The Universal Medicine Cult’s bogus censorship push – Updated August 14

Since I wrote about Desperate Desiree Delaloye issuing bogus copyright infringement notices on the FACTS about Universal Medicine site explaining copyright law and how her charges won’t stand up in court, she has issued more, and WordPress will be removing all of the images of Serge Benhayon’s inappropriate touching taken from his Sacred Esoteric Healing workshop manuals from this and the FACTS site. UPDATE: Now its Paula not on the Payroll Fletcher of Universal Law Mullumbimby trying a Trademark Infringement claim. Update at bottom of post

This time Rod Genius Harvey is saying the photograph of his wife, Sue Kira, in a screenshot I took from her website performing and advertising Esoteric acupuncture unlawfully last year is a copyright infringement. Desperate Des is saying she has the copyright for the workshop manual images of inappropriate touching and for the design of Eunice Minford and Sara Williams’ websites which were glimpsed in screenshots I took. Paula Fletcher reckons use of images of Serge Benhayons ludicrous scamming healing symbols in a road test, review, criticism and bollocking parody is also a breach of copyright.

There’s no need to reiterate what I wrote in Desperate Desiree post, except that Desiree, Rod Harvey and Paula not on the payroll, a solicitor from Universal Law, Mullumbimby, appear to have zero understanding of copyright law – its purpose, its enactment and the ‘fair use’ defence. They think they can use bogus copyright infringement complaints in lieu of a defamation action to shut down our blogs, or as a scare tactic. Either way, I’ve issued counter notices for their DMCA takedown notices and am prepared to fight their censorship of factual evidence of the cult’s wrongdoings in court, all the way.

As I’ve said from the beginning, we’re also fully prepared to fight a defamation action, because every word on our blogs is fact, or opinion based on fact and we can and will prove it.

Where to from here?

These cult members have 10 working days to take legal action against me. If they don’t, all material they’ve requested to be taken down will be restored. If they do take legal action, I’ll fight them in court, win, get the images restored to the sites and make an application for them to pay our costs. Following that, I’ll apply to have them prosecuted for making false statements in legal applications, particularly Paula Fletcher, who has no excuse for not understanding copyright law.

I’ll update this post when I know more, and you’ll see when it’s been updated because I’ll post ‘Update’ and the date in the title, so you don’t have to click 9000 times to check.

In the meantime, I’m more than confident these ridiculous charges will be thrown out of court and I’m receiving advice.

How you can help

One of our readers emailed today with this message:

Is there a contact at WordPress you can list so your readers can write in support of the blog – and highlight the nature of these stupid complaints UM are making? I think a proactive campaign could help negate what they are trying to do.

Contacting WordPress won’t help. You can imagine that the cult has been contacting WordPress en masse calling me a criminal, a hate blogger, troll, un-Esoteric and loveless etc. So a heap of our supporters contacting them saying I’m wonderful, lol, won’t convince. WordPress are running a free blogging platform, hosting literally millions of blogs. They don’t enter into legal stoushes and in order to legally indemnify themselves are required to remove material if they receive a takedown notice. It’s not WordPress’s job to determine what is a legitimate copyright complaint – even if it’s abundantly obvious. That’s a job for the courts.

What readers can do to support me though, is write something supportive in the comments. You don’t need to enter any information in the name, email and URL boxes. No one will know who you are and where you’re writing from, unless you use identifying information.

A lot of people are reading. Our pageviews are at a record high, however I don’t know who my readers are, apart from the tiny few who comment. Our site stats show most of our readers are here in Australia, and then we have a number in the UK followed by Europe and the USA. So please consider voicing support in the comments. There are very few of us taking action against UM and we feel deep frustration at the inaction by regulators, media and victims in spite of horrendous longstanding abuses, and the continuing danger of this group, particularly to the most vulnerable members of our communities.

Also, please consider looking at the Prohibiting Serge Benhayon post and writing an email to your local representatives – especially if you live in the Lismore, Byron Bay area. If you’ve been harmed or conned by Universal Medicine, consider making an official complaint to regulators.

If we go to court, we may start our own legal fund to cover costs and we will need contributions. At the moment I’ve been offered free advice, but I don’t how long that will last. I will win and frankly, if the cult brought a defamation action and gave me my day in court, it could bring Universal Medicine down altogether, which will save immense suffering and financial damage for thousands of people. And if I win and am awarded costs, you get your money back.

Finally, if you were ripped off by Universal Medicine, we are receiving advice on mounting a class action to recoup costs. A similar action could be mounted by victims of molestation or psychological damage.

Make a comment and wish me well.

Update August 14 

So now Paula Fletcher has tried a Trademark Infringement Claim based on the names of this and the FACTS blog. WordPress rejected it and forwarded the notice to me. These are the claims:

We are instructed that the blog names, ‘Universal Medicine Accountability’ and ‘The Facts About Universal Medicine’ are deceptively similar to our clients’ trade mark and that the url’s of these blogs are deceptively similar to the domain names owned by our clients at, , and As such the blogs names and url’s convey to a reasonable reader an association or affiliation with our clients in some way which the blogs do not have. In so doing, the account holder wrongfully is trading on our clients’ name and reputation in a way that has, and will, misleadingly capture and divert traffic looking for our information about clients.

That last sentence shows that Paula has been attending the Sergio school of spherical syntax. The fact we’re not trading tends not to support a bogus trademark claim, which is being used in lieu of a defamation writ in lieu of censorship in countries where free speech is protected in the public interest. Funny too, how the legal geniuses at Universal Law took nearly a year before they had a go at trademark infringement. And probably after they worked out the bogus copyright claims won’t hold up in court and they’ll be humiliated. Desperate much?

However your response that the owner of the sites ‘is responsible for its content’ fails to address our instructions that the use by the owner of the sites of our clients’ trade mark, ‘Universal Medicine’ in the name of the blog, ‘Universal Medicine Accountability’ and the blog, ‘The Facts About Universal Medicine’, in an obvious way, contravenes WordPress’ own terms of service at .

WordPress Terms of Service for account holders states;

“You must not describe or assign keywords to your blog in a misleading or unlawful manner, including in a manner intended to trade on the name or reputation of others,”

Paula, UM doesn’t hold the trademark on accountability or facts. That’s where your legal argument comes unstuck. If I named the blogs as a UM product, you might have a case. Instead I’ve presented ample evidence UM has a serious aversion to both accountability and facts. The blogs are a critical expose of unethical and unlawful activity which UM attempts to conceal and any ‘reasonable reader’ who finds the blogs can see immediately from their titles and content they are critiques. There’s no deception, I am not selling anything and readers can make up their own minds.

Our client seeks to know what action that WordPress intends to take for this apparent breach of WordPress own terms of service and wonders what is the purpose of WordPress terms of service if WordPress intends to ignore the terms once a contravention has been brought to WordPress’ attention?

We point out again that we are instructed that our clients view the account-holders conduct most seriously. We have advised our clients that, by permitting the account-holder to use its blog host services, WordPress will after a reasonable time has elapsed post-notification be aiding and abetting the account-holder in the commission of the trade mark infringement, passing off and contravention of s18 of the Australian Consumer Law.

Our clients requests again that WordPress immediately take steps to take down the account-holders blogsite and suspend her account using the word, ‘universalmedicine’ or any combination of words using the words, ‘ universal medicine’ in the name of any blog hosted by or associated with her.

We observe again that our letter of the 8 August 2013 constitutes at least 12 complaints that our clients or persons associated with our clients have made to WordPress concerning the account-holder.

We request that WordPress give the closest consideration to permanently refusing to allow the account-holder in her own name or any pseudonym to use WordPress’ blog host services.

Yeah, Paula, and UM is the first cult in history to try and bully WordPress with bogus copyright and trademark infringement notices.

August 22, 2013 Update: Esoteric Legal Action – Universal Medicine’s latest censorship FAIL

49 thoughts on “The Universal Medicine Cult’s bogus censorship push – Updated August 14

  1. I am sorry to read this Venus and do wish you well, but do believe this is a truly stupid move from Serge on his own behalf. If he is truly this sure of his integrity, he should have left those pictures there so people who are looking for information on UniMed can judge for themselves.
    As long as the posts are still up, people this way have to use their own imagination and Lords of Form only knows what they will imagine, reading your words.

    Besides all that: they were seen by many…
    personally: I would never put the pictures back into the posts again, under the given circumstances. He had his chance.
    Bad advice from Paula Fletcher, IMHO.

  2. Venus, you have my FULL support in this! I always used to think of UM as a slightly odd but also very small group of people who are a bit weird about what they eat and what kind of music they listen to but in the past year the picture (for me at least) has changed. I’m sure that most of the UM devotees are still just that, a slightly odd bunch of people who are trying to find happiness through Serge and his New Age wacko ideas. But there’s now also a new breed of UM supporter. The deluded, aggressive, completely brain-amputated kind. And as ‘cute’ as all this fiery loveli-ness might be at first glance, the hardcore core of UM students including Sue, Kyra, Rachel etc has gone from annoying to batshit crazy. And all this has to stop at some point, so why not NOW. Trying to censor critical voices is the sign of a full-blown CULT and nothing good has ever come from silencing critical voices. Only deluded extremists try to silence their opponents by all means possible, including threats, lies, blackmail, defamation, and law suits.

    On the plus side, the media will have a field day if this bogus copyright infringement saga goes to court. Imagine! Sue and her ilk will have to explain to a very interested (and, I imagine, slightly bewildered) judge and the public what all this esoteric breast massaging, uterus reading, fiery music and bogus ‘esoteric therapies that don’t do anything’ are all about. The hole they are going to dig with this court appearance is going to be so feckin’ huge and the fallout from the media coverage (and I’m certain that DV will make sure that the media is up to speed on this matter) is going to be massive. In the aftermath, questions will be asked about bogus charity work, medicare fraud, the back and forth referral between esoteric practitioners and esoterically ‘sound’ doctors, the family breakups, the EPA…. oh EVERYTHING will be scrutinized!

  3. I can only wish you good luck in your endeavours. You have provided some invaluable information about this organisation that I believe was responsible for splitting up my family. Given the actions and practices of Universal Medicine to date they certainly would have fallen foul of the legal and medical authorities had they tried to establish themselves in France. Très cordialement , L.M.

  4. The “copyright infringements notices” served by members of Universal Medicine clearly appear as an attempt to shut down this blog and it’s sister blog. There is no basis of these claims for any other reason. The material was used in a critical, and at times satirical, manner and there is no suggestion that it was used for any other purpose than this. I would consider that “fair use”.

    The right to criticise is an inalienable right in our culture and the freedom to do that, unhindered by those who do not agree with us, is guaranteed by law.

    That Universal Medicine has time and time again sought to silence any critical voice, be that by smearing the name of good journalism, questioning the morals and ethics of those individuals speaking out, is by simply allowing no questioning voices on their own heavily censored blogs and youtube channel is extremely illustrative of how they operate.

  5. Thanks for the support everyone.
    Desiree is on seriously thin ice. I’ve just realized WordPress disabled access to a bunch of posts because they misinterpreted Desiree’s semi literate takedown notices as saying my posts had been written by Serge!!

    From Desiree:

    BY LAW – ©Copyright of written content is by Serge Benhayon, ©copyright for pictures, illustrations and layout is by Desiree Delaloye — Pages are scanned from Universal Medicine training manuals: Each page in the manual clearly state the copyrights.

    As a result, WordPress removed public access to all of the posts featuring disputed images, thinking Desiree was claiming Serge had written my posts! I’m getting it rectified so that only the images are removed for now, but if a judge takes the same interpretation as WordPress, that’s perjury.

    Serge is hardly going to write critical material about himself citing Australian law and providing the contact details of regulatory authorities, but it’s not WordPress’s job to read through each post and determine what is what. She also asked them to take down a photo that isn’t there. Desiree, you really screwed up.

    And yes, La Metempsycose, I’ve looked at the government agency MIVILUDES in France, which is set up to regulate cult activity. I know that people have been prosecuted in France for the criminal offence of brainwashing. We need the same thing here. – if you use the Chrome browser, it has a translation option.

    • Tilly is a rank amateur next to our old mate Serge. $6M? Ain’t nuthen. Serge rips that in every year with a few retreats, a wave of his hand, and the magic words “integrity and truth” Poof!! Cash.

      Let’s look at this current little situation. It’s probably a storm in a tea-cup, because truth be known, the cult would be scared of a court room. What’s more, Serge would rather poke himself in his good eye with a chakra-puncture needle, rather than stand in the dock and say “But sir, it wasn’t me…they were all drunkard, drug addicts and loveless. What’s more, they’re not the victims. I am the victim. Haven’t you read my books! Victims bring it on themselves by attracting that energy. It’s a clearing of karma. That’s the spherical truth your honour…now look into my eyes…”

      Fans of the end of UM, rest assured that the copyright infringement notices are well out of order. I’ve run them past some high faluting intellectual property lawyers who had a good laugh. I am more interested to see if they are stupid enough to make the next move, just in case they think we’ll blink. Answer = No. In fact, we’re looking forward to serving them with a terse but concise response as to why it’s bunkum and then seeing if their esoteric brains are that scrambled that they can’t see a losing bet.

      It is clearly their way of trying to censor criticism of them… again. “Boo hoo. They don’t like us. We can’t answer their questions…don’t show us that evidence!…we can only sing ironic songs that make us look like culties- we don’t even care! we made a joke about it too…sob sob. Let’s all pretend we’re victims again and therefore victimize other people… boo hoo…”

      Well it isn’t going to work. And if you did manage to confuse WP or you drag it on for too long, the sites will simply re-appear on a server that is locked down. Not on some shared blogging platform. That is, where you can’t censor it just because you don’t like what we are trying to say to you. Of course, that is already the case. Numb skulls.

      Here is the best thing you can do: WAKE UP. Answer the questions put to you. Take a look at the evidence and FACTS. Pull your heads out of each others arses. Take a good look at Serge. He is one ugly muther-fucker. Inside and out. The energy you expend as you collectively keep trying to bring these sites down is exactly proportional to the level of denial you have going on. Want to experience Truth? Take a few moments to think about the things said, the evidence shown, the facts revealed. Engage your critical minds. Ignore the words of Serge you hear rushing into that empty space between your ears. Think for yourself. The goggles will come off, and the ugliness of what is before you will be laid bare.

      Folks. How lovely you think it is, is inversely related to how nasty it really be.

      Sterge- We know you think there is four detractors- lie lie lie- but let us tell you it is quite a few more. And we’ve got a fund. And we’ve got the support of quite a few government departments. A pile of few facts your ‘students’ can’t see. A smidgen of dirty secrets. And some legal types. Oh, and the media all chomping on the bit due to your stupid behaviour last round.

      Your move. But whatever you do, the sites aren’t going away. 😉

      • PREACH IT!

        It’s amazingly easy work for our lawyers: ‘Your honour, copyright law allows for the fair use of material for the purposes of comment, criticism, education, review and satire etc.’

        Judge: ‘Yep.’

        Cult members: ‘But you can’t use the incriminating stuff we posted on the internet and/or published for years and years for the whole world to see because we don’t want anyone to see how harmful we are, and besides we put a copyright mark on it, didn’t you see that? That little © is an Esoteric healing symbol okay, and it emits an invisible fiery forcefield against the fair use defence and detractors, and I’m feeling this court is like so ASTRAL and all you people are loveless and IN PAIN and probably drink coffee. Sniff.’

        Judge: ‘zzzzzzz’

  6. Quote, Rod Harvey on RR Cult Education forum page 11,107998,page=11:

    ” All that was necessary here was to simply reference the url to allow people to view the article in full so they can make their own judgements. Lifting passages of text without permission may also be a possible breach of copyright, particularly when at the bottom of that page is the following statement: All content on this site © 2000 by Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine / All Rights Reserved. But then again, I am not a lawyer.

    The above two posts over the last couple of days have been manipulated, and there are many more throughout this forum. An astute reader can see right through these tactics. Perhaps now you may understand the futility of being involved with this forum when doctored information is being presented.

    Criticise by all means, go for it…but at least base it on facts. Is that too much to ask?

    The above two posts over the last couple of days have been manipulated, and there are many more throughout this forum. An astute reader can see right through these tactics. Perhaps now you may understand the futility of being involved with this forum when doctored information is being presented. Criticise by all means, go for it…but at least keep it on a level playing field. Is that too much to ask? ”


    • Rod Harvey.

      This is the content of Rod’s complaint to have a screenshot of his wife, Sue Kira’s website where she is unlawfully advertising Esoteric acupuncture removed from the Eso-Chakra-Punkture post. The photograph is of her unlawfully practicing it.

      Please describe the copyrighted work so that it may be easily identified: The copyrighted work is a photograph that I took for a naturopath. My image shows a female naturopath who is wearing a white top and black skirt, bent forward over a woman on a massage table, covered with blue towels. I have not given permission for this image to be used elsewhere…The photograph that I took is shown within a website screenshot ( The sceenshot has also been used without permission.

      It’s only a legitimate copyright claim, Rod, if I tried to pass the photograph off as my own work. You just got your wife reported to AHPRA.

      When are you lot going to get it?

    • Rod Harvey is a case-study in subtle thought reform, halo and heuristic effects. No need to point out he is not only paraphrasing Serge, he is in fact, quoting him word for word. This is not the sign of someone engaged in self-generated critical thought:

      He says:

      “Over the first two years, as my awareness developed, I began to discover and unravel a form of intuition that is readily available to all of us if we allow it. It’s a ‘different’ type of intelligence…an ancient wisdom that is accessible to all. Some people ‘got it’ much faster than I did…but then again, I did have some deep seated beliefs I needed to clear.
      To understand the teachings of Universal Medicine is to understand energy. Einstein showed us that energy is everything, which has been backed up by the scientific research of quantum physics. Because energy is everything that then applies to our bodies, buildings, rocks, the food we eat and so on. It also applies to radio and television airwaves, to music, to thoughts, emotions and so on…it’s all energy.
      So if everything is energy…it must follow that everything is because of energy. It cannot be denied”

      In these paragraphs he described the thought-reform process that took place, in his case, over a two year period. Some people were apparently lucky enough for it to happen faster. Oh Joy. As if to prove the point, he then presents a non-sequitur argument, verbatim, belonging to Serge’s: Understanding that ‘everything is energy’ does not help anyone in any way understand Universal Medicine. They are are exclusive statements. Moreover, it is pure pseudo-science to conclude that “because everything is energy it is because of energy” This resolves nothing. It is simply a thought-stopping cliche and it can most certainly be denied if you choose to engage your critical thinking.

      He goes on to say:

      “When I initially read Serge’s first book ‘The Way It Is’, much of the information went over my head because (as I later realised) I was approaching it from an analytical viewpoint. As my awareness developed, the books became easier to read and so much more was revealed to me. Essentially the info was the same, but I was changing.”

      His first reaction was the right one. At that time, his critical mind (as poorly used as it is probably was, with all due respect) bucked up and said ” This doesn’t sound right”- quite rightly. On first reading, Rod’s ‘intuitive’ mind (the part that makes necessary assumptions based on inference and experience ( not to be confused with the new-age definition of ‘intuition). A necessary “quick solution’ faculty ie- 5*6= ) decided that ‘some of it sounded possible, however most of it didn’t make sense. This is because it requires critical analysis (the part of the brain that needs to be fired up, absorbs energy and resources to work ie 45*34940=)-You can actually ‘feel’ the effort required to engage the critical mind. If you do fully engage your critical faculty when reading the said book, and also have a little knowledge about semantics, philosophy, logic and a smattering of common sense, it is manifestly obvious as the work of a highly manipulative sociopath, relying on a mish-mash of purloined pseudo-science and new age voodoo to sell himself as a modern day messiah. Now most people are a little lazy and aren’t practiced in firing up the old brain cells when the effort is required. They take shortcuts. A favourite is to see what other people ‘think’ and make decisions based on that. If they seem to agree it makes sense, research shows we are far more likely to see it the same way. What better place than in an EDG meeting, or workshop with 200-300 people all agreeing on something they don’t really understand.

      Now if you are a very clever “teacher” and you want your ‘students’ to believe what you are saying WITHOUT QUESTION (ie- engaging the critical mind) you should work to disable it. How better than to engage your students in meditation (quietening of the mind), long relaxing massages practiced over many days, and so forth. This is guaranteed to switch of the critical mind as the person (now known as a victim) enters an almost near mental catatonic state of cognitive subservience. This state is described by the UM students as feeling “Yummy”- a rather disturbing term for what is actually an extremely vulnerable state where base assumptions (intuition) and beliefs can be reset. This explains why UM students speak in the same voice, inspiring people quite at random reading their posts and musings to say “It’s like invasion of the body-snatchers isn’t it!” So to answer Rod, yes you are sucked in and you have been gullible. At least enough to let your guard down and the Trojan horse in. It also explains why the ‘students’ fail to see that horse in the form of Serge’s now exposed lies, frauds, and unseemly behaviors that would besmirch the character of a mere mortal but bounce off Serge like Greek arrows at Troy’s gates.

      Rod was right. The info was the same – rubbish. And he was changing. His hitherto under-utilized critical mind gave up what little juice it had and succumbed to the nonsense of Serge’s doctrines, which are purpose designed to de-anchor ones sense of reality, right and wrong. Indeed up and down.

      He says earlier:

      “I address this first part of my response to those who have partners or ex-partners who have become involved with Universal Medicine. It appears to me that you are saying that your partners/ex-partners are gullible and have been ‘sucked-in’ by Universal Medicine or by Serge Benhayon. Does this also mean you are saying that your partners/ex-partners do not have the intelligence to make an informed decision for what they feel is suitable in their lives? And are you also implying that you know better than they do, rather than honour the choices they have made? I pose these questions as something for you to simply ponder upon…hopefully without reaction. I also see comments about how those partners who became involved with UM have changed and how you have found those changes disturbing. I do understand your frustration and/or concern about that, particularly if a partner cannot give you a logical explanation for the teachings of Universal Medicine.”

      Poor Rod, paraphrasing Serge and using a pretzel logic argument ends up contradicting the premise that he is attempting to assert: ” I understand your frustration…..if a partner cannot get a logical explanation for the teachings of Universal Medicine”

      In doing so Mr Harvey explains why the estranged partner is justifiably concerned that their partner is in fact being gullible and is not making an informed decision. He also nails the very reason that Serge has created such a ground swell against himself- A plethora of distraught and fractured families left in his wake, with Serge willfully calling on members to choose between the “work” (him) and their families and partners as a litmus test for the depth of his thought-reforms.

      Rod is right about one thing. Serge is patient. To quote a friend of mine, he dips them in shit slowly so they don’t notice, but eventually they end up looking and smelling just like shit. Quite like Rod’s turgid yet literally thought-free arguments.

  7. The exposure that this site via DV has provided is absolutely essential. Serge and UM have flown under the radar for way too long.
    Time and time again UM and Co and Serge have never answered any questions. They have never denied that what is presented is the truth. Rather they seek to remove the presented information. To me by doing this, and not answering the numerous questions asked numerous times as well as censoring their sites so suffocatingly as to comments and critique, they are so guilty and they are a cult.
    By having their ‘works’ removed they have acknowledged they are responsible.
    Notice that Serge Benhayon isn’t sticking his neck out no rather he has his little helpers sticking their necks out. Of course he won’t feel it, and it will all be part of their so called healing etc to defend Serge. Nothing at all healthy about any of this – It is a SCAM and an Evil CULT. More exposure in a Courtroom is what is needed along with Media attention.

  8. With you all the way Darkly. More power to you, you are right in every way to be driven to expose this scandal.
    Serge Benhayon is wicked beyond belief. You have my total support, your blog and Princesses are Gold in the fight against The wicked Benhayons. Thank You

  9. Well well. No surprises here. They do not want to be exposed…..too late all UMers.
    Funny how GUILTY people always shoot the messenger, especially culties. DV and PP this is not nice but we all knew it would come to this just a matter of when. I see elsewhere they are spreading that legal action is being taken against this site.

    ********Oh just a thought to all who have lodged complaints with the authorities…….complaints that are in process as we speak. Make sure you let all of the authorities know what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine supporters are doing to close down and shut up the sites that reveal all the Universal Medicine/Serge Benhayon corruption. Gawwd the media are gunna love this.
    I am happy as to be a detractor as those lie lie liars put it…….better than be a supporter like them. Unbelievable.

  10. Definitely CULT CULT CULT! No doubts at all.
    Cults do not like their ugly behaviour revealed.
    Judges do not like cults.
    I saw huffington post…….free publicity and more money that’s why. lies lies lies……..

  11. The bunker inhabitants are placing bets on whether the cult members are stupid enough to take legal action on so called copyright infringement and WHAT legal arguments they will use. I mean seriously?

    I’m so hoping Paula Fletcher takes us to court over my blog post on the healing symbols, LOL.
    I would love to have it read out in court. Oh to have it immortalized in court records and see the look on a judge’s face when they have the symbols in front of them and see what shit Serge is flogging.

    “So what is a dishonest earn a Livingness, Ms Princess? And Mr Benhayon, what do you mean by judging the symbols with one’s lower mind?” Etc. Lolzz

    I hope the Chaser covers it.

    In the meantime, a dear friend of ours who is a senior news producer, first of all thinks the cult are out of their minds, but what’s new? She was telling us how difficult it is to prove copyright infringement, even when you have an actual case, and thinks the cult is using the false copyright claim to shut down our blogs and as a scare tactic because they don’t have the guts to mount a defamation action. No surprises there.

    • It proves ANYONE can get a gig blogging for the HuffPost. Except when I questioned the nutritional basis of the Esoteric diet on Sarah Cloutier’s blogs and added a few quotes from the diet’s inventor, with citations, my comments were removed. Same for Princess.

      Dragana is writing about free speech, same line as RMRC. It’s harmful and I’m a criminal for questioning and exposing wrongdoing. In the meantime the molesting, rip offs, bullying and now, false legal claims go unpunished. So far.

      The HuffPost editors would only have to do a simple Google search to find Dragana is part of a cult using the HuffPost as a platform to push their own abusive agenda. They could try asking a question on Rebecca’s ‘truth’ blogs to see what Esoteric free speech is.

      • If it comes to Dragana, from what I understand, she left Kosovo before the war, right? She must however still have many relatives there.
        The Yugoslavian war was so viciously dirty: so many rape victims in that part of the world…

        She would send them all to Serge to be grapped by their vulva’s as an esoteric healing for sexual abuse. Some of these women are actually raising the children of their rapists and will be told they have to endure all that because they were abusers in a previous life.

        Are you kidding me,Dragana ….?!

        And people like you are calling us the abusers, because we are calling you to account. You use your gig at the HuffPost to covertly promote Rebecca Baldwin’s cause to censure people like us as well as the mainstream media. You with your background in Kosovo should really know better. Shame on you!

    • No idea why Dragana has a gig on huff post. Like her stablemate Sarah Culter, (sic) she is a poor wordsmith; her arguments hackneyed and lacking nuance and erudition. But then you’d have to expect that from someone who lived under Tito’s rule, and then willingly- nay, enthusiastically- subjugated herself to living her life according to the ideas of another sociopath, albeit on a smaller scale. I was sent a link to another post where a esoteric zealot has ended a paranoid rant on the UM favoured topic of women oppression with how “glad she is to have met Serge and his amazing family”. Being unfortunate enough to know what holds that family together and the deep sickness it is built on it’s like a bullet into my brain; my blood runs literally cold. My mind swoons trying to imagine how these people will put their lives back in order once the dark truth makes its way to the surface, so even they can’t deny it for what it is.

      It’s a frightening world of delusions… Meantime for your sanity, I would be avoiding the huff post as their editorial standard seems to be very low.

  12. What is this with the HP…?

    The Natalie campaign is truly sickening. A 22 year old women, groomed for a leading part in her fathers Davinci code; mentoring women twice her age, who should be guiding her how to nurture and protect herself now that she’s maturing with her father taking a lot of heat in public for running a scam. If they would really care for her, instead of wanting to have a piece of her youth, they would protect her from publicity; instead of exploiting her.

    It’s the world up side down.

    • It’s revolting isn’t it. Natalie Pty Ltd Benhayon, Serge’s little cash cow who he was quite happy to have himself photographed inappropriately touching, hawking the brand.

      It’s a total insult to the worthy entrants in that competition with the comments filled with the standard legion of Serge Brides, all of them financially associated with UM, and a bunch of them shamelessly plugging the useless OurCycles App – another bit of money for nothing crap that comes with the disclaimer that it shouldn’t be used to monitor fertility. And not one word from any of the Eso-arseholes about the abuses Natalie Pty Ltd is really selling – Esoteric Breast, Ovary and Uterus Massage, privacy invasion, inappropriate touching, habit forming, sexist, body negative rubbish. Lie lie lie by omission.

      • I agree and as a woman myself, I am so deeply offended by the Benhayon merchandise that I found myself depressed for a couple of hours after reading the comments on the HuffPost.

        Most stunning to me was the fact that the HuffPost did not take those power tripping, superficial comments out but did remove Pranic Princesses one, which was respectful and well written.. Unbelievable!

      • So my comment made it up, Sub Rosa? I put it up and it said it was awaiting moderation and then when I checked back it wasn’t there. Same thing happened when Venus and I questioned the nutritional value of Sarah Cloutier’s dimwitted food writing – our comments disappeared.

        It goes to show how Huff Post has lost all cred since being sold to AOL. It used to a be respected site with quality writers, and now Dragana Brown is writing on there calling herself a World Affairs and Life Style Commentator. Yeah, and my pomeranian is the UK Home Secretary. She’s got the gall to bitch about the oppressive Tito regime in Yugoslavia to PROMOTE censorship, because only Dragana and the self loving Goon squad get to determine what is ‘true’ despotism and what comments are worthy of being made freely.


        We’re depressed too about the cult hijacking an innocuous photo competition and annihilating humble and worthy entrants to rabidly sell Esoteric Womens Health. They really could not get any lower.

      • I emailed Huff Post and complained about censorship on your comment DV while the other comments stayed up. Said in interest of fairness all should be removed. May be I was not the only one, but they all gone now.

      • Thanks for those of you who tried to comment on the HP site and wrote to the editors. The editors and the sponsor – a women’s hygiene product manufacturer – were sent notifications telling them what Esoteric Women’s Health sells. They were sent a second one with the workshop manual images. I don’t think any of us would have cared if Natalie joined the competition and got a few messages of support, but the cult bombarded the page, blatantly plugged the money for nothing app, and the HP pulled any comments that questioned the cult getting free advertising for their abusive rubbish. It was offensive to other entrants and anyone whose suffered because of these feel-good fascists.

        As for Dragana Brown, it really does prove that the HuffPost has LOST its cred. and has no apparent editors. Also, she doesn’t have a whole lot of ‘likes’ etc. – they’d all be cult members. Her article doesn’t make enough sense to garner any real pro censorship support.

      • HP took way too long to respond to reasonable requests from more than a few of us to limit the sycophantic comments on that competition page. And seriously we have better things to do than spend a couple of hours stopping UM from abusing the entrants of a pretty commonplace photocomp. When I commented, someone on there calling themselves ‘factchecker’ LOL was referring to another comment that had been removed, saying that Natalie Benhayon is being ‘stalked’.

        Yes, stalked by facts.

        Dear dimwitted cult members, don’t thank us for getting her and her free advertising removed from that competition, thank your arrogant, entitled behaviour and then thank Serge. The HP editors and the sponsor received some of his quotes on women’s health as well as the images of inappropriate touching.

        Dunno who left the comment that was removed, but they must have linked to the FACTS or the accountability blog because ‘factchecker’ of factfinder or factfucker or whoever also said the cult was taking LEGAL ACTION against the blog. LOL again. Issuing bogus copyright infringement notices that will be laughed out of court is hardly legal action.

        Where’s the defamation action? Apparently we’re lie lie liars. So bring it!

      • I just received another email from the sponsor of the Huffington Post Inspirational Woman photo competition thanking us for drawing attention to the Esoteric Women’s Health hijack.

        We can confirm that the Huffington Post site has removed the photographs and commentary referenced in your recent correspondence. This action was taken on the basis that this constituted advertising and spam, which is not in the spirit of the feature.

        UniMed spam attack. Amen.

      • I am sincerely happy to read this. For a second there, I thought they were on :-$ergio’s payroll too.

        This is typical cult behaviour before the ship go’s down isn’t it? Feeling all mighty as a group. falling over each other to show the world how enlightened they are. No matter who’ s on the receiving end of their clusterfuck.

      • We have no idea what went on at the HP site, and who knows, the HP might have a cult connection, or more likely it’s turned into a low grade internet tabloid. What we were sure of though, is that the sponsor wouldn’t like having their advertising $$ stolen by the Eso spammers, and we were right. Hopefully the sponsor ripped into the HP admin or will boycott the HP from now on.

  13. Were all with you 100% Venus, in any way we can! Not that you have anything to worry about, because I’m willing to bet my Detractor card that at the Eleventh Hour, these Lying Manipulative arseholes will drop and withdraw the copyright infringement notices! No one associated with Universal Bullshit has any integrity or the ball’s to follow this through and see you in court! They are all full of Lies Lies Lies and a bunch of gutless turd’s! Just like the one Serge Benhayon dropped the day he became the Ascended fucking Master of absolutely fucking Nothing, he by the way, is just a polished one! Love your work and here’s hoping 🙂 And it’s MR Detractor to you Serge, You Fuckwit!

  14. Hi DV and you other three detractors.

    Just a quick post to let you know that I’m still here and 100% with you. Apologies for my absence of late, I went to an Ayahuasca retreat (thanks for the tip there, Serge) and ended up being taken on a guided tour of the astral plane courtesy of the Lords of Form. Quite the trip I must say, and unlike a UM workshop, highly recommended!

  15. Yes Princess I remember, in fact I think you have had to use the scissor’s on a few occasions, lol.
    I guess I’m just not loving enough and not eating enough of the Pea and Basil soup, 😦
    And as for Serge the Bullshitting Charlatan SCUM bag, he can well and Truly go Fuck himself! ooops sorry Princess, there I go again! Think I need to go to Serge Anonymous Meetings lol 😉

  16. Good strategy Darkly Venus. keep outing them and get them into court. If they delay proceedings keep outing them and keep the pressure on. Keep going. and like someone wrote above, wordpress isn’t the only way. Yes, it’s a convenient platform, but there are secure parts of the net where they won’t touch you.

  17. Feral Feline’s thoughts on update: This latest is really such a pathetic almost unbelievable attempt.
    They have really shown their hand now.
    Umar’s just do not want to go to the courts and be exposed, do they? Anything but that.
    So much easier to shut up the messenger. Now they are telling WordPress what to do.
    Oh the prana.

  18. Their repeated attempts to silence you can only mean one thing – you’re hitting them where it hurts.

    Keep up the good work 😉

  19. Brilliant, let’s bomb eachother with TM’s:

    The LoveBloggers (TM, SubRosa) up against the HateBloggers (TM, UniMed)

    Judge Judy is going to looove this.
    What a soap…

  20. All these shut down shut up attempts from these UMer’s – honestly
    Gawd they really are ‘the detractors’, detracting/distracting from the real core of all of this.
    It is rotten to the the core.
    The hypocritical glossy lovingness exterior that tries so hard to cover the lie lie lies.
    It ain’t gunna work.
    Sub Rosa is right Judge Judy is going to loooove this.
    What’s the Judge really going to say when he/she sees those weird symbols and that disgusting
    despicable touchy feely photography. Really what will the focus be.
    Anyway they have all definitely owned up to being part of it all –
    EXCEPT Serge! Where is he? Their fearless leader?

  21. Where is Serge in all of this evil mess?
    Overseas? Done a runner??
    He appears to be so happy to leave the Australian division of the blindly loyal boyz and gals to be left facing the authorities-
    Who by their attempts and complaints they have openly accepted responsibility for the stupid symbols and disgraceful photos etc
    BUT where is SERGE? It is he who is really responsible for the lie lie lies – wouldn’t be surprised if he has done a runner already.

  22. Paula not on the payroll’s little missive to WordPress is telling isn’t it. She of the conflicted interest, who specializes in vexatious litigation, usually baseless Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) submissions – how many of those have been thrown out of court, Paula? – and now bogus copyright and trademark infringement notices designed to do nothing more than bully me – and she’s doing well out the cult’s trade in hurling around accusations of abuse™ in order to smash families, keep her in work and keep the property settlements rolling into the Benhayon coffers. Universal Law has 3 offices now – Mullumbimby, Lismore and Tweed Heads, so Paula and Cameron Bell are doing well out of the family law disputes that are booming in Far Northern NSW thanks to UM.

    For all their vexatious accusations of abuse™, the cult are the worst offenders. UM via Universal Law are abusing the legal process to break up families and to attempt to censor me. Their denial the cult has victims is an abuse of those who’ve suffered, the piss take therapies that damage health and finances are an abuse of patients, Serge’s paranoia inducing bullshit about entities and PRANA 😮 is psychological abuse, and the Brides of Serge in plugging Natalie Pty Ltd and Esoteric Womens Health abuses on the HuffPost did so by abusing the legitimate entrants to that competition who aren’t on there with a toxic barrow to push.

    Yes, Anonymous, we are hitting them where it hurts – their financial bottom line. We wonder what they’ll try next as their desperation increases…

    Serge’s usual line is character assassination, but it’s all been done before and in my case no one that mattered gave a toss. Yeah, yeah, I’m a slut, I’m single, a bitch, an amateur porn star, a control freak, I have no friends, I’m loveless, greedy, not a nice person, mentally unstable, motivated purely by money and broke. Sorry to disappoint but I would have been an alcoholic and a drug addict if I wasn’t a two pot screamer. Etc. None of which is against the law.

    • And those are things I love about you, hon…

      How desperate does not on the payroll look in her hissy to WordPress? In other words, she has no legal basis for the copyright and trademark complaints, we’ve not contravened the terms of service at all, but she wants them to shut the blogs down because her client SAYS SO, and besides they’ve sent 12 bogus complaints now so that must mean we’re infringing!!!!!

      But they won’t take us to court.

      Why haven’t you filed for defamation, Paula? You said you would, remember? We’re ready. Why is UM so reluctant to publicly clear their name and provide evidence in court of their utmost integrity?

  23. Oh DV – So glad Huffington Post made the one and only right decision, certainly was not fair for the others in that competition.
    It was a platform for recruiting for UM.
    Feline now says UM is a $PAM $CAM!

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