Crackpot Code of Ethics Breaches Part 3: Esoteric Practitioners & Insurance Fraud

an Esoteric_day_at_the_races-04The Universal Medicine cult’s Esoteric Practitioners Association Code of Ethics and Conduct states that none of the Esoteric modalities are registered for a Medicare or private health insurance benefit. We can safely say they never will be, yet patients have told us they’ve received piss-take Esoteric treatments and had the receipts written up as claimable services – an Esoteric practice known in the real world as insurance fraud. We’d like to know what the EPA plans to do about it, or will errant practitioners be subject to internal disciplinary proceedings typical of the cult – with zero public accountability.

The Private Healthcare Australia website, describes health insurance fraud as follows:

By a healthcare provider or health fund member providing misleading or false information, or withholding information to gain a financial advantage for themselves or another person.

Examples of potential fraud against Private Health Insurance:

  • Charging for treatment/s that have not been provided
  • Creating false documents
  • Altering accounts to increase financial benefits
  • Claiming for additional services without the healthcare providers’, health fund members’  knowledge

Abusive quackery is not eligible for insurance rebates

Note: Currently no EPA accredited modalities are registered for a Medicare or private health insurance benefit. EPA Code of Ethics and Conduct p.19

They never have been, and to be clear, Esoteric modalities are only ‘accredited’ by the cult’s ‘accrediting body’, which is not a registered training organization. But let’s take physiotherapist, Kate Greenaway, the inventor, with Serge Benhayon, of Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy. For more than 10 years she’s been practicing Esoteric modalities – bullshit treatments that do little, if anything, for symptoms. For example, clinging to a patient’s toes for temporo-mandibular (jawbone) joint syndrome , or reading the mythical craniosacral pulse as a bogus diagnostic technique. It’d be interesting to know if Kate Greenaway has practiced anything resembling legitimate physiotherapy in that time. Yet, she’s treated patients on Medicare plans, at tax payers expense, using Esoteric modalities the EPA itself says are not registered. She’s also written up treatments to claim from private health funds. So what is the Medicare item number for Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy, Kate?

Similarly, we know acupuncturists practicing Esoteric Chakra-Puncture write it up as acupuncture, and the cult psychologists, specializing in Serge’s Esoteric psychology, also known as spherical mind-fuck, write it off on Medicare plans or private health. Greenaway and some of the same practitioners not only have positions within the EPA hierarchy, overseeing the various modalities, but also belong to legitimate professional associations and are registered with the national regulator, AHPRA, and have no excuse for not knowing better.

From the Esoteric Practitioners Association Crackpot Code of Ethics and Conduct:

3. Medicare and Private Health Insurance cover
Where a practitioner is accredited for any EPA modalities and modalities for which they are
registered with Medicare and/or a private health insurer, the following applies:
a) A receipt for a Medicare and/or private health insurance (“PHI”) benefit may only be issued
for a session, or that part of a session, where that registered modality was the only modality
performed. Under no circumstance may a receipt be issued for a modality that is registered
with Medicare or a private health insurer, where the practitioner performed another modality
that is not registered.
b) It is the individual practitioner’s responsibility to ensure that a receipt for purposes of
claiming the relevant Medicare / PHI benefit is only provided where the registered modality
was the only treatment in the session and the practitioner has noted this in the client
record which is kept on file.
c) Where a session includes treatment in one or more EPA modalities and a modality for
which the practitioner is registered with Medicare and/or a private health insurer, then the
practitioner is required to provide two separate receipts, noting accurately the time spent
on each modality. p.19

Seeing the Code of Ethics also has a section on disciplinary action and informed consent, what action is the EPA going to take on Kate Greenaway and the other allied health and registered practitioners on these breaches?

Coming clean to patients 

a) The EPA requires that all members without regard to grade, status or position held, should at all times maintain the highest level of conscious and loving service and professional conduct. p.5

c) A member shall always act with due regard to the laws, customs and practices of the country in which he or she works without impost. p.6

b) Informed consent means consent to the treatment given by the client (or their parent or guardian) who has been supplied with all the necessary relevant information about the treatment. p.8

So, now that it’s clearly set out in the code of conduct for members of the public to see, and Esoteric practitioners maintain the ‘highest standards of conduct of any practitioner association in the world’, we trust they’ll inform their patients that Esoteric modalities are not covered by Medicare or private health funds, and that if the patient prefers Esoteric healing over having their symptoms attended to with legitimate therapies, they’ll have to pay out of their own pocket and their self-loving practitioner won’t be making out a receipt allowing them to falsely claim from their insurer, otherwise said practitioner could be prosecuted for fraud.

So when Kate Greenaway and Danielle Pirera perform Esoteric bodywork, or when cult psychologists, Brendan Mooney, Marianna Masiorski and Caroline Raphael practice Esoteric Psychology – regurgitating mind bending Sergisms to vulnerable clients, they will inform their patients with the relevant information that these modalities and approaches have been invented by their unqualified ex bankrupt messiah, and the patients won’t be able to claim from their health funds or Medicare.

Shouldn’t be a problem. Therapy of the ‘utmost integrity’ is worth paying for, isn’t it?

Universal Medicine associated naturopaths and registered acupuncturists can also be relied upon to tell their patients that Esoteric modalities including Chakra-Puncture aren’t covered, and that if the patients want those, they’ll have to pay in full, rather than having it written up as acupuncture or naturopathy. Isn’t that right, Jenny Ellis, Steffen Messerschmidt, Sara Harris, Sue Kira, Gemma Rubina, Nina Stabey and Darren Walsh?

Neil Ringe insisted Chakra-Puncture is not acupuncture after all, and acupuncture can’t treat ‘who we truly are’, so seeing you’re required to comply with the code, copyright Serge Benhayon 2009, we can be assured you are acting with utmost integrity and transparency, honestly informing your patients and writing your receipts accordingly?

And being audited is nothing to worry about. I’ve been audited by insurers. It’s not a problem if you’ve been doing the right thing.

Report Fraud

For patients reading this, if you received bullshit ineffective Esoteric healing modalities from these people that either did nothing for your symptoms or made your health worse, and wasted your time, money and dignity, and had them written up as claimable modalities or Medicare item numbers, don’t bother reporting the practitioner to the bogus, money for nothing EPA. Please report them to your health fund, or if you were on a Medicare plan, report them to Medicare. Reports to either can be done anonymously, but it’s more effective to provide details of the dates of treatment, all of which are stored on the Medicare or health fund databases.

From the Department of Human Services Fraud Reporting page:

Medicare fraud includes, but is not limited to:

  • making Medicare claims for services that were not provided
  • using someone else’s Medicare card
  • using an invalid concession card
  • forging prescriptions for PBS medicines
  • making PBS claims for medicines that were not provided
  • swapping PBS prescription medicines for other pharmacy items or goods
  • taking or sending PBS medicine overseas that is not for your personal use or the personal use of someone travelling with you

To report suspected fraud, call 131 524 or fill out the form Reporting suspected fraud (1980).

Information on Private Health Insurance fraud can be found on Private Healthcare Australia website, including this page of contacts for various health funds.

Esoteric Disciplinary Action – accountable to whom?

Again from the EPA Crackpot Code:

However, if you feel a colleague’s conduct, health or professional performance poses a threat to clients, you have a number of responsibilities. First, you should find out the facts, then you should, in confidence inform the Chairperson of the Practitioners Committee. p.12

I reported Serge’s sleazy ovarian reading to now EPA Chairman and energetic assessor, Neil Ringe, back in 2005. At no point did he express doubt Serge had done it. He even agreed it was seriously transgressive behaviour, yet he dismissed it, telling me not to overlook the good by focusing on the bad. I was suitably disgusted.

If it is deemed by the Practitioners Committee that there is a case to hear, then it will recommend to the Board that a Disciplinary Committee be formed to make recommendations and decisions concerning the member. p.21

And the recommendation would be what? Make sure you bully the patient enough so they don’t make anymore complaints, or learn how to cover up your breaches better?

What is the disciplinary committee doing about Serge’s numerous code breaches apart from trying to bully and silence me? What are they doing about their own breaches and fraudulent activities?

The Esoteric Practitioners Association was never set up in the interest of patients as an accountability mechanism, but as another means for the upper rungs of the Universal Medicine abuse pyramid scheme to leech money out of students. A corrupt organization with zero public transparency cannot be relied upon to enforce their own code of conduct, particularly when its hierarchy are the worst offenders.

For Universal Medicine’s victims, don’t waste time making complaints to the EPA. For breaches of the NSW Code of Conduct for Unregistered Practitioners, report offenders to the HCCC. For breaches of the Codes for Registered Practitioners, report them to AHPRA, and for private health insurance or Medicare fraud please use the contacts listed above.

If you’re like us and fed up with the relentless harms of the Universal Medicine Cult – the molesting, rorting and rip offs, and their gutless attempts to shut down our exposé, please report them. It’s a crucial step in having this travesty stopped.

The Esoteric Practitioners Association – Money for Nothing

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31 thoughts on “Crackpot Code of Ethics Breaches Part 3: Esoteric Practitioners & Insurance Fraud

  1. Some of you might have noticed my twitter feed about the cult’s attempts to shut down the Accountability and FACTS blogs using copyright infringement notices. Basically, 3 notices and WordPress can suspend us and our accounts. I’ll be writing about these threats soon on the FACTS blog. The cult is desperate and using anything they can throw to try and silence us, except, strangely, a defamation writ.

  2. Serge the Pathetic Sick Sleazy Charlatan, Universal Bullshit Medicine, and all he’s Brainwashed stupid Cult Follower’s will be the ‘The One’s’ shut down, long before Accountability, Fact’s and the Truth will be !!! Go and take another Dump Serge, you perverted sicko and see what Beautiful insight’s you have coming your way for the rest of the year and in Future, Master of Absolutely Nothing, other than Lies, Lies Lies. You will go down in History as nothing more than a Cheap Conman and Charlatan, and a Bankrupt one at that. Enjoy what’s coming to you, SCAMMER 🙂

  3. Another thing, I’ve found three formerly registered acupuncturists are now no longer registered and appear only to be practicing Chakra-Puncture. The weird thing about that is that AHPRA registration for acupuncturists runs yearly November to November. It seems these three have either voluntarily deregistered (?) or been deregistered. This is a possibility because a reader asked me my opinion of one of them writing any old Esoteric crap up as acupuncture for health fund rebates. I informed the reader that is insurance fraud and heard nothing further.

    Either way, deregistration is a bad career move, particularly when certain concerned parties are working to have Chakra-Puncture legislated out of existence.

    And while I’m at it, apart from being a toxic abuse of patients and a public health risk, Chakra-Puncture is a lousy investment for Eso students. How many Esoterics trained in it, and how many, who aren’t acupuncturists, are earning any kind of living from it? Hm? Belinda Jane Hodgson in Mackay perhaps, but only because there are few if any real acupuncturists in Mackay to compete with.

    Yet the EPA will be taking membership fees from investors who’ve earned nothing from their training.

  4. What appears below is from the Homepage of UM so therefore the song and lyrics must have Serge’s approval.
    I would definitely not use the word ‘stellar’ in describing those articles where they go on and on about and with a blow by blow description of Women’s periods, Sexual abuse experiences, Breasts, etc etc etc. I would use the words crackpot and sick. ‘Quality content’ I do not think so.

    SCAM a sick sick sick scam. They all should be hiding in shame like Serge is. Nothing to celebrate here.

    “Recently the students of Universal Medicine organised an event called “Play it Big”. The event took time out of everyone’s busy schedule to celebrate the amazing quality of life lived on a daily basis and the time many contribute to writing the awe-inspiring content that has been gracing the internet for the past year on the Universal Medicine Student Blogs.
    It has been astounding to observe the stellar articles flood forth covering all aspects of life, love and the issues that affect many today. The solid foundation that has been built with this online library of quality content is indeed something to celebrate. So, with this we share the theme song of the event that was performed on the day.
    For those who have contributed to the articles, read the articles and have been with us along the way: enjoy.
    For this is for you, and really, for us all.
    To see the many great comments view the video on the Universal Medicine YouTube Channel.”

    • At least Serge has acknowledged his followers singing his praises and put it up on his site. Embarrassingly bad as it is, and 100% confirmation of the cult nature of the group. I was drawn to Danielle Loveless’s “before and after” (but wait, buy today and we will throw in a set of steak knives…) life story. Touching- Another tale of descent into self-obsession and narcissism. Love-ly. Replete with picture of how ‘amazing’ she now looks having adopted Serge’s life denying doctrines and a make-over. And they think these links and articles do what? Don’t they realize it is just further confirmation to anyone outside the group that it is a cult? (Rhetorical BTW) Anyway, nice home goal Serge.

      • Yes YKWB I do agree
        BUT don’t you agree that if anyone took photos of any of us after we had been running compared with when we were scrubbed up to go out or to have a glamour shot or a selfie taken – we all would have the same before and after piccies – that looked like this.
        NO credit whatsoever to $ERGE and UM.

      • Danielle looked better in the before shots, and yes it looks like an ad you’d read in TV week.
        Real Classy like.
        As for Serge acknowledging that embarrassment, I doubt it. He could not give a crap. He’s still rolling in the dosh. The dosh continues to roll in, and he has an entire squadron of exhibitionist buffoons putting on a good enough show to keep attention off him. Smoke and mirrors.

  5. Seeing that Serge is in hiding and that Natalie is ‘Director of the EPA’ maybe she can answer all of our questions! HMMMN!!!! Yer right!
    “Natalie Benhayon
    Practitioner of Esoteric Medicine incorporating Healing, Counselling, Massage and Chakra-puncture
    EPA Accreditation
    Level 4 Teacher
    Level 4 Esoteric Healing
    Level 3 Esoteric Masssage
    Level 3 Esoteric Chakra-puncture
    Clinic: Universal Medicine Clinic, Goonellabah
    Natalie also travels interstate to:
    – Sydney
    – UniMed Brisbane
    – Melbourne

    For more information of her schedule at any of the above locations please email her directly.
    Natalie combines the art of Esoteric Counselling and Bodywork as a complete package. The Esoteric Counselling supports the client to understand more clearly, and truly, the underlying causes of the emotional issues and or physical ailments that one is enduring, as well as the daily behaviours/interactions that are contributing to them. The sessions provide support to gain clarity through the emotional blockages, doubts or confusions that may be in the way of making a true change from the ills that the client is struggling with. The specialised treatments present the possibilities of a different way and or choice that can be made to bring about that true change. In support of this, the bodywork is then applied, as it is needed for each individual client. This enables a true integration of the body with the new clarity from the session to support the client steadily into the true changes of that potential new way of living — with true vital health and a true well-being.
    Natalie’s other roles include:
    Director of the Esoteric Practitioners Association, Teacher, Presenter
    Presenter of the Esoteric Women’s Presentations conducted monthly in Australia, and bi-annually in the UK.”

    • 22 year old Natalie Benhayon, counsellor, bodyworker, teacher, presenter, company director. And her qualifications are WHAT?

      WHAT counselling training, therapy training, teacher training and business training does she have apart from her tuition at the Serge Benhayon school of mind fuck, molestation and scam artistry?

      What conversational skills does she have apart from talking about nail painting, chaste esoteric ‘sexiness’ and the Book of Serge?

      We won’t get much out of her.

      Grow some balls Serge. We’ll bring a TV crew and you can tell a national audience how much integrity you have and explain all about ‘Deeper Femaleness’ and how that fits in with the EPA code of conduct.

    • A child that knows nothing except what her bent dad has told her telling grown woman how to live and love. Yep. Makes sense. Esoteric sense.

      When I read that blurb it sounds like this: Natalie will regurgitate her dads mind-fuck which you are struggling to make sense of; but don’t worry, if you can’t get it, she’ll lay you out and gently massage you into submission, thus disabling your critical mind and turning you into an eso-zombie- a new way of living”

    • A “lawyer” who has aided Serge set up some of courses (really?) EPA and other shams. Probably works for nothing and the promise of a better re-incarnation on Sirius as an amorphous blob without arms or legs who is pure love.

  6. NOW IN THE UK!!
    Newly incorporated sham bollocks company with all the protection of a Limited company. This status is used so that they can just leave anyone high and dry who ever relies on them for anything except photocopied pamphlets. Their liability is limited so that disputes or claims won’t touch the individuals. Raking in the cash already are some suckers and Simone this time. Guaranteed money for nothing. The joke is on them totally, 100% duped by the Benhayon’s into putting their name to a scam like this. Sadly though, they probably feel swollen with Escotericness and super important to be Associated. It’s a case of the soft, weak and starry-eyed being led by the dangerous, fucked-up lunatics.

    • Thanks Donut, you little ripper.

      Susie, all is revealed on the naming names page. Serryn O’Regan is another of the cult’s TALENTED lawyers who reportedly was responsible for getting the Esoteric modalities ‘accredited’ whatever that means. Accredited by WHOM? She’s also an Esoteric Breast Massager, and a Chakra-punkturist, and director of the Universal Medicine College and company secretary of the EPA. Her name is on everything, which means she’s up to her ears in it. For the love of Serge.

      Donut, we just happen to have a list of the EPA UK directors right here, tra la la – Sara Williams and Simone Benhayon (both also directors of Universal Medicine UK and UM’s UK charity arm, the Sound Foundation which DOES WHAT?), and Jonathan and Rowena Stewart who practice Eso bollocks at the Lighthouse.

  7. It’s time for Feline to highlight some of Dr Samuel Kim’s credentials.
    Scary scary thought that he is a Senior Lecturer at University of Qld. I wonder if he promotes UM and Serge there like he does to his patients?

    His Blue Hills Lung Centre is at Universal Medicine HQ.
    He lists the School of Livingness as one of his Work/ Education.

    To me and many others that is definitely a conflict of interests.
    No Conventional Medicine and Serge’s crap do not marry, it is a SCAM! a very dangerous SCAM dished up in a sugar coating as integrity, love, truth and blah blah.

    So so true scam artists manage to con people from all walks of life. Sad thing here is that trusting people entrust their lives to a Specialist a Lung Specialist at that who is so deeply involved with Universal Medicine. Scary scary thought.
    Work and Education
    The University of Queensland
    Senior Lecturer in Clinical Medicine · Brisbane, Queensland, Australia · 2013 to present

    Blue Hills Lung Centre P/L
    Visiting Chest Physician · Goonellabah, New South Wales · 2008 to present

    Integrative Pulmonary Care & Medical
    Medical Director and Graduate Research Student · Spring Hill, Queensland, Australia · 2006 to present

    The School of the Livingness
    Esoteric Medicine · Goonellabah, New South Wales

  8. In response to your reply to mine about Sound Foundation:
    Do you know who Mr M. Nicholson is, who made a very generous donation of 750,000 GBP to the Sound Foundation in the last year? I see he is a chairman and trustee of the charity…

    • Yes my sweet. He’s Simone Benhayon’s father in law. (Simone being Serge’s step-daughter). He’s also the owner of nearby Upper Vobster Farm which was recently developed for ‘holiday letting’ and which provides accommodation for pilgrims to the UM/Benhayon family circus events.

      I didn’t know he’d donated 750K to the firm, so thank you. I’d heard he donated six figure sums in the past.

    • Yes. The same. Truly, who would know what goes on in their addled heads?

      Nicholson has donated over a million pounds to the love of Serge. He probably believes Simone is an Ascended Mistress. 🙄

      • All for the love of Serge??!!
        Cult cult cult!!!!
        SUCKERS! Accomplices……
        Us heathens cannot grasp the ascended masters and friends……Thankfully…..we are to honest and way too truthful.

    • One. Million. Pounds.
      What. The. Fuck?
      To the build Sergio his own church fund?
      So was it Nicholson’s money?
      Imagine how many schools that money could build or run in the third world. It could run a hospital in S.E. Asia for a year and save thousands of lives. But no, it’s gone to the Benhayon low brow underachievement foundation, which is part of the middle class moaning, molestation and death wish fund.
      What a tosser.

      • They must be the worst charities in the world. Designed me-thinks to improve assets on Serge’s properties or interests. I suppose Nicho is just sucked in and coughing up the same way Serge is now trying to suck his members here to upgrade his packing shed at Wollongbar so he can rent it back to himself, improve the building, remove the costs of renting halls to brainwash people, all at no cost to him. Yep, we’re onto you Serge even if the members smile stupidly as they write the cash cheques from their ever emptying accounts unawares they are being scammed…again. My fave is the ever smiling financial genius Christoph. “Duh. I Can’t wait to be scammed again Serge. Here are my bank numbers. By the way, did I mention I was in a cult before UM?”

        Good luck on the open day Serge. I am sure the conned members will scramble to earn brownie points by compromising their already strained budgets “because they feel to answer the call of the hierarchy and take responsibility for creating the student bodies own space” or something. There will surely be a queue of self-loving lemmings handing it over to the stoney-faced matriarch Deborah who will march it back to cult-HQ and attribute at least half of it to the “fiery building fund”.

        Yep. Just you wait Sergey boy. All good things come to those who do.

  9. The newly submitted Sound Foundation documents on the UK Charity Commission website are well worth a thorough look through.
    Get this for a stated aim:
    “Sponsor the accommodation and food to support people of low income to attend healing retreats held at the Sound Foundation Centre”

    So, is it just me or does that mean that The Charity (Ha Ha Ha HA HA!) is basically PAYING for more people to attend UM events!?
    Oh wow, how charit-able. Are there plans for a Merry Go Round in the car park? Well there should be. Make it much easier for The Lighthouse, Serge’s Esoteric Trainee Therapists (as ‘hirers’ of the facilities), UM UK , EPA, Simon Williams Accountant, Sound Foundation Charity, Sara Williams and Chris James (as ‘hirers’ of the facilities), volunteers, direct debit victims, the general brainwashed suckers who mooch in and out, Leonardo Da Splurge and Simone Churchill to recycle their money round and round into each others pockets. Then a Helter Skelter at the back (anti-clockwise OF COURSE) to feed the money right into Serge’s deep deep back pockets.

    Call the Architects!

    • Yep, that is pretty cynical isn’t it. My idea of a charity is an organisation that does things for others without any benefit to themselves.
      I have had a good look at everything SF and CUM (that’s right) does and it is all about feeding money back to Serge somehow.
      What’s the chances the SF would run a food program, or run free courses for the disadvantaged? (not courses on Serge’s cult doctrine) Or send money to starving kids or support local’s going through domestic violence problems?- one of their convenient pet themes.
      None. Nada. Zilch. If the money trail doesn’t end at Serge’s bank account they are not interested. And the moronic tuneless students have still not twigged. He really takes advantage of them. Talk about despising your followers,

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