The Esoteric Practitioners Association Crackpot Code of Conduct Part 1: Breaches

MarxBrosEsotericHealingFor years, the Universal Medicine cult has been telling its followers that the Esoteric Practitioners Association has the ‘highest code of conduct’ of any practitioner association in the world. The newly released document leaves no mystery as to why those of the ‘utmost integrity’ took four years to make it public. The Code of Ethics and Conduct is remarkable for its absurdity and its omissions, and superbly highlights Serge Benhayon and his acolytes’ numerous breaches of their own code, showing Esoteric Practitioners for what they ‘truly are’ – harmful hypocrites.

Energetic Hypocrites

Please make special note that — students may choose to learn from the School (Universal Medicine) and adhere to and or live its teachings or, they may choose to not adhere to its teachings – the School does not hold anyone to the Esoteric Work. The students may choose to join the Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA) or not…If they choose to align with the School, then they are choosing its teachings and it is the student’s choice as to how much and how far those teachings are adhered to and or lived…The School does not assess or discriminate between one student and another in as far as their commitment or development goes and or as it unfolds. EPA Code of Ethics & Conduct, p.1

But in the Bay FM interview in 2011, EPA chairman and energetic ‘assessor’ in chief, Neil Ringe, was highly discriminatory:

There are requirements of course. There is one thing all practitioners have to have, which is an energetic assessment…That’s very easy to see in another. You see straight away what they carry…That is again unique and a first I think, that we’ll say actually you’re not living this so you can’t work under this banner. And if you do live it, you’ll be assessed that way and you’ll be able to practice under the banner. 

And the Code contradicts itself:

By choosing to abide by the Code of Ethics and Conduct as outlined in this document, the joining practitioner is making a conscious choice to align to the esoteric principles of Love, Energetic Integrity, Energetic Responsibility and, as best they can, the Esoteric Way of Life in whole and not just in part. Note that – ‘in part’ specifically refers to those practitioners who may pranicly think or be in the erroneous understanding that they can act with professionalism in practice but not in all of their life such as unseen private wayward behaviours that are contra to the impulses of the inner-heart.

All members of the EPA are required to abide by the Code. EPA Code of Ethics and Conduct. pp.5-6

In other words, ‘in whole and not just in part’ states there’s no choice on how far one adheres to the teachings. We can be sure, however, the EPA will take members’ fees either way.

To ensure ongoing development and evaluation a member can attend Universal Medicine courses on a regular and frequent basis. The course, workshop or lecture for attendance is for the student to choose in accordance to what is needed for one’s own ongoing development. Ibid, p.7

Or what is needed according to the EPA’s deceptive claims about ‘accreditation’ requirements or the fiction they need to belong to the EPA ‘to gain insurance’.

The EPA definitions of integrity include ‘love for all’, including unsuspecting members of the public.

Esoteric Integrity Living with and by an all-encompassing love for all and with all. p.2

The Code is also intended to help maintain appropriate standards of behaviour of members towards each other, clients, members of the public and other professional institutions and their members in accordance to the principles of the esoteric life. p.6

Members of the public those practitioners have harmed or attempted to harm are treated to special Esoteric ‘love’ via attempts to silence them from voicing exactly the kinds of concerns the Code pretends to cover, and a few more its omitted. The cult shows its love by shutting down blogs without a court order, censoring reasonable comments and questions from their sites, threatening legal action, and accusing critics of stalking, trolling, abusing and bullying, as well as being ‘loveless’ and ‘in pain’.


The esoteric is non religious in the temporal traditional way of rank and file. It is not inclusive or exclusive but unifying and open to all equally. It follows no allegiance to any cult, or any temporal based forms, ideals or beliefs. p.5.

It’s ‘not inclusive or exclusive’ unless you’re not fully committed, in which case your’e labelled Judas and condemned to lifetimes with mental disability, and lumped in with the rest of us as members of the Astral Cult. According to cult psychologists, profiting directly from their affiliation, Universal Medicine isn’t a cult, except we’ve found it meets all the definitions, including being centred around an authoritarian and purportedly Esoterically superior fifth level initiate.

A pretence of regulatory compliance

It is your responsibility to be aware of, keep up to date with and ensure your compliance with any legislative or regulatory requirements of the health care complaints or health care services authority in your state or country. In Australia, such authorities are state based. There is a requirement in NSW for all practitioners to display the HCCC Code of Ethics in their premises. It is a condition of your accreditation with the EPA that you comply with all such requirements. p.17

What a joke, and Serge, the rest of the Benhayons, and anyone selling Esoteric ‘healing’ as a healthcare service are in breach of numerous sections of the NSW Code of Conduct for Unregistered Practitioners. To cite just a few:

A health practitioner must not diagnose or treat an illness or condition without an adequate clinical basis. 
Health practitioners not to financially exploit clients – A health practitioner must not provide services and treatments to clients unless they are designed to maintain or improve the clients’ health or wellbeing.
Health practitioners not to misinform their clients 
(1) A health practitioner must not engage in any form of misinformation or misrepresentation in relation to the products or services he or she provides or as to his or her qualifications, training or professional affiliations.
(2) A health practitioner must provide truthful information as to his or her qualifications, training or professional affiliations if asked about those matters by a client.
(3) A health practitioner must not make claims, either directly or in advertising or promotional material, about the efficacy of treatment or services provided if those claims cannot be substantiated.
Health practitioners to provide services in safe and ethical manner (b) a health practitioner must not provide health care of a type that is outside his or her experience or training, (b1) a health practitioner must not provide services that he or she is not qualified to provide, 
(b2) a health practitioner must not use his or her possession of particular qualifications to mislead or deceive his or her clients as to his or her competence in his or her field of practice or ability to provide treatment, 
(c) health practitioner must prescribe only treatments or appliances that serve the needs of the client,
(d) a health practitioner must recognise the limitations of the treatment he or she can provide and refer clients to other competent health practitioners in appropriate circumstances. NSW HCCC website

For more information, consult this post on making complaints against unregistered practitioners.

Esoteric Ethics – zero regard for patients

A member shall always act with due regard to the laws, customs and practices of the country in which he or she works without impost…The conduct of members shall at all times be both becoming and creditable to the ‘art’, the profession and equally, to all of society at large. p.6.

Act with due regard to the law? How about abiding by it? Including the Australian Privacy Act when it comes to unqualified scam artists gathering medical and personal information? Or laws regarding indecent assault? Or societal norms regarding inappropriate touching and respecting personal boundaries?

Serge Benhayon with his hand on 14 or 15 year old daughter, Natalie Benhayon's bottom, Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 1 Workshop manual, p. 53

Serge Benhayon with his hand on 14 year old daughter, Natalie Benhayon’s bottom, Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 1 Workshop manual, p. 53

A client puts complete trust in a member’s integrity and it is the duty of members not to abuse this trust in any way. Proper moral conduct and the esoteric principles as outlined in this document are paramount in members’ relations with clients. p. 7.

Esoteric moral conduct includes the deception one is qualified to treat sexual abuse victims, and entitled to touch their genitals and call it ‘healing’.


b) Members should keep all information about a client confidential. p.8

Serge Benhayon discloses personal information about clients to anyone he ‘feels to’.  His clients have told us they confided in Serge to have him disclose personal information to their partners and family members. Commenter, Byron Girl, made up a story hoping to appease his sleazy questions, only to have him pass it on to her cult struck mother, which caused a rift in their relationship. In addition, we’ve been told EPA members, who are supposed to be maintaining the utmost energetic integrity both in and out of their treatment rooms, disclose personal details of anyone critical of the cult – including histories of sexual abuse – to their self-loving cohorts – as part of the judgement of those in opposition as ‘in pain’.

Informed Consent – Universal Medicine’s sick joke

4.3 Informed Consent

a) Before instituting any treatment, you should ensure that informed consent to such treatment has been given. Failure to obtain informed consent could lead to civil proceedings and complaints against you.

b) Informed consent means consent to the treatment given by the client (or their parent or guardian) who has been supplied with all the necessary relevant information about the treatment. p.8

I did not want the sleazy ovarian reading inflicted on me by Serge Benhayon and I told him so. I said I didn’t want it before I knew what it was, and when I asked what it was, I was not informed. I gave in under pressure and while expressing doubt, discomfort and reluctance. If the NSW Code of Conduct for Unregistered Practitioners had been in force in 2005, Serge Benhayon would have been disciplined and possibly prohibited from practice.

Esoteric Breast Massage victims are not informed that the treatment involves personal boundary transgressions, privacy invasions and indoctrination with body negative and sexist programming. Sexual abuse victims are not informed Benhayon or any other Esoteric healer is not qualified to counsel or treat abuse related problems. People with eating disorders are not informed the Esoteric diet has zero nutritional basis. Esoteric Chakra-Puncture victims are not informed it is an untested modality with no clinical basis, and that there’s no evidence it existed before Serge realized he could make money from running courses in it. Not only are the cult’s victims not informed of the nature of any of these practices, or that they all breach the NSW Code of Conduct for Unregistered Practitioners, they are lured in with patently deceptive claims, as evidenced in every post on this site.

The hypocrisy never ceases

The esoteric strives not. It tries not. It seeks not. p.9

Clearly. And especially when it comes to abiding by its own Code, let alone common law.

The EPA Code of Ethics and Conduct is a telling example of what happens when spherical Sergio attempts a pretence of going straight. In trying to make the EPA appear credible and accountable, the cult has shot themselves in the foot. Not a soul outside the cult will take the document seriously. Even within the cult, paying membership to an association that is accountable to no one; which ‘accredits’ practices which breach its own code, and which imposes authoritarian lifestyle restrictions on its members while claiming they are free to choose is a tough sell to all but the most irretrievably brainwashed.

The next post will list more breaches by Esoteric Practitioners, particularly the Benhayons, of their own EPA Code of Ethics and Conduct, especially those regarding undue influence. If the thing has any credibility left after that, we’ll be following up with a list of serious omissions, to write it off conclusively.

10 thoughts on “The Esoteric Practitioners Association Crackpot Code of Conduct Part 1: Breaches

  1. The patient in the picture above got a better deal than most patients of Eso-healers. At least he got his shoes shined. Esoteric patients get their heads messed with, their private parts fondled and end up looking like shit, which is a step up from being a practitioner.

  2. Have been thinking and thinking… ‘code of ethics’ does sound appro…..all I can come up with is code of pathetics
    as is Serg for chucking a sooky about his symbols that he himself appears to have pinched and added a squiggly bit too and copyrighted them.
    Besides if they don’t heal and it does keeps changing what they do do – and don’t do why would he worry.
    He and all of them must not like the truthful exposure of the SCAM!!!

  3. After reading the Crackpot Code of Pathetics…..Serge should reimburse everyone’s money eg: like for the wacko symbols

  4. No surprise really, we all know the EPA is just a bogus front for all he’s unaccredited fraudulent course’s he tried to make look legit. The only clear message in the COE is that anyone paying fee’s to the EPA will have the privilege of stating they live the Esoteric way of life, I eat pea soup and basil, absolutely nothing more. If 500 dummy brainwashed follower’s pay’s the $200 per annum, and I’m sure that they will, that equates to $100,000.00, money for nothing, which I guess will be used as a down payment on another piece of property for Sergio’s the sleazy scumbag real estate portfolio. Think it was P.T Barnum who put it nicely when he said “there’s are sucker born every minute” not that you can compare the conman Sergio to Barnum, he at least entertained people. The only entertainment we have from Sergio is the fact that he has produced this COE and made himself and Universal Bullshit the laughing stock of the world. Sergio Benhayon is a scammer and Universal Medicine is a complete scam, more appropriately a Quackery. This from Wikipedia, Quackery is the promotion[1] of unproven or fraudulent medical practices. Random House Dictionary describes a “quack” as a “fraudulent or ignorant pretender to medical skill” or “a person who pretends, professionally or publicly, to have skill, knowledge, or qualifications he or she does not possess; a charlatan”.[2]
    Fits the bill quite nicely I thought 🙂

  5. Today’s best google search term lol: ‘toilet revelations and ageless turd serge benhayon fraud’

    It says it all really.
    It’s nice to see lots of hits for this post too. The cult must be reading. WooooooOOOOooooooo 😮

    Perhaps they’ll learn you can’t pretend at accountability, particularly when we have ample evidence of breaches of not only their own code, but the NSW HCCC code.

    And even if we didn’t have a ton of evidence, it still makes the EPA look like a bunch of arseholes. Who, apart from the brainwashed will pay to belong to a secret society built on scamming and bullying?

    NOT one of Sergio’s smartest sales manoeuvres.

    • I hope the pretend therapists playing at Esoteric so called healing read that document, as flawed, ludicrous and dishonest as it is and finally learn that healing is not a game. It’s not a hobby for amateurs, who think they can do some weekend workshops and then inflict themselves on the public, prying into personal details they’re not qualified to deal with and touching people in ways that will HARM.

      You don’t fuck with people’s health, including their mental health. To add insult to injury, these bastards are charging for it, and Serge and his under accomplished and over paid family are the worst offenders.

      • PP what also gets to me from this Crackpot Code of Pathetics, is that it is all about the ‘Members and Practitioners’ –
        does this include the UM Hierarchy as well including Serge HIMSELF, Neil Ringe and all of the Benhayons and all of the Doctors.
        Are they leading by setting a good example? I do not think so…
        Integrity Nope!
        Honesty Nope!
        Abiding by the laws of Australia (not Universal Law) Nope!
        Any conscience! Nope!
        $B UM is NOT an accredited training organisation…hence why their practitioners are not trained properly in this SCAM of a treatment.
        Wake up members very sadly you have been had. As OLBS said stated so accurately – Charlatans.

  6. I notice with interest and dismay that it is a characteristic of UMers to take ‘selfies’. Supposedly mature women – maybe the following paragraphs from the SMH July 11 2013 explain:

    “Everyone likes receiving compliments and it makes us feel awesome that our own appearance can provide us with an ego boost. But what kind of photos produce an epidemic of ”likes?” Nothing with too much creativity but hip, titty and kiss. It’s the true scourge of the selfie.
    Why are we girls competing to be the Queen of Pouts? Why do we scour through photos of celebrities and all our ambitious friends to find out who is the new princess of prurient poses? Even demure girls are tempted to strike sexually suggestive poses. But they must be careful, not because parents are looking but because they might not score any ”likes” and might then feel a failure, unworthy among their peers.”
    Read more:

    I really do wonder why UMers do this like teenage girls – they also declare on the internet all of their personal stories, some very personal and take these Selfies. It is like a competition, I guess it all makes great reading and looking for Serge…It’s all very sick and disturbing.

    • It’s a good observation, and the word ‘selfie’ says it all. Self-loving, self-absorbed, self-obsessed and fuck everyone else.

      I’m not sure how much titillation Serge gets out of all that silliness. As Sergio Benbullshit said, wrong age group.

      However, he gets the satisfaction of manipulating these women to regress to the emotional age of the age group he’s most interested in – adolescents. He might as well be Justin Beiber or One Direction, except he’s an old perve. Then there’s the satisfaction of manipulating them to turn their lenses and their gazes inward to their pouting, vapid faces that reflect nothing but self absorption – I’m happy because I’ve reconnected with my breasts, my heart chakra, my sphincter etc. ad nauseum.

      If they turned the lens outward to the faces of those having to put up with them, they’d see 😦

      But they’re too caught up in self-love to care.

      Serge wins.

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