Esoteric Personal Boundaries – goodbye dignity

Serge Benhayon with his hand on 14 or 15 year old daughter, Natalie Benhayon's bottom, Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 1 Workshop manual, p. 53

Serge Benhayon with his hand on a young woman’s bottom, Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 1 Workshop manual, p.53

Why is it not acceptable in society 

  • for a father to hug his teenage son as he did when he was a boy?
  • for a father to hug his daughter when she becomes a woman for fear of it being interpreted as sexual?
  • for a man to hug another man?
  • If one is contracted/reserved you don’t know what energy comes through a hug. If you are open its all there to see. Serge Benhayon, quoted in notes taken by Michael Dixon. Esoteric Development Group lecture, 19 February, 2011.

Who says it’s unacceptable for parents to hug grown children? Who, apart from a minority of diseased individuals, construes physical affection between parents and children as sexual?

In saying ‘if you are open its (sic) all there to see’, Benhayon appears to be suggesting that people should suspect their parents have sexual intentions if they receive a hug from them. It’s consistent with Benhayon’s attempts to divide families in order to secure loyalty to him and his cult.

Personal boundaries within the Benhayon family

His automatic suspicion of the intent of parental affection brings his own personal boundary transgressions into sharp focus, including the image above showing Benhayon with his hand on very young woman’s bottom. It comes from a workshop manual I received in 2005 when I attended my first and last Sacred Esoteric healing workshop. Natalie Benhayon was 15 years old at the time and was attending the same workshop, learning her father’s techniques.

At the workshop, participants were repeatedly put into trance states, whereupon many, including myself, experienced physical cathartic reactions, including speaking in tongues, screaming, convulsing, crying and in some cases, vomiting. Serge ran around the room while these reactions were underway telling us the reactions were the entities we’d taken on from past lives leaving our bodies. We’d been archangels who were burned at the stake, murdered, disembowelled, raped and tortured. At the workshop, Natalie was wearing the same white hooded sweatshirt worn in the image above. The photograph was clearly recent.

Like the rest of his teachings, Benhayon’s views on morality are confused and idiosyncratic. He casts suspicion on parental affection, advocates non sexual hugging, but then pushes personal boundaries beyond acceptable limits by persuading followers it’s necessary to handle a very young girl’s bottom and chest and call it healing.

Personal boundaries within the Benhayon family are unconventional to say the least. The image above and more found in the workshop manual show that Serge is liberal when it comes to touching the bodies of very young women, but controlling of his children’s behaviour. We know from a young woman who stayed in the Benhayon household that Serge asks that the bathroom door is left open when guests and family are showering. We also know that Benhayon is tyrannical about who his daughter associates with, and that she discarded her studies in drafting and engineering to become an ascended master, ovarian reader, unqualified director of Esoteric Women’s Health Pty Ltd and expert in nail painting. Like her father, she has followers rather than friends and associates mostly with family. She’s also participated in her inappropriate behaviour with cult children – having kids as young as 12 make group disclosures of sexual activity, and alcohol, drug and porn use.

Benhayon has also made an example of her when demonstrating desirable sexualised energy as opposed to Esoterically correct non sexual energy, putting her onstage at 20 years of age to mess with followers’ minds.

Just before this EDG we had our first Esoteric Movement-the yoga of joy class. Serge, Natalie and Curtis have introduced this to us to help us to release pockets of prana that we have held in our bodies. It was awesome to experience. At the EDG Serge asked Natalie to do the movements that help release the sacrum and hips. Natalie did that to Michael’s music. She looked so beautiful doing it. Then she deliberately pulled in the music of salsa and moved to that and you could see how it changed her. Her movements became movements done to draw us in and it was asking us to see her as a “good dancer” and to see her as desirable. It felt quite awful and Natalie said it was actually physically hurting her.
Natalie then went onto say that the moves were not hers, they were not impressed from her soul and so were harming her. The movements that Serge, Natalie and Curtis have come up with to help us release things in our bodies have being impressed from their soul and so they can pass them onto us. (Elizabeth Dolan, Esoteric Development Group student notes, August 20, 2011) 

Boundary transgressions marketed as healing

Universal Medicine followers accept the abusive practice of Esoteric Breast Massage as performed by Serge’s ‘energetically responsible’ Brides, and similarly embrace his handling of genitals because he tells them the practices are not sexual.

First and foremost basic rule – the practice of Esoteric Massage is not to be an excuse to touch another for one’s pleasure and or to ful-fill any needs. Esoteric Massage is not to be sexual in any way whatsoever. (Benhayon, S., Esoteric Body Work, Esoteric Massage Level 1 Manual, p.3)

We’ll take his word for it, seeing he’s a man of utmost integrity. That’s clear from the images.


Serge Benhayon with his hand on 14 or 15 year old daughter, Natalie Benhayon's bottom, Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 1 Workshop manual, p. 53

Serge Benhayon with his hand on a young woman’s bottom, Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 1 Workshop manual, p.53

Serge Benhayon with his hand a young woman's chest, Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 1 Workshop manual, p.38

Serge Benhayon with his hand a young woman’s chest, Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 1 Workshop manual, p.38

The manuals are filled with shots of Benhayon with his hands on the chests of the young woman and the other, older treatment model. In spite of the cult going Esoterically ballistic in 2012 year assuring the public Serge never touched a breast, shots in the manual show he clearly has.

Serge Benhayon makes breast contact, Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 2 Workshop manual, p.41

Serge Benhayon makes breast contact, Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 2 Workshop manual, p.41

No doubt the cult will go into another round of conniptions insisting, as mystic dentist, Dr Rachel Hall put it, there’s ‘not a single whiff of sexual overtones‘ to Benhayon’s behaviour. In spite of the text accompanying several images portraying them as healings for sexual abuse, and in spite of his obsession with sexual violence and gynaecological disorders as evidenced in numerous quotes from his writings, lectures and publicity. Rebecca Baldwin and the rest of SergeProp will probably launch into some tirade about how the touching shown in these images is innocent and harmless, because it’s done with utmost energetic integrity by an Esoteric eunuch, and the pure and wholesome Esoteric nuns, including themselves.

Why is that touching necessary? Why does Benhayon need to touch breasts, chests and genitals at all? If he’s going to represent himself as someone entitled to treat people, including sexual abuse survivors, why can’t he perform hands on healing that cannot in any way be misconstrued as inappropriate?

The majority of body workers are able to do their jobs without touching bottoms, chests and genitals. Legitimate, qualified sexual abuse counsellors don’t touch patients at all. Benhayon would not only appear to be an exhibitionist pervert who wants to make sure he’s caught, but if his only treatment options are to handle erogenous areas, he’s also a lousy therapist with seriously limited skills.

Returning to the image posted above, Benhayon tells us that sadness from the heart is stored in the sacrum. Even if we accept that as Esoterically correct or whatever, can we really accept that the only way to ‘release sadness back up to the heart’ is to press hands on someone’s bottom? A teenage girl’s bottom?

Serge Benhayon with his hand on 14 or 15 year old daughter, Natalie Benhayon's bottom, Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 1 Workshop manual, p. 53

Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 1 Workshop manual, p.53

The other problem with that image is that Benhayon’s fingertips might be at the level of the girl’s sacrum, but the palm of his hand is pressing well below that and below the tip of the coccyx as well. The image below shows the anatomical location of the sacrum (a bone located below the spine). (Note that official training institutions in Australia only use images featuring male models for acupuncture point location. It’s telling UM have taken issue with this image – used here to illustrate how far Serge’s hand is from the actual sacrum – but not with unqualified Serge pressing his hand to women’s anuses and crotches and scamming his followers that it’s ‘healing’.)

The anatomical location of the sacrum.

The anatomical location of the sacrum – above the buttock crease.

So Serge, if you’re going to make up bullshit excuses to grope at young girls, at least get the anatomy right.

Boundary pushing, a Universal Medicine cult special

In the Universal Medicine cult, bodywork is used as a means of breaking down personal boundaries. Followers are more likely to disclose personal histories, including medical histories or histories of abuse after being relaxed and softened up by Esoteric touching. We’ve also seen how UM brazenly invades privacy through the use of bogus consent forms. When followers have no secrets they are forced to place trust in the group and toe the line for fear of having their private pasts used against them. This leaves them open to exploitation, which in UM is the marketing of ineffectual, habit forming ‘healing’ that ends up being detrimental to health and relationships.

Cult leader, Serge Benhayon pushes personal boundaries out of compulsion and a desire for dominance, and I’ve said it before, he fully intends to make his followers complicit in the abuse. The cult’s doctors and allied health professionals are aware of all the above images and techniques and have not only done nothing to stop it, but have wholeheartedly participated. When they’re not callous, spineless, foolhardy enablers, they’re complicit abusers.

We also know loved ones of UM students have had their personal histories broadcast among vindictive cult members to be used against them. From all of the above we can conclude there is zero respect for personal boundaries in the Universal Medicine cult.

Serge and his enablers know that people with healthy personal boundaries, who protect their privacy, their bodies and their loved ones, are difficult, if not impossible to exploit. Trusting souls who like to think the best of people and don’t have their guard up from the outset are prey to the pyramid of abuse that is Universal Medicine. They pay exorbitantly to have their personal boundaries and privacy eroded, until they find they’ve become the property of the cult.

17 thoughts on “Esoteric Personal Boundaries – goodbye dignity

  1. It doesn’t get any prettier – it is all very very ugly. Such awful abuse under the pseudo banner of healing and love.
    Darkly and PP your courage in exposing all of this is noted – thankyou.
    I now understand the tactics that $B uses from all that has been written about here on this site. Thank you for showing how Serge seduces and conn’s patients/clients into submitting without necessarily realising. This same ugly mind control must have been used by $erge on Medical Practitioners who so willingly and blatantly support $erge and send their patients to $erge – it is all very disturbing.

  2. Here is an example of what I have just said. How can Dr Kim say this and be so blind? How dare you.
    It is Serge and his advocates that are doing this evil disservice to humanity big time. Wake up Dr Kim

    Sam Kim
    JUNE 10, 2013 AT 2:43 PM
    Dear Kyla and Rebecca,

    Reading through your blog and the heartfelt responses by both men and women, what you have intimately expressed is very important for the general public and the diligent students of the Livingness. Knowing and having witnessed firsthand of the highest integrity that Serge exemplifies in his healing sessions, courses and many more amazing work he does with people from all walks of life, the recent false allegations against him are openly corruptive of the fairness and transparency that the very foundation of our society is built on. In the modern age of evidence-based this and that, his integrity and love for humanity is the very visible evidence that alone should inspire even those who have complained and accused falsely. He lives and practises what is of truth.

    As assault against women (and men, too) in verbal, physical and sexual nature has persevered throughout our human history, and continues in all corners of our globe whether or not we decide to become apathetic and ignore, or come to our senses and recognise their lifelong impact on our friends, relatives, families and colleagues. In my two decades of training and practising years in conventional Medicine alone, I have triaged in emergency rooms and medical wards of women who were violently raped beyond what I can describe here, cared for them physically while being assessed by the police and legal system, and still later seeing directly the consequences of those rapes and assaults from decades ago, some insidiously presenting as ‘asthma’ or ‘breathlessness’. Through these encounters, the alarming public health statistics, the endless media articles and academic papers published every year, one realises that the core issue is, as much as it is directed on the individuals, our collective responsibility to recognise that they are very much part of human life when it is lived lovelessly and without deepest respect and dignity for our fellow human being: women, men or children.

    Serge through his work and writings presents to us and reminds each one of us that love is what truly heals us. Thus, what the recent allegations has done is denigrating the very reality that affects humanity, and also, directly shows us as the general public that there are many who do not really understand what integrity and love means. Through your writings and the blog replies, the public can begin to understand love, and allow love to inspire people all around us. Through this, we may not only see one less assault/rape or one more healed but more and more women being nurtured in her natural divine beauty as revealed by yourselves.

    Thank you again for your beauty full writing and courage to reveal of the truth for all women and men who truly care and love.
    Sam Kim

    • If it were Dr Kim in those images, he’d be deregistered. Another vile hypocrite full of sweet sounding evasions who worships his own hubris.
      I’m emailing the images to his office, as I did for Eunice Minford and mystic dentist Dr Rachel Hall, asking them to stop debasing abuse victims by defending these abhorrent practices. No excuses if the medical regulators ask them to answer for enabling treatment room sexual abuse.

    • Poor Old Sam thinks Kyla talking about bad sexual experiences makes her an expert on them, and not someone who can’t recognise it, which is clearly the case and far more logical. He’s also congratulating Rebecca for lying- the $5 lecture and “nothing strange about Miranda” cover up’s/denials spring to mind. Maybe Sam would like to investigate the offers of proof that have been extended to some of the cult members and ignored repeatedly? But my guess is he would prefer to write 500 words on how wonderful Serge is (nothing strange in that at all, everything else aside) than to confront the possibility that he’s betting on the wrong horse.

      While I don’t wish anyone harm, especially those that have already unwittingly been harmed; I do get a little satisfaction in the knowledge you can’t erase what you write on the internet, and when the axe falls on the lies and all of Serge’s dirty laundry is out for all to see*, Sam, Rebecca, Kyla, and the cult at large wont be able to erase what they have said. It will come up in Google searches for years to come. I await that moment with baited breath. It surely approaches.

      *Some have already come out with no effect on the aforementioned except for a ramp up in the integrity rhetoric so I hope I am not too hopeful and the veil of delusion is not so strong as to be able to withstand the brutal truth. But then it just may be, in which case I will stand corrected, but at least I will get to see Serge go down even if they all still harp on at his amazing integrity through the prison gates.

  3. You know who’s brother well said.
    Just a thought the cult produces misguided loyalty, denial and fear of reprisals etc this will still be with one for a while even though one may have left the cult and one does know the facts.This can be due to embarrassment, disbelief, anger and all sorts as well as trying to sort it all out. Big job. Time!!!! is the factor here.

    • Not kidding, and he ‘needs’ to do it for the same reason he needs to touch Natalie’s bottom, or followers’ genitals, or he needed to pressure me to disclose details of my relationships with men beginning at age five, or needed Miranda to move into his home at age 13.

      I do not call Serge Benhayon a pervert lightly.

  4. Hi, Oh My God, I have some reading to do. I’ve just found this blog (well, a few hours ago, and what a read), and now the other blog too……………..and I am shocked………but very glad I found these resources online. Thank You!

  5. Quote from the the above link at New Age Frauds and Plastic Shamans:

    “There is a common misconception that predators and abusers are easy to spot, that they display obvious signs of their predatory nature. While there are warning signs to look out for (linked below), predators have carefully tailored their disguises through their years of abusing others and getting away with it. 
    If predators weren’t skilled at convincing potential victims and supporters that they’re a nice guy (and those who commit physical abuse are overwhelmingly male), they wouldn’t be successful at what they do. They’ve learned how to fool and manipulate people. It’s their profession. If they weren’t good at fooling people, they would have moved on to some other way of making a living by now. By the time an abuser is middle-aged or elderly, they are very experienced at it; they are not going to change. 
    Abusive behavior usually starts after the victim has made an emotional, spiritual, and/or financial commitment to the predator. Abuse usually starts right after some milestone: moving in together, getting married, pregnancy, or the birth of the first child. With spiritual predators, it’s often once the victim has made a ceremonial commitment and/or given the predator a large amount of money. Once that investment on the part of the victim is there, the predator knows the victim will be hesitant to throw away all that time and effort they’ve invested in the relationship. By that point the abuser has probably also isolated the victim from other sources of support and information, and has made sure the victim sees them as the unquestionable source of the truth. 
    The vast majority of rapists don’t hang out in alleys to commit “stranger” rape. “Over 70% of sexual assaults are committed by someone the survivor knows. Over 40% of sexual assaults occur in the victim’s home and another 30% take place in the home of a friend, neighbor or relative.”

    • Thanks for that link SR, I’m going to put it on our Resources page.

      I was struck by this quote from that page:

      4. They blame others for their behavior. “The abuser shifts responsibility for his actions away from himself and onto others, a shift that allows him to justify his abuse because the other person supposedly “caused” his behavior.” The fact is, abusing another person is a choice. It is the fault of no one but the abuser.

      That observation is interesting in the light of Serge Benhayon’s writings on murder and rape, and how ‘in-truth evil’ doesn’t exist (except when he calls competing alternative medicine modalities evil). The passages are remarkable for endowing the perpetrator and victim with equal responsibility for the crime (i.e. victim blaming), and having empathy for the perpetrator with no empathy – no mention of the victim’s welfare or plight.

      Is the murderer evil or is the energy that put him into that consciousness the actual evil?…The above is presented in energetic integrity for the understanding of those who can read it without an emotional bias. Murder and rape are both horrendous and atrocious ill expressions of someone who is in deep pain. Such a person is totally contracted from who they are, so much so, that the presence of another who is also in that same totally lost consciousness can unite with them and thus the two and the three, will act out the ill expressed and vile expression…

      In the case of murder and rape there is first, a separation from truth. That separation attracts others who are like-minded. This attraction draws those who are in the physical and the non-physical. The force of this union creates an expression which is not truth, but a separated expression from truth, which is acted on in a separative thinking manner. If the original source, i.e., the hurt person, was able to seek help and deal with the pain there may not have been a lower descent in their energetic state and therefore, the lower vibrational state of being would not have allowed the thought of murder or rape in the first place. This is why in-truth evil does not exist. From The Way It Is: A Treatise on Energetic Truth, Serge Benhayon, Uni Med Publishing, Goonellabah, 2006, pp.303-5

  6. Yes, NAFPS is a great resource . Unfortunately, Serge is smart enough not to sell out Australian First Natives rituals; and doesn’t fall under their jurisdiction (so to speak).

    Serge way of thinking is creepy; and what’s up with asking your guest’s to shower with an open door…?!

  7. Wow , this article is very interesting. Surprised you are not also discussing the acupuncture school photo of the naked bottom with someones hand on it. That looks more questionable than the photos with the fully clothed people in them.

    • Okay, let’s discuss the photo locating the sacrum. It’s an image I found in an image search on Google to show how far Serge’s hand is from the sacrum on that young girl’s backside. It’s not used in acupuncture training in Australia. There’s no need for it to be because there are better quality point location images available – using male models.

      The image is of a naked bottom. It’s not offensive. Everyone has a bottom, dear. The hand in the image positioned much higher than Serge’s hand, and the fingers are pressed to the sacral foramen, which are relevant to acupuncture points used to treat lumbar and other disorders. In terms of anatomy training it’s as I’ve stated above – unnecessary to use an image of a woman’s bottom like that, when there are higher quality images available using male bodies. Male models are preferred in official training material because people like you get stupid ideas.

      Now let’s talk about what’s really interesting. You find that more questionable than sleazy con artist Benhayon pressing his hand to that girl’s anus – a good few inches below the sacrum. Yet he cons you it’s the sacrum, and calls it ‘healing’ for sadness, and in Eso healing he presses his hand there for ten minutes at a time. Interesting you’re not saying wow about that or questioning how old that girl is. Or why so many little girls go and stay at his house.

      What’s your training in anatomy Debra? What is Serge’s? What is Serge’s training in anything?

      Interesting you’ve got nothing to say about him putting his hand on women’s crotches to clear ‘the energy of rape’. What do you suppose the rape crisis centre has to say about that kind of ‘therapy’? ‘Debra’.

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