The Politics of Revelation

Guest contributor Daoul Ruke reports from the sports desk at the heart of darkness.

This guy is trouble, he’s a severely twisted individual, things have got pretty bad already, and we may even need to call out the Army Reserve. He’d sell his own grandmothers ashes in tins if he thought he’d make an impression.

Let us then, together, pause for a brief moment and have a deeper look at this little quote shall we.

All autistic conditions in their many varying degrees and others such as Down syndrome, where there is a lesser form of natural expression, come from the abuse of one’s position in a former life. Those who hold positions of authority and thus the force to inflict suppression, destruction, corruption and other forms of retardation to the natural manner in which each spirit uses life to evolve back to Soul will incur such Karma. No one can escape this aspect of the Law of Cause and Effect. ‘Esoteric Teachings and Revelations’, by Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine Publishing, 2011 p.151.

First of all I’d like to start by framing our analysis in a particular way. Not, as has been the main and very worthwhile frame – that of UMs lack of veracity around issues of health or spirituality or so called new age ideas about “healing”; and not about the pain and havoc caused to families and partners and friends of those suckered into the UM vortex; what is more, not even to discuss whether or not UM is a “cult”.

We don’t need any of that for this little analysis. It is much worse than any of that.

 “….a lesser form of natural expression”.  This seeks to establish a hierarchy of normalcy; “natural” here stands for the top of evolution; the pinnacle of human achievement, all else is below this is “lesser form”. “Expression” here is the ability to communicate within the norm, inability to do so is a clear indication of an “autistic condition”.

“…the abuse of one’s position…” notions of misuse of authority are introduced here, and quickly clarified in the next sentence (we’ll come back to the former life 😉 ).

This sentence is the killer: “Those who hold positions of authority and thus the force to inflict suppression, destruction, corruption and other forms of retardation to the natural manner…”

“…positions with the force to inflict suppression” refers to an elite institution, a government, a bureaucracy or an aristocracy which is able to do us harm. Once again we have the appeal to “natural manner” which has been “retarded” by this misuse of power through an implied inherent “corruption” in all elites.

….in which each spirit uses life to evolve back to Soul will incur such Karma. No one can escape this aspect of the Law of Cause and Effect.  Here we see combined the notion of irrational occult or spiritual knowledge with rational science or material analysis… “Soul” and “Karma” are spiritual notions and ”Cause and Effect” a scientific one..note the capitalizations. This links back to the “former life”..the idea that we are being educated here through a knowledge that has been passed down as part of the true natural order, the “Law”. The result……”No one can escape”…punishment.

So what does this little paragraph remind us of? And where have we seen these exact same ideas presented before:-

The higher natural order

The arcane knowledge

The perceived suppression by elites

The occult mixed with science

The punishment of lesser mortals for their institutional corruption.

This, dear friends, is Fascism.

Nothing more, nothing less:-

constant use of signs and symbols

 attempts at establishing victimhood for members

claiming the right of free speech and free association while spreading scripted hate speech

identity driven songs and music

disdain for established human rights

enemies and scapegoats as a unifying cause

book burning

rampant sexism

attempts to control and shape media perceptions

locating members into spheres of influence

obsessions with security and secrecy

disdain for intellectual ideas and the arts

cronyism and corruption

obsession with crime and punishment

obsession with death

We couldn’t really be clearer could we? There is no ambiguity here. This is indisputably Fascism in action and Benhayon is dangerous. Not only for all the reasons that Venus has so boldly and forthrightly listed here previously, but also because many of his followers, especially the hierarchy, will be drawn further and further in towards “The Soul”…the all abiding universal truth of their right to be the holders of power. He’s dangerous because he has located himself as being outside politics and he is operating internationally. He’s dangerous because these views and patterns of behaviour are always only a step away from violence, to self and to others.

His followers must be challenged as Fascists; if you know any, challenge them as Fascists, don’t waste your time trying to argue with them about healing, just ask them when they are going to open the camps.

Fascists is what they now are, and they must be reminded of where these insane views of the world lead. They must be called to account. It is not rocket science ;-)…history teaches us enough about the way Fascism starts and builds.

To any of his followers brave enough to confront their own views…think deeply about what this little paragraph actually means. Not how you might perceive it from inside the process of continual Party re-education, but objectively, coldly in the light of day:

What does calling Down syndrome a punishment for corruption in a past life actually mean?

Daoul Ruke seeks to unearth the really ugly side of new age, and has been travelling incognito reporting from the edges of the so called “alternative” culture since 1969. He is anti-sexist and anti-racist and he takes no BS from ugly men with power and large bank accounts. He thinks goodness is something you do, not something you stumble across at a meeting.

7 thoughts on “The Politics of Revelation

  1. What it means to me is anyone who condones such a hateful view of human beings has less than zero credibility when mentioning anything about ‘love’, the ‘Soul’, ‘nurturing’ or ‘truth’.

    Hey, and Daoul, what about the censorship? Typical fascists, they’ll threaten me with litigation and get Google to shut down my blog but not one of them has visited here and made a reasoned defence of their abuses. Cult lawyer, Paula not on the payroll Fletcher and her piss weak anonymous whining doesn’t count.

    And it’s the worst, most dishonest kind of fascism, that thinks it can disguise itself with soft voices, demure fashions, painted nails and smiley faces written on prescriptions. Esoteric jackboots.

    Thanks for providing this very important and chilling perspective, Daoul. I believe many of our readers living with this oppression every day are either overwhelmed or ground down by the grim reality of it – the stunted relationships, the unhealthy routines and neuroses, the ailments made worse by abusive practices, the battle to communicate reasonably, the domestic discord, the nauseating pretence of wholesomeness that will turn on you in an instant. Unfortunately, however, as you’ve shown, the big picture of this group and where it’s headed is very dark indeed. You’re right, we must challenge it. The future implications if UM continues unchecked are very dangerous indeed.

    It’s great to have another voice on the site, and thanks for bringing Woody Guthrie and his fascist killer guitar.

    I’d like to add that anyone is welcome to contribute a post. Please consider giving us your take on UM.

  2. Thanks, happy to offer some thoughts to a good cause.

    Soft voices and demure fashions, yes, puke, a classic new age fascist strategy – like the ubiquitous surburban krystals and clown trouser shops – hiding all that pent up anger and hate for “the other,” for those who have “done you wrong” behind a mask of smiling good vibes.

    Weekend hippies are particularly vulnerable here, those who also think they are outside politics and everything is about finding themselves, a disgusting middle class fantasy builtout of boredom and privilege. My advice to these self centred little luvvies is to join the Occupy movement or similar instead and find out that being “alternative” is actually hard work.

    Remember that in NSW we’ve just lost the right to silence in the interview room. There is, in fact, a reality of real politic, that hiding in a find yourself workshop will not change. People who spend years in these kind of workshops – GET A LIFE – the whole universe is not actually about you at all.

    • Being alternative IS bloody hard work. Just try standing up for the vulnerable and asking the powers that be to lift their game – See how many enemies you make.

      Does anyone remember Shirley MacLaine back in the 80s writing that book where she declared ‘I am God’.

      No, Shirley, you’re not, and neither is Serge the One or any of his investors. The Universe would crank along rather well without any of you.

      I may write about the UM idea of ‘healing’ soon and its extremist New Age dogma of self centredness – where everybody else can go to hell. These people are willing to trample, molest and rob the sick and disadvantaged, and annihilate relationships and families and call it ‘love’ and ‘healing’, and make money from it. And intimidate and attempt to silence anyone who disagrees.

  3. HOW the hell can UM and SB etc successfully be registered with the ATO as a CHARITY when UM & SB express such horrid inhumane, disgusting, despicable, lacking in any hint of ‘lovingness’ views of unfortunate people who are suffering from birth defects and disabilities.(Through no fault of their own) It send shivers down ones spine. What charitable works does UM and SB do? They receive all the tax free perks of a charity for doing what? Charging exorbitantly for what?

  4. OLB, both Sergio B and Daoul Ruke are very real. They both use pseudonyms, but that’s where they stop having anything in common.

    Now, Dobbsie, I get the sentiment of wanting to throw Sergio’s scribblings and Chris James insufferable warblings onto a whacking pyre and toast marshmallows, BUT we don’t want to join the fascists.

    I say expose the lot. Free speech baby! Put it all out there, in public, for free, and let the voices of reason and decency give it the flaying it deserves.

    Like we do here.

    And we could make a date to televise a Q&A with Sergio and the cashed up hierarchy so they can answer questions about handling genitals, underaged girls, secretive ‘modalities’, bogus charities and closed websites. Hm?

  5. Thanks Dobbsie, the cult can carry on as much as it likes with their propaganda that the photos are fake – but if they are, it’s the cult who fake them and they’ll have to prove it when the law comes knocking. Maybe Desiree slipped on a banana peel while she was photoshopping or something, or maybe she was dizzy from mixing up her fonts, but the cult published those photos in the manual and put hundreds into circulation. And most are in ‘mint condition’ no doubt, like most things you pick up and never read again.

    Now, does anyone want to send the manuals for levels 3 & 4?

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