The Esoteric myth of the ‘loveless’ male

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Cult leader, Serge Benhayon, is a fairly ordinary, not so clever bloke who can only establish himself as Universal Medicine’s alpha male by disparaging competing men via thought reform indoctrination. Based on derogatory stereotypes, his ‘occult philosophy’ demonizes so called ‘male’ traits of sexual desire, intellect and physical activity to encourage followers to reject anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the cult. Followers are then sold the remedy of ‘femaleness’ to make them more compliant and keep them dishing out the cash. In this final instalment in the Esoteric manhood series, we look at how Benhayon exploits the trope of male emotional inferiority to disempower cult men and turn women against his competitors.

Exploiting the wounded male

Playing to his mostly female following, Benhayon cashes in on a common assumption that women are emotionally superior to men. (A short read of the infantile, self centred and denialist student blogs is sufficient to persuade us otherwise.)

The woman is energetically and emotionally more capable, whereas a man has to defy that by holding himself in a way that makes him look rock solid, strong, and able…albeit, against his natural nature. (Benhayon, 2011, p.566)

Even if one accepts the assumption women are more emotionally capable, Benhayon’s advice to men is still extremely problematic, particularly when he states that emotions cause cancer.

Cancer comes from our emotions. There is a way of being that men are living up to the age of 55 that is producing a way of being that brings an energy through their system that delivers men the 1 in 2 prostate cancer rates – because everything is energy, everything is because of energy: then men – how have you been energetically living for the first 55 years? (Benhayon, 2011, p.557)

Men do not fully express their love, they have ingrained behaviours. Therefore they carry disharmony. You can’t talk to a man until he has really suffered, really been hurt in love or really affected by disease. Men do not want to see the havoc they have created by not being love. (Benhayon, Esoteric Development Group Lecture, October 2011, student notes)

It’s difficult to imagine how an emotionless man can express love, let alone be hurt in love, yet Benhayon infers the only good man is a broken one. As we’ve learned from Esoteric Women’s Health marketing, Universal Medicine targets those debilitated by loss, abuse or illness – individuals vulnerable to predators parading as healers. Also, following the ’emotions give you cancer’ logic, if women are emotionally more capable, does it mean they are more capable of shutting down emotionally or better at getting cancer?

Tapping the inner wimp

Benhayon has also made good money from the New Age fashion for grown adults to emotionally cling to flawed upbringings and play the victim well into adulthood. (Again, read the insufferable middle-aged histrionics of the student blogs.) When targeting ‘maleness’ and cult men, he exploits the fad for men to portray themselves as emotionally debilitated if at times they overvalued intellect or enjoyed sport. For example, ‘my mummy and daddy didn’t let me cry when I was a little boy but I did well at school tests and therefore I must be a semi neanderthal middle aged loser bully and I drank a beer and watched football matches and enjoyed it once in a while so my life was worthless before I joined the cult, boo hoo, etc.’

Benhayon will have it that beneath the exterior of every man is a blubbering infant.

You are never a lesser man by expressing how delicate you are, but always less when you do not. (Benhayon, 2011, p.553)

Most men use their ingrained behaviour to bury the hurt they choose not to deal with. It is this that gives them the intellectual might they think they have in the utter illusion of the narrowness they use to define themselves. (Benhayon, 2011, p.556)

The deepest ill men carry is rejection – it is at the core of all their issues. (Benhayon, 2011, p.557)

A man dare not admit that he is just as sensitive as a woman, and that words hurt him far more than any punch. (Benhayon, 2011, p.558)

Again we have that great Esoteric inconsistency (mind fuck) at work. Benhayon regards non cult men as loveless and unfeeling, yet emotions are evil and the cause of all disease. He wants men to show their ‘deeply caring’ nature, at the peril of ruining their daughters’ lives, but to do so without cancer causing emotion.

If a man were to truly love his daughter, that is, by showing in full his affection and deeply caring nature, she will not ever let a lesser way of being marry her. (Benhayon, 2011, p. 563)


You’re meant to be.

Men should cry more often – each tear will be like a brick coming off the protective wall. (Benhayon, 2011, p.561)

Oh yes, Serge wants men to cry, and to strip them down emotionally. Women too, seeing he’s an equal opportunity tyrant. He’ll make sure his followers keep crying, seeing their relationships and lives will go to crap for a bunch of parasitial ‘self-loving choices’, including trying to ‘deeply care’ while suppressing their emotions.

Men don’t live as they truly are.

A man either seeks to satisfy or to push everybody away. Both of these come from being rejected as who they truly are. (Benhayon, 2011, p.559)

For men, large breasts, beer, sport and remote controls are but distant fillers that get given primary attention because any love they may get is not for who they truly are. (Benhayon, 2011, p.560)

But they need Serge to tell them ‘who they truly are’, and if they don’t fit his emotionally stunted model, they’re branded abusers.

Real men love, consider, take care and nurture. Subvert the real man and he will easily discount and hurt you. (Benhayon, 2011, p.561)

Rather than encourage them to get some proper, qualified therapy and/or grow up, Serge programs the grown infants in the cult he calls ‘real men’ to eliminate intellect and reasoning in order to narcissistically sensitize themselves to emotionless ‘feeling’ – and then raise their sons in the same stultifying milieu of disempowerment.

A man identifies with his physical strength at a very early age. If this does not work, he will escape into his mind not long thereafter and use that as his strength. We ought to let our young boys feel who they truly are and NOT tell them what they need to be. (Benhayon, 2011, p.560)

As examined in the previous post, intellect is portrayed as incompatible with feeling, and ideals or beliefs other than those autocratically instilled by the cult are demonized and labelled as the seeds of aggression and cruelty.

Let men be men, and let ideals and beliefs remain as things in one’s mind. (Benhayon, 2011, p. 564)

Do you let your boy grow up to be all that he naturally is in his heart, or do you fill him with all the ideals and beliefs that are supposed to make him a man? (Benhayon, 2011, p. 564)

Impose on a young boy your ideals and beliefs, and you will have the perfect cruelty machine. (Benhayon, 2011, p.560)

Do you want love-filled boys to grow up to be men or, do you prefer tough, rugged and mindful boys to become that as men? (No need to ponder on this one, history and Mother Earth have already done it for you – the battle scarred and bloodstained lands everywhere are begging for the former.) (Benhayon, 2011,p.565)

Destroying relationships

Having primed his followers with derogatory stereotyping, Benhayon turns the sexes against each other, disrupting sexual relationships and mashing gender roles to mould all followers into his ideal of compliant ‘femaleness’.

Let a man know that anything other than his natural caring love will not be accepted. He will then learn that he cannot get away with being less than he truly is. (Benhayon, 2011, p.562)

If a man is rude and or disrespectful, let him sleep alone that night. (Benhayon, 2011, p.562)

Except we know natural caring love has ‘not an ounce of emotion in it’. (Benhayon, 2006, p.26) So cult men and boys, like the women and girls, are expected to be caring and feeling, but without emotion, intellect, beliefs or ideals. And once cult followers become defensive about the time and money expended on harmful cult indoctrination as well as emotionally shut down due to Serge’s manipulation, their partners, most often males, are likely to be upset. Self loving cult followers programmed to view emotional expression as toxic and ‘abusive’ take such reactions as a cue to further alienate partners and spouses, which is only a step away from a visit to Universal Law solicitors in Mullumbimby.

To drive the wedge further, it’s women’s fault men are a mess. Women are guilty of both accepting ‘less than true love’ and rejecting men as ‘they truly are’.

Men have lost their way because women have lost themselves. (Benhayon, 2011, p.557)

Understand that men have a long way to heal and recover who they truly are. But you women be patient, for it is you who have allowed him to stray that far by accepting anything less than true love. (Benhayon, 2011, p.563)

Mothers attempt to make their young sons all that is lacking in and from their husbands/partners. This is one of the first forms of rejection for the yet to be man. (Benhayon, 2011, p.558)

And it’s men’s fault women are a mess.

Women are craving any form of touch – this is because they craved the true love they did not get from their fathers. Be wise – any form of touch is no substitute for true love and its touch. (Benhayon, 2011, p.525)

We don’t stand here and go how did this lump happen or why am I infertile, why can’t I fall pregnant, because you haven’t been a woman for 30 years, you’ve been using menful energy to please your dad, you’ve been using male energy, you’ve been involved in sport which women should never be because they’re competitive…(S. Benhayon, audio transcript from EDG lecture, 2010)

The picture of Esoteric manhood

Some say Serge Benhayon has feminized the men within the cult, but I disagree. He hasn’t manipulated them to any plausible feminine ideal.VirginMary

Even the more amenable goddesses from traditional mythologies are complex, flawed and rarely wholly submissive, ‘nurturing’ or gentle. Rather he’s manipulated both sexes into an homogenized model of unquestioning passivity – transforming them into emotionally, intellectually and sexually neutered lines of credit.

The model of Esoteric manhood has ‘feelings’ but no emotions, rejects intellect, beliefs and ideals, and has no sex drive, no physical strength and doesn’t engage in sport.



Oh well, there used to be images of five Esoteric ‘real men’ posted here (Michael Benhayon, Chris James, cult psychologist Brendan Mooney and Esoteric naturopath Steffen Messerschmidt) until the poor pets pissed in their pants and enacted a copyright infringement notice for use of their EPA mugshots, issued by Flawless Imaging’s Clayton Lloyd who made a nice little pay packet for taking a large number of mugshots that are unlikely to make it onto the Esoteric Practitioner Association’s promised practitioner directory/shame page.

Benhayon, S. The Way It Is, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2006

Benhayon, S. Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2011

27 thoughts on “The Esoteric myth of the ‘loveless’ male

  1. LOL- you missed Rod Harvey and Mark Twist who are currently engaged in facebook bromances using cult language that sounds a little gay….not that there’s anything wrong with that (to quote Jerry Seinfeld) And I think you are being a bit unfair to Gilligan. He’s got more balls than the lot of them put together as is Mr Mac Goo more insightful.

    You think at least it would be obvious to the cult members that Serge is super pro women and anti- men in word, deed and action. But it doesn’t get through their increasingly thick, in denial, heads. Instead they post a few pics of some stunned men- ( and the ever bored increasingly morbid looking, but ubiquitous Christoph Snell) sitting around crying how much they love each other, how abusive they have been, while Serge and his hand maiden’s suck their testosterone intravenously- as “proof” that Universal Medicine is in fact, Universal and not Uniperving Med’s- It’s almost up there with the famous “Pineapple express” article- the night in a state of shock and panic having been exposed and found out, Serge penned his own ‘media release’ which found its way miraculously to the internet by the following morning, packed full of journalistic bias, syntax errors, Serge speak and his famous use of …… …….ponder that.

    So I guess in the long line of abject lies. manipulations, inventions, stupidity and contradictions that make Serge Benhayon the” evil cult leader” he is today (I’m using his words now BTW) the following doesn’t amount to much:

    “If a man were to truly love his daughter, that is, by showing in full his affection and deeply caring nature, she will not ever let a lesser way of being marry her. (Benhayon, 2011, p. 563)”

    I am sure as a fifth level master from Shamballah he has a ‘reason’ why his also ascended daughter ( June 2011 if I am not mistaken- about the same time as this failed union) let a man with a lesser way marry her? As I see it there are a few possibilities. First, Serge failed by his own standard. Second, it’s a reflection of how Serge treated her/the family (most likely) and lastly, she is just like anyone else but with a head full of crazy ideas and her poor newly betrothed couldn’t take the ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT.

  2. What an absolute horrible mess and sorrowful problems UM and $B have caused and are causing – it is so very distressing.
    SB and UMer’s are definitely in damage control check out their UM Official site! Even more of the “New”
    It is unbelievable and unnecessary for $B to revamp his official UM site because the truth of all of what $B & UM teaches and stands for
    is well documented in all of $B’s books and lecture notes etc. DUH!
    All Medicos afflliated/associated and promoters of $B UM are in breach of the Code of Practice. Wake up $B UM! The truth is out.

  3. The following was written by Kyla Plummer from the Truth about Benhayon site. Dated 5th May 2013

    I take great offence to anyone suggesting that I don’t know what sexual abuse is. Or that I am somehow too stupid or manipulated to know what sexual assault is – I KNOW, it has ACTUALLY happened to me. To suggest that 100’s, if not 1000’s of women who all have awareness about sexual abuse, and by the statistics shown above at least 1/3 may have personal experience of this abuse, are suddenly rendered unaware of what’s happening during their treatments at the Universal Medicine Clinic, is patently ridiculous and deeply offensive to these people who conduct themselves impeccably in their everyday lives.

    The person or persons responsible for accusing Serge Benhayon or Universal Medicine of sexual misconduct clearly have had no experience with real abuse themselves, or they are very confused about what it means, or THEY HAVE AN AGENDA… but most likely, all of the above. The character and motives of these people require serious assessment and they should be held accountable.

    Unfortunately, in a world rife with sexual abuse there are also those who attempt to ruin others’ lives and reputations by malicious accusations. They know that by doing so they will tarnish the reputation of the accused even if they can get no further with it than the initial complaint. It is a serious offence to wrongfully accuse someone of sexual assault or misconduct, and it is also a gross insult to the countless real victims of sexual abuse. That they attempt this smear by employing a social media site that is notorious for taking no responsibility for the sometimes dubious and outrageous content shared on various pages, is a definite indication that there is an agenda at play. To me these are not the actions of a genuinely abused person, but rather those of one on a mission. Furthermore, the image uploaded on this same site suggesting sexual interference with a client is laughable for its anatomic inaccuracy, betraying total ignorance of where ‘lady parts’ are located. (The image refers to ‘a young woman’ – how do they even know this?). Thousands of these treatments have been given, with no recorded complaints. EVER! Excluding this one anonymous exception.

    My experiences with Serge Benhayon and practitioners of Universal Medicine are the dead opposite to these allegations. I have never felt any underlying sexual suggestiveness or behavior from him and/or them. NEVER. I was and continue to be always treated with respect as a woman. I have never been touched inappropriately. I always consented to the treatment I received from the Universal Medicine Clinic and these treatments were administered professionally, with client care of the highest standard.

    In short, Serge Benhayon does not possess an ounce of the abusive energy that was described previously. So it seems to me utterly ridiculous to accuse this man of creeping… it is simply disgraceful. There are plenty of lovely and genuine men in this world who don’t find the need to objectify women, and just because some (men and women) behave this way does not mean that it needs to be normalised in any way, shape or form. As a woman, it is a true relief to be around non-creepy men – I prefer to call them real men – as I believe this is our true nature and that creepiness (amongst many other unsavoury behaviors) is a product of a civilisation that is clearly out of control.

    I know plenty of men and women who are inspired by the way in which Serge Benhayon conducts himself professionally, personally, within the community and notably, the way he treats women with the utmost respect, equality and care. In my opinion and experience, Serge Benhayon is the epitome of a true Gentleman: what a terrible shame that a man of this quality would be accused of the very thing he is clearly not.

    • Thanks for this, Feline. It’s gold!

      I think it deserves it’s own special post. And thank you Kyla for being such a reliable source of material.

    • Kyla is insulted yet again. Time to write a vile attack on some men she doesn’t know I think.

      “I know a creepy man when I see him”. Yep, that is why these guys get away with it for years and years and everyone later goes “I never would have known. he was SO lovely” And Kyla, the evidence is before you every day. Even if you accept that he accidentally ran into Miranda years after living with her as a child, and then became sexually interested in her as an adult, as sort of alright and an acceptable story, then I suggest you need to check you credibility meter. However, the far more likely and as it happens true version is quite disturbing. If you think about that for a moment, and what that entails it is very very creepy. Your CREEPY sense is way off I think. It must have been all that overt sexual abuse you so freely talk about that’s desensitized you to REAL CREEPY behavior- like taking up with a girl that lived with you as a child.
      I am quite sure that if I did the same things, as an ordinary man (ie, not an ascended master with the utmost integrity, care and love- ahem [slightly creepy itself]) and I said ” but hey guys, funny thing, I just ran into her and we sort of connected…true. I mean I didnt even notice her when she was kid living with us for years and years (and the same age as my children and even though i made them shower with the doors open). I mean it! I was surprised as everyone else when I found myself attracted to her….really!!” —- “No…well how about she is the reincarnation of Mary Magdalene? Does that help?”

      Kyla’s denial is pretty much the same as being complicit with the abuse. Saying others that complain have an AGENDA* is exactly the same as being an abuser. Yet again the cult members prove their true natures.

      *what agenda? The truth? it can’t be anything else. Serge has an agenda. It is called money and keeping the truth hidden. We’re not protecting a golden egg or a pile of skeletons. He is.

  4. Just a quick one. I went to some meetings a few years back and was involved thru someone that is still in it. As a man i gotta say that it becomes quite confusing. i didnt know how to approach my wife when I felt affection because I felt like I was being impulsed by my carnal nature. She wasnt into it so she became really confused too. Serge went on a lot about hardness in the body, being impulsed by masculine energy, being more gentle or feminine and while it rang true in some ways there was another part of me resisting all the time. Serge kept telling us that the resistance is the pranic mind resisting the soulful truth so eventually i gave in to it which after a lot of struggling against it was a lot of relief. It felt cathartic or even a powerful awakening at the time. Luckily my wife threatened to leave me even moving out and i was forced to stop doing the work. I guess now I understand the feeling was just giving my conscience and what I knew was right to someone else. I feel bad for others…esp men whose partners have made the choice to go with Serge. In the group they made a big deal out of leaving loveless partnerships…which even i understood meant when the partner wouldn’t go along with it… as it shows your commitment to the ‘work’. Some of the things Serge says sound right. That is why it is so bloody confusing. You’re doing a top job of pulling it apart here. But I think for those in it, is will be hard for them to see what is really going on.

    • Thank you. I think what you describe is the way Serge uses partial ‘truths’, for example taking some of the reality of the difficulties found in sexual relationships and then overblowing them – making people feel like crap about their wholly natural urges – exploiting vulnerable areas in relationships, rather than helping people develop the skills which would help them relate better and become closer. Lord knows, sex, when it’s about mutual pleasure, strengthens relationships. It makes nonsense of his claims to being a ‘healer’.

      Wait til I get to the sex post. And remind me to talk about hardness.


    These are the questions Feline wants answers to from Kyla’s post.

    • He doesn’t “sanction” as such- they all know what to write and what to avoid. I get the impression it is quite hands off. They do have a “team” of people who work on them to edit and check what is being posted. When they put the blogs up last year in response to the negative media they sent an email explaining what they wanted “if the members felt to”. The posts are vetted by Rebecca and others to ‘correct syntax and errors’ before they go up. They “want play ball” with “trolls” or “people wanting conflict/who are abusive” which means if you don’t agree with with them, your post or remark will not make it up. From what I can see they only allow group members to post and make remarks. We have tried gentle questions with female names to test what would happen, and not once have those remarks made it past their filters.

      They are not interested in questions about Serge or Universal Medicine- the blogs are just an attempt at creating a positive presences. Or so they think. In fact, nearly everyone I speak to that may have doubted the nature of UM before, thinks they are a cult once they have read the blogs. I would say that would be the general impression of most people finding them as well.

      They are also unaware that they contradict themselves on the blogs. Kyla is a perfect example. She often writes very hateful ill considered posts which are endorsed by the members as “amazing” “on the money” “truthful” “insightful” But to everyone else they look exactly what they are. It shows you how far off their moral compass is once they become immersed in Serge’s world of fantasy.

      However, I agree with the question why doesn’t Serge answer his critics or make remarks on the blogs. He basically hides behind his students, and the reputations of doctors and other people and doesn’t say a word. A bit like the night at Lennox when he was confronted by David Millikan who exposed him as a cult leader (at Serge’s invitation mind you) and ended up in a huddle of students white and shaky legged. (but he did issue a press release that night describing his heroic response) That’s how I see him with this too. He doesn’t have the courage to defend himself or put his case forward. He’s avoided any media, public statements or comments because he is scared of being caught out. He will have a reason of course. It’s not ‘energetically’ correct to “constellate” with the energy of the critics who are controlled by the lords of form. But the truth is, he is just a coward and he knows he will get exposed and the game will be up.

      The students pay for protecting Serge? A few initiation points, dumping of prana, group acceptance, living in a fairy-tale of their collective making.

      • We have that charming little communique from Rebecca Baldwin somewhere in our files. About time that goes up on the net as well. Or has someone put it up already? Will investigate. But first, lunch!

  6. Can anyone tell me whether Chakra Puncture is used to quell a person’s normal sexual feelings?
    Are all UMer’s encouraged to have Chakra Puncture?

  7. Feline, can’t answer question one but question 2 is a definite yes. You can even go on a Chakra Puncture package over a period of weeks. Locks in the cash. So when the prctioners have their weekly production meetings they can then provide forecasting for $erge. Lol

  8. Thank you Winston for answering question 2. I hope someone can answer the first question.

  9. Thanks for all your comments.

    Working from bottom up, Feline, some of the cult members churning out propaganda are on the payroll, but most are the opposite and paying dearly to have their lives vampired by these abusive parasites. The answers to your first 3 questions form part of the definition of a harmful cult, or at least are on this list of warning signs: Also, all of UM’s practices and teachings quell a person’s sexual desires – the malnourishing diet, the sexism, the constant carry on about sexual violence, the sleep deprivation, the lack of exercise, and practices like chakra-bullshit-puncture which make people feel worse.

    All designed to weaken, and disempower so that vicious little despot and pseudo-alpha male can dominate.

    I’ll have a response to Kyla up soon on the FACTS blog, and I genuinely pity her for posting extremely private experiences on the internet leaving herself highly vulnerable. I’m incidentally working on a post on Esoteric Privacy (lol) with some pretty damning material.

    Dobbsie, the ‘ideals and beliefs’ gag is a howler is it not? Even Serge must piss himself laughing at the cult members who drop all their ideals and beliefs because SERGE SAYS SO, only to take on his perverse worldview.

    We Know Who, I disagree Serge is pro-women. I’ve said it before, he’s an equal opportunity hater bent on disempowering everyone. Telling women we can’t play sport, that our bodies are full of toxic male energy, that we hate sex, that we can pass negative energy to our babies through our breastmilk, that we should stop eating and stop thinking and be ‘soft, gentle, lovely, yummy’ and all that sickly BS. Look what he’s done to the women in his lives – particularly in his family. Are they autonomous? If you took away their cult jobs as bogus healers, what kind of careers would they have? Are they free to choose their partners and friends, or how they think, feel and behave? Are they free to question his decrees? And he tries to tell women the cult castrati are the kind of ‘real men’ women should aspire to being with. Bring me a bucket.

    I didn’t stick Schnell, Harvey and Twist up there because I’d already compromised the site’s aesthetics with that other lot of cult mug shots. And yeah, they make Gilligan look good.

    • I knew you’d pull me up on the pro-woman remark if I didn’t qualify it. And quite rightly. I meant ‘ostensibly’ pro-woman. It goes without saying it is a deep and horrible misogynistic manipulation. I only have to look at the cloned woman in the group with the same clothes, walk, and distant look in their eyes to know that. ‘The Livingness” – what a misnomer- It should be “the Lifeless”.

      Rule of thumb with Serge’s esoteric BS. It’s the opposite.

  10. “If a man is rude and or disrespectful, let him sleep alone that night” (Benhayon, 2011, p.562)

    I bet Serge has offered no equivalent suggestion for men to make women sleep alone when they’re rude and/or distespectful especially if the woman in question is a UM cultist. And I can assure everyone from personal experience that brides of Serge can be utterly disrespectful, rude, inconsiderate, demanding, controlling and generally unbearable. That’s why so many of them are single.

    Worth noting also that several female UM devotees have stated that they wouldn’t pursue a relationship with any of the male devotees because the eso men are “weird”, which suggests that deep down they still actually want their men to be men, and find the emasculated lady-boys that Serge turns the male students into unappealing.

    Unfortunately for them this leaves them in a position where no men are suitable; non UM men are loveless brutes, and UM men are effeminate weirdos. It also conveniently leaves Serge as the only ideal male figure in their lives. Which is exactly the result that a narcissistic, paternalistic cult leader would aim for.

  11. The $B UM site has all it’s posts vetted. Correct?
    Why in the name of decency alone did they allow Kyla’s post to be uploaded to the internet.
    What this lady has been through as a victim of sexual exploitation is so personal, so painful and she is so
    vulnerable even now even though this dear soul thinks not. Why why why allow this experience on the internet and expose Kyla even more?
    Don’t worry I do know the answers to my questions. It appears to anyone looking on we all know ‘It’s all about protecting poor sooky $erge,” at anyone’s expense. No none of us here on this site have anything at all to gain financially, we are just decent human beings who really care.

  12. It’s true Feline. The cult doesn’t give a damn about Kyla. The abuses never end. Look for a post on it on the FACTS site soon, maybe tomorrow.

    To be fair RJM not all ‘utterly disrespectful, rude, inconsiderate, demanding, controlling and generally unbearable’ women are single, lol! Same goes for blokes.

    I received some correspondence today that confirms this cult damages cult entrenched men as much as it does women, and in case I haven’t made it clear in my posts, I feel for the harm done to anyone who gets entangled in that web of deceit. Serge’s primitive stereotyping is so damaging, dictating to all of us how we should think, feel and act – including how we should have sex – according to his limited notions of gender roles, when our only social responsibility is to behave as decent human beings toward each other, and that has no relation to gender. No one has a right to tell us whether what we think or feel is ‘energetically correct’, because there is no such thing. Nor that our integrity has anything to do with our ‘menfulness’ or ‘femaleness’. Human beings are diverse, and that’s what makes us fascinating and enlivening – beyond dumb gender roles.

    Also there’s a movement among western men right now, where some affirmative action is being taken to bring women closer to achieving equal rights in meaningful ways. Male feminist groups are popping up here and there. I know Serge has had the cult dudes watch some Ted talks along those lines. Anyone with a sense of decency and social justice appreciates equal rights, and correcting social disparities. However, some of these fellas take it a little over the top – playing out patriarchal shit like Rod Harvey did in that blog post a while back where he was playing at feminism but in reality dictating Serge’s bullshit gender roles – telling women what’s good for them. Yeah, thanks Rod. Fuck off!

    As usual poor old stodgy Rod was riding Serge’s bandwagon – paternalistic tyranny combined with testicle crushing demonization of masculinity.

    I think this quote from the malignant messiah is one of the most revealing:
    You are never a lesser man by expressing how delicate you are, but always less when you do not. (Benhayon, 2011, p.553)

    In other words, he’s not satisfied with the cult men until he’s stripped them down to fragile helplessness.

    Now, try standing up to oppression from a position of delicacy.

        • None if you’re in the cult. On planet Serge, if you find another consenting adult attractive you’re a pervert or a hussy. If you stick your hands on people’s genitals, tell them their partners are sex fiends, pretend it’s healing and charge them for it, you have ‘utmost integrity’.

          Back in the real world, you can find another adult attractive and want to have sex with them AND appreciate and respect them as a thinking, feeling, autonomous human being. That’s normal, healthy sexual attraction. If finding someone sexually attractive cancels the other things out, that’s objectification.

          Now don’t you have some DIRT to dig up for the FACTS site?

  13. Yeah yeah.
    By the way, the correct answer to my first question is that none of the dudes at the top of the page are Esoteric ‘real men’ because they can all think for themselves. And they wouldn’t cop being bossed around by Rebecca Baldwin.
    We should run an experiment and lock Eunice in a room with Stephen Fry. Or Rachel Hall with Steve Colbert.
    My first priority however is my dairy and gluten packed lunch. And a bit of GORGEOUS!

  14. Scroll up to the bottom of the post duckies. The models of Esoteric manhood have issued a copyright infringement notice of the use of their mugshots on this site – same mugshots they use when promoting UM and Serge the perve. Seems like Serge’s ‘real men’ are too precious to ‘claim it’ after all.

    MIA are Michael Benhayon, Chris James, cult psychologist Brendan Mooney and Esoteric naturopath Steffen Messerschmidt.

    • It really is pathetic, these little attempts of theirs to try and silence this blog. Unable to do so, they resort to childish stunts like this. The reality of the situation is that the more they reveal themselves to be unable to withstand any sort of criticism or inquiry, the more they reveal their true colours.

      It would seem they would prefer to be living in a culture like North Korea where everyone is happy – because the brave leader says they are, and everyone believes every word he says, because he tells them it’s the truth. No questioning or criticism is allowed or tolerated. And while the rest of the world sees the famines, power outages, civil rights abuses, those majority inside still believe all is honky dory – because their brave leader tells them it is.

      UM would do well to take note of this quote from the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” by the United Nations:

      “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”

      • Thanks, that’s a great point. Human rights and freedom of speech clearly aren’t regarded as Esoteric on Planet Serge.

        Also, if what we’d been writing wasn’t fact, our laws allow recourse. The cult has more than enough financial resources to pursue me for defamation. Millionaire Serge was even asking the minions to contribute to a legal fund, lol. But they won’t take legal action because they know they can’t make a case and they know who we would subpoena, and they would lose spectacularly and very publicly. Nor does it help their cause that they managed to piss off some heavy hitters in the legal fraternity.

        Anyway, I’ll say it again. Internet exposure is the least of their troubles as they will increasingly find. We could close our blogs and they’d still be in deepening shit.

  15. It’s all about the money, the power and the ego.
    I wonder if Bikram Choudhury will scream “defamation and slander!” at the Huffington Post for publishing this video recently:

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