The Esoteric diet – more lethal than ever


Michael Zavros, ‘Phoebe is Dead’

As Universal Medicine cult leader Serge Benhayon continues to pound his Esoteric pulpit on the evil energy of perfectly nutritious foods, we should all be alarmed to hear he’s imposed further restrictions on the Esoteric diet – better described as self-loving starvation. Meanwhile the Huffington Post continues to pay cult apologist Sarah Cloutier to promote a dangerous eating disorder under the guise of ‘food writing’. And I’m officially a troll.

Update 2020: a more up to date post is Diet or eating disorder part 1

According to some distressed communications I’ve received, this year’s round of retreats and workshops has seen followers already on insanely restricted diets restrict them further. It appears coconut milk and tomatoes, as well as all legumes/pulses and all grains, including rice, are now out.

In other words, apart from no dairy, sugar, gluten, alcohol and caffeine, numbers of UM followers no longer eat legumes/pulses, grains of any kind, root vegetables, beef, dried fruit, vinegar and on and on.

Our sane readers will be asking what followers do eat? Good question. The messiah of malnutrition and his self loving flock are surviving on a limited selection of vegetables, mostly green, a limited selection of fruits, and relying on fish, selected nuts, lamb, chicken and eggs for their protein, but our investigations last year demonstrated that many followers are not meeting their protein requirements (let alone requirements for B vitamins, essential fatty acids, minerals and fat soluble vitamins). And they are suffering for it.

The original Esoteric Food charts are available to view online to allow readers to make up their own minds about the nutritional basis and health benefits of Benhayon’s food classifications. The charts were critiqued in Diet or Eating Disorder Part 1, while Part 2 looked at how followers were adhering to the diet and Benhayon’s toxic edicts, and listed signs and symptoms of malnutrition and eating disorders .

However, the diet is now more restricted than the charts show, for no other reason than Benhayon’s whim to tighten the grip on his minions, weaken them, test their compliance and slowly kill them.

Anyone imposing this diet on children is seriously compromising their growth and development and should be reported to children’s welfare services. In NSW, the Department of Family and Community Services Child Helpline number is 132 111. In Qld, report child abuse on 1800 177 135. In Victoria 131 278. Any child who has been on this diet for longer than a few weeks needs to be returned to a normal, healthy diet immediately and preferably under the supervision of a non cult doctor and/or qualified registered dietitian.

Eliminating the desire for food – eliminating the desire for life

Serge Benhayon not only demonizes food, but attempts to obliterate the healthy desire for its nourishing, life giving properties. The desire to live healthily in a strong, well nourished body is somehow conflated with having psychological ‘issues’. being ‘loveless’, suppressed and damp, which is Benhayon’s spherical way of saying wanting food and being healthy is counter to his lucrative death drive. As examined in the Diet or Death Wish post, he believes we’re all better off dead, viewing our carnal bodies as filthy, useless, pain wracked vehicles that are impeding us from uniting with the pure light of our souls.

We need to eat less than before because the light of our soul is giving us more than ever before. (Benhayon, Universal Medicine Retreat notes, April 2010)

The following passage of mangled reasoning from EDG Message 13, shows how it’s not enough to cut the evil, life giving foods from the diet, Benhayon demands his followers eliminate the instincts, emotions and thought processes that make them want the foods in the first place. In the same way, he tells followers that substituting foods for those that are banned is also unacceptable because the substitutes (gluten free, sugar free) carry the same energy.

If you buy a block of chocolate, you do not just get the block of chocolate and the un-avoidable harm your body has to deal with from the spirit stimulating cocoa, the etheric inciting sugar and the childhood emotional suppressing and comforting qualities of dairy, you also get the energy that will propel you to want to choose it again and again. The fact is, by the Law of Free-Will, ‘it’, the energy to choose it again, to call on it again, lays deeply in you. We call it ‘will power’ when we renounce such foods as sugar and chocolate and or cigarettes and alcohol etc, but is it really a case of ‘will power’ over matter or, are we fighting the energetic force of our choices that are actually locked into our kidneys as part of the life-force that makes us feel who we are and not our mind as we like to believe it is?

Play around and apply the above example to food/drinks/things/situations and you will see that until the energy is cleared, it is a self-defeating mind-full choice to NOT have what the body is craving … And then, work out who really wins if you consider that there are many energy-alike things we do not consider are the same. For example – you may not have any dairy, but did you know that potatoes, rice or even cashew nuts will do the same suppressive, comfort and damp-building if the energy needing the food is not cleared?

Did you know that cutting out white, brown or black sugar, which causes prana to better circulate throughout your body, can easily be replaced, as an absolute equal in energy and thus in cause, with oranges, mangos, pineapples, lychees, gluten or gluten free grains/carbs etc?

The key here is not the obvious immediate return we can all just about measure or account for, as in – the body’s reaction to a food we know affects us, but the fact that the propensity to seek damp-building and or pranic circulation becomes the way to live as a result of the quality of life-force chosen. Do you get it? In the case of dairy — it is not about ‘not eating dairy’ but not choosing damp, suppression or childhood comfort from the unresolved issues. In the case of sugar – it is not about ‘cutting out sugar’ but not choosing to escape one’s stillness and or presence of body. And so, if you cut out sugar or dairy, but not the energy that chose it, ‘it’ (the called-in energy), will simply find something else …even if it is ‘dairy or sugar free’.

Given that all your thoughts/intellect will be governed by the energy that enters you – what kind of so-called love or service do those who eat damp-building or pranic-circulating foods really have or do when damp and prana are the absolute opposite to love and fire?

And so here is the question we do not want to be asked, let alone answer – Can anybody you eats dairy actually love you? Apply the same to other damp building foods, other non-fiery building foods, to alcohol, drugs and pranic music etc and you will find why you checkout – because very few can truly love you as you can truly love if your life is not about love and fire building…Benhayon, S. EDG Message 13, date unknown.

‘Do you get it?’

Anyone who sincerely tried to ‘get’ the above message is in serious trouble not only with food and mortality, but with cognitive processes vandalized by a veteran manipulator. With that kind of condemnation not only of food but for the tendency of human beings to have nutritional needs, hunger and taste, which in all contexts outside UM are perfectly healthy, it’s no wonder UM followers are suffering from malnutrition, underweight conditions, and neurotic behavior at best, full blown, life threatening eating disorders at worst.

Marketing starvation and disordered eating as healthy

Benhayon doesn’t pretend the diet has a nutritional basis as he unabashedly markets death to his followers. However, his dimwitted apologists fall over themselves attempting to convince the public and each other that the diet is healthy, whining on their facebook pages and blogs to justify the evil untouchability of gluten, dairy and sugar as if such foods are on a par with nuclear radiation and anthrax.

One of the worst offenders is Sarah Cloutier who blogs on the Huffington Post as a ‘food writer’ and has her own recipe sharing blog ironically titled Heal Yourself With Food. If Sarah were honest she’d call it ‘Kill Yourself with Quasi-Food’ or ‘Recipes for Cult Members Who Don’t Want to Live Long”. A glance at the recipes shows her attempting to improvise with an unnecessarily restricted list of ingredients, and as I’ve pointed out before, most of the recipes might make okay side dishes, but they are definitely not adequate, nutritionally balanced meals.


‘Yummy’ Esoteric ‘food’


An Esoteric ‘meal’

Esoteric model of 'health'

Esoteric model of ‘health’

It’s disturbing the Huffington Post pays her to write a blog about food and healthy eating, considering the editors have been notified that Sarah Cloutier is a cult recruiter and apologist. They’ve been sent links to her posts where she beats the $$ drum for Serge and attacks so called media bias for journalistic reporting of facts. The HuffPo editors have been sent a collection of quotes from health service provider, Serge Benhayon, denigrating the human body, promoting death, and promoting disordered eating, accompanied by the charts delineating his insane fiery and pranic food classifications. They also received the images of Serge selling inappropriate touching as healing. Somehow she still has the job.

Sarah Cloutier has obnoxiously written about food in the context of relationships, when many of our readers are painfully aware the mindlessly toxic diet and its anti-social non nutritionally based restrictions causes relationship disharmony and health problems for hundreds of followers and their loved ones.

When we start a relationship, food can be really important to find common ground…

How we are brought up and exposed to food is fascinating and sets a foundation for what we like and how we explore food. Well, this is my theory for dating so hang in there …

Mum knew my favourite breakfast was (and still is!) avocado with a boiled egg. I simply would not eat cereal with milk or toast for breakfast (and still don’t). She knows that for me, cherries and apples are the best fruit ever. 

So my palate was set – I grew into a family that would feed me with what I thought was normal. My exploration of food has returned to those original impulses and I am totally gluten and dairy free.

One of my friends eats only raw vegan food and can’t imagine being with someone who eats meat. Would I be the same with dating a bread-eater? Having contemplated this for all of two seconds the truth is that I would date a gluten guy. Why not?

Yeah Sarah, you’re not a bigot at all, and your marketing of food neurosis and Esoteric apartheid makes you a real catch. And I coloured your quote green to match the colour of your stool.

And then there’s this sound advice for all the people attempting to recover from eating disorders who’ve joined UM.

My last blog was starting to explore the concept, just a concept that we need to only really need to eat when we are hungry. Now there’s a concept! There are plenty of reasons why to only eat when we are hungry … but we are over-ruled by our mind that listens to all the advice we are given by research papers, diets and professional people in the field of food. There are a myriad of documents that say we are to have everything in moderation. But what if that moderation, as my friends are experiencing, is harming? 

The Huffington Post must have adopted an Esoteric policy on comments and freedom of speech, because they’ve not allowed any of my comments.


Oh well. If anyone is offended by Sarah Cloutier’s promotion of eating disorders and malnutrition based on the insane projections of an unqualified treatment room predator and self anointed messiah, send the HuffPo editors an email. If it’s strained your relationship or caused illness or neurosis in yourself or a loved one, let them know. I’m a troll. They’re not listening to me.

Also we’d appreciate any more information on Serge Benhayon’s dietary restrictions. Please let us know if your loved one has cut out anything in addition to the items listed or on the chart. Have all followers cut out tomatoes for example? Are they still eating quinoa or is that out? We’d like to know exactly what followers and their children are and aren’t eating. Please post in the comments or use the Contact form in the tab at the top of the page. You don’t need to use a real name or email address to comment or contact – only if you want me to reply.

Since the change to NSW legislation I’ll be resubmitting a complaint to the NSW HCCC arguing that the Esoteric diet is a public health risk. Complaints, however, have much more clout if they’re made by those affected by the diet or their loved ones.

12 thoughts on “The Esoteric diet – more lethal than ever

  1. Wow, and Sarah Cloutier can’t write for crap either. How does she hold a gig at the HuffPo??

    I thought I might throw in a snippet from student EDG notes demonstrating Esoteric food apartheid and the pranic consciousness of food substitution:

    For example, you may have defeated consuming gluten and dairy – moved on from there and truly feeling great as a result, enjoying being clearer. Another person energetically feels the power you now emanate and are thus inspired to try that – that is becoming gluten and dairy free. To indulge is the alternative to being gluten and dairy free – those who indulge do not have the ashramic energy. The power of ashramic energy is to deliver the truth so another gets it.
    Dairy keeps you in emotion – cheese for example is maya – it feeds the emotion.
    The question again “Who are the Masters?” We are all the Masters – we are to carry the energy of the Truth.
    We are not to think that we are being gluten and dairy free if we substitute – for example thinking that soya cheese being not from cows milk, is dairy free – it is of the same consciousness as dairy. Soya milk becomes energetically the same as dairy milk if used as a substitute.
    Anonymous note taker, EDG notes, December, 2010.

  2. This has to be a joke. How dare you Serge (oh almighty nutcase god) decide what foods are ok to eat. please explain the rationale behind Kangaroo = pranic and lamb = fiery. Serge serge serge tell me what is wrong with ginger? It is actually an amazing antioxidant and antiviral and in many an ayurvedic remedy. Afterall didn’t you steal some of your warped philosophy from Yoga and Ayurveda???. How dare you decide which foods are evil and which are fiery. You have mimicked other types of diets but omitted 1/2 of what they say making them dangerous, but giving them the Serge twist of narcissism . Serge your opinions effect not only grown adults but their poor children. Please do the right thing and at least let the kids eat fats. Haven’t you heard all the latest research about how important organic fats are in the diet and how organic dairy has vitamin d3 and K2 in it, actually quite good or us??? You need to do some more research buddy, you just look like a complete control freak who has truely despicable behaviour.

  3. It is so true about Serge tightening the reins. Years ago, my friend, pushing me to go to a Serge workshop talking about how she had stopped gluten, coffee, alcohol. Initially I was impressed (I never had that will power) but every converstation spookily ended up with her talking about how wonderful and healing Serge was. Alarm bells. Then sure enough every year he declares some other important food group evil. If it wasn’t so tragic it would just be so laughable. My problem is my friend has a child who is missig out on grains, potatoes and all other carbs which I would argue are pretty important to a growing child. Sure don’t eat gluten or sugar (if that is your bent) but to start taking out other important complex carbs is just ridiculous.

  4. Sorry I can’t help myself. Serge and his cronies, all their problems are just 1st world problems. The problems of middle class women with nothing better to do then crap on about what lov ing foods they eat lovin gly and how they have a shower and its beaut i ful. What a load of rub bish. Mean while millions of starving Africans get delivered wheat by some NGO and they all say “sorry we can’t eat wheat Serge said it’s evil and will take us 6 months to clear and if I die tomorrow due to starvation I will end up in the Astral plane forever”. The world has serious issues to deal with, real issues, meanwhile at camp Serge they are too selfish and too self loving to even give a rats bot tom about real issues and what that means. Not to mention the eating disorders they are inflicting on their children. I know there are other groups out there equally selfish in their ideals and beliefs but Serge’s UM philosophy is not just selfish but evil and wrong and really not very well thought out – I mean no ginger ????

  5. Any wonder why the Medical Specialist (who is a big time UMer) when He visited me when I was in Hospital………….screwed his nose up at my food that was just delivered and said I do not eat ANY of that……………By the way it was a really tasty nutritious meal. Delicious.
    Shame on Him. This diet or lack of defies any logic.

    This is all so unbelievable but true! AND Dr’s sanction all of this. How can they?

    Whatever $erge says goes in everything and who is he??????. He is so EVIL. He is starving and killing them all. S L O W L Y!
    This is more proof that Universal Medicine under $erge Benhayon’s rule is a death cult. Get out quick Umer’s

    UM must somehow have real control over Huffington Post…………. there must be Directors who are Umer’s????

    Neil Ringe growled and scowled when He found out my heat pack at home had wheat in it. I wonder what they use now?…. With these further dietary restrictions.

    It isn’t laughable, but it is unbelievable. But it is true. It is so scary how this will all end.

  6. Whatthe – we wish it wasn’t a joke. Any outside UM who looks at those charts can see what bullshit it is, and it would be a joke if people weren’t getting ill on it and subjecting children to it. We can safely say Serge will neither do the right thing or do some research – research is ‘astral’ and if he cut the bullshit, he’d be cutting his lines of profit. I am not exaggerating when I say the diet is a death drive. There is no other reason for it.

    Lou, don’t apologize. You should see the emails I get, and I wish some of the folk who write to me flummoxed and angry would post in the comments. None of us are alone in being outraged by this. First world problems – YES – spoiled, selfish dimwits, forgoing nutritious foods the truly disadvantaged on this earth would give anything to have, and carrying on about how existentially uncomfortable they were before they joined the cult. Insufferable bourgeois arseholes.

    Carbs are extremely important to growing kids, as are protein and fats. The Esoteric diet not only compromises children’s growth, but brain development at a critical point. If brain development is impeded in childhood, there is no playing catch up later on. The fact cult doctors like Eunice Minford and mystic dentists like Rachel ‘not a whiff of sexual overtones’ Hall place allegiance to Serge before the health of followers, including children, is a crime. Not to mention paediatrician Dr Howard Chilton.

    Yes, Feline, shame on all the cult doctors. As for the HuffPo, I’d say Sarah, who has worked for a long time in media, has connections there. Princess is right – her writing is lousy, she knows bugger all about food and less about nutrition. Someone’s done her a favour giving her a gig there, and her posts are not popular. HuffPo articles usually have hundreds of FB likes and tweets, and she has very few. Her commenters are usually cult stalwarts.

  7. What’s wrong with a little comfort? Or even a lot. We spent hundreds of years without it, our forebears dying early and hungry so we, their great grandchildren, can eat some cake and ice-cream. I am no expert, and clearly Venus is more versed in health and dietary issues, but it strikes me that this esoteric diet is wholly capricious and simply about Serge’s self-importance and need to control his followers. Of course it has come from the hierarchy so I may be very well wrong. Who am I to argue with a few dozen fictitious disembodied entities rattling around inside Serge’s skull?

    The proof of the pudding, quite literally, is the health effect it has on the followers. I am well aware they congratulate themselves and each other on their weight loss and how amazing they feel because they are not ‘bloated’ and that they’ve naturally been able to give up coffee, sugar, gluten, dairy but that sounds a little to me like the argument of an anorexic. The relationship they are having with food, thanks to Serge and his inane ramblings and edicts, is dysfunctional and phobic. And I believe, based on their comments, lends itself to the same sort of distorted self image.

    Last year I interviewed quite a number of families and a common theme, amongst others, was the effect the diet was having on the member. Reported was weight and muscle loss, dry skin, loss of libido, unrelenting diarrhea, hair loss, sudden aging, early onset menopause and fatigue- resulting in the followers prized early nights. Yet all of these family members told me how these individuals believed they looked and felt better, and bragged about it incessantly. The groups blogs are full of similar self obsessed outpourings. It was probably this dietary fanaticism that rang alarm bells for many family members and led to further investigations into the true nature of the group, and in some cases, the demise of relationships and families.

    It’s cult leader 101. Control the intellect, emotions, food, activities, music, information, relationships. Keep the members self obsessed and inward peering to the point of disappearing up their own starved rectums while you fleece them. As for the Huffington Post allowing Sarah Coulter to promulgate this pungent nonsense… well I think that speaks for itself.

  8. “And I coloured your quote green to match the colour of your stool”

    One your best Venus tee hee hee

    Guys the reoccurring theme with $erge “Cooly O” is that the goal posts are always changing. Those in UM are soooo daft they don’t pick it up.

    “Cooly O” is this one of yours $erge? I don’t think so………

    Like one of your Brides who used to actively promote her business of Kinesiology with the note on her business card that the “British government had backed that Kinesiology “could” have therapeutic benefits”.
    It was a great way to engage unwary customers and a platform so they could claim on health funds, which of cause is a rout by itself, but a creative way to secure the unwary into this shit. You know who $erge.

    This was quickly removed from her business advertising once you decided kinesology was “Pranic” and the books were burned… was the name of her business.

    Your pathetic rules of attraction and reflection are sooo flawed. You have attracted soo much attention $erge…….How do you explain this to your brides? AMAZING and TRULY BEAUTIFUL?

    On another note what about the exploitive nature of one of your brides in NZ that promotes art as healing?? Based on what??

    Check out her site……but be careful she claims

    “Jeanette is an eternal student of the Ageless Wisdom through and with Universal Medicine and her inner heart”.

    Ho ho ho just another platform for recruitment$$

    Attractully (is that a word. Sorry it’s rubbing off!) I spoke to a customer of this Bride who claimed a number of years ago that she “could” help with a significant medical condition he had. Amazingly, no she did not help. Now isn’t that ironic?

    Oooooooo hooooo hoooo the tide is turning……

  9. Serge has proselytisers for himself and his scary diet and teachings everywhere.

    My Body’s Reactions to Gluten, Dairy and Sugar
    30June 2013
    by Cherise Holt, Gastroenterology Nurse, Brisbane

    “Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon have never told me what foods to eat or avoid, but they have greatly inspired me to be more aware of making loving food choices. Through my own process of elimination, I have been graced to feel how these foods were really affecting me and my body.”

  10. What is a Gastroenterology Nurse? Is that a made up title?
    You consult with a Gastroenterologist? not a Nurse?

    • A gastroenterology nurse is an expert with the bed pan, so more knowledgeable about how food comes out than how it goes in. Perhaps Serge could have used Cherise’s assistance with his lavatorial epiphany. We’d all be suffering less if he flushed it.

      Scarlet is right, the Brides of Serge are all over the internet bleating self obsessed outrage over the satanic qualities of gluten and dairy.

      So Cherise, why have you eliminated root vegetables, grains, including rice, vinegar and all the other perfectly nutritious foods Sergio has demonized, and how’s the chronic diarrhoea? Did you know that chronic diarrhoea eventually turns to chronic constipation once the bowel loses all its tone and motility? Hm? You would have seen the effects of laxative abuse, Cherise. The Esoteric death diet will have a similar effect.

      Anyway, while the cult members are busy obsessing over the diet, they’re TOTALLY FINE with the molestation and psychological, financial, spiritual and emotional abuses of the cult, and it’s leader, who likes to have adolescent girls come to his house for extended sleepovers.

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