Esoteric Parenting Part 2 – self-loving parents and divided families

Louise Hearman, 'Untitled 1091'

Louise Hearman, ‘Untitled 1091’

In the Universal Medicine cult children are regarded as superior beings until their intellectual capacity develops enough for them to question Serge Benhayon’s teachings. Like the rest of the cult followers, children are free to express themselves provided they do so without emotion, intellect, ideals, creativity, activity or criticism. Benhayon views familial karma as invariably bad, and he exploits painful pasts along with parental feelings of inadequacy to divide families and redirect followers’ loyalty from loved ones to the cult. Divisions are sealed when cult members adopt narcissistic self-love as their parenting ethos, ensuring children are emotionally starved. Finally, as evidenced from the behaviour of his own family, his version of parenting is not about nurturing and protecting but dominance and control.

Familial karma?

In keeping with Benhayon’s hatred of humanity, he regards all parents as bastards, but children deserve their pig parents because they were bastards themselves in past lives.

Your parents cannot put anything into you that you not already are. So stop blaming them and see that they are only reflecting what you have done to others in the past. What happened to you with your parents is because of you, that is, how you have been with others before. (Benhayon, 2011, p.360)

Not only is this a convenient excuse for parents who really are bastards – for example the ones who dictate who their children can associate with and interfere with their education to train them as bogus healers, con artists and talentless popstars with no friends of their own – it’s also a therapeutic cop out, deterring followers who had difficult upbringings from understanding and coming to terms with the complex factors that contributed to their circumstances.

By now we’re used to Benhayon contradicting himself. While telling followers to stop blaming parents, he still blames them.

Women sleep around because they didn’t get the affectionate male energy from their father; men sleep around because their mother rejected them – both are using sex for relief.  (Benhayon, 2011, p.417)

It’s ok to dress a baby girl in a any range of blues, but not ok to dress a newborn boy in a pink jumpsuit. We ought to consider how deep the rejection issue is for men before we judge them for their cruel behaviours later in life. (Benhayon, 2011, p.559)

Impose on a young boy your ideals and beliefs, and you will have the perfect cruelty machine. (Benhayon, 2011, p.560)

If a man were to truly love his daughter, that is, by showing in full his affection and deeply caring nature, she will not ever let a lesser way of being marry her. (Benhayon, 2011, p. 563)

As is clear from the propaganda blogs, UniMed students carry on about their painful childhoods well into middle and old age. The fixation on self and victimhood is yet another distraction for followers from the reality of their  allegiance to a sexually abusive death cult.

Dividing families

The inept parent and the child as all seeing all knowing judge

As examined in the previous post, Benhayon endows children with wisdom beyond their years. In a bizarre, Esoteric role reversal, he exploits parental paranoia by portraying all knowing children as the household Big Brother – scrutinizing parents’ inadequacies and exposing the evils of their non Esoteric ways.

Kids reflect to parents the idiocy of their life. Anonymous note taker, EDG lecture notes, October 2010.

We do not teach children how to honour what they feel – this is because they will know all about you. Benhayon, 2011, p.399

One of the things these children will know all about their parents is their inability to do anything right on Planet Serge. Parents are set the impossible task of loving and caring for children without emotion. Feeling emotion in one’s love for a child is to risk causing disease.

Love is not emotional; it is an emanating presence that has not one ounce of emotion in it, but the emanating aspect of the joy and harmony that is God. (Benhayon, 2006, p.26)

Be well reminded that all disease and illness comes from emotions. (Benhayon, 2007, p. 421)

Sympathy and empathy are both emotions. Emotions are poisonous to our physical body, for they are indulgent energies that help the spirit individualise. (Benhayon, 2011, p. 283)

Emotional love has never done anyone any good.

If you love your children with and from emotional love, you are just passing down to another generation a form of love that has not ever worked. (Benhayon, 2011, p.693)

Dividing Parents

The task of emotionlessly loving children and partners is destined to cause relationship problems as anyone not Esoterically brainwashed will find it impossible to communicate meaningfully with an emotionally shut down cult member. Yet, Benhayon’s advice to followers with relationship problems is to shut down further and alienate their own children.

The more problems we have with our partner, the more we tend to emotionally love our kids. Ponder on this before you recoil from it’s truth. (Benhayon, 2011, p. 384)

The death knell for relationships comes when emotionally neutered self-love is presented as a means of nurturing.

There are far too many spiritual based constructs making up what is known as motherhood and fatherhood. They make parenting a box-ticking exercise. Learn to love yourself in full, and that love will parent your children like no other parenting can. (Benhayon, 2011, p.474)

The self-loving parent

The narcissism continues with Benhayon’s emotionless love and his view of children as investments. Parenting is not guiding and protecting, but controlling – controlling children’s choice of friends, interactions with teachers, content of their education and by extension their thoughts. Relinquishing control of how a growing child encounters the world reflects poorly on the parents’ karma and causes the parent to suffer.

Example and or scenario 2 – you invest in the so-called ‘future’ of your son or daughter. You feed them. You send them to school then further studies. They make choices you have no control over. And even if you think you do or can control over a certain period, you do not know all of their choices.

You send them to a school you know is pranic, but spend little time countering what they learn or how to handle friends and teachers etc. You invest in them getting knowledge but supplement not the fact that that knowledge is useful only to better function or exist or get by in the world with little if any love to make life true, Soul-full or Godly. What returns do you get for allowing lovelessness to be in another? Not only do you get the immediate incarnate return of watching them be loveless in the choices they make, an in-truth agonising feeling for any parent, even the checked-out ones, but the direct feeding of you being loveless by the world you will return to. Serge Benhayon, EDG Message 13, date unknown.

Esoteric parenting therefore, is all about the self-loving self-gratification of parents. Benefit to children is not even an afterthought.

Later in life, the way one’s children spend their inheritance affects parents’ prospects of rebirth into higher Esoteric initiation.

If you leave a child $10,000 dollars and the kids spend that money to keep them in recognition and identification – excess – that holds you in contraction in your next life…If you invest wisely in your will this gives you fire in your next life… EDG Notes, anonymous note taker, date unclear.

Note that investing wisely in one’s will means bequeathing to the Universal Medicine charity – rather than one’s PRANIC and loveless offspring.

Resentment and control

Repugnant statements Benhayon has made about his parents in his recorded lectures, including details of his mother’s medical condition, indicate a high level of resentment. With his own children, he exerts an abnormal level of control. His adult children don’t have independent social lives or friends, only clients and followers. They associate mainly with family. Undereducated, they work in the lucrative family business as unqualified ‘healers’, but when Universal Medicine is fully exposed as a scam, they won’t have professions or any vocational training to speak of. It’s unlikely this has occurred among the four Benhayon offspring through their own choice, but via manipulation and dominance. Just as the cult doesn’t tolerate questions from its followers, there’s little evidence that its leader has engendered aspirations to equality, autonomy, individuality or assertiveness in his own children.

Can Benhayon’s attitude be attributed to nurture or nature? We’ve heard mention Benhayon had difficulties in his own childhood, but my guess is the latter. Plenty of people have difficult upbringings, yet manage to grow up and form stable and healthy relationships without writing off the human race, concocting a philosophy that trashes families and dominating and oppressing their own.

Esoteric Parenting Part 1 – one long guilt trip

Benhayon, S., The Way It Is, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2006

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4 thoughts on “Esoteric Parenting Part 2 – self-loving parents and divided families

  1. Thanks to all those that sent me the well wishes. I’m coming along nicely now thanks. Hopefully be on top of it soon and stage a full recovery.

    Venus, it saddens me to the core to be reminded how Serge is drawing his followers into his narcissism and inflicting it upon children. Naturally I have witnessed the effects of this first hand with my former lovely lady friend. Her almost teenage daughter has been through quite a bit of trauma coming to term with her mothers extremely eccentric and self-absorbed behaviour. When I was in Australia recently I spoke to a young man in Byron Bay who told a similar tale of woe concerning his mother. His words, eloquent and concise, were “she does anything Serge says. She’s mental. She’s forgotten me and my brother (12) exist!”. Both of them felt abandoned by their mothers. With very good reason.

    In my conversations with other families over the course of last year, it has been made aware over and over how so called esoteric parents emotionally abandon their children, and then go on to inflict draconian and strict dietary regimes, restrictions on music, sporting activities, friends, and even schooling. In one case, I know of a very bright young man who has been told that seeking academic qualifications is, more or less, an illusion. Depriving kids of expressions of emotional human love (the only kind) and true affection, by engaging our socializing and bonding tools of empathy is deranged, dangerous, and frankly an abuse of children. Any parent indulging in Serge’s Dante-like vision of life is inflicting long term psychological damage on their children. The Benyahon clan are a case in point for the reasons you express.

    Serge has been in the UK sowing the seeds of his narcissistic ideology; the ironically named livingness. The only blessing is numbers appear down. Keep up the good work in letting those that might be tempted to stray too close to the flame to steer well away. I’ll be in touch soon, with a bit of good karma and perhaps with the help of those good old LOF’s!

    • We didn’t think you’d be down long, Richard. And we hope to see you back and swinging because we always appreciate your contribution.

      It would be an understatement to say I’m disgusted that kids are being treated this way, and that people go against all parental instincts to substitute nurturing, guidance and affection for oppression and control.

      I’ve been receiving some shocking emails from loved ones of followers very worried about new dietary restrictions decreed by Sergio the King of Bullshit to what is already his starvation plan. So an updated diet post is in the offing. It’s bad enough adults are falling for it, but heartbreaking that people are subjecting children to the diet at grave risk to their health, growth and development.

    • Hi Winston,
      Thanks for this, I just left this same reply over at the FACTS blog if anyone senses deja vu and thinks their mind is going Esoteric or something.

      Yes! Thanks for the tip.

      Worth watching because Serge has certainly learned from their business model. But while Scientology focuses on their brand of psychology (covert hypnosis and indoctrination plus groupthink etc), UM is more total because it brings in highly potent hands on ‘healing’ as part of the manipulation. However, the stratified initiation levels are super similar.

      The other thing worth noting, is Scientology’s tenacity and success long after the wackjob science fiction writer returned to Xenu or whatever – mostly because it was a successful business that flew under the accountability radar too long and developed a solid corporate structure and a massive legal presence. In other words it attracted a lot of greedy lawyers to its hefty payroll in a legal environment (USA) which favours the wealthy. Which is why we need to go after UM now and use current legal and regulatory mechanisms before it becomes too powerful, too aggressive and too sophisticated to bring down.

      Apart from that, what we have working for us is social media – public exposure! Sunlight is the best disinfectant, I heard someone say. And current laws protecting free speech (to an extent, thanks for niente Google).

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