Esoteric Breast Massage Part 3 – cult doctors promoting UM’s abusive women’s health practices


‘Lost Pleiad’, William Adolphe Bouguereau

Esoteric Breast Massage is another Esoteric Women’s Health modality designed to lure women into the Universal Medicine cult via false claims of therapeutic efficacy and the ‘gentle’ and ‘nurturing’ feelings they’re told it instils. The technique is used to break down personal boundaries, exploit physical and emotional vulnerabilities, and instil recipients with a sense of pollution and victimhood only repeated sessions of Esoteric ‘healing’ can clear. Peer pressure stifles the voicing of misgivings to an extent, but it’s the participation and endorsement of doctors which gives victims a false sense of trust and security. Such endorsements are in breach of doctors’ professional code of conduct; a code which is meaningless when the national regulator, AHPRA sees no reason to enforce it. 

The Women’s Health market is the Universal Medicine cult’s main recruitment gateway, targetting women in states of debilitation, often with cancer or complex gynaecological disorders, and who may have histories of relationship difficulties or abuse. Previous posts on Esoteric Breast Massage revealed the modality to be the therapeutically worthless invention of a clinical pervert, designed to instil women with a dread of their own bodies, a fear and hatred of men – particularly those who might challenge their attachment to the cult – and a dependency on a fraudulent therapy performed by unqualified busy bodies.

The Universal Medicine Pyramid Scheme of Abuse

In abusive relationships, healthy, equality based interaction is overruled by manipulative and controlling persuasion techniques. In the case of UM, the power imbalance is extreme. Self professed messiah, Serge Benhayon, referred to by devotees as ‘The One’, delivers indoctrination from the pinnacle to an unquestioning following, stratified from health professionals at the top all the way down to their powerless and vulnerable patients at the base. As is common in the pyramid structure, the upper strata profit most from their affiliation, while those on the lowest levels pay exorbitantly for a therapy dependency which commonly makes their quality of life considerably worse.

Grand abuser, Serge Benhayon, the inventor and proselytizer of the Esoteric Breast, Ovary and Uterus Massage abominations fraudulently calls them and his other vile practices ‘healing’. Under his hypnotic instruction, Esoteric healing ‘students’ become fellow perpetrators, ‘consenting’ to the violation of themselves, participating in the violation of others, and sugarcoating the gratuitous handling of breasts and genitals with apologist excuses of ‘gentle’ touch.  Programmed with a retinue of SergeSpeak euphemisms, and surrounded by fellow cult members who are prettily dressed and softly spoken, they tell themselves the practice is ‘nurturing’, ‘loving’ and ‘healing’. However, to those outside the cult nothing can disguise this wholesale physical molestation and emotional, sexual, spiritual and financial exploitation. I doubt any other alternative medicine outfit has managed such perfectly wholistic abuse.

The grand abuser’s brazenness shows he wants to be caught. He didn’t have photographs taken of himself inappropriately touching a woman on his treatment table and continue to publish hundreds of copies of them year after year because he’s naive. He has a fetish for trampling decency, he wants to be punished and he’ll achieve great satisfaction by spreading the culpability. ‘The One’ thinks nothing of compromising and incriminating everyone he’s involved with, including his family, and is destructive to the point not only of destroying himself – his physical deterioration is obvious – but is intent on taking everyone, patients, students, colleagues and family, down with him.

All the while smiling sleazily and calling it ‘healing’.

Second from the top of the pyramid – the cult doctors

One perverted jackass who thinks he’s the messiah taking liberties with people’s bodies and lives is one thing, but doctors occupy the next rung on the UniMed pyramid of abuse, actively enabling and promoting Benhayon’s harms. Knowing exactly where the therapeutic boundaries lie, doctors have no excuse for not reporting him – inappropriate touching of patients is mandatorily notifiable conduct. Again, by publicly promoting Esoteric Breast Massage, the doctors are participating in the abuse.


British general surgeon, Eunice the euthanasia enthusiast Minford, who works for Antrim General Hospital, advertised Esoteric Breast Massage and recruitment presentations by EBM practitioner, Mary Louise Myers and Elizabeth Dolan on her blog along with meditation, surgical services, assisted suicide. She also manages to feign outrage at sexual abuse among the clergy and military, but NOT within the Universal Medicine cult.

Bangalow opthalmologist, Dr Anne Malatt, plugs EBM on the cult’s propaganda sites (as well as general Esoteric silliness on the Medicine and Serge Benhayon site.)

Bangalow GP, Dr Jane Barker, has come out of retirement to help flog Esoteric Women’s Health Pty Ltd (ACN 159 402 507) and use her position to exploit women’s lack of medical knowledge to pimp them to the cult.

Presenters: Dr. Jane Barker MBChB, MRCP, MGP Shares her personal and professional experience over the years working with women and their health, exploring the issues facing women then and today in our societies and how this has impacted on our well-being. Jane will also share her personal story of healing and recovery from breast cancer. Real Media Real Change site. 

She has lent her name to EBM and participated in the training of EBM practitioners.

All EBM Practitioners have monthly ongoing training sessions with a fully qualified trainer and monthly support meetings with trainers and a female doctor. They have twice yearly assessments and are accredited to practise the EBM each year for a 12-month period. If they do not pass the yearly assessment they are asked to stand down.

As stated above, a very reputable doctor attends our monthly meetings – Dr Jane Barker (who is not a practitioner of the EBM). [Just a promoter and enabler.] Dr Barker advises the practitioners about lumps, tissue changes and other things to look out for in terms of signs in a woman’s body to expedite them to seek medical advice. She also updates the practitioners on women’s health issues that may be relevant to assist them in providing a thorough service to all women [which they are not qualified to give!].

One might well ask: why would a doctor of such high calibre lay her reputation and her 40-year medical career on the line for a modality of dubious integrity or benefit – could it be that there is something on offer here that is of utmost importance to Women’s Health? (UM Site, EBM ‘Truth’ page)

Or the utmost importance to Dr Barker’s retirement fund.

AHPRA’s Inaction

Much of the information from the last two posts on EBM, including false therapeutic claims and details of invasions of privacy from EBM publicity was supplied to the NSW HCCC as a complaint against Dr Jane Barker, for breaching the code of conduct for medical practitioners. She breaches the code by exploiting the patient’s lack of medical knowledge and breaches advertising guidelines for registered practitioners by endorsing a practice which raises unrealistic expectations among patients. The code states that doctors should not exploit patients physically, emotionally or financially.

However, the HCCC and Medical Council of NSW in a decision which is now currently under review and being observed in parliamentary and senate offices across Australia will only recognize the harm in her activities if an individual patient makes a complaint.

…it was decided no further action would be taken regarding this matter for the following reasons: The Commission and the Council considered the information you provided in your complaint and did not identify concerns about Dr Barker’s care of individual patients.

In the HCCC’s view, Dr Barker only has a responsibility to patients willing to make complaints. As a doctor delivering Esoteric Women’s Health presentations, it appears she has no responsibility to the public, or women too humiliated by the practice to come forward. The Commission didn’t see a need to send her a copy of the complaint. They only do that if someone who’s been molested figures out where to direct the appropriate noise.

The Commission considered your concerns about Dr Barker’s association with the organisation, Universal Medicine. For the Commission to take disciplinary action regarding the conduct of a doctor, it must find that the doctor’s conduct would attract the criticism of their peers to the extent that further action is warranted. The Commission and the Council did not identify any concerns regarding Dr Barker’s conduct. 

The disgust with her conduct among the majority of doctors in Northern NSW and unanimous among the doctors in my personal acquaintance is not enough peer criticism to warrant further action from the NSW Medical Council. The fact that a Professor of Medicine I know thinks she should be deregistered is not enough to identify a concern. It appears the only doctors who have no criticism of Dr Margaret Jane Barker are those on the NSW Medical Council and those in cult.

I guess what we can all take from this, is that Australian healthcare regulators have no interest in protecting us and our loved ones from exploitation and abuse by healthcare practitioners.

We all now have to sit patiently and wait for some courageous woman who’s been abused by these arrogant hypocrites to assert her rights. In the meantime, I’d ask any of you concerned by that decision to write to some of our prominent politicians and ask for more effective legislation that proactively protects the public. While you’re at it, why not call for an inquiry into the regulatory capacity of the HCCC and AHPRA.

And lock up your daughters.

Esoteric Women’s Health Pty Ltd

With more exposure and more of the kind of public lambasting that Esoteric Breast Massage deserves, let’s make sure it goes the way of the dodo. The Australian media has done much of that job already, but the likes of Mary Louise Myers, Jenny Ellis, Sara Williams, Elizabeth Dolan, Nicolette Hoyle, Denise Morden, Gabriele Conrad, Serryn O’Regan and Eva Rygg deserve and should expect more scrutiny.

Detail from 'Confetti Rain' by Del Kathryn Barton

Detail from ‘Confetti Rain’ by Del Kathryn Barton

The secretive practices of Esoteric Uterus Massage and Esoteric Ovary Massage persist as Universal Medicine’s in house abuses. If the cult so much as attempts to escalate marketing of them, they can expect a comprehensive public haranguing. Yet, knowing Serge, i light of the epic failure of Esoteric Women’s Health modalities, I imagine he and his male and female brides are racking their Esoterically enhanced brains working out how they can market their next privacy invading, sexually abusive scam beyond their covertly manipulated following.

Dr Margaret Jane Barker and her utmost integrity fronted the recent Esoteric Women’s Health presentations which dropped the International Women’s Day name. Deregistered by the International Women’s Day organization, they were unabashed recruitment drives, flogging the cult’s ‘Our Cycles’ app for charting menstrual cycle fluctuations. The app comes with ‘truth-full’ disclaimer that it shouldn’t be used for monitoring fertility, so like all Esoteric healing products, it has no actual health benefits. It’s just another $5 investment for followers to occupy themselves with ‘self-nurturing’ hypochondria to avoid thinking about how their lives are being vampired by a sexually abusive death cult.

And now we have Melbourne Chinese Medicine practitioner, Sara Harris’ tilt at recruiting young women via the ‘Girl to Woman Project‘, helping teen girls to make the transition to Esoteric womanhood.

So, Sara, what part of their developing anatomy do you grab for that?

Esoteric Breast Massage Part 1 – marketing abuse and calling it ‘healing’                                                    

Esoteric Breast Massage Part 2 – hyperbole, evasion and just plain bad therapy

19 thoughts on “Esoteric Breast Massage Part 3 – cult doctors promoting UM’s abusive women’s health practices

  1. The terrible despicable heart wrenching atrocity that was reported on yesterday in the press about the innocent baby who was shot dead in his pram by thieves in the US brought to my very saddened heart two things. The first: One of the Policemen interviewed said if people did not come forward who had information that would help capture the murderers and have them dealt with accordingly it was as though they had had their finger on the trigger that shot that little innocent baby.
    Secondly: The poor little baby who is now dead and his poor mother are innocent victims just like people are who have disabilities and Down Syndrome. It sickens me deep inside that SB UM’ers can take such an evil evil view of people with disabilities and exploit the vulnerable. All in the name of those words ‘loving – ness’ living – ness’ with their soft voices and holier than thou hypocritical attitudes.
    What is in it for you Medical Practitioners who affiliate yourselves with such a bogus bankrupt tennis coach – now your guru and leader.
    Didn’t take SB long to become a multi – millionaire from a bankrupt did it?

  2. It is the moral responsibility of ALL of us: If we ‘know something to say something’ so tell to the appropriate authorities – now.
    Contrary to what SB UM teaches which is all about SELF! ME! and I! – true love is about thinking of others as well. It is good for us to do so.
    Many many of us know so many serious wrongs with this whole evil money making setup. Please come forward and say something to the authorities for the sake of others and yourselves. This huge money making evil scam under the banner of ‘loving – ness’ must be stopped, before more serious damage and pain is caused by this dreadful bogus organisation. We ALL have a moral responsibility whether we like it or not.

    • Thank you Feline for doing your bit. Unfortunately, I need to reiterate that the regulators simply won’t do anything about UM without individual complaints from patients or clients. It doesn’t matter how much information or evidence I present to them, they want patient and client names, places and dates.

      For anyone who does make a complaint, if the HCCC or AHPRA makes a prohibition order public, which they have done for a number of problem practitioners and most often for inappropriate touching, the practitioner is named publicly but patients are not. The HCCC may ask for permission to look at your medical records, but otherwise the complaints process is confidential.

      Also, I do understand why people don’t come forward – to an extent. It’s confronting, retraumatizing, embarrassing, time consuming… I’ve made some strong criticisms to the regulators and legislators on the accessibility of the complaints process. I don’t think it encourages the public to come forward and assert their rights. It gives me no comfort to think about how many problem practitioners are out there actively harming people. UM is just one ‘healing’ group after all.

      On the other hand, I hear people whingeing about how terrible UM is and how they’d like Serge and his investors stopped from ruining people’s lives, but doing nothing about it. Seriously, I’ve done what I can, and Feline has done her bit, but it’s not enough, and if UM is allowed to go on as it has been it will only be more difficult to stop. We’ll end up with another Scientology on our hands – or worse. Scientology doesn’t have a death drive.

  3. For context, I just want to remind readers and members that there is no male equivalent to Esoteric Women’s Health, and Serge’s fascination with the ladies parts. Is is that men are less ‘saveable’ or able to become enlightened than women? Well yes. According to Serge is it ‘menful’ energy, masculinity and male hardness that cause health issues, and are the root of problems plaguing the ‘temporal’ world. If a few men gather together, according to Serge’s accidentally eponymous work, they become unconscious and act like a pack animals preying on women. Woman on the other hand gather and become soft and in their gentleness- in other words compliant to Serge, the sweet talking manipulator who has them all conned by what they want to hear. Think about it for a few minutes. Really, if Serge was about “service” and ‘oneness” why are men vilified and women exalted? and why are all his healing modalities focused on the sexual organs of women? Why not men? Seriously. Men have lots of health issues too. Where is the talk of men having prostate cancer, or sexual dysfunction due to the abuses many of them have endured at the hands of predators as children??? There is none, because Serge is not interested in men. His entire enterprise orbits his nasty fascination with women, their adulation for him, and if he can swing it, removing men out of the picture. Especially ones with balls. You know, gonads full of testosterone; Menful energy. He advises those that hang around on how to be more soft and feminine and join him in his subversive version of how women should be. I know from speaking to them they become confused as f***k on how to even enjoy sexual relations with their partners. And some of the youngens are so confused their balls haven’t yet dropped.

    It should be a shrill warning to all that the whole UM world is about women’s ‘health’ and that Serge and his kids and head-twisted followers are rubbing boobs, ovaries and uterus’s while diligently staying away from those nasty nuts and knobs and useless men nipples. Besides a hastily and ill attended men’s health group, there has been no effort in this direction. None, nada, zilch. I’m a man so I get it, but I’m not running a profitable cult with crazy doctrines pretending to know more than western medicine so I am just normal. Serge on the other hand is one sick little puppy.

    And Venus is right, it has been normalized by the doctors who promote it, and because the shock value has now been diluted. We know that Curtis has a list of culties lining up for their Uteruses to be massaged. Natalie is still talking to their ovaries, which never lie…about their bad sexual experiences and imposing husbands who dared to want to make love to them. Serge, the puppeteer, controls his minions from afar with an increasing number lining up- paying up in fact- to become the next puppet in his little show of horrors; willfully and unrepentantly leveraging families apart and sucking their bank accounts dry (5 initiation points for that- kerching!) He is so enlightened, he even gets woman on TV to defend him knowing full well it is a death blow to those relationships. Yep. He is one enlightened son of a bitch.

    I am sure the members, all loved up and telling each other how they have never been so amazing, cannot see these dog-balls on a mouse signs that Serge is a nasty little f***ker. I know they can justify any of his contradictions and glaring bullshit as ‘a beat up’, ‘someone who cant deal with their issues’ ‘and angry man’ because their investment is massive. Money, years, people- all burned on defending their irrational belief in Serge and his doctrine of death cooed ever so sweetly. So it is up to us to keep working on the authorities to bring Serge and his hapless cronies to account. We know they are interested. We also know the dark secrets that are the glue that keep the whole circus together. If enough people can come together that are disaffected- and we know there are many from speaking to people across the country and the world- we will bring this sucker down. And then we can at least rest easy in the good conscience that we saved countless others from the misery that this man and his followers have inflicted upon thousands in the name of ‘truth’

    Rational thinking- Vive la Revolution!

  4. Serge has essentially convinced UM affiliated medical practitioners that they didn’t really know what they were doing before they met him. At the second and last UM workshop I attended, he joked that the doctors, physiotherapists etc in attendance were “retards” (he actually used that word) before he trained them in “true” healing. These people are totally responsible for their choices and actions, but the fact that Serge can publicly insult medical professionals and have them laugh and nod in agreement illustrates that his ability to persuade and influence even seemingly well educated, trained professionals cannot be underestimated.

    As always, thank you for your tireless efforts, Venus.

  5. Please tell ME and ALL OF US someone please! How this is acceptable in anyway and on what basis LEGALLY??? AND MORALLY??? & Where is the LOVINGNESS???HUMANITY???
    SB & UM ASSOCIATES INCLUDING ALL DOCTORS AND ASSOCIATED AFFILIATES yes YOU ALL – ALL OF YOU who support and receive from SERGE BENHAYON & UM in anyway especially financially AND yet you despise the disabled and those born with Down Syndrome etc if not directly then by sheer affiliation with SB and UM.
    AND YET – Can you believe this? Check out the ASIC site search for yourself.
    ABN 52 152 869 317
    ACN 152 869 317
    with tax free and GST free etc
    College UM Endorsed as a deductible gift recipient.
    This is wrong!
    From a disgusted Feline Aphrodite

  6. Did Serge mean they the Doctors etc were retards before – because since joining him SB they and He earn lots and lots of what appears to be tax free money, whilst fleecing the vulnerable? and a steady flow of patients? It is all so evil.

    • Possibly, but it’s more accurately an indication of the utter contempt Serge has for people. No matter what the profession of the UM student, Serge advises them on how to correctly go about it. Whether the person is a musician, lawyer, teacher, medical practitioner, graphic designer; they’re all clueless in their field until Serge says otherwise. This is why they all overhaul their websites with Serge approved design schemes, provide links to UM and UM-affiliated business ventures, and in the case of the musicians, bin any and all recordings produced before joining the cult, keeping only the Serge approved/produced CDs on the market – see Chris James and Juzzie Smith for proof.

  7. Oh Dear it is all so so sad and so so wrong. Unbelievable!!! But it is true – we all know that and it is all done under the very cleverly corruptly disguised banner of so called Medical and Professionalism to lure the unsuspecting: Clients, Patients, Specialists, Professional people etc.
    Does anyone know for sure how the financial structure of this corrupt organisation really works?
    Does the Cartel donate to the tax deductible charity -“UM” and then they receive a pay off/commission from SB as well as a tax deduction from giving to SB’s Charitable Institution???
    To dictate to people: as to what to say and what to eat and what to listen to and how and what they can and cannot do in every area of their personal lives – is CONTROL and Cultist and very scary. Not matter what SB’s disclaimers on his websites say.

  8. With all of this talk about people needing to come forward to make a difference, I keep thinking of this quote by Edmund Burke:
    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

  9. Please, please can someone help me. Someone very close to me is heavily involved in Esoteric Healing, Universal Medicine and worships the ground this Serge bloke walks on. They become involved a couple of years ago and they are now a totally different person. Dredging up the past and their child-hood, not eating certain foods, not drinking and loving in this horrible la-la land. They regularly travel to the conferences held on the Gold Coast. Have some of you been member? I guess I am trying to get to the bottom of the accusations above regarding Serge and his healing techniques. Are they just rumours or has someone above been closely involved in UM? I too have always thought it was a cult and am just so distressed they are part of this as they are a totally different person and not in a good way. I want to be able to talk to them about all the above but I now they will just brush it off. Any information would help me greatly. Thank u so, so much.

    • Hi Anna,
      Sorry to assure you that the information presented on this and the ”Facts” blog are exactly that. Facts. I know several people involved and had brief, comparatively tenuous, involvement with UM several years ago. On the surface everything may seem squeaky clean (if a little odd) initially, but every stone overturned exposes corruption and lies on behalf of Serge. Unfortunately I don’t have any easy answers as to how to help break the spell that your friend/loved one is under. I personally found it practically impossible to raise doubts in the mind of my ex-partner. The students are completely brainwashed, both by Serge and by themselves/each other. They believe because they have chosen to and WANT to believe. They continue to believe because they have invested much time and finance in the delusion. I can only recommend you read the entries here and on the” FACTS About Universal Medicine blog, and if you’re comfortable doing so, voice your concern to your local representatives. You can contact Darkly Venus here for further information on how to help if you’re up for it. Furthermore, don’t be a stranger. Feel free to comment as often as necessary. You’re not alone.

      Take care.

    • Anna, my own experience of UM was brief and unpleasant in 2004-5. I’ve written about my experience starting from the posts in September 2012.

      I’ve continued to write about UM because I find their activities very damaging and disturbing.

      Others have written of their experiences of UM in the Have Your Say posts.

      There was also a 150 page thread on the Rick Ross cult education forum, which was lost recently due to a back up error on that site, but a a small number of posts were retrieved.,105092

      Hundreds of people reading this site understand exactly what you’re saying and experiencing, and are also deeply concerned for their loved ones. We are doing everything we can to stop the harm.

    • Most of the people commenting on here and other blogs have been very closely involved. If we hadn’t there would be no point. MacReady’s post sums it up, but you can also contact CCA who are linked above, and as suggested read as much as you can. There is no simple solution I am afraid, but people can and have left the group. Keep posting, there’s a lot to be said for having a voice.

      • I think she’s probably in shock, like many readers have been. It’s one thing to suspect someone dear to you is in a cult, but another thing to be hit with a whole lot of information which appears to confirm it.

        Anna, another thing I’d add is that I could not get away with writing rumours or making false allegations about a multi million dollar enterprise of liars and bullies. The reason all this info is here is because I can back all of it with evidence, otherwise UM would have done me for defamation over a year ago, and the site would have been shut down. They are very reluctant to have any of this tried in court because they’d lose and the media publicity would be far more damaging than a couple of blogs.

  10. Hi everyone. Thank you so much for the information above, I sincerely appreciate it and actually didn’t expect any responses as wrote my post out of shock initially. I am now absorbing as much of this site as I can while pretending to work (oops!) Yes Darkly Venus, I think you are right, I am in shock. Also, yes I realise that you could not have this site without having evidence – this bloke Serge must be stewing in his gluten free, diary free, alcohol free, taste free crap food that they eat. I recently read a blog my loved one posted on their FB about why cow’s milk is so bad for you and for babies. It took all my strength not to counter their claims. Absolute bullshit. if you can’t and don’t want to breastfeed after bub is 1 year of age what the fuck are you meant to give them??? Yer, I know about going to bed early, rising early and the symbols. Crazy stuff. As a family we have been content to ‘roll with it’ and listen to what they say about their beliefs and Serge, but I think the time is creeping up slowly when we need to find a way to approach them out of concern and in a way that doesn’t seem we are attacking them personally. As well as attending the ‘conferences’ in NSW my loved one also attends the Vietnam one and was there this year. I have never asked them how much it costs to attend these things but I might start now. I will do anything I can to help shut this cult down, expose Serge and undo the brainwashing that my dear, dear sibling has endured. xxx

  11. Thanks heaps, will have a squiz at the sites above. Just before I sign off for the day and head home I just had an email from my loved one (we are in different countries). She said she has just got back from a healing workshop in Oz. 😦
    Not sure which ones that was, will check out their actual site to find out more.

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