Feel-good Fascists – feminine bullying within the Universal Medicine cult

V. R. Morrison, The Blood and the Bourgeoisie

V. R. Morrison, ‘The Blood and the Bourgeoisie’

Anyone new to the abominations of the Universal Medicine cult asks the same questions. How has it profited from an industry of abuse for over twelve years without scrutiny and why have no victims, apart from myself, come forward? The answer is simple. Look at what we’re up against – large numbers of  publicly vocal SergeBride mafia exerting peer oppression with their arsenal of Esoteric NICE. Yet, no matter how much they spout the SergeSpeak NICE-isms, stroke each other’s bodies oh so gently and dress up their publicity with floral arrangements and pink and purple love-hearts, there’s no disguising their fascist bullying, smothering dissent and pimping their sisters and daughters to the cult. 

When I mention the brides of Serge and feminine bullying within Universal Medicine I’m including the blokes. Lucky for the men, they’re spared the indignity of Esoteric Breast, Uterus and Ovary Massages, but instead they have their heads filled with testicle shrinking misandry to keep them in line. Serge has all his brides believing ‘maleness’ (as in thinking, routing out bullshit and taking action to counter the harm) is the enemy, and their investment in Esoteric ‘healing’, ‘gentle breath’, hugs, soft voices, demure fashions and ‘soul-full’ outrage at the evil world outside the cult makes them special and pure.

Just don’t cross them.

Dressed up evil

Cults by definition rely on deception for their recruitment and conversion process. In previous posts we’ve examined Universal Medicine’s abusive practices – photographic evidence of Serge Benhayon teaching inappropriate touching as ‘healing’ for sexual abuse, as well as body negative, privacy invading Esoteric Breast Massage, secretive Esoteric Uterus Massage and my hideous experience of ovarian ‘reading’ – inexcusably sleazy and harmful practices which the Universal Medicine cult camouflages not only with patently false claims of ‘healing’ and ‘utmost integrity’ but with cloyingly pretty artwork by Desiree Delaloye featuring birdies, flowers, butterflies and love hearts.

‘Beauty-full’ lies

Once enlisted, recruits are pressured to buy into the deception and perpetuate the abuse. Profuse testimonials on the UniMed sites and prolific loveblogging by a core group of self-loving Serge Bride apologists keeps followers on message. In spite of the inappropriate touching, privacy invasions, sexist programming and dread inducing indoctrination that comes with the Esoteric Women’s Health package, followers are told Esoteric Breast Massage and other modalities are ‘self nurturing’ and ‘reconnecting’ with their bodies and their gentle, non threatening ‘femaleness’. Just as they are led to believe molestation is ‘healing’ if it’s performed in surroundings tastefully decorated with Da Vinci’s secular madonnas, and the gratuitous touching is performed gently enough.

The presence of numbers of soft spoken, respectable looking women at his clinic and events gave me an initial  false sense that Pervey Serge had integrity, and that his practices were safe. I soon realized the women are part of the deception – giving the group respectability it doesn’t deserve. At the same time, the core brides serve as Serge’s personal security entourage. When I attended the Sacred Esoteric Healing ‘Advanced’ Level 1 course in 2005, Serge made sure several ‘assistants’ were on patrol. They had little to do that weekend, apart from compete in the decorative and NICE stakes, frequently hugging each other and communicating in SergeSpeak, but I remember someone saying something Esoterically out of place at one point and boy oh boy, what a formidable show of fangs.

I won’t link to the loveblogs, but a simple google search of anything Esoteric will bring up a rash of them, and a glance at the contributors and commenters reveals the same several dozen names and sweetly smiling faces, many of whom are directly profiting from their UM association. At first glance it’s another avalanche of NICE, repetitions of the same Esoteric ‘truths’, congratulating each other on their ‘self-loving choices’ and telling each other how ‘beauty-full’ they are, while glossing over and promoting UM’s harms.

As all of us who’ve attempted to comment on those sites know, anything remotely questioning is moderated out. And as anyone who’s tried to exit the cult or ask questions from within the group knows, that same phalanx of prim apologists morphs into a many headed beast, rabidly protecting Uncle Serge and bombarding doubters with emotional blackmailing professions of Esoteric ‘love’. When that doesn’t bring about submission, they turn on them with accusations of ‘lovelessness’, not being ‘in-truth’ or of being ‘abusive’ and ‘bullying’.

I don’t blame victims for being unwilling to pit themselves against those bitches, but if anyone gathers the guts, this bitch will be right beside you – in a helmet with horns.

Oh the irony!

Bullying is an abuse of power and the most powerful bullies among the Esoteric Women’s Health mafia are the doctors and other medical professionals profiting from the cult. The doctors are the elite recruiters, abusing their status with robust promotions of a grubby character and vehement denial of the harm they do and the suffering they cause. Rank and file cult followers paying dearly to occupy the base of the abuse pyramid not only get a false sense of security from the doctors’ endorsements, but may not have the educational background or the assertiveness necessary to challenge their dangerous fallacies.

And the most vocal of the doctors is cult surgeon Eunice Minford.

The other day, I had a go at Eunice the euthanasia enthusiast on her blog for the following protestations on sexual abuse in the military.

Whilst this has only been uncovered recently, there is little doubt that these crimes will have been going on for many, many years but the extent of the shame, the culture of silence and cover-up ensured that it remained invisible to the outer world. It takes courage to speak up, to break the silence and say ‘no’, ‘this is not right’ especially when one’s career is on the line or lost as a consequence. All who speak up against such abuses and crimes are to be commended for doing so – for it is only by doing so that true change can be effected. Silence and submission only serves to perpetuate the status quo, to keep the culture of rape and abuse alive and kicking, to keep those who are all too willing to abuse their power and authority in power and authority.  The same phenomenon has been observed in the Catholic church.  Therefore it is important to continue to speak up regarding all types of abuse, to expose them and call them out such that people will know that that sort of behaviour is not tolerated.

Following the release of this film, a number of changes have been made to how sexual abuse allegations are handled in the military, action has been taken to improve the response to such allegations and to prevent professional retaliation against assault survivors…

Feel free to share your thoughts on it or anything else that this blog post has arisen for you. 

Yes, well, I shared my thoughts on the issue, and spoke up and said ‘no’ on her hypocritical blog. Just as I’ve spoken up and said no to the cult’s abuses on my own blog, to receive professional retaliation  from ‘not on the payroll‘ cult lawyers Paula Fletcher and Cameron Bell at Universal Law who managed to get Google to shut my blog down without a court order.

Eunice, why don’t you have anything to say about Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine cult’s longstanding sexual abuse of women?

I was one of his victims. He tried an ovarian ‘reading’ on me remember?

Visit the Universal Medicine Accountability blog and you’ll see images from a Sacred Esoteric Healing Workshop Advanced Level 2 manual of Benhayon with his hands on a young woman’s vulva with accompanying text stating it is a ‘healing’ for rape. The manual has been submitted as a complaint to the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission and is likely to get Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine prohibited from practice.

I invite you to defend this indefensible behaviour here or on the UMA blog. And while you’re at it, please explain how you find it acceptable that Benhayon’s current wife moved into his home when she was 13 years old, and that he has adolescent girls stay in his home for extended periods. 

You might also fill us in on what Esoteric Uterus Massage and Esoteric Ovarian massage entails, since you’ve actively promoted Esoteric Breast Massage. The Uterus massage is performed by Serge’s unqualified 25 year old son, Curtis.

You’ve been extremely zealous in promoting Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, so I’d be fascinated to read your defence, particularly since you’ve taken the trouble to express your outrage at sexual abuse occurring in other institutions. 

My comment was removed, apparently due to its ‘ad hominem’ nature – another of Eunice’s startling hypocrisies seeing she went all ad hominem on journalists who reported on UniMed’s questionable practices. Either way, I wasn’t making a philosophical argument. Damned right my criticisms of  her are ad hominem. I’m asking her to account for her actions, her hefty influence in recruiting vulnerable people, including children, to a sexually abusive cult which is ruining lives.

SergeBride Ariana Ray, threw in her two cents in the comments.

Abuse per se is not acceptable and has to be given a clear NO. Including NO to internet ‘troll’s’ to abuse and use this site for their own abusive ends. The example of Trolling that we can see above is just another form of abuse that needs to be said NO to. I have no doubt that we as a people can say no to abuse where and when it occurs, people are waking up, changes are being made. More and more people are finding the power of saying NO! 

Poor Ariana thinks calling out harm is worse than doing harm. She hopes the repugnant allegations will go away if she loudly protests NO! and takes the fascist route of silencing those who speak the truth. Look at the images, Ariana. Dig out your SEH Advanced Level 2 manual, turn to page 71 and then come here to this site and call ME the abuser and troll.

Two more of my comments were removed, including the one where I informed Eunice I’d sent the images of Serge with his hands on a woman’s vulva and calling it a ‘healing’ for rape recovery to the hospital trust that employs her, seeing she’s recruiting NHS patients into a sexually abusive, multimillion dollar, bullying death cult.


Regardless of my questioning and presentation of facts, Eunice hasn’t altered her pathologically hypocritical stance.

Divide and rule

Behind all of the breathily uttered lies, the floral propaganda and tyrannical ‘nurturing’ is grand abuser, Serge Benhayon – a bloke who has persuaded thousands that exploiting and molesting patients is ‘healing’, and that desecration of relationships and families is ‘love’, and profited mightily from it. Bullies count on people not standing up to them, or of wearing down those who do until they run out of puff. And Serge has been pushing personal boundaries for so many years he knows just how few people have the energy and the assertiveness to take on one soft spoken bully, let alone a few hundred deluded, self righteous and well groomed clones.

32 thoughts on “Feel-good Fascists – feminine bullying within the Universal Medicine cult

  1. Disclaimer:( From the Universal Medicine site)
    “Every effort has been made to ensure that this web site is free from errors or omissions. This site contains comments and references to medical topics; however there is absolutely no assurance that any statement contained in this publication touching on medical matters is accurate. Information provided is of a general nature and cannot substitute for the advice of a medical or health care professional. The Publisher, the Authors, the Editor or their respective employees or agents, shall not accept responsibility for injury, loss or damage occasioned to any person acting or refraining from action as a result of material in this publication whether or not such injury, loss or damage is in any way due to any negligent act or omission, breach of duty or default on the part of the Publisher, the Authors, the Editor, or their respective employees or agents. Reliance upon content obtained by or through this publication is solely at your own risk.

    Universal Medicine will endeavour to adhere to the notified schedule. However, whether due to events beyond our control or otherwise, all events and schedules are subject to change without notice. Neither Universal Medicine, its employees or affiliates will be liable for any loss or damages that arise as a consequence of reliance upon, or bookings made in respect of, any of the details set out in this schedule.” End of Disclaimer

    **Why does Serge and SB’s UM practitioners (inclusive of Doctors) – promote and charge exorbitantly for so called healing or whatever they are called now – services whilst not being able to guarantee anything at all as their disclaimer above tells us?????? It is just ugly big busi – ‘ness’….
    Why can they not even guarantee the place of their next workshop????? Their next Retreat at Lennox on the 24 April is $1,590.00
    for what???

    • Notice the disclaimers are the only part of the UniMed sites where anything is stated clearly. The cult is clear about what they don’t do but when it comes to stating what they do, for what, and how, it all gets ‘spherical’ – i.e. bullshit laden and vague.

      Okay so they’re not liable for cancellation, so does that mean they’ll issue refunds or not if the next retreat goes tits up?

      Question is, will it come a cropper due to regulatory or media attention, or is the cult set to implode. Perhaps one or more of the inner sanctum is ready to spill the beans properly, rather than via the occasional leak. Or maybe cult central thought Serge might do a runner from Vietnam. How many passports does he have again? And where has he shipped the funds?

      I know what I’d rather do with $1590.00 of my hard earned.


  2. Bullies count on people being to scared and battle fatigued to stand up to them.
    Cults shun, disassociate and bully people who leave their so called lovingness fold.
    It can also be so hard to know who to trust in this world because of feeling so bullied.
    Take heart you are not alone.

  3. I have been to workshops where Serge regularliy refuses to answer any question that are critical of his insane philosophy. The reason he gives was, ‘you are in the wrong energy.’ At the another workshop The Lord of Form came to the window on horseback (only he could see them of course), to check the amazing work he was doing! What a nut job.

  4. ” The Lord of Form at the window on a horseback ” ?!

    Ah, he does needs dadies approval after all.

  5. I went to a workshop where the weather was very overcast. When the sun broke through the clouds briefly, Sergio looked up to heaven and smiled (and the faithful all smugly laughed) as if God was clearing the clouds for him. It rained a lot later, and the yurt that some people were staying in burnt to the ground, so maybe God didn’t like the rest of the presentation?

    • LOL, I love this. So typical of UniMed shenanigans. And who knew cats could use matches?

      In 2005 his holiness told us crop circles are made by Arcturans and we won’t need broadband modems soon because the internet will be inside our heads.


      As for the Lord of Form on horseback at the window – I bet the cult doctors and lawyers were there nodding and oh-my-godding along.

      And yes, Nancy, Freud would have had a field day with Serge.

  6. Universal Medicine shared a link.
    2 hours ago
    The Livingness ~ Stage 2 (9.30am – 4.30pm)
    Sunday 7th April

    This is one of our most popular and revisited events due to the profound healing sessions. Gentle hands on healing provide a soul-full opportunity for healing both at the individual level and as a way of healing previous experiences that may be particular to a group setting. The care of people coming together to support each other in this way is in itself an amazing part of the healing that takes place on the day.

    For more details and booking head to our website.
    Please bring your own lunch
    Also, NSW Daylight Savings ends Sunday April 7th – be sure to check your times for travel.

    With love, The UniMed Team
    The Livingness – Stage 2 | Universal Medicine
    Ascension is the ancient term or science of raising one’s level of vibration. In modern times this means to clear the body so that more love can be held in it. It may seem strange that we have to work on creating more space for love, but energetically, this is precisely what we all eventually will h…
    Like · Comment · Share

    ******Feline thought that SB UM doesn’t claim to heal ?????????????????

  7. I am having a field day with Serge too….

    From what I’ve understand so far is: most of the women he lures in are in their mid to late fortees, please do correct me if I am wrong.
    Which means many of them are in their pre-menopause phase. In this stage the hormonal balance has to wire a woman out to rebalance itself after every menstrual cycle. This comes with certain physical and psychological symptoms. *** Feline thoughts *** are a part of those, because you just want to be left alone and need more help around the house to cope with what is happening with you. Unfortunately most women these days still have to take care of children in their teens and their husbands don’t have clue of the changes which are going on. Even though this s*cks, you can’t blame them, because usually at this stage: you don’t have a clue about what’s going on either. But something inside is rocking: you need rest and don’t want to take care of others anymore. Which is perfectly normal during this stage, but makes you feel guilty towards your family.

    Than, Serge shows up. Serge doesn’t want you in a way which is threatening at that stage, because your body is changing as well; but he wants you to make love to and with yourself, clear the body so you can detox from your family as a caretaker and even takes *gentle* care of your teenage daughters. Which, trust me, is a relief when your hormones are flipping all over the place.

    It’s a golden formula. Those Lords of Form are having a ball over this guy: looking through the windows sitting on horsebacks…

    Can you imagine all those raving hormones pushed back into Pandora’s box again through Serge’s own invented livingness…?

    We might be looking at the first cult leader in history who will be ripped to pieces by his followers, sooner or later.

    Yes a field day it is… (sigh)

    • Interesting, Nancy.

      That demographic is mostly right, but there’s also a large thirty something population among the women – the ‘desperate housewives’ age group. Often with children, but either way trying to balance working lives with relationships, family and new age aspirations to ‘self discovery’. Many of the long term members joined the group in that age group. Many were already divorced and unattached. Most followers are also attracted to the idea of becoming ‘healers’ the easy way.

      Yes, Serge gives the appearance of caring for each of his investors – standing close, maintaining eye contact, cooingly reassuring them of their victimhood. He gives them permission to slough off dependents and absorb themselves in what they think is self love, but is actually losing their identity (funds, life) to an oppressive deception.

      Those two groups (thirties and middle aged) seem to be the main market. The blokes are there because they’ve found a way to get more female attention – by parroting the pseudo-feminism and toeing the cult line. However, they’re not the target market because men don’t traditionally throw as much money at personal development.

      Dunno about the followers ripping the little bastard to pieces. My fear is they’ll turn on each other first.

  8. I agree with you; they will. It’s old fashion school yard, pack behavior.

    But if you know this stage as well as I do, his diet, sleeping hours, coffee, alcohol, and taking better care of yourself regime pretty much fit the symptoms if it comes to making yourself feel better to find some sort of a balance within the process (before it wires you out to control you).

    This age group IMO is the most vulnerable for his approach and it keeps them away from the normal, uglyness of the process. I truly wonder about the divorce rates in this age group because women in this stage, no matter how good their marriage is/was are vulnerable for splitting up anyway: it kind of comes with the hormonal process. Women in this stage are becoming fed up with men for a while.

    Serge found a great way to play in to this. It’s called devide and rule.
    If we do look at this the way Freud did, now days we can say: he finally has mommy under control and daddy by the balls.

    Those teenage girls in his case (besides the money he’s making) are one helll of a bonus….

    • Yes, middle aged women (peri and post menopausal) appear to be the largest population in UM. I’d love to get some numbers on that…Plus an age correlation to the amount of disposable income and the size of the property settlements channelled into the cult.

      Anyway, I tend to think women in any state of hormonal debilitation get fed up with just about everyone, and everything, lol. I know Serge has also successfully targeted women in the vulnerable post-natal phase – note a lot of negative rhetoric around breast feeding. It’s a grim picture – marketing to women with gyne disorders and at certain stages of hormonal debilitation.

      And here’s an example of Serge’s truly disgusting dealings with young women – fed to the cult by their besotted mothers. https://universalmedicineaccountability.wordpress.com/2012/10/08/the-universal-medicine-propaganda-machine-sputters-to-a-standstill/comment-page-1/#comment-85

      ‘Beauty-full’ indeed.

      • Yes, hormonal debilitating can do that to you and the post natal stage for example is an incredibly vulnerable period as well. However, what those hormones do is assuring the care you’ll have to provide for the baby. No matter how vulnerable it makes you feel; they will make sure you’ll be taking care of your child at all costs. It’s pretty powerful stuff and the strength it personally gave me during my years as a mother will never stop to amaze me.

        During peri-menopause the motherhood hormone all the sudden drops down which is scary and confusing. Especially if you still have a couple of more years to go. The moment of the ‘care taker hormone’ drop is genetically predisposed from the moment of a woman’s birth and when it’s your turn, it just is your turn.
        It comes with a different set of symptoms and feelings than the post natal stage and PMS for example. There should be more honest information out there about the peri-menopause phase, but it still is sort of taboo.

        Now he has the creepy Menstrual Moon Cycle App… What does this App do: sending back your hormonal data to the head quarters UM, so he has a better view which stage you’re in and how you should be worked up from there.

        Those mothers sending their daughters out there might chew their virgin coloured sheets some day when their hormones have settled back down again, realising what this man did to their daughters; while they were having a esoteric breast masage by one of his cronies.

        • Ugh! That didn’t occur to me about that App. More invasions of privacy! More exploitation.

          Months back before I knew as much about the cult, someone emailed me in distress, worried about their loved one who had developed post natal depression symptoms and was having difficulty bonding with her baby. We know Serge had been meddling because he wanted the mother to name the baby after HIM. Looking now at the covert hypnotic indoctrination and his teachings that love is emotionless, emotion causes disease and babies can receive negative energy from the mother’s emotions or traumatic past through breast milk, it’s no wonder. This is potent indoctrination working against maternal instincts that are wired in hormonally. The indoctrination wins and whole families, whole communities now, suffer.

    • Also, that bloody Esoteric diet appears healthy at first glance, cutting out naughty alcohol, caffeine and sugar. But we know Serge cuts out a range of perfectly healthy foods – not for any nutritional reason – but because he reckons they’re PRANIC! 😮 and he has a death wish. https://universalmedicineaccountability.wordpress.com/2012/12/19/esoteric-diet-or-death-wish-serge-benhayons-assault-on-public-health/

      Along with the Eso healing army, we have Sarah Cloutier plugging that bullshit on the Huffington Post site, telling people it’s ok to skip meals and only eat this limited range of foods when they ‘feel to’. The result is catastrophic deficiencies in protein, the B group vitamins and minerals, plus hypoglycaemia. That would exacerbate hormonal imbalances, resulting in even worse moods and behaviours.

  9. “Psychotic personalities tend to amass followers….they know all too well how to play on the fear and weaknesses of others…they they proclaim they will be the light and security others seek. In their own minds they hold themselves superior…desperate lost and frightened people turn to the as saviors, creating a flock of followers. The more followers there are, the more ‘social proof’ and normalisation of the otherwise often fantastic and absurd claims of the narcissist..” Rick Ross Cult Forum
    Well done to the courageous Morpheus( please read the thoughts on the Rick Ross Cult Forum. 5 April 2013 http://forum.rickross.com/read.php?12,107998,page=150) It is so hard to make the break and then to openly talk about it well done. Slowly but surely life will get better.

  10. “Now he has the creepy Menstrual Moon Cycle App… What does this App do: sending back your hormonal data to the head quarters UM, so he has a better view which stage you’re in and how you should be worked up from there.” Nancy Drew timely observation.
    Disgusting what a Perve! I wonder are these women who are oohing and argghing over this App aware of the invasion of privacy.
    Utterly disgusted

  11. Yeah, it’s truly creepy the way he interferes and turns around those natural hormonal phases. Women are vulnerable when they play up in certain stages of their life. Especially the more co-dependant ones.

    I am convinced he has knowledge of what hormones truly can do and hooks women in on a deep level when their in one of the more vulnerable stages.

    If you think about it in this context, the Moon Cycle App is pretty disturbing.

    • Personally I doubt Serge has a clue about hormones. The science, that is. If we ever get to interrogate him, I promise the doofus can’t spell oestrogen, let alone describe its fluctuations in a normal cycle. Same for FSH, LH and progesterone.

      Any medical or physiological ‘knowledge’ he has he’s learned from his clients in his confessional/treatment room. Over the years, trusting people have gone to him and told him their insecurities, neuroses, histories, secrets, enabling him to hone his skill at identifying vulnerability, and that’s when the mind fuck begins.

      His type have an instinct for finding people’s weaknesses and exploiting them. Hormonal debilitation and relationship instability are just two of those. Another is young girls whose parents are too distracted/entranced to protect them.

      • He is surrounded with doctors. They know.

        His whole approach and treatment is build around women hormonal issues. Which is why they claim he’s a healer. In reality they are in denial about what their real problem is; aging sucks and are kept into that state with happy talk. Hormones are something to be repressed or make fun about anyway.

        He wouldn’t be the first cult leader either, who is a front, because he has the charisma, for a larger organization trying to make money.

        Does anyone knows how This App works and if it registers data by being connected to UM, somehow?

  12. Women in their peri-menopause: you can read all about it here….(including the comments: its classic.)

    ” From Black Belt Kick Boxer to Tenderness
    by Jane Keep England ”


    It’s typical peri-menopause behaviour: taking baths trying to find the right balance again. Physically your skin starts to dry up and it itches like hell at certain places.

    You can become allergic and more sensitive to products you’ve used all your life; and it does take at least half of your days to take proper care of yourself if we’re talking about all the symptoms which pop up during the *hormone drop* peri-menopause actually is.

    It’s kind of funny, how miss Keep was sitting in her bath contemplating
    (…………………………?!) on how she ended up there…(Lol)
    Thank god for her, Serge walked into her playground, swinging his d*** …….

    Personally, the way my skin is softing up on me is scaring the sh*t out of me: I need my black belt kick boxer back, ASAP…!

    There is a lot more to say here, but I am heating up again. Better go take a bath and cool down before things gets ugly. Looking my soft skin into the eyes again, so I can get used to it in a nice and gentle way. (Sigh!)

    Those Lords of Form have a s*cker for us in store in each and every stage of our lives, don’t they….?

  13. Well, I am blonde Dobbs: it just isn’t working for me. Lobotomy does sound tempting these days, trust me. But just taking the time to mourn the loss of my black belt kick boxer, without making a life style out of it available for all ages, in king-size group form; does sound like a better option to me. Even though it means I will be spending a lot of time in my bath too.

    Serge just is making a lot of money (Lord of Form only knows what he’s doing with these teenage girls) on ancient feminine wisdom called: hormonal changes, without even spelling it out for what it is… Ugh!

  14. This is a very informative article I have just read on “Cult definition and Recovery” http://www.sossobriety.org/cults.htm

    It includes:
    “Staying Clear of Recovery Cultism”
    Does your group say it is the only true spiritual
    or secular path to recovery?
    Do you spend many nights at meetings
    or endless hours in on-line Internet meetings?
    Do you fear being rebuked, shunned or ignored
    for expressing a different opinion?
    You could be in cult, not a real self-help group

    Recovery Cultism
    Are you in a cult?
    Is your support group a cult?


    Key Cult Features

    Links to Cult Resources

    Cult Watch
    10 Points to look out for in your group members

    Cult Questionnaire

    Consequences of Cultism

    Psychological damage from cult membership


    What to look for in an Organization

  15. I left a comment on the womeninlivingness website the other day after I read about the epiphany the Norwegian lady had regarding feeling cold. So not self-nurturing! Now she wears a wooly hat. I pointed out that wearing appropriate clothing when it’s cold hardly warrants a 1000 word essay about self-love-full-ness but unsurprisingly I was censored. Maybe I should have just said YUMMY! Yey!

  16. Of course you should have written: ” YUMMY! yeh! ” (you silly) It’s soft-porn for middle aged care takers. The novel about the Lady polishing her nails, that one was what I call: HOT…!

    Pffffffff, no wooly hat needed.

    • When I read that crap I have to play a funeral dirge for all the brain cells it kills off.

      Funny, I laid off looking at that Women in Deliriousness blog, because apart from the insufferable narcissism and decorative lies, it was dormant for ages. Look at the number of posts in the archives – just a handful each month from August to December 2012, then 12 in January and then 23 and 29 in Feb and March respectively. So they upped the ante to coincide with launch of the moon cycles app/Esoteric Women’s Health Pty Ltd, and with shutting down my blogger blog and thinking they’d done with me AND of course to reinforce the group delusion/cognitive dissonance – pretending they’re not in a sexually abusive death cult, and keeping occupied regurgitating SergeSpeak banalities.

    • SEX is allowed in Universal Medicine as long as it’s with another investor, and it’s called ‘making love’ but you do it without emotion because emotions are the cause of all disease, and you don’t do it because you like it or it feels good or you’re horny, because that is PRANIC! :-O

      And Serge said women hate sex.

      Similarly being SEXY is allowed as long as you do it alone in your bathroom or with other cult members and don’t allow yourself to be objectified by anyone outside the cult because negative imposts from people looking at you and thinking they might like to fuck you give you gyne disorders and breast cancer. That’s the truth because SERGE SAID SO. During one of his breaks from grabbing at vulvas.

  17. Serge Benhayon brought the concept “Cult” to a complete new level with his approach. I have never seen anything this devious in my life and can’t believe the women who are ignorant enough to fall for this.
    Yes, at age 47 my caregiver hormone is dropping down too. It comes with psychological and physical symptoms I wasn’t prepared for, ever. I am not going to list them here and still do have obligations to care for as well. It’s not easy to live up to them these days; I am exhousted. It’s like 85% of me just checked out without my consent. Taking baths when ever I can.
    But did take the time to say what I have to say about this sleazeball anyway, because somehow I can’t stop caring about your daughters too; you women of livingness. For their sakes I hope it helps, but do strongly doubt it.

    (BTW, it should have been caregiver instead of caretaker, which is what I’ve said in previous posts. English isn’t my language, and absence of mind is an understatement lately.)

    • Your English is more than fine, Nancy. And thank you and all others who care enought to take the time to investigate the facts and make a comment – because I know it comes from the right place – a place the die-hard cult members have lost in their fixation on Serge. From feedback I’ve received, it helps anyone affected by the cult to know that people, strangers even, care, and to hear alternative, fact based analyses, rather than grappling alone with the damage they feel, up against the relentless propaganda.

      One wonders what will help the women in lyingness and their compromised daughters. Facts haven’t made a bit of difference to them. It reminds me of the Fundamentalist Mormon leader, Warren Jeffs, who was convicted of paedophilia, rape and incest (among other crimes, he’d raped a 7 year old niece and a nine year old nephew), and while in jail his followers constructed a 38 foot statue of him to be erected in their community – depicting him holding a little girl’s hand. They’re also waiting for him to be freed from jail – in 2038.

      • I can understand if people think Serge working his way up aiming at hormonal phases, sounds a little far fedged. And fully agree with you Venus, if it comes to how he works and squeezes in his thought reform techniques, old fashion cult style.
        But Serge used to be a tennis coach. It must have been a long way before he worked himself all the way up as Miranda’s coach who would bring her all the way to Wimbledon.

        We all know the stories about tennis coaches and elderly ladies, don’t we? He probably has more expirience what perimenopause hormones do in practical, daily life and how to suck up to them to satisfy those for a while, then all of us together posting here have. Those tennis ladies must have been his first expiriences as a healer as well. You can find gluten, diary, alcohol, coffee etc. to avoid on all the menopause sites out there. No wonder his diet keeps changing; it’s exactly what they advice on those sites; because the hormones do so too. Serge just calls them pranic and fiery and makes a new era, messiah, hero story of himself, based on ancient wisdom with the Lords of Form as his wild west, bounty hunters on his heels. LOL…

        Now he has students from all sorts of ages and is aiming on the teenagers again (see the patern). Moon Cycle App can come in handy on such an occasion and will keep the attendees preoccupied with themselves instead of using their critical minds on him; in the best case scenario that is (IMO).

  18. Please all readers – please read (if you haven’t already) the latest blogs on the Rick Ross Cult Forum.

    These women who write these blogs on the we love SB UM “Women in deliriousness” (Such an accurate description Darkly Venus)
    do they have no dignity or self respect left? Do they really think that anyone else REALLY wants to know a detailed graphic description of their periods, sexiness, how they moisturise their legs etc……………..and to think that Serge and Co are the ones to decide what blogs are appropriate to allow on that site. Say no more! PERVERTED NESS.

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