Dismantling SergeSpeak – the Universal Medicine cult dictionary meets the reality tester translator

Gentle breath .. soulfulness .. self-loving choices .. femaleness .. yumminess .. fiery .. pranic   .. in-truth .. esoteric

The SergeSpeak slogans of the Universal Medicine cult have little to no relationship with real world dictionary definitions, so what do they really mean? We pass some of the more exuberant terms through the reality tester (conveniently located between non cult members’ ears) and find they come out backwards, twisted, bent…anything but straight.

A bit like the cult leader himself.

Dictionary of Esoteric terms vs grey matter

Compassion (noun) – allowing the other to be where they have chosen to be or place themselves in, in their journey back to soul, with full awareness of who they really are – helping if a true soul-seeking request is made. Reality Tester Translation: (1) antipathy, callous disregard, failure to give a stuff about anyone else (2) derision of the less privileged (3) pretending to give a stuff about other investors in the cult.

Connect (verb) – to truth-fully embody one’s innermost loving in the energy of the divine light the soul. Reality Tester Translation: (hypnotic trance induction trigger) ‘don’t think, don’t feel, do as I say, gimme your money, drop dead’.

Emotion (noun) – disharmonious energy from attaching or reacting to something in life – caused by the inability to observe life, be loving and to live and let live. Reality Tester Translation: (1) Any appropriate response to UM graft and bullshit. (2) An inconvenient human attribute with a dangerous potential to sensitize cult members to the harm they’ve bought into. 

Esoteric (adjective/noun) – from Greek esôterikos means ‘from within’ and energetically is one’s innermost, or inner heart. Reality Tester Translation: (1) piss-take (2) fraudulent, bogus, false (3) [prefix] – creating the opposite affect (4) expensive, useless and an insult to intelligence. Example usage: ‘Esoteric healing’ (1) fraudulent healing (2) having your genitals handled by an unqualified numbskull (3) cult induced debilitation designed to establish dependency on Universal Medicine.

Evil (adjective/noun) – anything (any energy, thought, word, deed) that separates one from one’s essence of love or innermost. And or, that which does not allow you to be the real and full true you. Synonyms: bully, abuser, troll, male. Reality Tester Translation: (1) Anything that prevents one from being deceived, defrauded and have one’s life hijacked by toxic sex cult. (2) Anyone who disagrees with Serge.

Femaleness (noun) – stillness. To be soft, to be gentle, to be nurturing, to be connected to one’s breasts, ovaries and uterus. To be free of ideals, beliefs and intellect and not pick up heavy things. To be awe-some, beauty-full and yummy etc. Reality Tester Translation: nonintellectual, petty, humourless,  idle, narcissistic, pseudo-feminist, competitive bitchiness fixated on Serge; submissive to the cult and hostile to everyone else, dressed in skirts, heels and scarves (2) cult aspiration for blokes but with different dress code and an emphasis on conscious testicle shrinkage.

Fire (noun) – the energy of God, of Love. It is His light and His expressive movement. Reality Tester Translation: Life negating Esoteric balderdash that burns cash.

Livingness (noun) – living in fiery energy which does not contain any elements of prana – that is, it is clear of both mental and causal emotion. There is not an ounce of astral energy in the light of our true essence – the Divine Fire of Livingness. Reality Tester Translation: (1) cold, ruthless living death at a premium price (2) funds draining death wish promoted by cult doctors.

Love (noun/verb) – a living stillness. Energy of permanence, which has the qualities of joy, harmony and stillness. It is free of emotion. Human Love – (that is, not true or divine love) is emotional love based on the unmet needs within oneself that one expects another to fulfill. Reality Tester translation: (1) passive aggressive, emotionally shut down disregard for anything other than the cult (2) excuse to sever relationships with those outside the cult and divert funds to Universal Medicine. Derivative: ‘Self-love’ – narcissistic disregard for everyone except Serge, but mostly for those footing the bill. Usage: ‘I won’t be taking care of the kids today because I don’t feel it to be a self-loving choice.’ = ‘You take care of the kids, and while you’re at it the housework and make sure you pay the mortgage because I want the biggest property settlement I can get to donate to Serge, and by the way, go to hell.’

Maleness (noun) (Also see Evil) – motion. A lowered vibration out of divine balance with the Femaleness disharmoniously descending into the male and then further into the masculinity, ideals, beliefs, intellect, physical strength, drinking, sport, rape, violence and eating dairy. Reality Tester Translation: Anything that outclasses Serge.

Prana (noun) – a lower vibrational quality of the Divine fiery light. The energy that gives life to anything and everything that is in separation to God’s co-creation e.g. emotions. Reality Tester Translation: (1) life energy, qi (2) anything that makes life worth living (3) anything alternative to having your life vampired by a money hungry, home wrecking, sexually abusive death cult (4) an alternative to death.

Soulfulness (noun) – the embodiment of Self Love. The ability to be in the stillness of God emanent. It is a fiery source of light that pulses in and through the body. This is made possible by being in the claimed presence of our centre where the soul resides within. Reality Tester Translation: (1) a state of emotionally neutered, intellectually stunted, self centred passivity necessary for overlooking large scale physical, financial, sexual, psychological and emotional exploitation (2) unapologetic, entitled behaviour by Esoteric arseholes.

Soulful Healer/Practitioner (noun/inanimate object) – one who assists another to discard that which they are not to reveal that which they are – Love. Endeavours to live harmoniously by the impulses of their inner heart and soul and meets another as an equal Son of God or Love. Reality Tester Translator: (1) unqualified numbskull (2) entitled arsehole (3) molester (4) misguided individual with limited therapeutic competency, overcharging for ineffective services (5) all of the above

Soulful Healing (noun) – healing that restores harmony to the mind-body-heart-spirit-soul complex by connecting with and embodying the soul, such that all choices are impulsed by love, from love and expressed with love in all thoughts, words and deeds. Reality Tester Translator: overpriced, ineffective treatment which includes inappropriate touching, that either has no affect on symptoms, makes them worse or gives rise to a new set of problems.

Spherical (adjective) – expression of the divine light of soulfulness and energetic truth which is non linear. Reality Tester Translator: (1) talking in circles; the opposite to straight talk (2) confusional balderdash exclusive to ‘The One’. Usage: ‘My digressions make sense Esoterically because energetic truth is spherical.’ = ‘That didn’t make sense because it wasn’t meant to. Even I don’t believe this hogwash. Fuck you. Gimme your money.’

Truth (also Energetic Truth) (noun) – that which is said, spoken, stated, thought, acted and/or expressed with absolute energetic integrity, which stems from the Inner-most Truth. Reality Tester Translation: (1) Bullshit (2) unrelated to facts (3) any old palaver Sergio makes up, as long as there’s a buck in it (4) all of the above.

21 thoughts on “Dismantling SergeSpeak – the Universal Medicine cult dictionary meets the reality tester translator

  1. Loaded language is one of the characteristics of a thought reform (mind control) environment.
    This extract is from Robert Jay Lifton, ‘Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism’ Chapter 22.

    Loading the Language
    The language of the totalist environment is characterized by the thought-terminating cliché. The most far-reaching and complex of human problems are compressed into brief, highly reductive, definitive-sounding phrases, easily memorized and easily expressed. These become the start and finish of any ideological analysis. In [Chinese Communist] thought reform, for instance, the phrase “bourgeois mentality” is used to encompass and critically dismiss ordinarily troublesome concerns like the quest for individual expression, the exploration of alternative ideas, and the search for perspective and balance in political judgments. And in addition to their function as interpretive shortcuts, these cliches become what Richard Weaver has called “ultimate terms” : either “god terms,” representative of ultimate good; or “devil terms,” representative of ultimate evil… Totalist language then, is repetitiously centered on all-encompassing jargon, prematurely abstract, highly categorical, relentlessly judging, and to anyone but its most devoted advocate, deadly dull: in Lionel Trilling’s phrase, “the language of nonthought.”

    To be sure, this kind of language exists to some degree within any cultural or organizational group, and all systems of belief depend upon it. It is in part an expression of unity and exclusiveness: as Edward Sapir put it, “‘He talks like us’ is equivalent to saying ‘He is one of us.'” The loading is much more extreme in ideological totalism, however, since the jargon expresses the claimed certitudes of the sacred science. Also involved is an underlying assumption that language – like all other human products – can be owned and operated by the Movement. No compunctions are felt about manipulating or loading it in any fashion; the only consideration is its usefulness to the cause.

    For an individual person, the effect of the language of ideological totalism can be summed up in one word: constriction. He is, so to speak, linguistically deprived; and since language is so central to all human experience, his capacities for thinking and feeling are immensely narrowed…Either way, his imagination becomes increasingly dissociated from his actual life experiences and may tend to atrophy from disuse.

  2. And on language and cults. I used to go to yoga classes run by yoga guru cult leader Vijay Yogendra about 20 years ago. That cult was overrun with prim, anaemic, soft spoken do-gooders, including doctors, psychologists and teachers, and they were into clean living, detachment and ‘selfless service’ etc. (Yogendra was doing a bit of self-service with the cult/foundation’s funds, plus a bit of casual fraud, embezzlement etc). Anyway, Yogendra used to go on and on about foul language and how polluting it is to the mind. I took this to heart for a while and restricted my Irish vernacular somewhat.

    Then he killed someone.

    Since then I swear as much as possible, to the point of inserting ‘the fuck’ into most of my sentences.

  3. My heart really goes out to the patients who are innocently and unwittingly referred to Medical Practitioners belonging to SB UM.(Unbeknownst to the patient and more often than not the referring Dr) These patients were not looking for Guru like, New age, deceptive quick fix solutions to the normal hormonal changes and the situations and challenges of everyday life – that life throws at everyone. It is so NOT comforting to know that this SB UM cult and it’s medical affiliates think dying is good. It calls into question the entire serious treatments these Doctor’s have ever administered, and why they would send a patient to quack practitioners.
    I love life…… even tho it has had and does have many many challenges. You ride the waves and mature in the process. It is so so wrong that these Medical Practitioners sanction such a cult and refer their patients to untrained self appointed Serge and Co. All this cult is – is a big business with a stupid nonsensical lingo. All the deceptive – love, and truth and stupid ‘ness’ words do not hide the fact that it is just a deceptive big business. I’m so glad that the HCCC and governmental powers are looking at these practitioners.

  4. Serge Benhayon – The One. World Teacher. An Ascended Master and emissary of The Hierarchy.Fifth Level Initiate. Reincarnation of Imhotep, Pythagoras, Leonardo Da Vinci, Alice A. Bailey and others. Reality Tester: Liar. Conman. Adulterer. Narcissist with delusions of grandeur. Ex-bankrupt tennis coach with an unhealthy interest in teenage girls, who after a magical bowel movement decided to become a New Age healer with an unhealthy interest in teenage girls. Exploiter of human vulnerability and
    gullibility. Distorter of language. Dangerous cult leader who sugar coats his twisted, damaging belief system in the feelgood buzz-words defined above. Degenerate, delusional douchebag who claims to be sent from heaven to heal humanity, but who in fact is only interested in exploiting women and young girls, destroying relationships and raking in obscene amounts of cash from all those unfortunate enough to fall under his influence.

    • We must have been simultaneously impulsed by the Lords of Form, Eric. Your post wasn’t up when I submitted mine, but they compliment each other nicely. I think you’re description of Chris James is quite apt, though I’d forgotten about Florence Foster Jenkins. As with Florence, much of CJ’s target audience thinks his bellowing is quite woeful (many of them think he’s an arrogant, misogynist arsehole as well), but for the sake of appearances few of them dare admit it aloud because Serge the scourge constantly raves about how amazing he is.

    • I almost posted a link to Florence on youtube, but decided it was an abuse of ear drums.
      The in-house reality tester also went bung after I tried sticking Serge through. It’s in for repairs.

      Ha! Speaking of ear drum abuse and dropkick philistines, W. Harper emailed with a chortle about cult label ‘Glorious Music’…
      “Glorious Music as a company record label offers custom and specifically tailored music for Artists, advertisment, events, gala’s, cafe music, waiting room music, telephone hold music, showroom music and lots lots more… ”
      Waiting room music, hold music, LOL, at least they know the market they are aiming for. I love a quick listen to the previews to make me laugh.

      They forgot elevators. 😆

  5. LOVE-LESS (verb (cult version))- a state of excessive prana, race-y-ness, being outside yourself, being damp, not fiery, hard, not soulful, spiritual, separated from god, too intellectual or thoughtful, has emotions, in resistance.
    Reality Tester- Someone not in the cult, someone who refuses to believe Serge’s stupidity and can see through his grandiose facade of self-importance, someone who cares, is empathetic, shows love or concern, who eats what they feel like, listens to good music and enjoys sex affection, life, thinking, logic, common sense. Also, a rusted on follower who couldn’t wait to change her name.

    INTEGRITY (noun) perfect, with highest regard, more ethical than anyone else, more knowledgeable, smarter, Serge’s lifetime state of being, a state to attain as an initiate, godly, beyond question or reproach.
    Reality Tester- A total bullshitter, abuser, conman, pervert, complete lack of regard for anyone else, lies, self-deception; the wholesale sacrifice of all ethics, morality and basic human decency. A word used to subvert deplorable behavior in the name of the cult, justify canyon sized inconsistencies in Serge’s story and block out the awful truth that the cult leader is a low life shonk of the worst order.

  6. Wow, you’ve really tickled my inner nerd with the 1984 reference! One of my favourite books growing up. So relevant here that it’s scary. Shows how fascist this cult really is!

  7. There is a linguistic phenomenon known as the halo effect which will influence how we perceive people or situations. What we hear FIRST determines what we think next. This is well studied and documented.

    For example-
    Serge: Healer, Integrity, gentle, arrogant, unethical, deceitful.
    Serge – Deceitful, unethical, arrogant, gentle, integrity, healer

    Most people hearing the first version in that order over a period of time are more likely to form a lasting favorable impression. Of course, those that hear it in reverse, will have an alternative point of view. Disregarding that impression is difficult as we tend to commit heavily to our first impressions. The initial information is “weighted” often to the exclusion of subsequent information. ( as in: “I’ve known Serge for 8 years… of course he would never lie. That story is a beat up!)

    That is enhanced by another effect known as ‘bias of belief’. When we hear a statement it is our natural tendency to believe it automatically, then our critical mind will kick in and test it. For example: A ton of feathers is lighter than the same weight in bricks. If you are lazy, tired, mesmerized, under the influence of a group, you may never correct that initial ‘belief’. Hence, irrational ideas are adopted as ‘true’; as we see clearly with the group members. Serge (unwittingly I would suspect) uses this powerful mechanism with his lectures and meetings regularly.

    Each metaphor he throws at his unwitting students is ‘believed’ by the group as an a priori. While he is speaking & breaking complex ideas down into simple catchphrases in quick succession, the ‘student’ has no time to study or test the efficacy of the statement using their critical mind- therefore allowing untested statements that have been flagged on the way in as “believed” to bed down and colonize the ‘intuitive’ or automatic part of the mind.

    If the followers were aware of these biases and cognitive effects, they would be very wary about subjecting themselves to his meetings or retreats as this is where the large-scale damage is done. Intelligence itself is not a defence against linguistic thought reform; Awareness of the biases and effects is.

    • I’d say the halo effect also uses visual cues – as the feminine bullying post showed. New recruits to UM see demurely dressed, well spoken middle class people, including doctors, dentists, psychologists etc. hugging, smiling, gently breathing, not using rude words and communicating in SergeSpeak. The clinics are sweetly decorated and the publicity is all love hearts and les fleurs. The page numbers of the workshop manual with THAT image of Serge gripping a follower’s genitals have Desiree’s little love hearts around them, and a lot of sweet apologism in the text referring to blatant molestation by a SEXUALLY ABUSIVE DEATH CULT.

      Funny how Serge has employed the halo effect so successfully, and yet he barely conceals his darkness – having himself photographed in the act, publicly implicating his associates on audio recordings, publicly uttering his abhorrent projections and having students take notes.

      Even he must be marvelling at the ineffectual regulators – seeing he’s practically begging to be caught.

  8. Apart from all of the above, he should be arrested for his ridiculous fashion sence alone!! Recently saw a pic of him at the last Vietnam retreat and he’s wearing a Purple suit ??? No doubt an Armani $2000 suit at that. What a wack job, obviously his bullshit favorite colour, because every time my partner has to buy something, it has to be as close to purple as possible. Alway’s thought Purple was supposed to be a depressive colour, should be, cause Im well and truely over the rotten colour, very YUK YUK YUKINESS, lol

  9. Two new $erge$peak UM words!!!!!
    Driveness !!!!!!!
    What’s with the NE$$ on the end of words?

  10. I see that there are updated sections to the UM site. What follows is from the “About – The initiating of UM.”
    Please correct me if I am wrong – Was $erge a Bankrupt Tennis Coach? What follows says he was very content and financially successful with little need to change???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    “By way of background, true health, wellness and fitness had long been at the heart of Universal Medicine’s founder. Prior to the inception of Universal Medicine as an organisation that teaches, practises and hence brings true healing and true-wellbeing, Serge spent 20 years in the sports industry. And thus, this background gave Serge insight into the usual and more commonly known understanding, schools of thought, tenets and up-to-date sciences to do with fitness, wellness and health. Personally, he was very fit and healthy, very content and financially successful with little need to change, as one would normally understand ‘change’ or ‘needing to change’ from something that is not working or from being ‘not happy’ or ‘discontent’ and therefore wanting to move on in search of more, etc. In short, there was no reason whatsoever to change where he stood in his life. And hence, with no vigour, stimulation or drive, his initial interest in the ‘healing thing’, as he called it back then, was born-out from a deep feeling he was at that stage experiencing … a feeling he could not explain. In essence, he felt that there was a grander more open and truth-full form of life, something that contained far more than we as a human race had, for it, in spite of his own success, comfort and wellness in it, was not it. It needs to be said and at best understood that this was not the usual ‘head thing’. There were no thoughts on the matter or ideas etc. It was, as he will say, and today teaches it so – a feeling he was feeling from deep within. It would be fallacious to say that he knew what he was doing in the same fashion that he had command over in his then profession but, notwithstanding the somewhat awkwardness of the experience, he chose to honour what he was feeling over and against a mind that was at first confused and then instructional to effectively bail-out and leave such nonsense behind. In affect, Serge was experiencing a situation he felt to honour and investigate further … a decision that would eventually prove right in every way, but back then, no such knowing was at his conscious fore, let alone the vast knowledge and wisdom that was to follow shortly thereafter.”

    • Feline, I meant to comment on this. Like you I find it AMAZING that Sergio von Bullshitter can keep his story up there on his site when that story has been totally trashed. We know he was not just bankrupt, but also going through quite a few other hassles at the time which I won’t go into it right now, but basically it is the exact opposite of what he is saying- and still pretends on his site.

      Like you I wonder why he doesn’t just vet it or change a few words…or maybe even use his tale of past failures to highlight how good he is now. Everyone likes someone who overcomes adversity.

      But I know the reason- it is because he is a classic narcissist. They cannot bear to think of themselves as anything less than perfect. They construct a reality that portrays them as beyond others and they stick by it no matter what may come. He would prefer to keep up the pretense, and this totally fairy-tale on his site, then tell the truth.

      That then begs the question, why don’t some of the followers wonder why he is lying. And the answer is, they don’t care. They too would prefer to live under the illusion that he is who he says, rather than simply a man with a dodgy past, a wild imagination, and penchant for young girls.

      Then you start to wonder, why has Deborah put up with this shit for over 25 years. And when you start to unpick that, and the events of the 90’s- particularly 1994- the reasons start to emerge. There is a lie they are all protecting. So what the whole group has in common is one big lie at its heart, surrounded by people lying to themselves and each other. They’ve spun a web they cannot leave, and the web of deceit gets bigger and bigger and ensnares more people…

      Unless perhaps someone makes them leave it.

  11. A Cla$$ic Narci$$iSt alright. TOTAL deception and ugline$$. Interesting reasoning that there is a lie that they are all protecting.
    How can Deborah stay as an ex wife? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    • $erge is very motivated by ca$h, as it is a marker of e$teem and $ucce$$- He’$ been known to gloat about it locally before the media became intere$ted in hi$ grand claim$

      I believe Deborah stays because she has to. There are three children who probably all totally believe dad is special (he is but not for the reason he says) and because she is complicit on several issues. Like others including the master himself, she has probably now convinced herself that there is ‘something’ to the claims, as it is easier than confronting the cold hard truth. Money, some status and a younger partner all help ease the sting of course. The question is, how long can the lies that form the heart of UM stay buried. Especially as there are now people digging around. It may be a month, it may be a year but I think they are going to come to the surface. Let’s all pray to the hierarchy.

  12. “A totalitarian state is in effect a theocracy, and its ruling caste, in order to keep its position, has to be thought of as infallible. But since, in practice, no one is infallible, it is frequently necessary to rearrange past events in order to show that this or that mistake was not made, or that this or that imaginary triumph actually happened”. George Orwell.
    Universal Medicine is a theocracy with no real past other than the rather ordinary life of its “infallible” leader. So Serge has to create an imaginary pedigree that links him to such bygone luminaries as Pythagoras, Plato and Leonardo da Vinci as well as the mystique of the Cathars. Added to this he maintains he is in communication with an extra-terrestrial body he terms “The Hierarchy” who have guided humanity since the beginning of time.
    I wonder whether Benhayon includes Orwell in his pantheon of seers. After all Orwell predicted the dangers of mind control long before Benhayon was born. And if the self-styled Ascended Master was to protest that his students are free to leave whenever they wish , Orwell might have asked him this :
    ‘If they are free to leave your organisation then why are they so traumatised when they do and why do they all behave, talk and write in an uniform way when they don’t ?’.
    As for the Benhayons the only self-loving choices they appear to have to make these days are between Porsche or Alpha Romeo, Armani or Gucci, cash or cheque, nepotism or croneyism, business class or first class, plagiarism or bastardisation.
    Benhayon claims that one day Modern Science will catch up with his teachings. I suspect the legal system will get there long before that pipe dream.

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