Universal Medicine Cult Easter Gossip 2013

Happy Easter Duckies!

Easter Bunny Cat

Okay, yes dears, I am taking time off, but part of the fun is the obligatory crack at the cult, yes?

So a few little snippets of the latest to help you enjoy your weekend.

Serge never touches anyone inappropriately

As Eunice says, he’s a ‘soul-full messenger’ with a ‘vast and detailed knowledge of the workings of the human body at the energetic level’ and a practitioner of the utmost integrity.

And the Easter Bunny is Prime Minister.

The cult is telling followers these images of Serge with his hands on a woman’s genitals and calling it ‘healing’ for sexual abuse are fake. He was also never bankrupt, he was an ‘elite’ tennis coach and he was Alice Bailey and Leonardo reincarnated. As usual the devotees believe him and are handing over the cash.

Biz az uzual.

So far I have two copies of the Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 2 manual, but to prove they aren’t fake to the HCCC, we need more. I don’t see why because a friend told me there’s this thing called technology which can prove the authenticity of images. The HCCC obviously hasn’t discovered that yet. Anyway, please either send me your copy, or take a photo of the cover of the manual beside a recent newspaper showing the date, and please do the same for page 71 and email them to me at my troll email account darkly-venus which would be @hotmail.com, yah? You don’t need to be in the photo, unless you want to wave and say hi, and I don’t mind if you use your own troll/fake whatever email address or someone else’s. It will all be kept confidential. We just need to prove there are a bunch of these manuals in print and in existence, so please help.

And perhaps before the cult stages another book burning. This time it’ll be the incriminating material rather than the competition.

Cult Censorship

I imagine the Chilling Effects org. is still saying WTF? about the cult getting my blogger blog shut down without a court order. However, they’ve at least posted the identity of the complainant. Quelle surprise! It was Universal Law. Presumably, Paula not on the payroll Fletcher stayed up past entity hour a few nights running to fill in the online forms, first to have 60 something posts removed and then the entire blog.

Or was she on the clock?

I haven’t gotten around to reporting her financial conflicts of interest to the Law Society, but if she or Universal Law represented a cult member you know in a family court hearing, please contact me via the tab at the top of the page, so I can provide a list of names as evidence for my complaint. Court dates would also come in handy. Thx.

Tricky Vicky

Tricky Vicky – Victoria Lister – denounced Serge when she was trying to save her self-loving arse from being stood down as president of a non profit organization in the disability sector. When the members of the organization, many of whom experience a disability, questioned her public apologisms for a man who has made abhorrent remarks about the sick, disadvantaged and disabled, Vicky went on the record and couldn’t distance herself from him enough.

She was stood down via a vote of no confidence regardless.

Still, I don’t imagine Vicky ever publicly stood up for the dignity of those with disabilities at Esoteric presentations. In the six hours of audio I have where Serge talks non stop offensive, hate-ridden horseshit to audiences of hundreds, not one of our self-loving friends interjects. Not ever. Vicky would put her reputation on the line to publicly defend a multimillion dollar sexually abusive and bullying death cult and its sleazy leader, but will she do the right thing in future? Serge will continue to make hideous sexist and ableist remarks. He’s not the remorseful type, and he’ll do it publicly and deliberately just to humiliate her. Will she continue to give him a free pass or does she follow his religion of abuse and do I have to report her every time she lands some inappropriate role in a not for profit org?

Incidentally, not for profit consultant Vicky helped set up the UniMed ‘charity’ in 2011, even though Serge had been soliciting for donations, anonymous at that, for a long while before the charity was registered.

Utmost integrity?


Sarah Cloutier

We’ll be keeping an eye on the HuffPost site since another uber apologist, Sarah Cloutier got a gig as a blogger there, plugging the Esoteric Diet/Death Wish. Sarah, as some readers may know is responsible for the petition to stop abuse of women in and by the media, but not by the Universal Medicine cult. (Funny how the target was 15,000 signatures but in the end it got 400 – about the same number of ‘friends’ on Serge’s Facebook page.) I left some factual comments on her last blog post, among the usual Esoteric high-fives to Sarah from cult members. Mainly I asked about the nutritional basis of cutting entire food groups from the diet, the health benefits of people with eating disorders skipping meals and added some quotes from Sergio. No doubt the cult reported them as ‘abuse’ as expected, and they were removed. Never mind. I sent her editors a more extensive collection of quotes from ‘The One’ about diet, and how we’re wasting our time taking care of a body we’ll eventually not need, some links to her apologisms on the cult sites, the images of Uncle Serge handling genitals, and a few other bits and pieces pointing to her participation in an abusive cult.

And if they keep putting up her posts, I’ll send more.

Righto, that’s enough goss for now. Have a mega PRANIC! :mrgreen: Easter, and I’ll be back soon with a post on Esoteric ‘gentleness’ or what normal people would call ‘bullying’.


‘Cats are spirits controlled by the Lords of Form.’
S. Benhayon

20 thoughts on “Universal Medicine Cult Easter Gossip 2013

  1. Thanks Venus, and enjoy your well deserved break. So the UM cultists are claiming the SEH workshop guidebook photos are faked? I suppose that’s as likely a scenario as Serge being the re-incarnation of every amazing person in history, or Serge having the ability to project himself into the fifth dimension, or Serge knowing more about everything than anyone who ever lived ever, or Serge’s endless obsessing about teenage girls’ sexuality not being a reflection of his own predilections. Yep, sounds legit to me!

    Happy Easter!

  2. It will be interesting to see the full complaint on Chilling Effects once it is published, and to see if they actually uphold it once it is analysed. My understanding is that Google closes down a blog upon complaint to protect themselves legally while the investigation occurs.

    I came across this rather fitting quote the other day:

    “The term “chilling effect” is used in nations that have freedom of speech laws. It refers to an attempt by a company or individual to silence a critic by filing lawsuits, threatening legal action or otherwise trying to intimidate the critic by legal means. Although protected by freedom-of-speech law, the critic may be silenced by the prospect of a costly legal battle against a well-funded opponent. The chilling effect is a genuine threat to freedom of speech, even in countries with strong laws protecting such speech.”

    Enjoy your break, and hopefully a plethora of delicious sugar/gluten/dairy containing chocolate eggs.


  3. What about all the UM zombies that made the self loving choice to take their cats to Cat Shelter where their cats almost would have certainly been put down!
    I guess if you are prepared to starve yourself to death in the name of energetic purity then who cares about the senseless slaughter of puss puss!

  4. Thanks everyone,

    Legal Eagle, I believe once Google shuts a blog, it’s shut, regardless of whether the complaint is found to have merit. The Chilling Effects org is a not for profit run out of Harvard University. ‘The Chilling Effects project seeks to document that “chill” and inform C&D recipients of their legal rights in response.’ So, it’ll amount to them finding the complaints had no merit and telling us we could take legal action to get our blog reinstated or something. I imagine.

    Senator Conroy’s office were useless. I tried to point out that there’s a loophole in Australian law where fascist cults like UM can have us censored without a court order, but they told me to get a lawyer. That wasn’t the point. Google couldn’t shut down the US url because freedom of speech laws there require a court order.

    Anyway, it’s all a bit academic now, seeing we’re on wordpress on a US url. It’s easier to move the blog than see this crap through the courts.

    As for Where’s the cash Serge – I have heard that about cats from a couple of sources now. (Feline Aphrodite may have a conniption – Sorry FA) but yes, Serge hates cats, says their evil or something and followers get rid of them.


    Anyway, we at UMA are protectors of cats. Cats are free to roam here and be catty. We also uphold high quality music, PRANA by the bucketload and assertive, horny women with or without tatts, who don’t go around pimping other women to an abusive cult and pretending they’re holier than thou. We support cheese and root vegetables, fine arabica beans and we bow to no one. And a bunch of other stuff.

  5. FA she not a happy Kitteh! 😦 How sad
    I believe that it is ok for SB UMer’s to have dogs tho!? (A UM affiliated Dr said so)
    What follows is a copy of something I found it just proves that cats are full of lovingness!

    When company comes to visit, dogs give an effusive greeting – running about wildly, jumping up on people, barking loudly. Cats could never compete with the decibels of a dog, and just prefer to observe your company from a cool, non-intrusive distance.

    Cats keep the bugs down. They are fascinated by little winged creatures or crawling things and are MASTER exterminators.

    A cat’s hearing is much more sensitive than a dog’s. They can judge within 3″ the precise location of a sound being made 36″ away.

    Dogs smell. I’m sorry, but even after a bath, there’s a doggy smell hanging around. A dog can go for months without volunteering to take a bath. Cat’s don’t need baths and fancy shampoos. They are fastidious self-groomers, and take care to be clean and odor-free at all times.

    Your neighbor will never call you in the middle of the night to tell you your cat is meowing too loudly. But an outdoor dog can ruin your neighbor’s sleep – as well as your friendship.

    Cats are more independent. They need less care and you can leave them home alone for long periods of time. With a dog, you have to keep an eye on the clock, because you know they’re going to need a potty break.

    Cats can do their “business” inside, with a quick trip to the litter box. But dogs ask to go outside several times a day – no matter if it’s snowing, sleeting, blazing hot, or raining.

    A cat can survive on its own in the wild, as it is a natural hunter, while dogs generally need a human to fetch for them. However, many a stray cat has entered an unsuspecting human’s yard – and soon had them trained with a regular feeding schedule.

    Cats don’t chew up your slippers, and their breath doesn’t stink.

    A cat takes better care of its toys. You can give me a new toy to play with, I’ll keep it in my basket, and it will last for a couple of years. A dog can demolish a new toy in five minutes flat.
    Keyla’s Rebuttal: Why Dogs Are Better Pets Than Cats

    • That’s exactly what Serge wants you to do – get into a dog vs cat argument to distract you from his underlying intention to control and destroy. The cat hate is another of his methods for separating followers from loved ones, and their former lives – as well as part of the process of emotional neutering that keeps them compliant.

      Cats vs dogs, maleness vs femaleness, fiery vs pranic, us vs them – divide and conquer. And it works.

      • Serge claims that cats represent spirit (as opposed to soul) therefore they’re PRANIC! He also claims they are completely driven by self-interest and are unable to express love. The former point is an invention of Serge’s bullshit mythology, but the latter is yet another example of how Serge is wrong about absolutely everything, as the following pics and video illustrate:

      • Thinking about this again now just highlights the hypocrisy inherent in the UM belief system. According to Serge, cats are driven by self interest, therefore they’re loveless, evil and pranic. UM cultists put their own interests before their own familes and friends and it’s called making “self-loving choices”. The fact that UM cultists will dump their cats at the local pound to be destroyed because they percieve cats as being demanding and needy (and thus detrimental to their own self interests), demonstrates that they’re willing to facilitate the deaths of their own pets in the name of being “self-loving”. If the UM cultists applied their own twisted value judgments to themselves as well as to everyone and everything else, they’d see that they’re actually the ones who epitomise lovelessness.

      • Non stop hypocrisy RJM. Thanks for the clarification about the cats.

        Serge’s hateful remarks are psychological projections – that is, projecting the negative aspects of his own character onto others. People do that rather than face and fix their flaws – which requires honesty, humility, empathy and effort. So when Serge is crapping on about cats, he’s talking about his own self interest and his own inability to express love.

        Unfortunately his followers willingly participate in the destruction. Willing to kill their own cats and deprive their children of beloved pets to express their loyalty to an abuser. Just as they’re willing to shun good relationships, starve themselves and their children, spend all their money, allow their daughters to be molested and on and on. And call it ‘healing’ and ‘self-love’.

        Universal Medicine is sick.

  6. If the Serge groin fondling shots are “fake” then I’d like an explanation from UM as to why they appear in the SEH level 2 guidebook I received when I attended that particular workshop. If the photos are “fake” I can only conclude that the entire workshop, including the techniques learned and the accompanying guidebook must also be “fake”, in which case I’m confused as to why I had to “invest” a very real $750 to attend
    the course in the first place.

  7. Poor Tricky Vicki bet she just cant wait for Darkly Venus to have a little Easter Pranic break to hear what is next and after the hiding she got over Sergio’s published abhorrent disability attitudes. She must definitely be a Hot Cross bunny in the headlights.
    Serge doesn’t like failures

    • I wish I’d been at that Special General Meeting where Vicky was ousted, Dble Elvis. I’ve seen the minutes and they’re sensational!

      To be honest I think Serge does like failures. He loves to rub it in. It’s another thing he’ll have over her.

      • I attended the meeting and she personally did not denounce UM or it’s beliefs, most of the board did, but not VL – she actually didn’t say very much. The minutes don’t say a massive amount – 2 pages of summary, available to all members.

        • Thanks for clarifying that. I wasn’t at the SGM, but at the AGM the treasurer said Vicky distanced herself from Benhayon’s views. I was going by what he said.

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