Woman Good, Man Evil – Esoteric gender mashing

Ben Quilty_Smashed (Diptych)

Ben Quilty ‘Smashed’

Universal Medicine followers uncritically accept cult leader, Serge Benhayon’s polarized views on gender where violence, corruption and disorder are conflated with masculinity. ‘Femaleness’, as in gentleness, stillness and submission, is presented as the antidote and simplistically tied to virtue and Esoteric charades of ‘nurturing’, ‘healing’ and ‘love’. As many readers know, those who fail to conform to Benhayon’s standard of castrated manhood are tarred as bullies, abusers and perverts, placing a strain on relationships already under pressure from the demands of loved ones adhering to the cult. In this first post of three on Esoteric Manhood, Benhayon’s writings reveal his divisive views on gender that have contributed to relationship discord among Universal Medicine cultists.

Definitions of gender from the arbiter of ‘truth’

Typical of fundamentalists, Benhayon’s teachings deal only in absolutes. Like Real world men and women are more complex than his polarized world view would have us believe. Corruption and violence are not gender traits, but stem from abuses of power. What Benhayon’s teachings fail to acknowledge is that women with power are just as capable of harm as men, and as we’ve seen, the Serge Brides’ vision of themselves as pure, virtuous and incapable of harm has blinded them to Esoteric Women’s Health abuses. While it’s true that gentleness plays an important part of conflict resolution and healing, so do allegedly ‘male’ characteristics of decisive action and assertiveness. Evil flourishes where there is no resistance.

Dividing and conquering with gender politics

The following passage sets out the premise of Benhayon’s polarization of gender. It begins with themes explored in the Death Drive posts; denigration of human life and the human body, and the notion that the physical body impedes the ascendance of the soul. From there he introduces ‘karma’, implying that we carry gender imprinted pathology throughout our incarnations.

A Carnal Man is a term that describes an incarnated spirit expressing in the male physical body. The same spirit has incarnated previously or can incarnate in a future life as a Carnal Woman. This point men and women should always bear this in mind and so it is never a battle of the sexes, but a recognition of one expression being the equal half of the other. This is the key to understanding men and women. It does not lie in the personality differences, for these are the reactions to the suffering both carnal expressions have endured over many aeons, each suspicious of the other and in fear of their own fragilities. It is the inner-core that holds the truth, not the outer-crust and its Karmic forays. (Benhayon, 2006, p.246)

All gender dramas originated in an ancient interplanetary war.

It should be equally noted that ‘Carnal Man’, behaving in the most atrocious manner over many thousands of years, is the in bred Karma of long ago, when in the Dynastic Period, the ‘Carnal Woman’ also ruled by atrocious means. Occultly expressed, this simply means that the Venusians first ruled Earth before the Martian expression fought back to control the imbalance, which expression has done so ever since. We have never had the correct balance on Earth. This is however, all part of the New Era, which is now at hand. (Benhayon, 2006, p.227-8)

In his mythology, Serge fails to account for the atrocities of the archaic Carnal Women who ruled when the Venusians were in power, and whether it was their ‘femaleness’ at fault. Moving right along, past life hysteria morphs into gender politics. As explored in the post on Esoteric Feminism, Benhayon confuses masculinity with the patriarchy and Esoteric ‘equality’ with real world equal rights.

Correctly outlined, it should be well noted that after so many centuries of atrocious evil, humiliation, and abuse by men in their masculinity, (not in their maleness for this is a totally different expression), they, that is, women-enhousing spirits, have resorted to the only energy available to them that allowed men to be beaten at their own game…(Benhayon, 2006, p.227)

It needs to be said that Carnal Men have, in their male energy, expressed and acted in many evil ways. These ‘evil ways’ have devastated the right of the Carnal Woman as an equal Divine partner in many ways. As a basic example, one only needs to look at the inequality in religious ranks. It is only natural that women by survival instincts, and to escape such horror, have, by this impulse, been searching and striving for equality. This, as it has been mentioned earlier in this book, has been achieved. However, it has been achieved by out-doing the male in his own imbalance. By doing so, the woman has also shifted into her own imbalance, therefore, expressing in the male energy. Women have unconsciously added to the imbalance man has been under for thousands of years. This means that both sexes are now energetically male expressions…(Benhayon, 2006, pp.246-7)

Male energy is deemed repugnant. It’s also ill defined and apparently difficult to detect.

It should be noted that an expressing male energy is not an outer appearance, although it some cases it can be, but not necessarily and certainly not in the majority. The male energy has nothing to do with the way one looks, although this can also be affected. It is the inner imbalanced expression that is here being presented for you to ponder on.

Some very feminine-looking women are only expressing from their male energy. This is a sad state, for many are not aware and sadder still, there are many who are not aware what Femaleness is and therefore, have lost the ability to regain their true inner sense. (ibid.)

Dichotomized into good and evil, gender expression’s grey areas are vague. Entranced followers have to rely on Benhayon to inform them whether their male and female expressions are energetically correct. As is clear from the behaviour of students, both genders become confused, passive, Esoterically ideal females toward Benhayon, but callous and uncaring with loved ones and aggressive toward detractors.

There is too much Maleness. The world is ninety percent in the energy of Maleness…Maleness, this book claims, is also Divine. So why is this causing so many problems? This is because Maleness can only be Divine so long as it has the equal amount of Femaleness. This also applies to the balance in Femaleness…Without the equal amount of balancing energy, the Maleness further descends (a lowered vibration) into the male and then further into the masculinity, colloquially known as being macho, or proudly, machismo for some…this occurs because the harmonious Divine impulse is the perfect sequence of the In-breath and Out-Breath of God. This esoterically translates to the perfect and harmonious expression of Stillness and Motion. Maleness is the Motion and Femaleness is the Stillness. (Benhayon, 2006, p.226)

Even if one accepts that virtuous female stillness compensates for evil motion maleness, ‘the perfect and harmonious’ expression isn’t looking healthy when students’ health and relationships are disintegrating and their money is sucked into the UM healing dependency void. Those expressions on the student blogs are a mix of narcissistic inanities, disregard of abuses, including sexual boundary transgressions and privacy invasions, and overt bullying and hate. Less healthy again, when the Brides of Serge believe their femaleness exonerates them from the abuse.

Sexual Division

Sex is an Esoteric sin.

When they are both in their heart centre, every man and woman are perfectly equal. Out of this centre and in the glorification of their own gender, they are simply expressing astral energy that is channelled through their lower sacral centre. This lower centre is the cause of all separation and to use it in any way is to express the only one true sin, the sin of separation from the Divine. (Benhayon, 2011, p.555)

Benhayon has his followers believe women are more tuned into the ‘Divine’ because they hate sex. He regards men as uncontrollable, self-hating sex fiends and abusers who separate from the divine via their lower centre only to dominate women and relieve themselves.

It is a fallacy that men like breasts, and they themselves might think they do, but it is the fascination of dominating them, their way of saying that they control them sexually. In effect, they have been affected by them because they were emotionally fed. (Benhayon, 2011, p.556)

 …to do what is truth, your partner then has to deal with the fact that they had sex with you when they had an entity in them because they had alcohol and your kidney energy got drained, but nobody likes that truth, they want to say that is rubbish…hey man I want you to make love to me because I fell in love with you and every time you drink that  is not you, yeah you know what, I put up with it for 20 years but the truth is my body doesn’t want that anymore, and women, it takes 20 years for a woman to own up to the fact they don’t enjoy sex. It’s hard for the man to own up to that because he feels rejected and he has to own up to the fact he was only relieving himself, because he doesn’t know who he is because society won’t let him be who he is, because he wants to if he were to be who he really was he’d be far more fragile, sensitive and much more gentle and much less pushing to get there. (Transcript of audio recording of EDG lecture, 2010.)

Esoteric sex and UM’s sexual manipulation is the topic of a post of its own. Unsurprisingly, Benhayon uses sex and gender division to weaken partnerships between cult members and non subscribers. In particular, the ‘imposition’ of male desire on women is sold to Esoteric Women’s Health patients as a significant cause of breast and gynaecological disorders, including cancer. Esoteric healing is presented as the only modality with the ‘integrity’ to clear the offending energy.

Then there are the external imposts from men, for example men who use breasts as their classification of attraction. And then there are those from society, i.e. ‘you did not breastfeed for long enough’, etc. So there are many imposts in the breasts. This is a huge issue. The EBM can help clear the imposed ills that come from ourselves and from those who impose on us. Esoteric Breast Massage Home Page (now found only in archive form after being wiped when media scrutiny commenced)

As a woman starts to claim her own nurturing energy, this will bring up in the partner how they have not been truly nurtured when young themselves. Men start to get a sense of the true purpose of the breasts and it is revealed to them how they too have inadvertently imposed on them. Esoteric Breast Massage site Q&A Page

Stillness is the energy that is honouring you as a woman. Become racy or driven and you have asked the male energy to dominate your body. Looking like a woman but being run by a male energy is not the whole and true you. This is the widespread problem with women since the eighties. Will women stop and listen to this teaching or will breast and ovarian cancer along with so many other complications need to get so bad that they are forced to pay attention to it? (Benhayon, 2011, p.544)

The indoctrination is the gateway for many into a dependency on Esoteric healings to clear their bodies of toxic ‘maleness’. Purged of ‘male energy’, followers become less questioning and more submissive, aiding suggestibility and exploitation. Followers channel their assertion and aggression toward detractors, and commonly reject and denigrate the men in their lives. For many, the next step is a visit to Universal Law solicitors for help with divorce and property settlements.

Part two, Eliminating Competition – why Serge Benhayon hates men examines how Benhayon’s definition of maleness encompasses attributes which would challenge allegiance to the cult, and reflects his own neurotic insecurities.

Part three on the Esoteric myth of the ‘loveless’ male further explores  how emotional manipulation and gender stereotyping disempowers both genders and helps break up relationships.

Benhayon, S. The Way It Is, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2006

Benhayon, S. Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2011

10 thoughts on “Woman Good, Man Evil – Esoteric gender mashing

  1. The following full quote didn’t make it into the post, but I thought I’d add it here because it’s Sergio’s fruity explanation of the origins of the Lords of Form. There’s more, and I might bribe Pranic Princess to bung it on the FACTS about Universal Medicine site, because it kind of has to be seen to be disbelieved. Ama-zing stuff!

    It should be equally noted that ‘Carnal Man’, behaving in the most atrocious manner over many thousands of years, is the in bred Karma of long ago, when in the Dynastic Period, the ‘Carnal Woman’ also ruled by atrocious means. Occultly expressed, this simply means that the Venusians first ruled Earth before the Martian expression fought back to control the imbalance, which expression has done so ever since. We have never had the correct balance on Earth. This is however, all part of the New Era, which is now at hand.

    In the middle of this imbalance stand the two spiritually-evolved fallen sons from Venus and the two spiritually evolved fallen sons from Mars, who walked away from the portal into Sirius when those two planets evolved. United they stand and by a spiritually, not soulfully, aware choice, they came to Earth as the most evolved first spirits to take charge over the destiny of all the spirits that did not make the vibrational ascension into Sirius from those two mother planets. We speak here of the Four Lords of Form.

  2. Grian it’s not only you who cannot get your grey matter around all this? How does $erge get follower$ to li$ten to Him and believe all of thi$. Meditative hypnosis I believe? It gives me a headache reading it. So is Sirius a good or evil place to be????

    • Sirius has to be another Sergio piss take. A play on ‘you can’t be effing…?’ or ‘are you Sirius or delirius?’

      That kind of thing.

      As for Sergio’s pisstake Esoteric mythology of Sirius, I haven’ gotten that far. He writes ‘spherically’, you see, so you have to read 5 million words to try and get what the point is, via 10 million tangents, only to find there is no point, your mind has gone mush and you’re inexplicably donating money to his ‘charity’.

      Yup, Sirius all right.

  3. Hey who is ‘dis charlatan ripping off my life’s work? I have been hallucinating and fabricating evidence my whole life and I don’t need some aussie upstart ripping me off. But some of what he says is right and some isn’t. You see, some of ancestors came from Uranus. In fact, I checked and I think Serge’s DNA is straight out of Uranus. I mean it is pretty clear he from Uranus. He has the look of someone right out of Uranus. But you better ask him. I think he is familiar with Uranus. Anyways, the rest is totally wrong. Doesnt he watch Stargate? The ancients landed on earth a million years ago and built grand civilizations which they hid very well when they left. They could traverse the heavens in fantastic ships and move through mulch-dimensions just like that. I know Serge claims that he can do the same, but he is just pretending because he is from Uranus and anusians as we call them just can’t do that because they are usually full of Scheiße. I mean, this is very obvious to anyone in the community. Anyway, to be clear, he is not from Mars like the rest of us. He is from Uranus. Okay?

    • I like your email address too Erich @siriusbs.com
      See that’s what’s cool about the commenters here – imagination, PANACHE!

      PRANA! 😮 even

      And where the heck is Metempsychose and why didn’t she comment on the SergeSpeak post? Hm?

  4. Venus found some vile crap on the Women in Lyingness site about autism and was so cranky she commandeered MY blog to harp on it.
    Just as well she did, because it made me crankier. It’s disgusting.
    Later as companion piece to the misandry posts, I’ll be posting Serge’s ‘feelings’ on circumcision. It’s hard to say what’s worse.

    • Make a note for a post about another of Serge’s faves. How blood families are an illusion and possibly the reason why society is in “decay”- Yup. As usual, in utter contrast to his despotic little set up of mini-me’s that he has in cahoots with him willfully breaking up families, marriages, parents and partnerships overseen by his gutless ex who just counts the money and shuts up. Oh, and lies when required.

      Post title- The Benhayons- the most amazing family on earth, or a coven of evil little f***ks?

      • Your mention of vicious little despots arguing families are a cause of social decay brought to mind Pol Pot and one of the biggest genocidal cults of all time, wiping out up to 3 million Cambodians out of a population of 8 million.

        Same in Communist China where the revolution is estimated to have murdered up to 80 million human beings. In that gigantic cult people were encouraged to denounce anyone who disagreed with the regime. It was common for children to send parents and siblings to their deaths.

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