor. They have twice yearly assessments and are accredited to practise the EBM each year for a 12-month period. If they do not pass the yearly assessment they are asked to stand down. UniMed Site Truth about EBM Page

That makes it ALL OKAY then.

Also, Esoteric Breast Massage must be a legitimate therapy because it’s only practiced by women for women. Women are far too ladylike, gentle and nurturing to abuse anyone. Just ask the families of the victims of Rosemary West or Valmae Beck.

But just because Mary Louise Myers, Jenny Ellis, Nicolette Hoyle, Denise Morden, Serryn O’Regan, Jane Keep, Sara Williams, Gail Fuller, Eva Rygg, Elizabeth Dolan and Gabriele Conrad don’t believe or don’t think they’re abusing anyone, doesn’t make it less abusive.

Value for money

The UniMed site reckons EBMs are running at $70 a throw (£60 in the UK and €75 in Europe). Maybe they dropped the price because one of our correspondents said she paid $100. Nicolette Hoyle at Gaia Resort and Spa charges $195. I wonder if Gaia’s management minds the consent forms, and full gyne history, or perhaps the resort charges extra to omit the ‘all men are bastards and you’re going to get cancer’ lecture beforehand.

No doubt for the price you get referred to any number of Esoteric practitioners including Serge, for some special handling, the cult psychologists to properly do your head in, and Universal Law to help you with your property settlement when you split from your ‘menful’ cancer causing husband or partner who asks where all the money is going and why you’re no longer yourself.

Another client testimonial from the UM site, like those quoted in the previous post, indicates the power of indoctrinating marketing. She appears to have had no symptoms of any breast disorder, and wasn’t aware she had issues with her breasts until she was told so. She’s been having regular EBMs since. She had a gyne disorder which was resolved via surgery, so one might say the EBMs didn’t ‘assist’ with that as they were purported in the original advertising, and one wonders if the issues around her childhood abuse ‘came up’ or were brought up by the practitioners when they asked about her reproductive history and major life events.

I had my first Esoteric Breast Massage about 5 years ago.  At the time I had no clue how numb I was or that my breasts were even a part of my body…For me, they were just objects and used to pleasure men. I soon found out that my buried issues were in there like scars that could not be removed. With regular sessions, I began to slowly trust the EBM practitioners and this helped me deal with some really deep stuff. I had seen practitioners in UK and Australia – they All were and still are the most Loving and Gentle women and this helped me to stay open and willing to have more sessions without any agenda. My childhood rape came up, my deep hurt of growing up knowing my parents wanted a boy and ALL my awefull relationships with men and what I had let them do to my body. It felt like the scars were being removed and I could truly feel my breasts and no longer wanted to ignore them. The EBMs also supported me through my hysterectomy. Today, I still have EBMs but not so often as the ugly stuff just isn’t there. I LOVE taking care of my breasts now and they make me feel more complete. I would recommend Esoteric Breast Massage to any woman as it is the most loving thing you could do for yourself. UniMed Site Truth about EBM Page

The question is, could this woman have achieved a sense of wellbeing without having her privacy invaded, without reliving painful memories with an unqualified do-gooder practitioner, and without the indoctrination, misandrist programming, time and thousands of dollars she’s spent? Did the practitioners do the right thing and refer her to a professional to help her deal with the sexual assault? Is it possible she derived sexual pleasure from her breasts at times in her life and perhaps enjoyed at least some relationships with men that weren’t abusive?

Universal Medicine has this way of cancelling anything positive out.

Negating pleasure to inculcate dependency

In public discussions of the practice on internet forums, there is a mistaken perception that Esoteric Breast Massage is somehow titillating (I couldn’t resist) to those involved. It was suggested that nipple stimulation releases oxytocin, the pleasure hormone, and that might explain why women become dependent on the therapy. However, it appears the reality is quite the opposite. Looking at what we now know, and based on feedback from women who’ve had it, the practice doesn’t feel good at all. Having one’s breasts massaged while being filled with dread inducing indoctrination on breast and gynecological disorders, and messages about male ‘abuse’ and objectification leaving imposts in the breasts that might cause disease or spoil breast milk, is designed to instil a sense of victimhood, as well as fear of disease and repulsion toward the body, not to mention a widening of the gender divide. What is more, in keeping with Benhayon’s denigration of human life and all that makes life satisfying, pleasurable and meaningful (music, food, human connection, altruism etc.) not a word of Universal Medicine’s ‘healing’ doctrine affirms the breast as an erogenous zone, providing the kind of sexual pleasure which might encourage women to stay with or attempt to mend a relationship with a non cult aligned sexual partner. Nor does UM have anything positive to say about the satisfaction and pleasure women receive from breast feeding their babies.

The experience of Esoteric Breast Massage, apart from instilling dread to induce cult dependency, is a puritanical negation of female physical pleasure.

Esoteric Breast Massage Part 3 – cult doctors promoting UM’s abusive women’s health practices  and AHPRA’s inaction so far.                                                                                                                                                  Esoteric Breast Massage Part 1 – marketing abuse and calling it ‘healing’

References:                                                                                                                                   Spa Australasia Magazine, Vol.38, pp105-8.

3 thoughts on “Esoteric Breast Massage Part 2 – hyperbole, evasion and just plain bad therapy

  1. I have had a couple of EBM’s and have to say never really saw/felt the point of them….. At the time I thought I was just missing something as students who were having them said how amazing they were. Since then I have come to the conclusion that something in me that wasn’t being fully brainwashed as I started to see threw quite a few things and hence why, I have been able to break free from Uni Med. I must say however that I had some EBM’s with Sara Williams and someone informed me of her sexual orientation and I felt a little violated. I am not sure if I am allowed to say that but I would have just liked to have been aware before having the treatment as it felt afterwards that I had allowed myself to be potentially abused in the same way as I may have been if a man had been allowed to do the treatment. Just want to make it clear that I have no issues with any body or their sexual orientations, I just like to be fully informed if it involves my body, however I am aware that this may have equality issues and I mean no offence (so much political correctness……) Can’t remember signing a form but I may have done……….

    • Thanks for this comment, Willow. There is nothing politically incorrect about what you’ve said. UM should never have put you in a position to feel violated in the first place or to feel you need to defend yourself for saying so. It’s an abusive organization, an abusive practice and they are 100% at fault.

      There are only a handful of health professions that have any business touching breasts or genitals: GPs or specialists, such as surgeons, urologists, obstetricians and gynaecologists; nurses and ultrasound or mammogram technicians. And that’s it. AND only when it is necessary to tend to diseases, disorders or injury to those parts specifically. Any registered professional who touches breasts or genitals when unnecessary should be reported to AHPRA and disciplined.

      Similarly, EBM practitioners have NO BUSINESS putting their hands on breasts. Not qualified, zero therapeutic benefit, an invasion of privacy and personal boundaries and damaging, negative indoctrination to boot. It’s just one of the numerous boundary transgressions they use to compromise and exploit the vulnerable.

      Congratulations on getting out, Willow. Many of our readers know exactly how difficult that is, and we’re all heartened to hear it when someone makes the break.

  2. “All of LEFT-sided….”female side” as per energetic side of healing perspective for Medicine.
    Please bring that up with Neil Ringe when you see him.
    I also feel you should see Serge Benhayon one day sooner than later to help you –” end of quote.
    This is a direct copy/paste from an email that I received from my Medical Specialist in 2012 after I had had an MRI.

    I am already so disgusted with UM etc (understatement!!) and as more and more comes out, it’s so awful, what goes on there is just so so sickening. I have no words to express as to how I feel that a Specialist Medical Practitioner could sanction and refer His patients to Serge Benhayon and his UM organisation. Thankfully for me in this case I insisted on seeking the opinion of another Specialist and after no fuss surgery this particular medical problem is fixed. Please everyone report these corrupt people to the HCCC and AHPRA
    they must be stopped.

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