The Esoteric Practitioners Association – money for nothing

'I don't want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member.' Groucho Marx

I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member.

Universal Medicine students undertake Esoteric healing workshops under the apprehension that completing a certain set of courses will enable them to become an ‘accredited’ Esoteric healer through Universal Medicine’s own accreditation body, the Esoteric Practitioners Association. The UniMed cult claims the EPA has the highest ethical standards of any practitioner association in the world, yet provide the public with no information on what those standards are. Nor is the EPA a registered training body, which begs the question, what does Esoteric accreditation mean? What are EPA members paying for?

Esoteric accreditation – bypassing authority

In 2009 we inaugurated the Esoteric Practitioners Association Pty Ltd (EPA). This arm of Universal Medicine represents the members association, the practitioners association and, it acts as the accrediting vehicle for the Complementary Medicine modalities as taught by Universal Medicine. Universal Medicine Website

We still haven’t been able to find out how much the EPA membership fees are, but the following notes from an Esoteric Development Group lecture shows how the EPA was sold to members.

Many people have asked Serge over the years to make his website more user friendly but he knew people had to welcome themselves to the work and if the people came then they were ready. He has not compromised in any way and now we are reaping the benefit of this. An example of this is that we used to have to be insured by the National Federation of Healers in order to practice Esoteric Healing. This meant that we had to come under the banner of “Spiritual healing”. Serge did not want to be under the umbrella of spiritual healing so he and some others got the esoteric modalities fully accredited and now we have the EPA, which is the accrediting arm of Universal Medicine…

Serge began the work he is doing now with doing healing session, then he went onto do the Heart Chakra presentations where he was telling people in Byron Bay that they had to close off their lower 3 chakras and they would argue with him about that. Then with the help of Serryn O’Regan and Anne Barns we got our healing modalities accredited and set up the EPA. (Esoteric Development Group lecture notes taken by Elizabeth Dolan, December, 2011)

Qualifications and insurance are mandatory for Australia’s registered healthcare practitioners (doctors, dentists, physios, psychologists, Chinese medicine practitioners etc.), but anyone (including Serge) can set up as a ‘healer’. There’s no registration or formal regulation, so no requirement for insurance. A look at the National Federation of Healers website shows the federation to be a small membership who join and agree to abide by their code of conduct voluntarily. A number of such voluntary associations exist in Australia, as an assurance to the public that in the absence of formal regulation, the members agree to abide by a common code. The NHF site doesn’t mention insurance.

More importantly, how and where did cult lawyer and Breast Massager Serryn O’Regan, with the help of Anne McRitchie, get the Esoteric modalities ‘accredited’? With whom? What does Esoteric ‘accreditation’ mean, and where is the evidence?

Or was accreditation outsourced to Arcturus?

A simple check with the Australian Skills Quality Authority or ASQA tells us Universal Medicine is not and never was a registered training body. The claim of ‘accreditation’ is therefore what the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission would call a false or misleading claim.

EPA Chairman Neil Ringe and ‘the highest code of conduct in the world’

All practitioners need to abide by the comprehensive and uncompromising ‘Code of Ethics’ established by the Esoteric Practitioners Association and must be fully insured. Universal Medicine Website – Truth about Esoteric Breast Massage

For those choosing to become noted and or EPA accredited practitioners of Esoteric Massage, it is compulsory to have read Book 3 (The Way of Initiation) and signed the EPA Code of Ethics and Conduct.  (Benhayon, S., Esoteric Massage Level 1 manual, p.4)

But what is the EPA’s Code of Ethics and if it’s so comprehensive, presumably in the interest of protecting patients, why is it not posted anywhere on the Universal Medicine site? Benhayon was critical of the National Federation of Healers, but at least their site is succinct, easy to navigate, and their code is clearly stated. And they only charge $55 per annum for membership.

All we could find about the EPA’s code was through statements made by cult physiotherapist, Kate Greenaway, and EPA chairman and chakrapuncturist Neil Ringe, both of whom are enjoying the Glory and the cash that comes from being long term yes-artists for Serge.

The healing modalities we use are all insured by a reputable insurance company under the Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA) and we combine complementary health care with western medicine.

The code of ethics for the EPA are the highest I have ever experienced, based on ”No Harm” to others and to ourselves in how we live our lives. This is from the understanding that how we live in our bodies affects those around us and especially via hands-on therapies. Kate Greenaway, quoted in the EchoNet Daily.

The following is an edited audio transcript of Universal Law office manager, Gayle Cue, interviewing EPA chairman Neil Ringe in June 2011. Around the 35 minute mark of an interview where Ringe rubbishes his old profession of acupuncture to laud the Esoteric benefits of chakrapuncture, Gayle asks about the necessity of setting up Universal Medicine’s own practitioner association.

35:30 Gayle Cue: …it would have been so much easier to just slip into some other complementary medicine association.

Neil Ringe: I knew about it (the formation of the EPA) from the start but I didn’t do all the preliminary work. That was done by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and the able assistance of some people, who did a lot of work getting it up and running, and particularly getting insurance. Because even though it’s an Esoteric association, it’s very much in the temporal world; that is to say it’s very much here in our daily world, and it’s regulated and it has, any practitioner that completes the course, can gain insurance…

Regulated by whom, Neil?


(An Esoteric practitioner) is someone who’s committed to a way of life, a Livingness, a way of coming into contact with our innermost being and so they don’t have to be a practitioner in the sense. Anybody can come along. People can be student members, support members. We’ve got surgeons, doctors, dentists, physios, bodyworkers, and there are Esoteric modalities that are under the Esoteric Practitioners’ Association, like chakrapuncture and Esoteric healing and Esoteric massage. Also there is for women Esoteric Breast Massage as well. And there is more bodywork to come as well.

So members don’t have to be practitioners. They can pay to join just for the joy of belonging to an energetically correct clique.

The difference is the Code of Ethics and conduct. In fact brokers in both Australia and Britain have said it’s the highest code of conduct in the world, and ethics too of course…The conduct really is about how we live, so practitioners when they join the association are committing to live the knowledge they’re gaining from the ancient wisdom…

Insurance brokers are now the arbiters of ethics and experts on the ‘ancient wisdom’ Serge threw together from 1999.

We ask that practitioners who belong live the teachings…so there’s no separation from how you are in clinic to how you are in your daily life. If you don’t behave in one way, or give advice to someone and then immediately break that advice with regard to your own self.

GC: So the association is insured?

NR: Yes, very much so. It’s very insured by OAMPS who are major insurance brokers.

GC: That must have been quite a feat to get that accomplished.

NR: It was a massive feat. When the brokers came to Goonellabah to the clinic there and saw the work that Serge Benhayon presented they were so impressed, it, um, happened. I was surprised in the end by the speed in which it happened…I think because it is a first.

GC: Is it the first in the world?

NR: I think it’s the first in the world, the brokers have certainly said that. There isn’t another like it, and certainly the Code of Ethics…The thing is we’re not flying under the radar. This is an absolutely insurable modalities with now an established association where practitioners and members are living what they are learning and what they are teaching too. Because it’s very important because you must live the advice you give…We all know that doesn’t apply to a lot of practitioners we see.

Except you are flying under the radar, Neil. The Esoteric Practitioners Association website is defunct and has been since media scrutiny of UM began. There is no list of Esoteric Practitioners as promised, no disclosure of the EPA’s structure and funding, and no Code of Ethics to be found. In other words, no transparency. The EPA has an Australian Business Number, but unlike most practitioner associations is not a not for profit organization. How many members are there, how much do they pay to belong per annum and what’s your salary, Neil?

The EPA insurance fiction

Nor is gaining insurance any kind of feat. Any practitioner can be insured, as this list of approved modalities from Insurance House shows. More importantly, what is so risky about Esoteric healing that requires indemnity insurance?

Does Esoteric indemnity insurance cover inappropriate touching?

Is that what the brokers were so impressed by when they travelled to Goonellabah to see the ‘work’? Were these practices, and others, such as the privacy invading consent form, disclosed to the insurers, as is the duty of the insured? I haven’t gotten around to it yet, but perhaps it’s time they were.

For those interested, the wording from the standard OAMPS (W. R. Berkley) Complementary Therapy insurance policy spells out exactly what indemnity insurance does and doesn’t cover. It’s discussed in the following post – Indemnity Insurance doesn’t indemnify abuse, or dishonesty, or privacy invasions or any criminal behaviour.

Energetic Assessment of EPA members

At the 42 minute mark of Ringe’s interview, Cue asked him about his duties as Chairman of the EPA. He states each of the modalities has an overseer, although he is the chairman of the association and gets to decide each members energetic correctness. He’s so Esoterically advanced he can tell straight away if a member is not Esoteric enough.

I chair the overall things but mostly it’s about implementing that very Livingness. It’s about making sure that’s all happening and communicating to people when it isn’t or when they’re in doubt.

(On the accreditation process): There are requirements of course. There is one thing all practitioners have to have, which is an energetic assessment…That’s very easy to see in another. You see straight away what they carry…That is again unique and a first I think, that we’ll say actually you’re not living this so you can’t work under this banner. And if you do live it, you’ll be assessed that way and you’ll be able to practice under the banner. It’s not as intimidating as it sounds. It’s quite liberating really because, um, you can claim it, you can feel that you really belong to some, to that fire that we all collectively are.

In other words, in the absence of any real ethical standards that protect patients, EPA members pay to be assessed on whether they are obeying the cult line. It’s another version of Serge Benhayon’s Initiation scale. Neil Ringe, right hand enabler to Serge Benhayon, stationed at the top of the lucrative abuse pyramid is the chief fascist and judge.

The over remunerated Universal Medicine cult hierarchy would like us to believe that EPA members living what they practice and teach constitutes the ‘highest code of conduct in the world’. However, the molestation marketed as healing, the baseless therapeutic claims, the secrecy, the privacy invasions, the dangerous, non nutritionally based diet, the lack of transparency and the authoritarianism of pompous, soft spoken despots like Ringe suggest the EPA’s code of conduct is more likely the lowest.

Please use the contact tab at the top of the page if you have any further information on the EPA, or post in the comments. We’d like to know how much the annual fees are, and if anyone has a copy of the code of ethics, or any other EPA paperwork. Are members issued receipts?

Anyone who joined the EPA under the apprehension they would be accredited as an Esoteric healer, and such accreditation was necessary to be able to purchase insurance, has a case for complaint to the ACCC (Office of Fair Trading) and is entitled to a refund of their fees.

And if anyone would like to contact OAMPS Insurance Brokers, it would save me a heap of time. Done, thank you!

UPDATE: In response to our exposure, the EPA has made it Code of Ethics and Conduct, supposedly copyright 2009, available to the public for the first time. It only took four years. A dissection of EPA members breaches of their own code is available in the Crackpot Code of Ethics posts

24 thoughts on “The Esoteric Practitioners Association – money for nothing

  1. The whole lot is a lie.
    These UM leaders have patients/clients/suckers sign “THE FORM” for treatment and they kid you on it is a legal document that says UM and practitioners etc accept no responsibility.
    ‘highest code of conduct!’ What a lying joke……………………………………….SCAM

    • Yes, the UM Workshop Consent form used that business name – another one of the Benhayons’ many businesses. Perhaps I should add this to the post: the EPA Pty Ltd ABN 75139603160 was obviously set up as a business rather than a not for profit with directors Serge and Natalie Benhayon and company secretary, Serryn Louise O’Regan.

      So I wonder how Fiery Impulses rakes in the cash.

      Anyone with info, please contact me or post in the comments. You don’t need to use your real name or real email address – only if you want me to contact you.

      So there must also be a treatment consent form. We’d heard Neil asks people to sign consent for chakrapuncture and Eso-psychology. We’d love to see one of those from any of the healers. Please scan and send it if you have one.

  2. The list of Insurance House approved modalities mentioned above is a cracker!
    Especially with Neil Sell Out Ringe trying to tell us Eso-healers need to join the EPA to get insurance. What bullshit!
    I’m tempted to post the list on the FACTS site for a laugh to show how HARD it is to get insurance…
    Anyway, my fave examples of the high risk healing modalities practitioners can get insurance for:
    Art therapy
    Essences of Angels
    Feng shui
    Indian Head Massage
    Pranic Massage (LOL)
    Rekindled Ancient Wisdom
    Tibetan Bowl Sacred Healing Sound
    I notice there’s no mention of amateur rape counselling, or genital massage.

    • I have Professional Indemnity insurance, but my profession is non invasive and therefore regarded as low risk, so I only pay a couple of hundred a year for that and public liability. That’s a fraction of what doctors pay – because medical practices and procedures naturally carry greater risks.

      Also, there are less regulatory mechanisms for complementary therapists, so there are less avenues for patients to make a claim. I imagine, for anyone to claim against the Eso-numbskulls they’d have to make a police complaint or take them to court. If they got a damages payout, and I reckon you would if you were molested by these arrogant entitled fools, OAMPS presumably would have to pay up.

      Neil IS full of it. I don’t know how he isn’t ashamed of himself.

      • On the few occasions I was talked into having an eso-massage I did sign a piece of paper. I was also asked to spill the beans about my medical history and tell of any psychological and emotional problems. My theory is that since all these UM healing modalities are neither accredited, nor are they healing (according to UM), and since they are rip offs of already known alternative therapies, it’s paramount to give them a whiff of credibility and invent those consent forms. And taking medical histories makes you feel like you are almost a REAL doctor! Yey!

        It’s quite hilarious. The EPA is the brainchild of Sergio and isn’t accredited to accredit anything. The UM therapies are not therapies and are not designed to cure anyone. The UM practitioners train for four years to be able to heal….nothing. The consent forms have clients consent to things that do not exist, happen, or work. And everyone is paying Sergio a lot of money. It is a genius business model.

  3. My fave part of the defunct EPA site is the profile images guidelines page where Rebecca Baldwin the control freak micromanages how the EPA mugshot SHOULD look
    Apparently if you have shadows in your mugshot and your mug doesn’t fit the dimensions, Neil Ringe and Rebecca and the rest of the Esoteric goon squad will assess you energetically and deem you hopelessly UN ESOTERIC.

    But they’ll probably still take your fees.

    • PP yesterday when I clicked the above link you could see EPA mugshot etc, but today it says access denied!
      RB isn’t doing gentle breaths.


        Rebecca, Precious, there’s nothing wrong with being a control freak – just ask Venus.
        Claim it darling, be OUT, be PROUD!
        Still, the giggles keep coming… Access denied LOL!
        Access to WHAT? The defunct site of a bogus practitioner association that operates with no transparency and is not accountable to anyone let alone the public.

        Ten bucks they’re still taking fees.

  4. “as a result of the growth and intensity of humanity’s illnesses and diseases along with the rise of multi-symptomatic conditions” According to a blurb on the UM site about the EPA.
    So not only is the EPA fictitious, it is treating a fictitious rise in fictitious diseases. NIce.

    I think the “EPA” suffers from the same regulatory oversight as unregistered practitioners. In this case, it is an association to ensure that the unproven, untested, thoroughly useless healing modalities invented by Serge have some credibility because of the wholly incredible EPA.

    And it sounds to me like Neil didnt get that the insurers were really saying ” What 2000 members we can tap now! Wow you guys have the most integrity we’ve EVER seen…! how many member forms do you need today?”

    Is there anything that Serge does that isn’t off somehow? I can’t believe that the members, or someone as intelligent as Neil, doesn’t know that they are in the midst of a complex large scale scam.

  5. I just looked at these lines I wrote above: The Esoteric Practitioners Association website is defunct and has been since media scrutiny of UM began. There is no list of Esoteric Practitioners as promised, no disclosure of the EPA’s structure and funding, and no Code of Ethics to be found. In other words, no transparency.

    It occurred to me, it’s not just no transparency – it’s no association. An association is meaningless if it’s not accountable to the public. It’s become a secret society, and who wants to bet members are still paying to belong.

    Thanks for your comments.

    pranabunny, do you remember, did the massage consent form look like the workshop consent form? Yes, I think the consent forms give an appearance of professional legitimacy, but as I mentioned in the privacy post, there are reasons why Australia has privacy laws to stop people like exploitative cults collecting private information. I really think they use the information to market their crappy services, and Eso-healers’ primary targets are the vulnerable – sexual abuse victims, cancer patients and people with eating disorders. All this formal seeming rigamarole and Sergio’s tuition in boundary transgression gives them the sense of entitlement to private info, and then to flog Sergio’s Esoteric salvation.

    Princess is working on her own money for nothing post, and I think it’ll be up tomorrow.

    Feline, they needed mugshots for the appearance of legitimacy and to maximise the shame when UM collapses and Sergio succeeds in demoralizing everyone associated with him. I use past tense, because the EPA is history. It might be taking money from cult members but it won’t be going public.

    And brudda, Neil is in on it. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

    • Actually, I mis-remembered (to use Sergio’s favourite linguistic tool, the HYPHEN). I only signed on a list against my name to confirm that I had received an hour long massage. You know, as part of the the 100 hours aspiring practitioners have to rack up before they can progress to level 2 or whatever. But when I think about it now it doesn’t instill me with confidence that my full name, DOB and whatever ‘medical history’ I gave at the time are now in the hands of UM. That’s what you get for being polite and not saying NO.

    • Neil must have also failed to go to the famous Bell BBQ (book burning quest) because he’s got an extensive library of very pranic, non esoteric books on acupuncture, Buddhism, Tao, Chi, Chinese medicine, healing, philosophy etc. There’s also no Da Vinci nods in view or Serge’s expensive Chinese tanagrams. But he does speak of Serge in reverential terms and endow him with super human ability (like having an off the chart non existent cranio sacral pulse) his whole persona and face changing when he does- literally like a shadow passing over him. Deep down, I think there is some resistance from Neil to the great truths of his friend Serge. Maybe the lure of the steady steam of customers makes it all a little more bearable.

      • Neil Ringe has me flummoxed. I met him in the late nineties. He was a good acupuncturist with a huge and loyal following and an intelligent bloke. He did good work.

        When I read Serge’s writings now I see Neil in them. Neil calls Serge his good friend, but Serge doesn’t have friends, he has followers. Still, when I read the stuff, I can see that Neil clearly spent time with Serge, assisting him in honing his Esoteric philosophy, probably with a certain amount of debate where Neil came off second best. Knowing the way Serge debates, via spherical SergeSpeak and a bit of covert hypnosis, he’s done a number on Neil’s mind, whilst tapping the most valuable parts.

        At the Patanjali yoga sutra meeting I attended, which was so obviously a flim flam show where Serge was ‘channelling’ a ‘translation’ of Patanjali, that bore no resemblance to the actual sutra, Serge called on Neil to comment. I was stunned to hear Neil go along with it, and to bolster Serge’s blatant bullshit with some deeply personal experiences he’d had through zen meditation – and how in meditation he’d experienced ‘love’ – a strangely Western interpretation of the state arrived at in meditation. I imagine a more apt description for what he experienced was ‘trance’ plus detachment, which explains somewhat how Serge arrived at the Esoteric, emotionless ‘love’ trance he is wholesaling, which got mixed in with a good whack of New Age me me me-ism, he calls ‘self loving choices’ (and to hell with everyone else). Neil always was aloof, but never New Age. A good number of people in attendance were Neil’s patients, and that really troubled me, because most did not have the educational background to get that Serge was talking shit. To see a trusted practitioner, who had integrity back then, endorsing it – much the same way the cult doctors do now – really disgusted me. All the codes of conduct have that built in – practitioners are not to exploit patients’ lack of knowledge. But none of the doctors are as intelligent as Neil used to be. They are all, without exception, numbskulls, and double that for the mystic dentists and the psychologists.

        I told Neil about the ovarian reading when it happened. He agreed when I complained to him that it was inappropriate and that no healer needs to be prying into patients’ private lives. He agreed it was unnecessary and Serge shouldn’t do it. But then he told me not to disregard the ‘good’ because of a few bad things. I never spoke to him again.

        Now he’s telling lies publicly to sell a bigger lie and playing power trips over vulnerable people. He’s denounced acupuncture and is regurgitating Serge’s perverse, death worshipping philosophy and damaging patients with his pronouncements on the karmic causes of their health problems, while doing worthless, morose chakrapuncture bullshit treatments. He and Deborah Benhayon would be competing for the single most compromised individuals in the cult.

        And yeah, he gets a free pass from the cult paraphernalia, because he doesn’t buy a word of it. But I do think Serge has messed with his head, hopefully not irreparably.

  6. Darkly Venus and You know who’s brudda I was one of Neil’s customers.
    Neil exudes a wise, confident, experienced superior persona,low voice and well spoken. Which makes for the whole experience to be very very confusing. How can a seemingly intelligent man come out with such weird stuff? And be affiliated with UM.
    I was referred to Neil by a UM Medical Practitioner. Which added more confusion. At the time I had not pieced together the whole UM thing.

    Initially Neil had me fill out a form for my Medical history. I did NOT tick the box for massage or eso philosophy.
    Neil would put scenarios to me and wait for your reaction. An example of this is during one visit out of the blue Neil told me about a woman who had left her family after many years and now her children won’t speak to her, Neil told me he had told her not to be hard on herself. What was this to do with me I ask?
    He waited for my reaction – now I see he was fishing.
    Was I another woman who could be recruited? He picked wrongly in me I am very happy.

    He asked me directly what religion I was? or had been and then proceeded to tell me how controlling that religion is. My gut was telling me something was weird BUT my doctor had sent me to Neil. When Neil was placing the needles in he would be coming out with all of this weird stuff really weird. Eso philosophy I see now.
    eg: reincarnation etc Breast cancer is not hereditary past lives are responsible. Serge’s UM evil teachings that you Darkly Venus have so bravely exposed. My way of dealing with Neil sprouting eso philosophy was to say nothing. I gave up the useless treatments. When you were left alone it was relaxing lying there. The air was so thick with incense I didn’t like that. He has eye pillows for sale.
    He told me no dairy and not to even use my wheat pack wheat packs are so wrong!

    I see that UM training so many Umer’s to do Chakra Puncture is a win win for UM and Serge a bit like pyramid selling. Serge make lots of money supposedly training them and then these trained ones try to recruit new members whilst performing chakra. They do this by asking questions, medical history and preaching eso philosophy. If chakra supposedly has 45,000 points it can’t be hard to learn…
    lol if it wasn’t such an evil scam.
    Neil sure makes lots of money from his steady stream of clients. Cash no receipt unless you request one by email.

    • Thanks for this Susie. I’ve been hearing a lot from practitioners in the area about Neil’s conduct with patients. He is not the man I knew, who was so widely respected, and many of our readers will understand what I’m saying because they’ve seen their friends/loved ones undergo dramatic personality changes and start behaving in heartless, unstable and unethical ways we wouldn’t have thought possible in the past.

      Neil used to love humanity. He was always a bit cool and aloof, but he did care about people – he cared about relieving their pain and symptoms and freeing them up to have more peaceful enjoyable lives, and he was good at it. Now he’s a cold, judgemental, mercenary despot, and I have to say, being a long term patient, and working in healthcare as long as I have, I have a special contempt for practitioners who abuse patients, whether by bullshit, baseless ineffectual treatments or with callous mind fuck. So many people trusted Neil and now he’s selling his patients into a vicious quagmire of righteous molestation and protracted death. It’s unforgiveable and he deserves to be exposed.

      And hello to all the cult members reading. I mention key names here and up go the pageviews. Keep reading, engage your critical minds. You might learn something.

  7. Thank you to info found by one of our humble anonymous helpers, UM reckons they’re insured with W R Berkley through OAMPS Insurance Brokers.

    So a part 2 blog post on the EPA is on way, which should be good reading, as is an extensive notification to OAMPS.

    Thanks again to our helpers. We REALLY can’t do this without you. We have our own work and family commitments and there aren’t enough hours in the day for us to uncover all of UM’s dirt. So again, if you think we need to know something, please use the Contact form. You can use it without listing an email address, or you can use a fake one, unless you want a reply.

  8. The cult has updated its 2013 schedule with the EPA Annual Conference – Open to Members only – Saturday 20th July, 10am to 4pm

    Although this is only open to practitioner and student members of the EPA, the information, work and energetic foundations presented are then given to all via the many mediums our practitioners and students of the EPA express through in their daily lives. In affect and effect, this conference, in time, reaches all.

    Right, and will that include a debrief on how practitioners really really do need to belong to the unregistered EPA to gain insurance that won’t cover them for abusive Esoteric so called healing practices? What about an annual report with details of the EPA’s structure and finances? Hm?

    Or is Neil Ringe needing another extension on his house?

    But at least that answers our question. The bogus, non transparent, non publicly accountable non association EPA is still taking fees, although its function is precisely fuck all. Except for a very important, botched together at the last minute annual damage control conference.

  9. Conventional Medicine and Universal Medicine ~ a doctor’s perspective
    24July 2012
    by Dr Samuel Kim MBBS FRACP MPH, Brisbane, Australia
    “There are, of course, so many “alternative” healing modalities available today, and a significant demand in the broader community for alternative therapies. However, there is, unfortunately, a limited understanding amongst the general public of the effect that the energetic intent behind some so-called healing modalities and their practitioners, can have on patients. In my experience, it is the emphasis of Serge and Universal Medicine on the intent and energetic integrity of the practitioner, whether traditional or complementary, that differs from other approaches to healing. Practitioners associated with Universal Medicine are accredited according to the very strict guidelines of the Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA), with emphasis on “do no harm” both in one’s personal and professional life. It is only practitioners of the highest level of personal and energetic integrity who are accredited by the EPA.” end of quote.

    Where are ‘the very strict guidelines’ of the bogus EPA written Dr Kim? So that the unwary Public can check this out.- nowhere!?
    What is ‘energetic integrity’ Dr Kim? Cult speak to bamboozle the unwary and vulnerable.
    Emphasis on “do no harm” ????? The evidence tragically says otherwise
    Who has given accreditation to the EPA???? hmmmm $erge????? and who is he? A businessman that’s all.
    How dare you sanction such a man and organisation.
    It is all a $CAM.

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