Esoteric Practitioners Association Crackpot Code of Ethics Part 2: More hypocrisy, more breaches – undue influence

3StoogesEsotericHealingThe Esoteric Practitioners Association Pty Ltd was inaugurated in 2009, but up until a week ago, its website was under construction and its Code of Ethics and Conduct, touted to be the highest standard in the world, had never been made public. As a document packed with Universal Medicine’s absurdist cultic authoritarianism, and as a list of the cult’s misdemeanours and double standards, it doesn’t disappoint. In this second part of a series on the crackpot code, we look at the UM’s attempts to evade accountability as well as sections on undue influence and mental health. Members of the public need only read a few posts on this site to find a catalogue of EPA members’ breaches of their own code.  

Knee-jerk ethics – reaction without substance

The Universal Medicine cult succeeded once in getting this blog removed from the blogger platform without a court order, and ever since, they’ve been looking for ways to shut me and other victims and critics down. It’s a lot of effort to go to, to bully victims, unless, of course their victims’ presentation of evidence of their wrongdoing is putting a dent in their bottom line.

It’s nice to see they’ve been paying attention. On the 9th of July, not quite two weeks after the Esoteric Practitioners Association – Money for Nothing post appeared on this site, the cult hastily updated its schedule and announced the Esoteric Practitioners Association Annual Conference. The Universal Medicine calendar of events for 2013 has no mention of it. It also appears it was the EPA’s first ‘annual’ conference in four years, while the much mythologized Code of Ethics and Conduct, copyright Serge Benhayon 2009, suddenly materialized in a puff of damage control the day of the conference last Saturday. While it gives the appearance of addressing several concerns raised on this blog, the blatant long term breaches by Esoteric practitioners of their own code shows it’s a belated and unconvincing stab at appeasing nervous cult members and an increasingly well informed public.

We’re looking forward to the completion of the EPA website, and hoping it will include the promised directory of Esoteric Practitioners (which we’ll link to from our Naming Names UniMed Cartel page). In spite of students constantly throwing money into UM courses and EPA membership, very few Eso-practitioners will ever make a living out of overcharging for rubbish, untested modalities that do zilch for symptoms, and come with a full package of mind-fuck. Not that any Benhayon or upper rung cult member cares whether patients are abused and ripped off or that the minions get a negative return on their investment. UM students continue to attend workshops in an attempt to stave off their despicable PRANA, and as long as they do, the money rolls to the top of the pyramid.

In the previous post, we looked at contradictions and hypocrisy within the code of conduct, and numerous breaches of the code by Esoteric Practitioners particularly with regards to Informed Consent, personal and sexual boundary transgressions and breaches of confidentiality. The following are more glaring double standards from the EPA’s own code.

Undue Influence is prohibited, but deception, exploitation and brainwashing is fine

3. Undue Influence on Clients

a) Undue influence is a concept recognised by law where one in a potentially superior position by way of age, status or profession, could influence a more vulnerable person…Esoteric Practitioners Association Code of Ethics and Conduct, p.10

I’ve been writing about UM’s undue influence for months, and have been vilified, censored, bullied and falsely accused of stalking and criminality for it. In contrast, when the cult feigns transparency by talking it up in their code, they are exhibiting ‘utmost integrity’.

All therapists place themselves in a superior position as soon as a client agrees to treatment and/or lays on a treatment table, and while unregistered practitioners are equally responsible for the ethical treatment of patients, the greatest power imbalance occurs when medical or allied health professionals exploit vulnerable patients by spreading pseudoscience and misinformation, and participate in, enable, promote or deny abusive practices like Esoteric Breast, Uterus or Ovarian Massage, molestation of sexual abuse victims, or Benhayon’s ‘Livingness death drive’. Doctors Eunice Minford, Samuel Kim, Howard Chilton, Anne Malatt, Jane Barker, Elizabeth Skinner, Maxine Szramka, Rachel Hall, Rachel Mascord, physiotherapists Kate Greenaway, Jane Torvaney and Andrew Mooney, and psychologists Caroline Raphael, Brendan Mooney and Marianna Masiorski are all culpable, and all in breach of the EPA’s own code.

• Pressuring clients to continue to have treatments…

Esoteric practitioners specialize in overservicing – persuading clients to persist with useless, health negating ‘treatments’, such as Chakra-Puncture ‘Chemo-Wash’, or 12 sessions of inspecific ‘Detox’ with an eating disorder thrown in. Marketing for Esoteric Breast Massage, which clients have been having regularly for years in order to ‘reconnect’ with the breasts located right under their noses, included advice the massages were needed daily in ‘acute cases’.

Or there’s this prognostication from an Esoteric healing workshop manual:

A wounded chakra is usually present when in many lives the personality is reluctant to let go. It may also be that healing is not possible due to simply not having someone who can do it. A wounded chakra represents many complications for that person. A great example of this is a woman or a man experiencing rape and not having it cleared energetically for many lifetimes. This can be 100s sometimes 1000s of years old. But if not cleared it will still be in the chakra. (Benhayon, S. Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 2 Workshop Manual, p.17)

Esoteric healers are the only healers in the universe able to ‘clear’ the ‘1000s of years old’ energy that victims can’t detect until they’re told to. We’re still waiting for someone to present as ‘clear’ (Scientology uses the same term to keep followers toiling through their courses at great expense), but never mind, that’ll be $70, come back indefinitely.

• Subjecting clients to treatment that is unnecessary, or not in their best interest… (EPA Code of Ethics and Conduct, p.11)

The ovarian reading I copped was not necessary, or in my best interest, and I didn’t want it and said so, but got it anyway. I’ve argued throughout this site that NONE of the Esoteric modalities is able to address symptoms or benefit health, and nor do they aim to. In countless cases Esoteric healing has made life considerably worse for UM followers and their loved ones. Eg. the Esoteric diet, Esoteric womens health modalities, Esoteric Chakra-Puncture.

In a piece of exemplary salesmanship, Serge admits as much in the Code of Ethics:

Certain prescriptions, when they are in-truth prescribed, can assist in the cure of the symptoms. That said, they are not the healing answer. The roots of our ills and woes come from an ill source and flow of energy. This principle is founded on the immutable scientific fact that all is energy. If ‘all’ is energy, all is therefore, because of energy. The healing answer is to remove the offending ill energy. Forget this not. 

c) The practitioner should always keep in mind that at times uncomfortable symptoms may be part of the healing – educating and bridging the client into such an understanding is here paramount. To seek to take these away, as the leading drive of the treatment, will always be at the expense of dealing with the offending energy. As such, this will interfere with the healing that is taking place. Remedies should never be used to mask symptoms. Ibid., p.11-12

That’s Serge’s definition of Esoteric ‘healing’ in a nutshell, relieving himself from the inconvenience of trying to improve the health of patients, whilst keeping them returning to deal with mythical offending energy that causes poorly defined ‘ills and woes’ that aren’t necessarily manifesting as health problems. No one appears to have had their ‘offending energy’ dealt with to the point where they no longer need copious healing sessions at great expense. Money for nothing.

Continuing with the undue influence:

• Deliberately withholding necessary treatment or referral to an expert in any field or a fellow esoteric practitioner. Ibid, p.11

Funny how so many of UM’s followers stop taking medications against the advice of non cult doctors.

• Imposing one’s beliefs on a client…

In a code so loaded with hypocrisy, that has to be the most howlingly obvious. The majority of posts on this site give examples. Esoteric Breast Massage victims cop a dose of Benhayon sexist, life negating, relationship breaking, prana and cancer dreading indoctrination. Sex abuse victims are told they are copping karma from being a sex offender in a past life. Emotions cause cancer. Sexual objectification of women causes cancer. Not being female enough causes gynaecological disorders including cancer. Babies receive negative energetic imposts through breast milk. Root vegetables are PRANIC. Disability is the karma of being a despotic arsehole in a past life. Treating qi or prana is not treating who we truly are. Death is a healing and on and on. And on.

• Soliciting a client to give or lend you money or any other benefits.

Like soliciting anonymous donations to the tax exempt Universal Medicine ‘College’ or other building and renovation funds? The Fiery Building Fund, for example?

• Charging unreasonable fees or withholding information about fees and associated costs until they have been incurred.

All clients are being overcharged for untested, ineffective, non healthcare related Esoteric healings by unqualified numbskulls ‘that should never be used to mask symptoms’, and which may include privacy invasions and molestation.

• Putting pressure on a client to purchase a product which will bring to you financial reward or which is not needed by the client in their healing.

Count in every product produced by the Universal Medicine Cult – Serge’s volumes of spherical mindfuck he calls Esoteric philosophy, the ludicrous Esoteric healing symbols, the quasi-curry-powder sold as Eso-Herbs for $30 a bottle, the breast cream that ‘cannot clear the breasts…but you can use it to maintain them‘, the dietary supplements clients wouldn’t need if they ate properly…

Miscellaneous abuses

Esoteric healers’ breaches of their own code have proven too numerous to contain in two posts, so our readers can look forward to one more, on insurance fraud and the hypocrisy of the code’s sections on disciplinary proceedings. Otherwise, a few more breaches stood out and deserve dissection.

4. Mental Health

a) All members are required to immediately report any client or any other member whom they suspect or have assessed to be mentally unstable. All such reports should be given to any superior pertaining to one’s place of work and to a member of the EPA Mental Health Advisory Team. p. 11

Who will do what? The mental health advisory team we assume consists of the UniMed brainstrust, Brendan UM isn’t a cult Mooney, Marianna depressed? join our cult and give up Masiorski and the undistinguished Caroline Raphael. Will they disclose to any hapless ‘mentally unstable’ person that they practice Esoteric psychology, which is not a recognized psychological therapy, and was invented by an unqualified ex bankrupt, who reckons he’s Da Vinci reincarnated, and teaches that touching sexual abuse victims’ genitals is ‘healing’.

If practitioners suspect someone is genuinely mentally unstable – and not just critical of Esoteric shenanigans – and if they want to do the right thing, they should suggest they consult a non cult GP, and then BACK OFF.

Members are not professionally qualified to countermand instructions or prescriptions given by a doctor. p.13

You must not prescribe or advise on herbs, supplements, medicines or the like unless you are qualified and accredited to do so. p.11

Does that include Nicole Serafin, the unqualified, unaccredited dietician, who was spruiking the Esoteric eating disorder the cult calls a diet?

And again, why do so many Esoteric patients go off their medications, Serge?

You should refer clients to another practitioner where necessary or where it would be of benefit, ensuring that the practitioner to whom you refer is esoterically sound, professional and well studied. Where possible, you should select someone who lives the esoteric life, to the best of your knowledge and/or that of other known professionals. p.12

Yes, and keep the cash flowing within the Universal Medicine Cartel, regardless of what is best for patients.

Esoterically sound?

We know what that means. To be Esoterically sound is to be emotionally atrophied, bigoted, undertrained, self entitled and humourless, to have no regard for privacy and personal boundaries, deny abuse, enable or participate in the molestation and bullying of the cult’s victims and remain obstinately hostile to facts. And to pay big bucks for it.


29 thoughts on “Esoteric Practitioners Association Crackpot Code of Ethics Part 2: More hypocrisy, more breaches – undue influence

  1. I like how every example has “RAPE” in it. It’s never far from Sergio’s mind is it?

    Yes, they break every rule in the book. And now their own hastily hobbled together crazy book of rules.

    Members are persuaded off regular medications. Medical Practitioners within the cult refer to no qualified except in-their-own-heads cult practitioners ( in breach of APHRA codes and their own real world code of conduct) They are over-sold “treatments” that by Serge’s own admission do nothing to relieve symptoms, but remove the energy of thousand year old issues such as RAPE and MURDER, They tell each other their ‘clients’ (tested and proven) confidential information, but the biggy is that they are promoting modalities with absolutely no therapeutic benefit and claiming efficacy that is non exist ant IN BREACH OF THE CODE OF CONDUCT FOR UNREGISTERED PRACTITIONERS- to the point of doing false studies, such as the laughable one that Kate Greenaway and Danielle Loveless ( I prefer that name) did on “Cranio-sacral healing” ( you know the treatment they do then give you a receipt with a different item number)

    Of course underlining all this is that the EPA is supposedly an accrediting body. That is is a very misleading term. It is not legally allowed to accredit anyone. It could say ” this person is a member of our “crazy invented organisation of people that think that the temporal world is damp and we are fiery/ Serge rocks” and this is our code” but not “they are accredited” Very deceptive and very illegal. The Lord of Form is working on that one. Nut jobs.

    • We could say rape is a fixation for Serge, and it becomes that for his zombies.

      They work each other into an Eso-tizz on their facebook pages about sexual abuse, but deny they’re enabling it. And it’s the only social issue they engage with, right? That and the politics of gluten and dairy free. But any other human rights issues: poverty, refugees, free speech etc. – not interested because that’s pandering and not self-loving.

      Sexual assault/paedophilia are Serge’s pet trauma triggers – constantly used to keep his followers in a state of emotional vulnerability, which limits their critical functioning.

      And next week the post on insurance fraud will go up – also illegal, with a list of contacts for making notifications.

  2. We will give you the exact numbers later. They had a breakfast meeting beforehand at a local cafe. A random Barista who knows nothing about UM reported “There was this weird group in here that cleaned us out of peppermint tea and gluten free everything. They looked like self satisfied Cheshire cats with rods up their arses…I think it was a cult” Yes it was. And it shows even non aware members of the public can pick ’em. So much for we’re not a cult. A pre love in love in. I bet they were all so excited to get down there to have their heads a little more cooked and to reaffirm their denial a little bit more, they couldn’t drink their peppermint teas fast enough. Warning. Reality creeping in- time for a top up of esoteric nubskullery from the master of numbskulls himself. Let’s all smile at him and pretend we don’t know he’s a liar and perv. That’s right…keep smiling.

    • “There was this weird group in here that cleaned us out of peppermint tea and gluten free everything.” I picture this like a group of locusts devouring every gluten-free thing in sight and then moving on to the next dining establishment, to repeat ad infinitum, chanting”Evil! Prana!” at all the coffee drinkers as they go. Thanks for sharing, I am still laughing a day after first reading.

    • CREEPY!

      Also the clause above: You should refer clients to another practitioner where necessary or where it would be of benefit, ensuring that the practitioner to whom you refer is esoterically sound, professional and well studied. Where possible, you should select someone who lives the esoteric life, to the best of your knowledge and/or that of other known professionals. p.12

      And THAT’S why cult followers stop going to non cult doctors and dentists – because they’re not Esoteric – as in approved by omnipotent Pope Serge. One of our readers said his wife stopped going to the dentist because the dentist isn’t ‘holistic’ like Dr sex abuse denier and Esoteric saint Rachel HALL. They live in regional Australia. Eventually the student needed emergency major dental work.

      Yeah yeah, UM reckons they work with conventional medicine – as long as it’s Esoteric.

  3. This article says it all…….and talks of the ‘One’ to a Tee I feel………SCAM! NOTE “they see out the needy.”

    “Those whose job it is to fight fraud every day know that no one is immune to fraud, and that there are only 3 kinds of people in the world: those who have been scammed and know it; those who have been scammed and don’t know; and those who haven’t been scammed yet. In fact, what is an obvious scam to one person looks like a great opportunity to another; and vice versa.

    Con artists choose you very carefully. They are only interested in those people who can be turned around to believe in them without question, who can be manipulated to believe in their illusions. They don’t merely seek out the greedy or the weak or the stupid. Not at all. They seek out the needy. They sniff and snuffle around until they find someone who has an unfulfilled desire that even you yourself may be unaware of until the carrot is dangled in front of your face.
    Con artists will stalk anyone whose weaknesses or strengths can be used to advantage. Scan through the character traits below, and you will see the con artist’s menu. As far as he is concerned any character trait can be exploited and manipulated once your needs have been established. No one is immune.
    Character traits: Pride, Ego, Anxiety, Ignorance, Ageing, Youth, Dreams Security, Insecurity, Fear, Greed, Loneliness, Popularity Assumed knowledge, Success, Failure, Illness, Self-Confidence, Desperation, Vulnerability, Ambition, Laziness, Wisdom, Hateful, Loving, any trait will do.

    Scam victims: Yuppies, Volunteers, Attorneys, Wannabes, Stars, Do-gooders, Malcontents, Authority Figures, Politicians, Law Enforcement Officers, Single Moms, Students, Officials, Bankers, Sports Figures, Professors, Scientists, Psychologists, Blue Collar Workers, Unemployed, Doctors, Nurses, Physically Challenged, Elders, Children, Corporate Executives, Insurance Agents, Accountants, Real Estate Agents, … You name it!

    From the very moment a con artist targets you, his entire arsenal of psychological manipulation is brought into play. You are moved from a position of control to one of no control over anything at all. The con artist moves into the position of supreme power, regardless of how powerful you may be in real life.
    How can this be? Because you are the only character in the play who hasn’t a clue as to what is really happening. No one has given you a script to follow. The only choice given you is to react to what the other players are saying and doing.
    Reality is gone, you just doesn’t know it – your real world has been completely and effectively replaced with that of the con artist and his cronies. Smoke and mirrors.”

    • Thanks for that link, Feline.

      I also like what that site says about why con artists scam:

      The danger of the missing gene
      There is no guilt associated with a scam, not even the slightest twinge. A con artist is quite simply missing that particular gene. The con artist has no inbred stops, no conscience. That’s what it means to be a sociopath. If anything, the con feels justified in taking your money, “You deserved to be taken. You asked for it.”
      Why is this dangerous? Because it means that the con artist will pressure you to the end of your resources, regardless of the pain and grief it causes you. Neither children, nor the elderly, nor the fragile of health are immune from his attack. It does not matter to the con that he may be taking your last dime, nor does it matter to him that you may need the promised wealth to pay for a dire need. This criminal will take your money to the detriment of your health by selling fake cures and false hopes, even knowing that his scam may ultimately cause your death.
      The swindler’s attitude toward his victim is the same as any serial criminal.

      • Wow I didn’t see this part DV so true and succinctly written.
        Yet to those who do not want to see, blinded by the cult scam….. it will be that we are bitter and wrong.

  4. And “The con artist moves into the position of supreme power, regardless of how powerful you may be in real life”
    What is more supreme than having a hotline to god. Being a fifth level master, a member of the hierarchy, a point of shamballah on earth…

    I was thinking yesterday what a great scam it is. Serge has got everyone to participate in his lies, and they have lied to other people to get them involved making them as complicit with him. It’s a pyramid of lies and self deceptions that once you’re in, there is no easy way out. To do so you have to admit you were tricked, and you tricked others into the scam too. Friends, family, co workers. Not to mention the massive investment of time, money, and the sacrifice of family, partners, dissenting friends, common sense, and life. Little wonder when we expose Serge’s lies, their brains won’t accept it.

    I was moved to think this when another acquaintance told me how a friend of theirs has got involved and now cut off all contact with former friends and has gone distant. It’s like invasion of the body snatchers. I have heard that story now for two or three years from random people. And of course I have witnessed it first hand with my partner who I must say behaves nothing like someone who is enlightened might, or even someone with an average amount of wisdom for that matter. There’s no end to the lies of Serge they will swallow to stay in their shared fantasy that they are on the path. it’s a scam extraordinaire.

    • He’s even involved his own progeny. Imagine doing that to your own kids. Having them involved in your big bad scam, blowing hot air up their arses that they are ‘seer’s or great people in past lives, so they will work along side of your unwittingly ( I presume) involved in your full blown make believe world and life sapping scam that breaks up families, drains members of money, gives kids single parents and other nasty outcomes. Now that is seriously sociopathic.

      • His children’s heads and wives heads would be as messed up as his loyal following heads are.

        • Yes, I believe his family are victims, and will have a lot to unpack if Serge goes down. The recovery will be arduous for all victims, but I think more so for his family.

          And you know’s bro, if it does collapse, the Benhayon kids and Miranda have no education, no professional skills, no career prospects and a name tarnished by Serge the scamster. They’ll also have no friends, and once the money’s gone the yes artists will desert them en masse. They’ll be rebuilding from scratch.

    • Just clarifying for any late comers, the tweet is this link to the freethought blog, and an example of what happens when the free thinking public looks at Sergio’s bullshit: Okay, it’s an old article, but some wag reckons the craniosacral pulse is a synonym for having your head up your arse

      Ponder on THAT Kate Greenaway.

      A bit like the response to Sergio Benbullshit from non investors with their faculties intact.

  5. You have to love this. The all singing and dancing “lie lie lie” Um group aimed at us- the “detractors”- it has taken me 20 minutes to stop laughing. ‘Lie Lie Lie Lie…”detractor!” classic.

    • “we will rewrite the story….” LOL. That’s right. (cut to ) Sarah- “The detractors!” LOL….

    • Gawd, it goes on and on doesn’t it? It might have been better if they trimmed it by about six and half minutes.
      Whatever. I’m taxing it for the FACTS blog. But, first dins and a bath. Maybe a nap.

      • It’s like a red faces parody of themselves. But they don’t know it. Hmm. Seems about right. An another note, none of them have posted this on their own FB pages yet. Wonder why. Maybe they think people who aren’t in the group will think they are in a cult..? (bet they will go up now though)

        For further amusement, check the comments on the you-tube page itself from members. I was drawn straight to Eunice, who is still banging on that she is not in a cult. What a wonderful level of denial. I think she is injecting herself with Novocaine in between surgeries. The rest of the members, who are not in a cult, all thought it was joy-full, wonder-full, soul-full, amazing, and praised Serge a lot.

        We keep playing it and rolling around the floor laughing at how awful it is and how ironic the lyrics are. I feel proud to be one of the ‘detractors’ who has inspired a song, god-awful as it is. The insult as it were, is actually a compliment. It means we have kept our critical independent thinking intact while all they can do is caterwaul ‘lie lie lie’. I am having a T-shirt made. Detractors! Really. It’s the best laugh I have had in a year. I am waiting for the B-side release.

    • Damn, there’s no rest for hate bloggers. Tonight was supposed to be our night off – our maya, glamour and prana party night, with wine, cheese and wild sex, and that lot just totally killed the mood. Anyway, check the FACTS blog later or tomorrow or something. It’ll be UP in all it’s Glory®

    • I thought the EPA Crackpot code of conduct was a GIFT, but this made my week. So far. Thanks to You Know’s Bro for this contribution.

      The cult seem determined to show us who they ‘truly are’, but we already know. 😀

      Princess, it’s all yours. Far too low brow for this site.

  6. Feline is speechless – Yes she is. I will have to have a cat nap on this one.
    My first thoughts were the sound is that of feral cats. They sing and move like culty people do.

    • Sarah Davis and the Lie Lie Lie Sisters are so convincing gettin’ down and dirty in the hood – in Lennox Head Community Centre or the Coorabell Hall or wherever. xxo2all back 😉

      • Venus,

        Thanks ! But I do think I love Serge too: he made my day yesterday …. (Loooool!)

        I gave up on my internet connection: too much fuzz, in my case. But I can’t get over this one…

        I’ll might be back … Who knows …?

        xoxo SR

  7. Yeeeeeeeeeh ha just makes me want to jump on my good ol trusty horse “Richard Cranium” and ride off into the sea glug glug.

    Did ya see when the poor little kid nearly fell off the beer crate lol

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